What is Bac Lieu’s specialty?

After visiting the offshore wind farm. I went back to Bac Lieu city to eat spicy beef noodles. The noodles here is very popular. For the non spicy soup, they don’t use the chili oil on the top. They just use the hot soup underneath. beef shank and tendon also beef shank, tendon, beef brisket…you can order whatever you want. This bowl is 35000vndregular bowl. About 4 cubes4 beef brisket cubes. the cube is quite big. It has satay smell, lemongrass and also the smell of…cinnamon and star anise. This beef can be eaten with the chili salt. This lemon chili salt made from the rock salt of Bac Lieu And these are sawleaf and basil. You can add more cruller if you want to. Beef shank, tendon. beef shank, tendon, beef brisket…you can order whatever you want. This bowl is 35 thousand vndregular bowl, about 4 cubes4 cubes of beef brisket. the cube is very big and in good quality. and I will add the vegetables into this bowl. The kinds of vegetable are quite similar to stewed beef’s. I’ll mix it and try the first bite. I like eating basil leaves. too hot The feeling when I’ve tried the first bite is…it was very spicy. the strong taste of satay and a little bit of lemongrass Here I see many people have ordered the non spicy one.so if you do not eat spicy, then I think you should eat the non spicy one, because the spicy one is as hot as level 3-4 spicy noodles in Saigon.

Its spicy taste is from the chili oil. You can see that this red oil here is the main reason for the hot taste of the dish. The chef has added into it 4-5 beef cubes. I’ll try it out. The beef briske thas been stewed very moderately. It’s not too soft and not too tough. It still has the sweet taste and the crunch that can be combined well with lemon chili salt. The light sour and spicy of the lemon chili salt is very suitable for eating with beef. This salt is rock salt from Bac Lieu sea. Then they will bray the salt with chili. The smell of sawle af and basil leaf remind me of stewed beef dish. But the taste of this one is different it will has a stronger smell of chili, satay and lemongrass. I can also smell the light smell of star anise and cinnamon. This dish used to be a dish for releasing cold or alcohol. But gradually its taste becomes suitable for Bac Lieu people’s taste.

So now it’s very popular Normally people only sell this dish in the mornings. And the food will be sold out around 9 A.M. So if you want to eat this dish You should get up early. I think it would be wrong if we eat this dish at noon because it’s very hot and spicy. You can add more cruller to eat for full stomach. Now I’ll eat my breakfast. Then I’ll visit around Bac Lieu City and the tourist attractions here too. My eyes and nostrils have full of tears and nasal mucus now!!After eating the super hot beef noodles, now I’m at Prince of Bac Lieu House. Prince of Bac Lieu was a very famous man in Western Region. This is the entrance ticket.20,000 VND / adult ticket children is 10 thousand VND and I will go in in there Firstly, we can see the car that prince of Bac Lieu used to use. and here we will seethe nacre table and chair set. Very beautiful and meticulous. There was such a chandelier in the past. How luxurious! Bac Lieu is also known as a rich man but another thing is he was very smart. Because he studied in to Europe. So his mind was more up-to-date.

Thanks to the weal thiness of his family and his ability, so he had brought his family’s business to a very high level. At that time, he also organized many beauty competitions. He was like a gold sponsor, diamond sponsor for such the competitions. But usually the Miss or the Runner up had to be his lovers. His children later were not as good as him and they were kinda addicted to gambling or were on the loose. So the family’s business gradually went down and being sold to other people. Gradually, all of his children are scattered. They lived in different places. The tour guides here only tell the tourists bad things about prince of Bac Lieu but they forget that prince of Bac Lieu was a very smart and level-headed man. He made money and he knew how to spend it. And he also behaved well to people. He often freed poor people from dept. orhelped people in trouble. He was a playboy but had a merciful heart. But the stories that the tourists always hear about him are not true just people’s rumors. The anecdotes about he used money paper to cook eggs or light earrings are not being verified.

