Vietnamese cuisine is always better than ever! Food in VietNam!

Vietnamese cuisine is always better than ever! Food in VietNam!

welcome to market located in the heart and center of district 1 here in saigon this market is over 100 years old and is one of the few things left in this districtthat is not fallen to modernization. but today’s video is not about this market but instead what markets like thishave inspired vietnamese food to be today and in the future but in this old market that has this worn rich history feel and presence to it lies one place and one place inparticular and not just any restaurant but recentlyranked the 39th best restaurant in allofasia so that’s what we are doing today.

We are going to see what this market is inspired food wise by going to andand chef peter and his team have createda very diversefun setting right here and it’s a localmarket in saigonso we’re gonna get in here and see whatcreations and inspirations peter hascome up withall from around vietnam. How are you peter. i’m good how are yougood good good congrats on 39th again39. i was going to put a little flashingnumber 39 and we just unofficiallychanged the address to 39.what do you think 39. 89 no good good30.39. we just remove the a and we put thethree onand. i basically did yeah yeahfor people outside of vietnam they lookat this they think it’s reallyun safe but you could consider thisalmost this asbeing dry aged meat that’s been sitting so let’s say the cow’s been killed this morning so now they’ve been dry.

They’re sittingoutsideso the more liquid is removed from the meat here that means more flavor this meat here isnon-refrigerateddry aged for have a day beautiful stuffin the old days people would you knowbut they would come to a market likejust two times a daythat’s a school over there the motherwould drop up the kids from schoolgo buy something from her and somevegetablegarlic and stuff to cook for the morningand then when theydrop up the kids pick up the kids in theevening time they buy some more stufffor evening oranother time and generally when theycome here she knows the customer already there’s this very personal interaction betweenit’s not like a supermarket where youjust buy stuff that saran wrapand then the key is uh see we asked them two questionsone what dish are you making and two.

How much do you want yeah come on so it’s like the base room coming in just kind of have a meal you can tellit’s friday night got reservationreservation reservation and you’re readyto go i’m gonna see the rooftop is that okayyeahand this is where it’s at so they’veactually got like a rooftopbar and this is one of my favorite viewsof saigon look at this the breeze iscool it’s like 5 p.mthey’re gonna have music going fridaysaturday djoh this spotokay but let’s get this meal startedbasically deep fried waffle that’snormally made with rice flourand so normally it’sstreet food but just dust it with sugaryou eat it really quick it’s nice sowhat we do is we just take thattechniqueand then we turn it into a savory dishthat’s not traditionally used sosometimes just asmall change but we have to learn thetechnique how to make this properlyit has the benion on the bottom thenwe’re doingone layer of the smoked salmon then wehave one layer of the white is the cremefraichethe we’re taking the dough.

Which is thevietnamese tissueare extracting the flavor with a bit ofcream and so we’re basically making acream sauce with a vietnamese tito whichis lighter flavor than the westerndill or notthis is very french in this techniquewith all the dots and all the differentplaces sowe do some stuff where we just grill andsome stuff where we go to the trollto make sure all the dots are right andall the shape andso this is uh traditionally what peoplethink is fine diningthey don’t see fine dining and stuff youput on the grill but we do a mix ofeverything togetheroh this thing is absolutely beautifulwhat a great starter i love the way theblackthe greens the oranges all the colorskind of work togetherthose textures are what you want forthat first bite you get the crunch youget the creaminess.

The cream fresh givesit just like this little bit of acidityit goes with just a deep rich smokysalmon flavorand then the little salmon roll justkind of just burstsin your mouthand that little bit of dill flavors it’shint it’s faintbut it’s it’s beautiful he took it froma street food dish but that’s kind ofwhat i love aboutfood and dining is we all get adifferent perspective because mefor some reason i’m just getting catvibes like jackass and hanoiso you know everybody’s going to getdifferent vibes probably the dill comingthrough itthat reminds me so we’re doing snailstoday nowokay this is very differentin the inside very different the largestyle snail uhin the latte is the whole snail with thepork outsideand you eat this in hanoi they chop itupuh so you can taste the snail slit withless texture so what we’ve done is thismojano in styleit’s saigon style in its constructionbut the sauce is actually more saigon style.

Which is more of acoconut sauce okay which thank you seein hanoiin saigon types of dish in hanoi theyhave it too butthey use more of a garlic and fish saucesoand this is uh we call it vietnamesepesto basically it’s a hobo saucesometimes we use the herb but we want tothis allows our edible flowers fromdalaiuh this is one single snail andwhere sometimes we do one because thisway we pay attention to oneand you pay attention only one whenyou’re eating when you get 10 whathappened you eat one you think about the other nine you’re not giving love to the one peterover here speaking truthwe need to give you more dishes to tryand less things so that we pay attentionmorethree raging in vietnam and then thefrench culture in one piece of snakethen the straw nestled it just almostreminds me like an egg it’s some thing solight and delicatesomething like peter was talking about you really want to focus on thisyour attention goes straight to this onesnail so like i said one biter don’t let thattension fadeand you’re transporting me to so manydifferent parts of vietnam it’s so muchfun.

I just love seeingsomething that you eat that i eat in thelat all the time but has these hints offlavor that are the pure soul of saigondoing is the which is from hawaii thething about bun booglop isit’s very chewy it’s a texture that isappreciated in vietnamesecuisine but in the west uh not so muchso what we’ve done is we alter the ratioof theflour and mix between the tapioca andthe rice flourand the water texture to the way we likeit which means that it’s still chewy butnot as chewy as normalso the sauce for the bundle club we domore of our knowledge down hanoiand also in dalat um you eat for example the meat but methey warm up the the broth and breadbecause it’s.

