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These are crucial in the fight to avoid sickness! Zinc is a mineral that plays a huge role in our body. It boosts your immune system, helps heal wounds quicker, and decreases inflammation amongmany other functions. Let’s talk about 9 Signs You Aren’t Getting Enough Zinc. Will I lose my appetite? How about my hair? Can zinc deficiency really cause stunted growth? Oh heck no, diarrhea!?!?We’re talking all that AND more…Loss of Appetite In a food-loving society like ours, this seem salmost impossible. I assure you it’s very real. When your body isn’t getting enough zinc, you aren’t going to want to eat as much. That’s right, that usual Friday pizza you order is out of the question. When you aren’t consuming enough food, your zinc level will decrease even further. They feed into each other. No pun intended.

A low intake of proper nutrition will greatly reduce your hunger. As a result, you may notice a massive difference in weight the next time you step on the scale. Loss of appetite is directly related to weight loss. Many cases of anorexia have been linked to a zinc deficiency. A study conducted in 1994 showed that consuming zinc doubled the increase of body mass inanorexia patients. Other trials done on zinc-deficient rats have also shown that consuming more zinc will stimulate food intake, and can help get your appetite back on track. Older adults who lack proper zinc intake are often left with no sense of taste. But more of that a little later…Hair Loss Zinc deficiency can also lead to hair loss. As if dropping to an unhealthy weight wasn’t bad enough. Studies have shown that balding men often display less zinc in their system than those with good heads of hair.

This especially affects men with male-pattern baldness. Hair requires vitamins and minerals in order to stay intact. If you are missing any essential nutrients, it will begin to fall out. While a lack of proper zinc consumption can contribute to hair loss, there is limitedevidence to show that zinc supplementation can help it grow back. However, one study on a patient with alopecia showed that consuming zinc can assist in repairingdamaged hair. Before we continue don’t forget to hit that like button, click subscribe and ring the bell to get notified on more great Bestie content! Are you concerned about the overall state of your health? Perhaps you’d like to check out our video on 5 Ways To Get Rid of Bloating and Heal Your Gut. For the guys out there, are you looking to shed a few pounds?

Click on our clip discussing the 17 Best Weight Loss Foods For Men. Now back to our list of 9 Signs You Have a Zinc Deficiency. Depression If you’ve been feeling depressed lately, it may be a good idea to reflect on your diet. Zinc deficiency contributes to several psychological disorders. This includes a decline in overall mood. You may find yourself becoming less motivated. Various studies have indicated that patients with severe depression have less zinc in their blood than those who are mentally well. Post-mortem studies of depressed patients who have died have also had a similar finding. Zinc plays a part in modulating the brain’s response to stress. The highest concentration of the mineral is held in the brain’s hippocampus. The hippocampus is extremely vulnerable. If it is not receiving proper nourishment, symptoms of depression often follow. On top of depression, people are also found to become violent and aggressive. Keep in mind, getting the right zinc supplements can improve this. Zinc deficiency also affects other cognitive functions. Impaired Memory The hippocampus is directly responsible for your learning and memory. As I said, if it’s not receiving the proper nutrients from your diet, bad things can happen.

This is how your memory is affected. If you notice yourself becoming increasingly more foggy, or if you cannot properly articulatein conversation, lack of zinc could be a contributor. Actually, right now would be a great time to mention the various foods that containzinc. If you’re looking to increase your intake, fill your diet up with meat, shellfish, nuts, eggs and beans. Adults are recommended between 8 and 11 mg of zinc daily. A serving of raw beef alone holds about 5 mg .If that’s not enough for you, six regular oysters carry an estimated 32.Are you finding this video interesting so far? This next point is bound to freak you out a little. Before moving on, we’d like to take a moment to thank Pur Gum. Pur Gum is the leader of sugar & aspartame-free gums and mints. With a great taste that doesn’t hold back in flavour, Pur Gum is sold in 25 differentcountries around the globe. Pur Gum…Live Pur. Loss of Senses Remember earlier how I mentioned the loss of taste in older individuals ? Well zinc deficiency can kill your senses across the board. Those who lack the nutrient often experience loss of smell, taste and vision as symptoms. I’m not sure about you, but the ladder sounds the most frightening to me.

Those who have experienced a zinc deficiency may have felt the wrath of night blindness. Also known as nyctalopia, this condition makes it difficult for people to see in low light, and is normally indicative of a greater issue with your eye. You are particularly vulnerable to loss of sense if you are experiencing a lack in both zinc and vitamin A. Once again, try your best to load up on zinc-heavy foods and supplements. You don’t want to be unable to taste your food. Much less smell or even see it. Delayed Healing of Wounds This is one of the more alarming symptoms. When you have a wound, you want it to heal as quickly as possible. A cut or a gash that slowly mends itself will open up the door for other issues. Zinc plays an important role in your body’s response to injury. Due to its influence in collagen synthesis, immune function and inflammatory response, it is key in order to heal properly. Your skin holds just about 5% of your body’s overall zinc content. Medical professionals will often recommend zinc supplements in order to treat burns, ulcers and skin injuries. And believe me, they give you a whole lot more than the suggested daily value. A study conducted in 2017 monitored 60 people with foot ulcers.

It was found that those given 200 mg a day saw a massive reduction in their ulcer. So if you’re bleeding, you better hope your zinc content is up to par. Impaired Immune System Zinc is essential in boosting the human immunesystem. It allows your cells to function and send signals to other parts of the body. it’s extremely important to make sure you’re getting the right amount. This can leave you vulnerable to diseases like gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, as your immune system isn’t backed up. This is all due to the lack of cytokines in the blood that allow your cells to signal. Increasing your level of zinc can improve the response of cytokines, getting your immunesystem back on track. Diarrhea Things are about to get messy. We’ll stay away from the potty humour, but lack of zinc can lead to one uncomfortabletrip to the toilet. The less zinc your body contains, the greater the severity of your diarrhea.

While information on the direct relationship between zinc and diarrhea is scarce, your intestines are confirmed to play a role in the matter. The intestines are a primary site of zinc absorption.If they’re not seeing an adequate amount of this nutrient, your bodily functions will begin acting up. This will make your bowel movements much more aggressive. That’s about as much of a detailed picture as I’ll leave for you. Moving on…Stunted Growth This symptom of zinc deficiency mainly applies to younger children. If you have a little one at home, make sure they’re receiving proper nutrition. Their growth depends on it. Did you know that a quarter of children have stunted growth? This poses several challenges as they get older. Zinc promotes positive cell growth, and metabolism. Without it, their bodies are unable to develop. Lack of zinc in the system will restrict younger humans from growing. This is where zinc supplements are found to be especially useful. They’re an effective way to help the growth of young children. Supplements can also help the various difficulties brought on by stunted growth. This includes several of the issues we have already discussed.Are you keeping up on your zinc intake?

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