Vietnamese street food – Spinach chicken is always delicious!

Vietnamese street food – Spinach chicken is always delicious!

This is some kind of weird food artthere’s something in thereof course it’s a bomb in my home countrywe americans lovechicken together americans eat eightbillion chickensevery year oh my god but beyond chickenthere’s not a lot of bird eating goingon in the usasure we dabble in turkey too but thatnarrow selectionis nothing compared to what you’ll findin vietnamwhether farm-raised or caught in thewild oh oh godfolks here can’t get enough cooking upbird species i’d never find on a dinnerplate back home well you could eat anybird you wanted yeah that iswild today we’re trying out three vastlydifferent bird disheswith three different price tags attachedfrom super affordableto surprisingly expensive around athousand dollars for one birda meal fit for a kink all of them cookedup in ways you have never seen beforethe head coming out of the body time tofind out which birdis the best bang for yourhitoday is all about birds.

Vietnamese street food – Spinach chicken is always delicious!

I’m disappointed by the lack of edible birdspecies in the usachicken is the number one star turkeyafter that you can findduck but it’s not that common are they technically birds do you know what abird is here in vietnam we have aspecific word for butt that’s likeeverything that’s flyingwhat is a chicken we just call itchicken anything with feathers that layseggs it’s a bird and today we’re goingto have some brand new stuff i’ve nevereven heard of before we’re going cheapwe’re going middle price we’re goingvery expensive our very expensive bird iguaranteeyou’ve never seen it before and youfolks at home have absolutely not seenthis birdawesome let’s gosir put her there yeah that’s right duonis the owner of jim choi restaurantan affordable avian eatery in hanoispecializing inbirds their menu features 10 differentbird species the most popular dish isalso the head chef’s own unique creationand he calls it the no exit doughas far as.

I know a dove is pretty muchthe same thing as a pigeon but i thinkin the u.sif it’s kind of white if it’s a symbolof peace we call it a doveand if it’s something that eats trash innew york we call it a pigeon like mostbird dishes the animal is dispatchedfeathered and cleaned are these dubsfrom the wildthen it boils for about eight minutescan you tell the difference between afarm-raised pigeon and a pigeon that’sjust been eating trash in the parknow it gets wild the one that raised byfarmers would be pretty bigger insidereally this juicy bird is wrapped insidea thick shell of well-seasoned stickyrice hence the nameno exit dove i thought these streetpigeons are eating like kfcmcdonald’s the ones in new york canhardly walk this winged work of art isthen deep fried until the sticky ricebecomes a crispy golden brown egg withthe bird insideready to hatch once moreit looks like a giant egg is confusingwell you can’t just take a bite out ofit like an apple cause you’re gonna hitthe skull or something you’re gonna chipyour teeth you’re likeoh it’s a head looking at me okay.

I think he knows what to docan you help us here he’s using thescissors to cut through it he’s onlycutting the outershell oh wow what a reveali want this for my next birthdaywhat is the head coming out of the bodyis crazy the dove is a symbol of peaceand right now it’s in many pieces ithink we start by trying some of thesticky ricetop up this peanut and salt this is theperfect snackit’s so good it just has that friedsticky ricetaste to it not a strong taste at allbeautiful creation in every waythe dove very dark meat kind of greasyoilyreal fresh the skin is still on here andthen the meat it looks juicytender full of fatso here i just had a big piece of breastmeat which on a chicken is usually whiteand dry and boringam i describing myself right now sousually on a chicken the breast is goingto bethe least exciting part but here eventhe breast is just superjuicy i’m going to butch some of thispeanut salt some wing meat and then igota little open-faced sandwich.

I’m excitedyou really know how to eat that stickyrice is sodelectable that you could eat it withoutthe pigeon the bird is a nice touchoh wait we came here for the burn idon’t attend so these other restaurantsare gonna have to bring their egg gameand their best bird squadwhy is that so funny like hanging out ijust imagined a bunch of superhero birdsour next restaurant seems like a minibird zoo in disguiseit looks like a duck type more in thefront by the mouth part that’s a duckbikeducks have thanks this is chong theowner of bin on restaurant his selectionof birds is 100wild caught here chung has around 18 tochoose fromat this point i’m starting to realizethat this type of restaurant isa thing what is the biggest one that youhave[Music]he can even get the ostrich what about apenguin not that.