White it’s cold in saigon as hard as hell butso it’s not practical to heat things upbut we do it because of the taste and tomaintain the integrity of the dishthey hydrate in the oil a little bit toget some nice and shiny so they don’t stick togetherso we do it like that because it lookslike a little bit like a yin and yang these are a little bit of program thatwe poached in the liquidthe fat from before will come out willflavor the sauce also too a little bitthis is uh coriander normallywe’re actually making an oil out of thisthing okaythis is jimmy doregase with the japaneseseven spicewe use it because the flavor is a littlebit more subtle thansome of the viennese asian chilies it’sjust a little bit too acidicthis one’s good a little bit morebalanced if i didn’t know what that was avietnamese dish would not be my firsttake actually it’s more like ravioli hehas changed it more to a westernpalette to where that wrapper is alittle more melt in your mouth it’ssoft instead it has just a veryslight just a subtle subtle chew to itother dishes like this is different wearechanging the nature of the dish from asoup intolike a sauce more like a pasta reduceliquid as much as we can but what we do now is we want the flavorso weremove waterit’s funny when you look at you’re likeoh that’s me wong but the way he’spresented reduced down that sauce italmost just looks like a nicepine dining italian noodlethat’s one of the best meal noodles youwill evereat.

I just can’t even tell you howloving anddoughy and warm those noodles stillin your mouth and the way the sauce isreduced you can’t see itbut you feel the love you feel thereduced down flavor you feel the intenseflavor and the best part is getting alittle bandaida little crunchy bit with iteven the bondai is different it’s lightkind of like a fulinreally really light bundle like that butthere’s almost a slight crystallizationto it there’s thisburnt bitter flavor component comingfrom itthat you usually don’t get as much inthisthat goes with that loving meaty porkshrimp the peanut reduced down saucenoodleswhat we do now is quite a little bitmore radical and changewe’re taking the hobunja and uhwe transformed this into a just a onebite experience we wanted to eat thisand you can feel the bunjaso this is what we have two componentsto it so we have they’all and then we have the nem noonhanoi style that we’re gonna grillokay and then.

We’re gonna put it alltogether when you eat this hopefully you feel the good job okay so when he and obama goes to hanoi they eat they drink hanoi beer so we give you the total experiencebetween obama and boudin and one by one tiny little shot with thebeer herdand look at it it is a one biter so they’ve actually got the little tab that they put on that grill they got thetag y’all which is going to be the friedspring roll you see the carrot the daikon radish thecilantroall in that prey that you leave on thebottom and then the foam on top it’s actually a look momand go for it the chow and that is the mainpredominant flavor so soft the heat the smoke the char which is so enticing and then the perfect ratio of the fresh herbs the sick the sweet with that crunchy fried spring roll andnow this is uhobama anthony bourdain so it alwayscomes with a nice little shot of beer so this is the follow look right nowwe’re using uhwagyu and bone marrow okay.

We want flavor yeah okay and bone marrowgive you a lot of flavorsauce everything inside alreadysorry i didn’t hear what sauce is itsecret sauce oh gosh that works now this is the one that was smokingearlier this isone of my favorite dishes in all ofvietnam a littlebit of peanut on topping with the saucenow i do believe this actually issupposed to be dipped in the sauce heresoi hope it is i want to look silly ifit’s not supposed to bei would literally come here and i wouldorder 30 of theseeat 30 of these and even be the happiestperson ever that wasthat was the bite for me oh my goshthe wagyu fatty rich as it is but nowthey’re putting bone marrow in thereit’s salty enhances that flavor the lalope leaf that little bit of pepperinessoh my gosh one of my favorite dishes invietnam just took a few steps abovecall it right now the bite money biteshould have called itmoney bite now my taste buds need abreak after all that flavor so they geta little fruit sorbet hereso this is we’re using a little bit ofmoleculartechnique to make this one so we’retaking the pho we’re making into onebite.

What we’re doing having encapsulatingthe flavor of the phone to one dayand then we’re making smoke with thewhat is traditionally put inside thefire which isuh you have the spices it’s time thiscinnamon so you can smell a little bitof thearoma now that’s a bit of the stynisoh my gosh look at it it’s just kind ofjigglingoh my gosh i knew it was a molecularball but even when you bite into ityou’re not ready for it just to eruptandburst the way it does it’s so funnybecause it’svery modern cooking techniques buteventually when you take that biteit’s the same sensation when you’reeating outin a stall here in vietnam so sometimeswhat we do is we taketwo different dishes two different ideasand we do something elsesomewhere in between it’s a little bitof vietnamese flavor but it’scloser to a capacitor but it’s notnormally what you see is cabaccionow this is a very good qualityaustralian beef ribeyethat we dry aged ourselves for about onemonth green peppercorn red peppercornblack peppercorn from footwork so thisone has the textureand the seasoning from the vietnameseflavor to someoh yes you see.

That dry aging on theedgesright there just kind of rip mine inhalf get that quail eggspread out on topwith this taste menu a lot you’ve seen alot of beef and pepper put together andanother dish isdoing it so well three types of pepperthe aged beef pulling that moisture outintensifyingthat delicious beef flavor which isalready a good cut of beef coming fromaustraliathen taking that quail egg spreadingthat yolk all over it just take it toanotherlevel of richnessokay this is uh so this isso um so we did many variations ofsuch an important dish for vietnambasically it haswe’ve taken a french dishwasher wevietnamize it so it has the inside hasthe flavorand has the bun for inside but it’sinspired by a french dishso what we’re going to do now we’regoing to lift the cover upso you can see it right yesso.

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