What is your exotic food in Japan and nightlife like in Japan?

What is your exotic food in Japan and nightlife like in Japan?

I did not expect these kind ofrandom meet suddenly in this randombasement of Japan in Tokyo what is goingon good evening everybody I’m coming toyou from Tokyo JapanI’m so excited because tonight we areexploring the light of the salaryman inTokyo the salary man in his naturalhabitat you’ll find him wearing a suitsholding a briefcase and running late towherever he’s going next how come thereare so many salary men in Tokyo thepopulation of the daytime is like threetimes compared to the night time inTokyo Wall just many people arecommuting in that’s the reason whythere’s a lot of ceremony how could yougo home and cry to your wife when allthis surrounds you this area is like anadult playground for office workers inmajor need of unwinding after work theycome over here and have drinks togetheranything else after that oh my god.

What is your exotic food in Japan and nightlife like in Japan?

I’m having an orgasm in mymouthmeet Satoru a salaryman so savvy hefound a way to monetize his day life andhis nightlife by guiding giddy travelerslike me around Tokyo and sharing hisexpert knowledge I’ve been doing itwrong this whole time we’ll find out ifyears of eating izakaya food what isdown there horse meat really is enoughto make you an izakaya food expert ohit’s next the level moves right there sosuit up and ship out tonight we’regetting lost in Tokyo’s nightlife we have come to our first locationthis is standing sushi I’ve only hadsitting sushi okaydoes it taste better when you stand yeahor even lady was standing so she washuffing outside in the yard and do youpick up right away and then you had along day of meetings at your office andyou bungled your presentation well this place heals all wounds as long as youcan drink and eat on your feet this isthe perfect round one usually we startwith beer and then going this out gay orshochu whatever.

Can we start with all ofthat laughs of courseokay somebody come by it’s very good weusually order something fresh from thesea son you want to do that yeah sunomonoday X Carnegie theta s kiddothis place has everything all in seasonwith meticulous attention paid tofreshness of ingredients one on oneservice and tonight our personal sushichef is a 20-year veteran what’s thisfavorite part of doing a job like thisthe conversations between these guestsyeah I like it’s very just one-on-oneyou see and make the food right in frontof you exactly the sushi arrives inwavesround one steamed oyster Japaneseamberjack then the liver from one of themost insane looking ocean-dwellingbeasts known as the monkfish are you asalaryman at what age did you go from asalary boy to a salary man next yearshe’s gonna be Saturday okay next yearso we have a kind of a cooked oyster ontop exactly gel ponzu is a sour soysauce oh that’s a sour soy sauce on topof this do gently you can eat just rightaway without putting choices okay let’sgo for it yep soy sauce is a bit sweetit melts in your mouthoh wow that’s a good start that’s onlythe first bite and this is one of thebig fish liver mmmso rich creamy mobic crisp on the norion the outside is very good.

I just leftthis over because I want to show you howto eat usually people will grab likethis and dip the rice pot inOh which is not good no so you turn itfor 45 degrees mmm grab it like this andput it in the soil of the fish partagain put the fish part on your thumbI’ve been doing it wrong this whole timelet me get this rightyes mm-hmm makes sense because the ricesoaks up so much soy sauce oh you’rejust in a little bit oh that’s nice butI have more how do you say hell yes inJapanese what you don’t want to knowround 2 rare expensive long to itgrouper that fish was amazing look chewytexture very clean taste the end tunasoaked in soy sauce oh my god it’s sosoft so delicious all this soy sauce andrice is guaranteed to fortify my stomachfrom the copious amounts of sake I’mabout to pour in nexttonight we’re walking you through thefour layers of hell I want to show youhow Tokyo goes from this guy to this guyall within just a few hours our secondlocation a sake bar this is where thingsget really fun get it cold or get it hotyou can look at the menu or just pointbut there’s basically no way to go wrongso far.

I’ve noticed no music anywherewhy is that we usually try to enjoy whatwe it is served and also we enjoy aconversation rather than music I kind oflike it today’s drinking menu sakeinfused with a poisonous puffer fish finwhen the puffer fish no one locally asfugu is filleted all five fins are savedprecisely for this purpose oh that isawesome you see the pin what theyactually put the fin inside I thoughtyou were gonna say they like grounded uplike rhino horn is something has aflavor different very funny when thesake is warm yeah it kind of hits yourlungs in a different way it made mecough a little bit where there is boozethere is food we’re starting slowly withtofu seaweed soup a soy sauce based soupcooked with raw nori seaweed and tofulook at this it is like tofu and seaweedslime inside it tastes exactly like itsmells like you know you had orangejuice pulp this is seaweed pulp which ispure public stuff sashimi raw guts oftunaboy stur snapper and octopus wait so younever mix the soy sauce and the wasabitry not to this without messing upeverything together.

