WATERMELON Noodles!! Street Food of the Future in Vietnam!!

WATERMELON Noodles!! Street Food of the Future in Vietnam!!

Now the question everybody wants to knowdo these noodlestaste like watermelon[Music]in the age of this pandemic nearly everystep of the food supply chain has beennegatively impactedduring the pandemic they couldn’t sellanything everyone is feeling the pity heseems like a little emotional or does hehave something in his eyerestaurants i’m scared ocean dwellingseafood farmers far from civilizationand especially large-scale manufacturersof yumit’s like nostalgia in this exclusiveseries we’re digging deep into foodfactories that are mass producing theaffordable and convenientproducts we all take for granted what isthis skins of animals or whatever ohjust skin of animalstoday’s mission learning how a fruittrading crisis fueled by kobit 19.uh oh we’re getting help became anopportunity for food innovation yourcompany has taken dragon fruit andyou’ve incorporated it into what you’remaking already.

WATERMELON Noodles!! Street Food of the Future in Vietnam!!

I’m heading into some ofsoutheast asia’s countryside foodfactorieswhere do you find a machine like this ata garage sale where small teams and bigpassions turn simple ingredientsinto amazing eats oh my god so how dothey do itlet’s find out vietnam is the second biggest riceexporter in the worldgeez that’s really interesting with somuch rice on hand folks here have gottendarn creative with how to use itrice is used to make booze rice noodlesoh i’ll have what she’s havingrice paper steamed rice sheetsour mission today is to witness how amodern manufacturer has transformedfruitand rice into something the world hasnever seen before before today had youever heard of dragon fruit rice paper for you to appreciate what you’re aboutto witness we need to first take a stepback and learn how rice paper is made inthis super local countryside factoryand xin chao ko lahan shank thank you somuch for having us here at your ricepaper making factory this way comes froma family of rice paper manufacturersthey’ve beenin the biz for over 20 years here sheand her team of 10 are producing up to1500 pounds per day every day she wants like600 kilograms of rice paper.

That’spretty significant when you consider onesheet of this stuffweighs almost nothing how do you evenmeasure your productionshe measured by the finished productjoining me on today’s culinary adventurefriend of the showyou have a huge machine here where doyou find a machine like this at a garagesalein this factory the rice paper startswith flourcould be rice flour tapioca flour orsome ratio in betweenin a large vat the flower is mixed withwater until it becomes oneeven thick consistency then it getspumped into the steamerthe giant roller picks up a thin layerof batter from the trough belowthe silky liquid is evenly applied to aconveyor belt where it rolls into asteamer after cooking and popping out the otherside this thin sheet sticks to ahandmade bamboo palletpallets that are also loaded by handhere speed is key any gaps between thepallets means lost productand lost profitas the pallets reach the end of the belta rice paper technician rips them apartone by onenow they’re ready to go outside and geta dose of sunlight allowing the paper tocompletely dryright now.

We’re in the drying areathere’s a disconcerting sound what isthatas it dries the paper reduces in sizeretractingacross the bamboo rack creating apositively eerie soundit sounds like it’s raining yeah itsounds like the pitter patter of rain iwill ask her if this sounds like a moneycoming for herthe drawing can last anywhere betweenone to three hours depending on weatherconditionshave you ever tried to make a giantspring rollshe’s never thought of that okay i wasjust scared that’s a good pity laughwhy does this guy have a show[Music]once drying is complete the paper ispeeled and stackedseveral layers of paper then descendbeneath a massive hydraulic cuttingpresswhere the sheets take their final form[Music]these guys will be packaged and sold fordishes like spring rolls or rice papersaladthe last thing i want to do while we’rehere if it’s okay can i rip off a biteright nowit’s clean it’s crispy and it’s justwaiting to be filled with other funingredientsfantastic.

