Very attractive seafood at Saigon-Vietnam! You should come to Vietnam once!

Very attractive seafood at Saigon-Vietnam! You should come to Vietnam once!

Have you seen the movie aliens there’s an animal called the face hugger that’s, what that looks like well let’s eat Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam most populated city with over 8 million residents this is the place I’ve called home for three, years so when it comes to food I thought. I’d seen it all but man old man was I wrong are people really eating the head what are they eating that today I’m on a mission to uncover the most unique most remarkably bizarre cuisine this city has to offer have you ever had bat wings no
now you’ll know what bat wings are but. I’m talking hidden culinary offerings that even the most well versed local foodies have never even heard of you know what isopod is from a porkers ghibli bits to a deep-sea nightmare just pretending it’s a little human baby this is bizarre food in Vietnam..

We’re doing it you win welcome back to the show yeah am i saying your name correctly yes you win yeah you may remember my friend you went from the time we had goat hotpot with plenty of goat utter oh we’re in a market right now what market is this they say so market here in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City’s most bustling district this traditional market remains nearly untouched by time locals come here for produce and fresh street food today we’re starting out with a peculiar favorite durian sticky rice from soy hye-young the only catch is the durian the fruit they’re using happens to be the smelliest fruit you’ll find in all of Asia.

I didn’t actually experience this on tall as well into my 30s and so I had only heard scary terrifying things about it but the first time I tried it I realized is delicious and I don’t know to me the smell is not offensive its intense but not bad you know in Vietnam
this one is the king of food people they only love it or hate it nice nose it’s also in the middle I love it yeah this one too it’s were super ripe this treats charged with sticky rice that’s been cooked with green beans giving it a yellow color top that with a huge pod of ripe pungent durian before diving in you got to peel away the durian flesh and combine it with the rice let’s try it out. Oh oh that’s super yummy the actual taste of the jury and it’s just very fruity and a Melanie but it’s got some stink to it and when it mixed with a sticky line if Malins know isn’t it yeah.

I feel very balanced, today our plan is to go throughout the city and we’re looking for some kind of uncommon food you mean like it’s not a foot see, it’s gonna be exotic for me it but is it exotic for you or no pork penis that’s like a daily item for you no no no no not really what about an isopod I said what No okay so. I’m gonna say it’s pretty exotic for you too we did it I love the durian sticky rice it’s a great combination but this is just appetizer we have a lot more to come our first taste of the unknown we’ll start here who, Hale gene a favorite for locals a nightmare for pigs for years the owner miss bin has been pleasing crowds with her delicate delicacy okay how are you doing, she’s good you’ve got a really unique menu here can you tell us a little bit about your menu and how long you’ve been doing this so she’s been doing it for like 20 years menus here have like more.

Than ten items so she has the penis the bowels and on the part of the big does she have testicles, what is it that people love about penis so first it’s very special like everyone can get that it is very cheap but in the path is not really popular now thanks to
the Internet is getting more and more popular so people keep coming back well listen thank you so much for taking the time to answer all our questions and I can’t wait to taste your penis the dish is marinated with a local spice blend then it’s deep-fried until cooked through she tosses on okra and Morning Glory and serves it with green chili sauce and tamarind sauce. I gotta say I
look at this presentation and I’m blown away everything I listed already in the voice-over is right here and like six toothpicks cuz they assume that you’re gonna.

I already punchy and it’s not only meeting with my attendant right yeah exactly. I’m gonna get some okra the sides are very nice but we’re not here for that, we’re here for the beam yes I feel like. I’m eating a chicken neck mm-hmm and it Matt it’ll be better if you add some more sauce into it yeah I’m gonna soak this up and try it out with a little bit of sauce on there here we go mmm the fish sauce is so spicy and sweet from the tamarind I love it.

Overall if you would think about it so much, if you’re picturing what it is you’re not gonna have as much fun point is don’t think just, chill coming up deep sea monsters. that will literally hunt your dreams but before that, we’re going here welcome to follow vut this streetside dinner spot is run by mr. Nguyen who inherited the shop from his mother it’s so popular among the locals
that they usually sell out in just a few hours thank you so much for having us here today at your restaurant this place is wild
you’ve got like bucket full of every different duck part. I mean I saw a feed there’s gizzards here there’s even dumped. Hedy are people really eating the heads they again no. Whitney what’s special here is about this AV duck pant and what’s special about this the way they cook it and if we taste different and better than they know away people cook it oh there’s like many ways to cook a duck head yeah she’s like either I’m just trying to tell you what do you say this isn’t your average dhoka as you guys know there’s thousands of ways to cook a duck head and this is like the most good one.

I’ve had fallout but I’ve had beef I’ve never had the duck one his mother is the one who created this dish so the way she cooked follow here is totally different from the men follow you have people follow also known as offal stew is a popular Vietnamese Street food traditionally made from cow or Pig organs stewed in a local spice blend and eaten with Bonnie bread here they’ve changed the protein using a rich spiced duck stock saturating every single part of the duck with their savory broth and I mean every single part well hi hi again. I’m gonna do a little scavenger hunt throw out the ball and see what we got here this looks like some wing many upper pectoral this is a blood cake rice cake with glutinous right what like that. I’m gonna try a little bit of blood right okay how about we dip into the ginger whistles okay Wow whoa that’s perfection yeah the cake itself is like so meaty and hearty miss waterlogged with all that broth the fish sauce that has some chili in there it gives it some kick that combo is deadly oh and then here check this out what yes.

That’s intense you can actually eat between the toes yeah have you done, this before no well there’s a lot of new stuff for you today yeah, honestly it’s a lot like a bad way let’s try it out very fatty and soft it actually yes apart pretty easily and I’m mad that
they have students like for hours to make me piss off the other skin is super soft really. I mean it would take it a couple years to get full but I do like it oh and then here the freaking duck handed so they’ve cut the beak off no beaks then they cut the head in half and literally here we have a cross-section of a duck’s head. I want to dig in here and just pull out this brain all right Cheers creamy fatty yeah that’s all there is to it it tastes like a brain you guys should know by now right is it your first time seeing those kind of head in that way yeah it was a little scary lettin you taste it yeah it’s like a guy with a lot of tattoos but he’s nice snails crab
octopuses or even lobsters frequent.

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