I would eat one butsome people are curiouswhat is the most popular bird thatpeople eat here the most popular onecan be the heron herons are long-leggedbirds that dwell inshallow fresh or brackish water theyusually hunt at night and feed mainly onfishthese highly mobile and majesticcreatures can be found in many parts ofeuropeafrica and asia they’re available innorthern vietnam during the migratoryseasonwhich lucky for us happens to be rightnow the staff would bring the bird ifyou order one then they wouldum it sounds really cruel but they wouldhave the pro right thereso you will get the blood coming outright at the tableare people eating the blood like deetgun yeahoh look at how excited you areor raw blood pudding is a populardrinking food in vietnambut it’s not for the faint of heartthe bird gizzard is steamed and mincedwith fresh shallots then freshblood is diluted with water and fishsauce add the two together and it’ll setto a jello-like consistencyi never thought when i started thiscareer i would have eaten as much rawblood as.

I’ve eaten this is like mysixth animal at this pointyou smelled it how’s it smelled bloodmy lord sorry that wasn’t goodusually you put some herbs and then ofcourse some lime together with somepeanuts hereto wash away that kind of raw bloodsmell so everything we’re doingis an attempt to not actually taste orexperience the food all rightlet’s get a spoonful it’s like a reallyneatly organized crime scenecheers[Music]actually i’m not hating this i reallylike the chewy organsthey have a great consistency everythinggoes really well togetherall right i’m gonna take one more microbite uh-huh it’s only get easier fromhereyeah each bite gets a little easier alittle more palatable i’m taking anotherbiteno right i’m ready for the main courseoh oh fantastic the heron torched andsoaked with a rice wine and gingermixture to reduce any gamey flavors thenit’s cut into bite-sized pieces andsauteed with garlic and lemongrassthe broth goes in stir msgstir star fruit stir sugarstir silky fermented rice stir some morethen one last touchred chilies and scallions to turn up theflavor all thisis served in a special hot pot to keepthe food warmoh traditional hot pot.

They’ve gotchilies on top it’s nice it looks like alittle flowerblooming making yourself vulnerable tothe world visually very nicethe meat is very dark all of it’s superdark what is that bowloh it’s the head here here here that’s abrain is that the eyeball you don’t havethe eye[Applause]okay very drumstick yeah keep that thisbird never works out huh should we trythe drumsticks firstlet’s do oh here’s your cornsorry it’s totally rolling your faceit’s real chewy it’s spicy it’s fatty aswell it’s got some kind of nicegreasiness to it i’m trying to eatyou look super elegant these are somebig succulent looking pieces of meatnutritious natural meat it’s not justbeen eating a bunch of corn and bs it’sbeen eateninsects and other wild creatures out inthe swamp i also ate insects onceyour mussels look like this all right soi think this is uh some kind ofsuper dark breast meat cheersi can’t believe i’m eating a bird ittastes like buffalo meat or somethingchewy it has like a real wild taste toit not gaming but you can just tell it’snot from a factory farm it’s from someguy’s trap is that another drumstick thelegs are so long it’s like atwo drumstick deal a lot of work yeahit hit me like a rubber band.

I think thepresentation is good they make a reallya big meal out of it you could bringfour people here and share that onelittle bird and everyone’s just gonnaget really like a couplegood meaty bites but that’s it enough tomake you pray for itnumber two you did a great job thank youbird i thought you were talking to mewowi’m kidding you did pretty good toobefore our finalultra expensive bird meal we’re headinghere a bird sanctuary which doubles as amarket for folks who wish to buyexotic pets or cook up some exoticcuisine between those two outcomes i’mhere to figure out where that linereally issir you are the birdman it’s nice tomeet you one is the manager here at oneof the firstprivately owned wild bird farms invietnam there are roughly 600 birdsbeing raised in this eightacre aviary right now we’re hanging outwith the peacocks which range in pricefrom three hundred dollars to nearly athousand dollars for the all-whitevariety in vietnamwhere is the line what birds are okay toeatso he said it would depend on the priceeven peacock back in the day the kingwould eat this as like apremium kind of meat.