I’m getting schooledby you sir I want to know how is itreally done if you have good and usingchopsticks you can pick up this and pickup some play Oh dip into the soy saucethat was next level booze right therehave a sip of sake has a good marryaction oh my god I’m having an orgasm inmy mouth all the time I don’t eat thesepeople we see because we have hundredsof EKG machine very specializedtechnicians then break the nerve thefish with wire so that no blood insidethe body or circular circulating thoseblood is boiling the fish this is themilk tempura milk this has no deanseaweed in it uh-huh and this is plainone so we’ve got kind of a radish pastethat’s just completely saturated with alittle bit of a soy base and I’m gonnaput this right inside put that on topand try it out here we go milk fish billmilk so like spearmint Oh grandpaI forgot what Milton meant I was likewow it’s so it’s like a creamy cloud ofdelicious and it’s just gently rollingdown the back of my throat it’s fishsemen guys it’s fish semenwe’ve been through a lot already do yousee how many shots.

I had the next placewe’re about to descend into thisbasement but what lies beneath what isdown there this is called yeah kicked onso talk barbecue okay again some horsemeat really and of course here it’snon-alcoholic we’re just gonna get somelemonade’s deep in the cockles of thissake bar exists the perfect drinkingfood for someone exactly as drunk as Iam right now first up a pork sauteplatter with the choice cut for headmeats it says nuts I mean in a good waybut man I did not expect these kind ofrandom meat suddenly in this randombasement of Japan and Tokyo I reallywant to jump in on this forehead andsalty fatty perfect texture I love it sowe got a little bit of cold in hereCheers mmm very Chilean some sweet soysauce on thereif you gave this to any Midwesternperson who doesn’t have as manyadventurous cuts they would have no ideaoh no it’s all just very wonderful porkyflavor next horsemeat it’s like a friend.

I went to college with it brings up goodmemories like the Indonesian horse sauteI had in Jakarta go for it yeahhorse toss or the juicy savory horsesausage in Uzbekistan it just get a kickyou know it just I didn’t know the horsecould still kick you after it was deadbut the way they eat horse meat here issomething I was not prepared forooh-rah I’ve never had the wrongHorseman this is nutsI’m gonna give it a nice little gymlet’s go for it my brain was like thisis not a mammal like it feels kind oflike tuna it’s a bit more course that isvery delicious but why can you eat ahorse raw we have been testing thatthere’s no gems in it and it has beeneight more more than three hundred yearsthat’s unbelievably deliciousso far I’ve had a horse in IndonesiaI’ve had it in Uzbekistan and now inJapan three like very differentcountries and each place prepared in avery different style for thispresentation this style is just veryclean mild balanced absolutely deliciouslet’s cheers to thathorse food drinks more food more drinksand more food again suddenly the wholefeeling of this city has changed in Idon’t think it’s just me there’s a bardown here okay they’re having fun so.

I’m gonna try to go in alone it’s gonna be aMardi Gras but with pinstripesinhibitions have disappeared those whocover their faces upon seeing ourcameras now invite us over all rightreally this is the best night of my lifeyou might see drunk people but I see thereal spirit of Tokyo loafers finallyfree and ready to playadding optimism ah in order to fullyabsorb the night’s energy we’re headingto an izakaya that’ll frighten bothchildren and sober people we’ve come forthe chicken skins it is the time ofnight where my face has become the sameshade as my bandana and it’s not becauseI’m drinking I’ve only had a couple sipshere and theredo I win a prize anyways we are in ourfinal spot right nowit’s like round number four what is thisit’s a traditional Japanese egg cookit’s literally an omelet in the shape ofa gold brick this is egg bullion cheersoh man that is delicious I mean for theend of the night if you’re trying tolike not eat a bunch of like spaghettiand taco bell this is the way to do itright here we have one of the mostinteresting meats on the night this istheir signature dish with a recipe sosecret they wouldn’t even let us film itoh I guess they did let us film ei2 bereally honest.

I don’t remember much fromthat night at all I just deep-throatedOh[Music]Oh crispy super crispy fatty pepperywhen I become a billionaire like ElonMusk I will buy this patent and I willshare it freely with the world this waslike the spicy version of that mm-hmmthere’s a little bit of heat very sweetI’ve had chicken skin for in a coupledifferent variations but this is one ofthe best presentation the eat abilityand crispy juicy oily oh that’s so goodwhen it comes to this and this end thisand even this it’s really not about thedrinking salaryman and salary’ womenwork long hard hours enduring nearlyunbearable pressure and obligation thenight is a chance to unwind melt awayrigid office personas and buildrelationships with colleagues andfriends to be honest almost nobodywatches as far into the video but if youare thank you so much for watching thishas been one of the most fun nights I’veever had especially in Tokyo having thiskind of experience with you by my sidemen thank you so much what inaudiblethis whole night was made possible byTokyo by food they’re putting on over 85food experiences here in Tokyo beyondthat for every person who makes areservation for a food tour they’recontributing 10 meals to kids inCambodia it’s a great cause but it’salso a great experience also for youguys if you’re headed to Vietnam let merecommend a company called one trip onetrip is the highest rated tour companyin Vietnam doing tours from north tosouth in all major cities includingHanoi new Chiang Da Nang poeme andSaigon you can experience food toursadventure tours and more to learn moreabout one trip check out the links inthe description down below I will seeyou next timewhoo we have not drank alcohol tonight.

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