Visit the super rare street foods of Jakarta, Indonesia! Attractive food!

Visit the super rare street foods of Jakarta, Indonesia! Attractive food!

Last few months ago victim karai bitesomeone find is that this Cobra, one hereJesus there is no shortage of deliciouscreative mouth-watering food here inIndonesia’s capital anything in life that makes you feel that good is bad foryou but today my mission to uncover the world’s most unique food has producedsome bizarre results we’ve searchedJakarta’s most extreme eateries to findexotic indulgences most locals wouldn’teven recognize so Tamara you like um what does it tor feet up from this mysterious tropical fish unlike any seacreature. I’ve seen before it is like Michelle she’s playing out like pullingme out of a crab claw to my mostdangerous animal encounter yes okay sodon’t think just chew we’re about to goexotic in Jakarta Indonesia where are you taking me, Oh your dearlittle dark alley here and there it’sturn my journey into the mysterious willbe led by this man Rahulbut more on him later you go to finersatay CUDA as an appetizer he’s broughtme herea humble alley eatery where each nightfor the last 10 years patrons can stopby for a quick bite of horse meat I’m sohungry.

Visit the super rare street foods of Jakarta, Indonesia! Attractive food!

I could eat a horse saute have you heard that expression yeah and so that’s what we’re gonna do right now the grill master is just getting set up for the evening first by starting a fire allright he’s got tinder this is how tender works in Indonesia it’s still forburning stuff and not for banging peoplemr. pop Rohan comes from the city of joke job but when he moved to Jakartahe brought his horse meat sought arecipe with him and I’m told this is the only place in Jakarta where this exoticmeat can be found first time eatinghorse. I’ve never had horse before sir what can I expect from eating horse hebelieved in many benefit you know like asthma or diabetes I thought this was just food it’s kind of medicine too they say oh but do it well yeah asthma what else throws up already stroke. I can give me a stroke No Oh take it away take any way that’s even better every problemmaybe. I might in a few years so, I keepeating this way to me this horse meat looks just like any other red meat mr.Park rehan has soaked the meat in soysauce garlic and pepper after grilling they’re coated with sliced chilliesshallots white pepper and a soy-basedsauce crispy has been kind ofcaramelized on the outside and kind of adark meat to any let’s go for it yeah horse collars it’s hard to taste throughthe season things he put on they’redelicious.

I’m gonna really top up the sauce on this one here we go super horsey good if you white pepper yeah I think. I feel thes troke to no actual horse meat itself is very tender not much fat that’s kind of all there is to it horse it’s a horse ofcourse sautee the perfect start to this unusual journey the next day Rahul and, Iare up early on our way to this place how would you explain Indonesian food Indonesian food is devera we have like600 ethnicity group so it’s men like we have 600 diversity of the culinaryalmost undefinable so broad so manydifferent cultures within this cultureif from travels throughout the Indonesian archipelago immortalizing therecipes and traditions of lesser-knownethnic groups I’m more into food concertcollecting there in debates Tori’s hisdevotion that this lifelong project is worn on his face where he displaystribal tattoos from Papua as an act of solidarity it’s not even from your own culture it was your way to honor those people yes and it looks really badass too yeah thank you whose experience willdefinitely come in handy at our next stop looking at some of the menu items here. I cannot read the local language but.

I can definitely see these pictures and sowe’ve got some crocodiles some snake is that a monkey in the tribal area they still consumed a live monkey going on in Jakarta but some of these the softshellturtle here I think it’s in yes to some people eat the endangeredanimal in some tradition they need to they need to read everything there’s arational reason why did you consume like our children some ethnic groups still eat endangered animals that serve animportant role in their traditionsallowing some groups to go on with the seancient traditions while stillconserving animal populations is anon going struggle we’re here today fors ome of the snakes and I’ve heard they have a snake room in the back let’s takea look though I eat some extreme food on this show our aim is to never eatanything endangered for fear ofpromoting its consumption with that saidlet’s go check on these things. I mean it’s about as creepy is not expect asnake room to be the snake with theseyellow bands I don’t know about thesevery poisonous this Cobra one here ohJesus not even acting you’re not afraidof snakes right oh this guy in danger ofcourse they’re brave man.

I don’t thinkthat’s being afraid that’s just beingsmart ma’am hi how much is this cobradropping she thinks I can’t affordsnakes a 3.5 hour might be right there’sa bunch down hereoh are you sure you want to open that oKwe’ve ordered up one of the smallercobras and it looks like there’s onlyone way to get it out oh god should I behere Oh 22-year old chef who alsohappens to be the in-house snakeWrangler is completely unfazed by thetask at hand. Oh I think she will cut it we’re good handsshut the F up what are we doing why arewe doing thisis this too much it may be a better ideato give her some room to work[Music]customers come here for these supposeAdele Fenna fits the move is a medicineto cure light skin skin problem problemsdo you believe it’s a medicineI believe it today.

I’m getting a bit more than I bargained for, I came here for a snake saute but it turns out the snake meat is just a byproduct created to reduce waste after using the snake for its original intended purpose to drink its blood so she’s draining the blood into the cup she’s looking for the bile yep and she’s gonna put that intoour shot yesmy heart fire is going crazy right now[Music]after the Bloods been collected ours nake Wrangler turned mixologist dumpsin a powerful shot of rice wine then releases the bile into our concoctionafter some mixing it’s ready to drink okay so we’re just gonna take it all atone shot yeah what is this it’s cute Deb you think Oh cute diabetes that’s good you have a problem backache yeah if you like ice problems this alcohol makes are you better yeah we’re doing it.

I’m notasking questions we’re just kind of committing do we say something yes dear okay Cheers. Oh rounds dislike that in wine the bile is so bitter yeah that was pretty nuts oh man after our aperitif we’re finally delivered fried snake and snake saute so this place it’s kind of like half food but like half of Medicineyep yeah so like right behind us right now there’s some people looking for who knows what they have something called a Cobra powder the ground of Cobra down into a fine powder this is desert you want to try some one things yeah this is this how spicy yeah give it a little dip and let’s try it on snake sautee oh that’s really good thanks you can like chicken but a little more a little dryotherwise as yummy Indonesia lovessauteing this is just the beginning we got a long day ahead of us so now we have the snake blood we have the stamina to keep going Rahul is taking me to try something a little more palatable but just as unusual this reef fish known locally as kuru kuru or the box fish. I know I’m in the kitchen with Chef Pony thank you so much for having us here what is special about this fish verydifferent this unit days open since 1976aromas adapt has been graced bypresidents vice presidents and now meeach day they’re serving around 30 of these box fish and I’m here to learn why so right now she’s gonna whoa the fish is like a hard outer shell it is really goat boxed and then she’spulling it out like fully meat out of a crab claw well they just might be usedin deities so he always this little part like the back straps yes fish she’s gonna pull out the other side this is the hardest fish.

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