Vietnam’s Most Dynamic Street Food! Food is everyone’s favorite!

Vietnam’s Most Dynamic Street Food! Food is everyone’s favorite!

Finally we’ve built up to this moment the hundred dollar spring roll location is behind us even like the most luxurious spring roll in the world how much would you pay for it maybe $200. Oh Vietnam is famous for its diverse affordable street food this is $35,000 less than two dollars for this. I mean come on Street food that’s found its way to restaurants on every corner of the globe that is outstanding among the country’s most, well known offerings the Vietnamese banh me sandwich could. I grab a couple bunnies in a coffee and I’m good to go for the rest of the day, until you know 10:00 a.m. and those steamy nood ley bowls of thought hmm that’s really good but today we’re taking on Viet Nam’s famous spring roll this is a very good option for street food because it’s a great combination of like vegetable and me finding out what happens when local chefs elevate this classic dish to its highest potential, I could make $100,000 spring rolls. I want to subscribe some guy went on and me and my trusty Vietnamese sidekick Leung will try out three very different spring roll experiences at three different prices finishing with a spring roll set coming in at a whopping $100 so roll up your own fatty and enjoy as we take on luxurious spring rolls in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s Most Dynamic Street Food! Food is everyone’s favorite!

Today I’ve invited loud to be my eating partner during our last trip to Vietnam Mekong Delta Lao suffered through coconut worms hmm and suddenly he’s never had before rapped me luckily these rats are so huge so there’s a lot of meat on there you
don’t want to have like a super bony experience you know Wow let’s see after surviving the Mekong Delta it’s dry Hong Kong I wanted to reward them with the food experience that’s all pleasure and no pain at least that was my intention. we’re here ma’am thank you so much for letting us bother you for a little bit the shop name is in Hua that first word is your name kouha means crab where does the spring roll come in so initially see it’s all only family Dom she started a second business .

Which is selling a three-year-old boy kun is all about, the combination between roll and sauce together they elevate the young factors two levels previously unimaginable the role must include rice paper of some sort usually thin and round inside the
filling, vegetables herbs meat or seafood then the dipping sauce sweet sour salty spicy or even smelly sometimes, all at the same time this is the binding agent creating the right balance of flavors here at Yankee, the dipping sauce is gold that’s why people
keep coming back here’s the Point Loma today’s it’s kind of a love letter to our friendship.

Wow recently we were in the Mekong Delta you ain’t coconut worm rat meat thinking of eating those animals again oh my god no when I got the opportunity to try out this $100 spring roll I was like. I’m gonna bring low today is just all about enjoying some good damn food genku aw sells over 1500 rolls per day here she’s selling four different types of roles the classic with shrimp and
pork a piggy roll a pigskin roll and a Chinese sausage and fried egg roll today. I’ve got my eye on her bestsellers starting at only 30 cents per roll the classic and the piggy right here seven thousand a piece so simple so yummy looking a classic spring roll is made with a rice paper shell lettuce some herbs bean sprouts boiled shrimp boiled pork belly and a piece of chive next the
dipping sauce black peanut sauce peanut coconut milk ground mung bean fried onion and chili flake you ready yep one
two three this sweet is sour is tangy there’s some.

Little bit of spice to it and then wonderful texture, of fried onions on there too good oh the one that. I’ve never seen before is your favorite one, which is pick at all it has a pig ear the pig ear roll is made basically the same way same wrap same herbs but with pig ear as the main protein. I’m gonna take a look at this inside you can see some of the hard cartilage and some of this really fatty, gelatinous part of the ear this is a fermented fish sauce the sauce will rock your socks off made from pungent fermented fish sauce coconut water and pineapple buddy give it a dip, which is crunchy ear cartilage so you’re not really even tasting so much porkiness it’s just all about that texture it’s got some extra crunch to it this one’s very delicious from here, we’re gonna head to a location where they’re making kind of a mid price spring roll something maybe around $50 and then after that the hundred dollar spring roll right now we gotta finish these spring rolls cool so we’re just gonna keep sitting here our second destination hidden inside the famous Old Market of Saigon the other place not just any other place but the other place.

Vicky how you doing don’t be nervous look at us we’re just chilling out we’re sitting on someone else’s bikes it’s very casual and normal and Vietnamese, meet Vicky the other place owner along, with her team they’re on a mission to put a modern twist on traditional ingredients and recipes a mission we’ll see come to light today not so long ago our producer reached out to you and told you about this expensive spring roll idea seeing if we could you know elevate the spring roll to its highest potential when you first heard about this what were you thinking I think that was like the hottest challenge ever but it actually keeps the buckland a spotlight it is how many roles will we be trying, today we doing a six role six roles yes my friend as max he can accommodate four roles but you could eat that’s weak even the smallest lady can do like six but after listening don’t introduction about her signals.

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