We’ve seen it being made but now i wantto see rice paper in actionhere you can get it rolled grilled mixedpretty much any way you can imagine[Music]most of this stuff wasn’t always aroundin vietnam these dishes were developedmore than 12 years ago by the rice paperqueenmiss vaughn since then the popularity ofthis dish has spread like wildfirenow they sell up to twenty thousandrolls per dayhere this is uh banchenkun yesnice to start we’ll try two of theirfamous dishesfirst rice paper rolls with a side ofdipa rice paper sheet is sprayed with watershe scissors pieces of quail egg thenpeanuts dried shrimp beef liver jerkyand vietnamese mintshould we go for it that’s really nicethis food is as much about the textureas it is the flavor i mean there’s somepeanuts in there chewiness from the ricepapermainly those two things a vietnam seemsto take a lot of pridein its rice paper you see it usedeverywhere did vietnam invent rice paperyeah we invented are you sure.

I’m surehow do you know vietnam invented ricepaper you feel iti feel that yeah yeah okay just arooster walking bythe second dish is made with rolls ofrice paper that have been dyed orangethey’re cut up and smothered in chilisauce and mayonnaiseme too there’s just even more flavor andmore texture when you were a kid did youhave this kind of a food no they havejust invented it recently it seems likeevery day people in vietnam are comingup with new ways to use rice paperyeah exactly[Music]next we’re going to see how one factoryis turning an oversupply of dragon fruitinto a type of rice paper that neverexisted beforebut first what the heck is a dragonfruit so right now we’re in the middleof a dragon fruitfieldi’ve never been this close to the parkfor me i never even tried dragon fruituntil i was well into my 30sthe first time i tried it was with you on.

This show like two years agothe plant itself is kind of like acactus and then there’s big beautifulfruits on it dragon fruit can be foundin three main varietiesred white and one that’s a bit yellow ithink we cut one off and eat one rightnow we got permission to enter this farmno we don’t have permission this exoticfruit in asiais actually native to central americabut these days you can find it growinganywhere from californiaor australia to here in southeast asiaohno oh we’re getting help okay she’scoming she saw meyou need to cut the male fruit whichtastes better oh the male is betteryeah the mess heyi didn’t say it she said it she said it[Music]this is a male yeah that is a male howcan she tell the differencethe male has less lips i thought she’sgonna say that male has a littlemustache try it out[Music]super juicy one million seeds inside andthen sweet but not over sweethey look i planted a tree on accident idon’t thinkthat’s not how that works.

I don’t thinkso all the fruit from this farm will soonbe collected and shipped hereafter the fruit arrives here it’s sortedby size species and qualitythen it gets a warm bath[Music]dozens of staff work to package thedragon fruit before it ships out[Music]some of this will be exported to chinasome will go to markets and some willend up in this factorysir thank you so much for joining ustoday this is mr toonowner of the farm we just came from howlong have you been growing dragon fruithe has been growing dragon fruit forfive years in the past few years dragonfruit production has increaseddramatically in the mekong deltafarmers were trying to keep up with thehuge demand coming from nearby chinathat was until corona during thepandemic there was alockdown so they couldn’t sell theirdragon fruits oh manafter the pandemic was in full swing thevietnam china border was closedthat meant a huge surplus of fruit that had nowhere to goprices bottomed out dropping 70 to 80percentwas fruit going bad was it being wastedall of the fruits that he harvestedduring that time he didn’t waste themthere were still people come to buy but they have more power to bargain thepriceluckily some local entrepreneurs saw.

This tragedy as an opportunitycreating whole new products like dragonfruit bread burgers and even rice paperthese new products resulted in newdemand for this tropical fruithelping dragon fruit prices to stabilizehe would be very happyif there are more and more domesticcompanies to create new types ofdishes from dragon fruit because sellingfor china and other countriesis not very safe option for the farmeryeah i totally understand now, i’m getting a behind the scenes lookat how this brand new foodis made have you ever had a big personcome to your factory uhnot yet i’m the first one yes this is mrduan the ceosome call him mr rice how many differenttypes of products are you making herewe have rice paper rice noodle rivermisery and some about the vegetableproduct we mix with the rice oh heythere’s some rice right now rice paperhere he’s taken the old traditionalmethod of making rice paperand scaled it up in this modern factoryusing technology to increasequality hygieneand volume we met a lady today she’s making 600 kgs of rice paper a daywow how many kgs do you make in a dayeight ton of rice paper or eight tonsyeah.