So I feel a bit sorry because his good manner has been forgotten. The furniture here is mainly made with wood and nacre. Nacre is the inner side of the clams, the part that has bright light It’s similar to pearls its material is almost like this. and people will carve carve this piece of wood then encrust the nacre on. Very meticulous. The bowls and the pottery look very beautiful Besides, there are also items that in Europe’s style, such as television, cassette, radio….Do you see my face is considerably swell? Because after coming back from Prince of Bac Lieu House I slept from 10 A. Muntil 1 P. MIt’s 1 P.M now. I’ve slept over. So I’m going to have lunch now. I am now at the Hong Gam salted-fish hotpot1 of the famous hotpot stores in Bac Lieu and this place is the first branch of the store there is one more store near to the city’s center. It’s a little bit weird when eating salted-fish hotpot in the afternoon. But forget it, eating at this time, there are more kinds of vegetable. If we eat in the evening they won’t have enough vegetable. They will place more tables and chair at the front yard in the evening. So it’ll be cooler. The owner here plants a lot of bougainvillia and fragipane. The hotpot that I’ve ordered is here now. This portion is 170.000vnd.It’d be 200.000 or 230.000vnd if you go with 2 or 3 people. the 200.000vnd portion will have more meat and fish.

The 170.000vnd one just has 1 type of fish, it’s gray eel-catfish. The fish is already in here. there are about 3-4 slices of fish. It’s too hot there is octopus, mushroom, porksidetofu and one special thing iseggplant. Let me see what else in here? I also see grilled fish, pig skin, shrimp. It has the fragrance of lemongrass. Salted-fish’s fragrant. What is this? This is the fish’s head If you like eating vermicelli, you can order more. But usually when I eat hotpot, I eat a lot of vegetables. I rarely eat more vermicelli. A pot like this is way too enough for 2 people. Salted-fish hotpot is being eaten with vegetables. The vegetables that picked from the front of the house, behind the house or bought from markets. and especially in water floating season, the salted-fish hotpot is even more popular. Because there are more fishes in water floating season. there are many kinds of salted-fish and also wild vegetables. The most impressive thing here is the vegetables tray. very big, right? there are water-lily stems water chestnut stems1 specialty of Bac Lieu province this is narrow leaf cattail This is shaved young banana tree. Here is the banana flower, shaved water spinach, water mimosa, floating primrose-willow, This floating primrose-willow is kinda spongy and acrid. And water spinach and herbscentella. What else underneath. shallotyellow burrhead, elephant ear leaves This is cool vegetable, Its body will be spongy and almost like water hyacinth the young sprout of water hyacinth. Eating this is also quite strange. Here is alsocommon knotgrass. I love to eat this one, it will be crispy what else? A tray full of vegetables. I see the water mimosa underneath.

This is water dropwort. Water dropwort is kinda spongy, crispy and has a smell of water dropwort…OMG, I talk nonsense again. Put it back in here. Actually, the most special part of salted-fish hotpot is the vegetables. You can see the vegetables here can be eaten raw. We just need to dip the vegetables quickly into the hot soup then eat right after that. We don’t need to leave the vegetables in the hotpot for too long. Take the fish out first. The fish will be crumpled if it’s being left too long in the hotpot. This is gray eel-catfish. If you ordered the 200.000vnd portion, it’ll have more fish. including basa fish, shark catfish, snakehead fish, also mudskippers and pangasius kuny it. As for me I mainly eat vegetablesfish is just a secondary. Grilled fish. Now I will dip the vegetables The vegetables I like to eat is narrow leaf cattail and water chestnut stem. Narrow leaf cattail is a very famous specialty of Ca Mau but water chestnut stem is just popular recently. Recently known by many people its stem is similar to the reed. There is an another kind of water chestnut that its stem is smaller so it is rarely grown to make vegetables. This is the most delicious part of water chestnut. People eat it with hotpot, salted-fish hotpot with stewed salted-fish or fry with garlic. I’ll dip this water chestnut stem first. Actually, it can be eaten raw, it’s very crispy and soft.

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