Vietnam’s top street food is loved by many young people!

Vietnam’s top street food is loved by many young people!

Welcome to the street food dollar menu. Today me and my Lal guy will get married friends around Saigon eat 10 Various street food for under one dollar. Do it you will not believe how far you can stretch one dollar right here Saigon largest city in Vietnam has Many options when it comes to delicious but today, we will focus on street food as food served on sidewalks and street signs
cook in place very quickly a Affordable from sweet and savory.

Vietnam’s top street food is loved by many young people!

Sometimes even a little unusual good friends know I’m a huge fan of saliva lots. Food except this one because I don’t. Feeling like eating you know a little. It’s time to see Saigon No. 10 for your baby things Street food for less than $ 1 spring food. Scrolls come for 25 cents each. Spring roll begins with fresh. The rice paper is moistened then covered. Pork salad noodles with pork and vegetables and scallions are then rolled tightly and served with one peanut sauce. The really interesting things about Vietnam are everything. This is like street food it right away. Here people love cycling they stop they get some spring food.

The roll is probably one Internationally recognized street food, from Vietnam people know Fahd they know funny and they know the spring innovation you think spring roll is. I will say deserves that top position, yes so it will be in the top like topping the best dish in Vietnam. Food is okay, okay let’s enjoy it together right now we’ve got the sauce here. All right, oh god we have to weirdly transform it. What happened to say this array is In its best shape, it looks That’s nicer that’s why I like this. Okay she knows the value of production. Dip a bit of Jim and Cheers Crispy crispy noodles in it and a lot of herbs make it really fresh, the sauce it’s salty thick it is great lost.

The one street food we have is more ripe Come on, keep eating to save costs sixty cents per cup this is frozen Vietnamese desserts may include. Dozens of our different ingredients Ordered today will include black beans pickled mung beans and palm sugar. Water chestnuts with green jelly covered Coconut cream with coconut milk and jelly ice is here when you mix ice with
Coconut milk it does something special with ingredients and it makes it like. Chewy right so it gives each one like one Cool texture that you want to mix it like one Brine okay Aunt and rannian together. So sweet it’s just a tenderness Sweet it is like a puppy. That fireplace is kind of inviting Sweetly it’s not like a rock concert of the road I think the most special thing. Out of these, it is an inside principle.

This is water chestnut juice yeah and it is encoded by mmm tapioca gooey outside and then becomes. Orien almost crumbled and sighed exactly. I love this one you can drink it you can eat. It you can crunch on it you have. The chewy part is very cool
we’re just warming up and then Lau and I eat that dessert Famous Turtle Lake in Saigon every where. Afternoon dozens of carrying goods on the sidewalk. The office brings their portable rice cooker easy. Workers and students also come here to
Relax out with friends and grab some. Affordable fast food brought us to. Cheng chomp’s three link feed came at This about a mixed dollar started with beef jerky, then chopped Vietnamese cilantro sweet papaya quail eggs made from. Sweet and sour lemon squeezed beef lungs. This sauce and chili oil is delicious shake in and it’s ready to eat. And honestly when you look at it
looks like a recycling bin for paper but it tastes so much better. I am wireless do you know what I say lately we slept a lot yes we don’t. I know. What else can we do on a famous springtime Roll something like that so we create one.

New ways to eat it so we asked a lot it reads inside and makes it awesome by me friends of the same age please go right mmm
Oh, really just what you got here is a bag full of flavor and texture to it like all different toughness types, it’s sweet, it’s salty, it’s spicy Andrew Zimmern tried this, he called it Vietnam in a bag and I agree with that because Spicy mango shakin a cup for about one. This dollar started naive enough with mango and a little bit of sugar but then but do you know shrimp and salt fish sauce
Minced fresh chili on this side of the road fun has been invented very recently. Create what you can call a mango. Spicy revolution Yes it’s my spicy A spicy fruit that I have never had like fruit.

That was intentionally made spicy oh you just get it here we go oh, wow that’s one thing i didn’t expect the fruit it is a fruit but this fruit is. Try to get stuck a spicy punch salty can make it natural. Such sweetness is much more intense than i expected i would lie to scream. The soft stock of shrimp they added together to make it savory and delicious If you are bored of old fruit bored. Here is one way to go here is fruit with one punch.

For five Bob sow costing just under one dollar this simple of a tasty dish starts with corn sauteed and margarine then add small dried shrimp ease sugar and spring onion fry till crispy and add a little bit of chilli sauce on the side you know I started knowing about this one-liners a long time ago it tastes awesome try it okay so we’ve got some shrimp peas in there I spring onion yeah
I’m gonna dip okay savoring a little bit of sweetness this chilli sauce it’s almost like the ketchup of chili sauces yeah right it’s like sweet and tangy. I mean every single dish they Napoli chili sauce the margarine taste with sugar I don’t know it just does something for me it feels like junk food like good junk food and luckily this meal can last a long time because they give you a tiny
like ice cream testing spoon it’s gonna take you at least a hundred bytes yeah food six quail eggs with tamarind sauce coming in at about one dollar this is one of the most unusual or should. I say unique street foods I’ve come across in Vietnam.

Starting with minced chilies garlic and oil then a heaping scoop of developed quail eggs quails that have developed in the egg
then were hard-boiled before reaching maturity then splash a bit of tamarind sauce and Morning Glory plate it and top it with Vietnamese coriander and fried onions one of the most interesting street foods I have seen in Sanga maybe in my life much like a balut which a lot of people have heard of which is like the develop duck egg okay especially popular in the Philippines but they eat it here too yes well they do the same thing for whale rare do you like this one honestly not I am a big fan of a lot of street food except for this one cuz. I don’t feel like eating you know like a little baby things have you ever eaten a baby carrots so you don’t like eating the little baby thing I understand will you try one with me just one yes yes by the way this guy’s a hero he obviously doesn’t want to do it but he’s gonna have one oh here we go we have our big juicy fight so we’ve got the coiled fetus let’s go for it buddy hey cheers boos that tastes great how are you feeling right now long mm-hmm.

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