Oh that’s way more this was one of themany businesses that seized theopportunity and helped to solvethe fruit crisis in vietnam by doingthis you’ve really been able to help outlocal farmers yes since february they’vesaved more than 100 tons of dragon fruitfrom simply rotting when you startedmaybe you were able to take advantage ofa little bit lower price now the priceis creeping back up which is good forthe farmers but is that going to be goodfor you guyswe still produce but we offer with ourcustomer with a new pricebrand new price all right people likenew things so i think that could workthe signature mr rice dragon fruit ricepaper starts withthe d fruit cutting and peeling piece bypieceand turning it into a type of smoothiethat’s mixed with rice flour and blendeduntil it resembles hubba bubba bubblegumthis beautiful bucket of peptidallooking relief is pumped into thesteamerhere a thin sheet of rice paper isformedwhen the rice paper leaves the steamerthe mr rice team splits the pallets thecolor is very vibrant is that allnaturalunnatural these get stacked up and sent to the drying machineafter 45 minutes the paper is dry then it’s peeled stacked and cut intosmaller sizes quick quality check and it’s ready forpackaging is there any big differencebetween this and the normal rice paperyeah about the repairing about thematerialmixing and steaming drying alsodifferent oh everything’s different wow.

This product is usually shipped outof vietnam so few people have tried itdomestically he has never seen anythinglikethis i want to see it in action now soi’m heading back to our rice paperprepping specialistmiss vaughn since thank you for havingusthis is the dragon fruit rice paperbefore today had you ever heard ofdragon fruit rice papershe has heard about the dragon fruitrice paper on the television but shehas never had experience with it so it’sa pretty exciting day[Music]after wetting it down she stuffs it withall the familiar ingredientspeanuts fried onions quail eggscoriander and beef jerky[Music]it does taste more pink can you tastedragon fruit not at alljust the texture is chewy it’s certainlythicker andit’s pleasing to look at maybe this issomething you could make on valentine’sday i’ll have youthink about it wait hold on a secondanytime i ask a girl out in the pastshe said she’ll think about it i justnever heard from them againgive her that’s life get right thereare you gonna absolutely 100 percent putthis on your menu starting tomorrowyou think of that for mr rice dragon fruit is just thebeginning he’s also invented a ricenoodle that’s made with watermelon.

This is the watermelon vermicelli how do youmake thisthe watermelon is peeled cut into chunksthenthat liquefies mixed with rice flour tocreate the dough for these noodlestwo tons of flour and watermelon juicecan produce one ton of noodlesfinally this machine transforms thedough into vibrant orange noodles youthought it was going to be red huhyeah me too after you mix with the riceflour and you steaming the color willchange to orange yeah it turns orangemaybe it even looks like pumpkin flavorwhen the noodles leave the noodlemachine an automated slicer will cutthem to equal lengththose get hung on steel rods so they candry a question everybody wants to knowdo these noodles taste like watermelonyes but not really strongso it’s just the gentle aroma ofwatermelonyes the essence you feel like there wasa watermelon in the room recentlythe dry noodles are weighed and packedin watermelon packagingensuring the customer knows thatwatermelon played a critical role in theproduction of these noodlesbefore we leave are you mr rice yeah sirthank you so much such a pleasure.

I bet you’re wondering if these noodlesreally taste like watermelon i was tooso i took them herethis shop is famous among locals it’salso enjoyed by outsiders like thisyoung backpacker guytheir signature dish marinated grilledpork mixed with rice noodlesor so we just got back from the factorywhere they makenoodles they make all kinds of noodlesbut we brought youa watermelon vermicelli this win headsup the front of the house and she’sgladlytaking on our challenge first she boilsthe noodles for a few minutesin a separate bowl she preps the greenstop that with our watermelon noodlesgrilled pork grilled beef wrapped inbeetle leaves grilled beef wrapped inpork fat spring rolls pickles crushedpeanuts and scallion oildoes it look any different to you shesees the difference in the color of thenoodlesreally yes so the normal noodles is thewhiter than this one this one is likeoff-white i’m very curious if it’s goingtoactually have a hint of watermelon ornot cheers.

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