Vietnamese street food at night! Food that everyone loves!

Vietnamese street food at night! Food that everyone loves!

Let’s go for it well done the wire theteeth still in there in Saigon, thefreaks come out at night the same goesfor the freaky food. Oh jackpot in thiscity a beer is always paired withsomething to munch on but the bestlate-night, street food has to cutthrough to your taste buds and pack apunch bold flavors unique ingredientsand unexpected dinner guests create theperfect recipe for after-hours eats, MissSaigon street food flipped twisted turnswith a smile and a couple cold, oneslet’s eat the streets of Saigon come tolife when the oppressive, Sun finallypunches out for the day a break from theheat the end of the work day time tounwind and let loose some are on thehunt for food some are taken an endlessdrinking battle.

Vietnamese street food at night! Food that everyone loves!

With friends whileothers go all up unleashing their in nerbeast but there may be no better place to start your night than right here this quail snack dish was created by misny to fortify your stomach and enhance your alcohol tolerance she marinates these delicate birds in her secret blend of spices and pre-priced them at home then she brings them here and dips them in abutter bath to bring them back to life does she take a little bite out of every bird to make sure it’s good. Oh help ingme navigate today’s late-night eatsexperience TV host and as firing youtuber hun is by my side you just follow her recipe miss Nene’s got over 30 years at the wheel of this bird frying venture selling over 200quails a night so she cut the bird upfor you yeah well let’s eat before itrains againhmmm this is actually quite delicious.

I could see how people would eat four orfive maybe even ten of these I mean it’svery fattyand it’s not as fat as me so here’s the headgrungy yeah yeah the head is caved rightin very tasty and I live in spicy. I justwould swallow all of the have you committed as, I might his vomit yeah you did greatoh it’s a good start drinking in Vietnamisn’t just drinkingit’s an event an event attended by twofriends or twenty friends but neveralonesynchronized toasting erupts throughoutthe night the booze usually beer ispaired with something to eat small bitessomething meaty and chewy hotpotbarbeque anything that keeps your mouthbusy but doesn’t fill you up too quicklyintense bold flavors make you crave morebooze and the booze makes you crave morefoodit’s a vicious spiral that leads to some of the best nights of your life of which you’ll have no memory this pot suits aredrinking endeavour perfectly look 280 it’s a typical local drinkingspot their specialty the king of beer food in Vietnam squid their menu has more than 20 squid dishes includingsquid tea blanched to remove any fishyodor than marinated in sugar houseseasonings MSG and pepper coated in flour and deep-fry oh right here these are squid teeth like a squid has a beakthis is the muscle that controls the beep.

I think we should try it out well done why are the teeth still in there the interesting part is that they still keep the tip inside a super interestingit’s like fingernails I just over here though I know I’m gonna like this one day in the Sun squid this squid has beensun dried on the beach for one day the nit’s shipped here where it’s marinatedin chili salt and grilled over hotcharcoal fantastic three and there’s nofingernails inside yeah it’s just goodthe whole time you know in Korea I livedin Korea a long time they drink a lot of soju so people just get ripped but. I find most places, I go like this people just stick to beer yes beer is the go-to beverage for most of the locals always consumed the huge block ofice to combat Vietnam steamy be awarming humidity think that’s the bestpart about Vietnamese drinking cultureit’s not about getting hammered rightaway but over a period of time orderingmore food ordering more beer justkeeping the fun going for a long timeI like that next up a restaurant thatchecks all the late-night boxes crowds of folks nestled in low-slung plasticstools by the roadside a pungent aromaof heavy food mixed with scooter exhaust and a menu so vast it would take over ayear to try at all how do they deliverall this out of the kitchen so smallthis restaurant is called 2 for 8 and the street address happens to also betwo for a pretty creative and I probablycan’t make fun of them because.