Oh my gosh kingswere lavish af back thendo people still eat peacock now now likepeople rarely eat themrarely it’s not the same as don’t whatis the most expensive bird you know ofthat people do actually eatthe eurasian tail the eurasian teal is afreshwater bird with distinct blackfeathersa white beak and these special lookingfeet in vietnam adult eurasianteals usually weigh up to 1.5 pounds andthey’re considered one of the mostluxurious avian proteins money can buyhow much do you sell them for why is itso expensiveit’s pretty rare only available incertain areas in vietnamyou’re saying it’s rare but you guysbreed them here right like chickens aresuper easy to raise with the eurasianteal are you having trouble making themum make more babiesevery year they would give birth liketwo times so pretty easy toto breed actually i don’t get why it’sso expensive to find out more we’reheading to bird 306 to meet with themanagerdia hello hello nicole why don’t youlook at my head people not shake yourhand usuallyshe’s not because of covet then shewould limit that a little.

I washed myhandsyesterday bird 306 is one of the mostfamous bird restaurants in the north ofvietnam as expected the eurasian teal isthe most expensiveoption on their menu the price canrocket to over 100per bird when they’re out of season whyare people willing to pay so much moneyfor it i don’t get it i can’t figure itoutthis is actually a bird that used to beserved to the king in vietnamkings in the days of old loved thesebirds for one reasontheir nutrition in the past wildeurasian teals usually grazed on a typeof precious lotus flower found in hanoi[Music]oh i love lotus legend has it theirlittle bird bodies were brimming withlotus nutrition i love nutritiondue to over-hunting most of these birdsare now farm-raised and fed a diet ofginsengin lieu of lotus the most nutrition partof this bird is actually in the bloodit’s really goodis she trying to bully us into eatingthe raw blood she said yes you shouldtryall right oh my god.

I’m gonna show youhey this is your culture our secondblood pudding of the day let’s make itquick gizzard minced pork pork cartilagethorny coriander and fried shallots letit setthen serve then a quick bitei think it’s pretty smooth as far as rawblood cake goestwo bloody thumbs up for me our finalmeal the most expensive and apparentlynutritious dishof the dayafter being cleaned the bird is soakedwith cashew nut oil and torch to removeany gamy flavors[Music]out of the darkness radishlotus roots mushrooms and eight types oftraditional medicines are boiled andseasonedthen joined by the premium bird meat andstewed for about 20 minutesblanched mug wart is placed atop as afinal touchnow our first class eurasian teal pot isready to eati like it it smells like the medicinesection of a market it smells likechinatown can i say that that’s a legyou can have that freaking liver yeahi’ll take that potato with holes in itit’s a lotus rootoh geez what the i didn’t expectthatthey could have made this into akeychain or something i’m going to startwith this.

I got a sheet of bloodyou got an organ over there cheersdoesn’t taste that much different fromthe one from chicken my blood cake isgoodit’s just soaked up all these chinesemedicinal herb flavorskind of earthy flavor this pot is greenthe nutrition to mewow fattyrich and deep this has this natural likesweet taste to itit’s not like from sugar where’s themeat oh here’s a little bit of meat igot a drummy right here we can startputting this bird back togethercheersoh wow what the hell i’m eating fishribs not overly flavorfula little chewy it’s also like a darkmeat but just not as rich and fattythose bites that we just had was like 20worth of food there’s nothing to thisbird it’s so tiny once you take thefeathers away it’s like a wet kettlenothing yeahrice meat is very good much more fattythat’s the wingimagine if they made buffalo wings likethat it just skins basically.

Oh you knowwhat though this is a bird of flight andit can’t be too heavy it can’t beweighed down likeall of our like steroid birds in the usaour steroided chickens are like we’renot flying anywhere we can get jackedand they talk like that their voice getsreally deeptell me this kind of voicetoo i think this bird would sound likeyouyeah like that oh is this theheart some rare bird heart let’s go foritwhat am i eating i wish that i could saythe same thing likebut i can’t like that heart’s deliciousi wish i had two very liveryit’s like a grape skin filled withchicken pate the parts with meatare good but you really have to hunt forit this is the type of meal whereby the end every bone would be pickeddry and there would be absolutelynothing left but just some fossilscan you believe that they serve this tothe king the king be likeall the places we went to today they’reall doing like a fullbird immersion experience but each placestill had their own styletheir own creativity their own what’sthe third adjectivestyle creativity methods of making itdeliciousnow is the part of the video where wechoose which one was the best value forthe amount of money thatwe that i paid we’re gonna say at thesame time this time.

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