I name dmy show the best ever food review show this is like a pretty typical beerrestaurant that you would find in Saigon and here is where they keep a lot of their fresh animal stock let’s do aquick tour they’re using a lot of containers like every container they’reusing here is where and no animalactually belongs for example here what’s this we’re gonna put our recycling inhere no it has fish over here this seems like it used to be a shower room orsomething it’s actually just flooded and full of fish here just a plastic bucket full of eel that’s great what elseOh jackpot right here there are onlyabout a hundred frogs this is one of thespecialties of this restaurant.

I think we should try it out today we’ll beeating frog four ways while the food is being prepared I want to learn morea bout the owner himself sir yeah over there thank you so much for having ushere mr. Lau and his family have beenrunning the spot for over 20 years his four kids do the cooking and he does pretty much everything else let’s talka bout your menu it’s honestly the biggest menu I’ve ever seen how many menu items do you have9 or 8 15 915 there’s something you’rethinking about taking off maybe a couplemoving. I can I go out of Ala Moana with in 10 days no we order that book just strike it out okay well I can tell you one food you do not have to strike and that is the Frogbecause that’s what we’re here forda-jung this appetizer is made bydeep-frying the frog skin until it’scrispy then coating it in a sweetgarlicky glaze Cheers wow it’s socrunchy it’s like a tortilla chip the taste is delicioustons of fried garlic bits on there.

I’m in love with it now listen I have 949more dishes to go and maybe, I can’t doit all tonight but I will do iteventually this is like a frog lover sdream if you are someone who likes frogs like inside/outside everything but the head yeah we’re missing the head that’sokay I think we should try this firstRob curry it’s one of the most commonways to cook frog in Vietnam try it outtheir skin is so soft very tender it’svery creamy but not too spicy no just right it warms my cold icy heart next upbraised frog with dark soy sauceit starts with fried garlic and lemongrass add frog and water soy sauce and sugar then a flavor punch chiliesground pepper and green peppercorns oh that’s like a dream the sauce has becomealmost like a sticky glaze and it just really coats each looking crevice of them eat accelerate our final dishstir-fried frog stomachs it starts the same as braised frog only replace the Frog meet with frog stomachs add msgonions and oyster sauce have you ever had problems dum ik know if the owner isa disease in a stomach of the front.

I cannot imaginestop mattress how do you feel I feel, I know this frogs deepest most intimatesecrets this house is very nice it’s asavory very peppery sauce they’ve gotall these fresh peppercorns here the more I eat it the more I want to eatit’s very fun I feel like we got one hell of a frog tore skin stomach and then all the other parts to it wasbrilliant love it[Music]this is bui vien sai gon center of debauchery and overindulgence this street is responsible for an uncountablenumber of hangovers and bad decisions it started as a backpacker hub but younglocals love it to drink eat have someoneattempt to sell you illicit drugs orlisten to music until you developpermanent hearing loss I think, I ‘llstart with some food. Oh aged eggs are a type of undevelopedduck eggthere is no embryo inside so the eggswould normally go bad within a couple of days however here they’ve turned it in toa snack so if.

I open this am, I gonna seea face do you break the top off in side it’s like a custard but try it it’s like a yoke but not dry good creamy and what that is so unusual really she smells like white carpet is this adr in king food can we get more drinking food okay let’s go this treat is lined with hustlers and vendors on the move wheeled carts and motorbikes offering grilled squidsea food fried stuff whatever this is oh look this nice lady is selling sticksskewering mysterious meats of all shapessizes and colors some aren’t fish balls some are sausages all get fried up in paired with a bucket of cheap chilisauce this is what everybody does they come here they sit and then they listen to seven different kinds of music at onetime it’s aw fulI mean ugly fun they have some reallyinteresting food here what is it oh that’s a fishbowl it looks like your heart can be right up that one sucks something here has to be good it is like a one time all of this was $5 great cheap what is that oh yes it’s like eating a french fry butit’s like fish balls this is cartilage this is fried chickencartilage crispy on the outside crunch yon the inside creating an addictivetexture.

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