October 22, 2020

Try Not To Eat Challenge – Steven Universe Food | People Vs. Food

– Yes, the bits, the bits, the bits!- Oh, oh my God! – Oh, I remember this! – It looks better in real life.

♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) So how do you guysfeel about Steven Universe? – It's a good show.

– We love Steven Universe.

– Oh, I love Steven Universe!- Oh! I know about it, I've seen episodes.

My child somewhat keeps me informed.

It's adorable.

– (FBE) Today I'm going to have you watch some scenes from Steven Universe, then I'll be presenting you with a professional chef's gourmet take of the meal you just saw on screen.

– Okay.

– Sounds good.

– (FBE) Of course, this isa Try Not To Eat Challenge.

– (gasps) No! (laughs) I'm really excited about it, but I'm really sad that I have to try not to eat it!- Yeah.

I'm really excited about justit being Steven Universe, like what is it? – Cartoon food always looks so good, because you can't have it, you know? – And then when it's in real life, who knows how it's gonna look? – We're good.

– We got this, it's just food, like food is a temporary thing.

– But it's a good temporary thing.

– But it's really good.

– Popcorn.

– Oh, I remember this! – Oh, Together Breakfast.

– Oh my gosh, waffles? – Here we go.

Ope, beautiful.

– Oh wow.

– Mmm.

– Yep.

– What's happening? Oh, what!? – Look how good that looks.

– I love the soundtrack.

– He's so focused.

– I'm not supposed to eat this?- Yeah! (laughs) – (Steven) It's done!- (gasps) That's magical.

– So cute.

– That's so awesome! – (FBE) First, we've got Steven's impressive waffle creation, Together Breakfast!- Oh my God.

– (FBE) This fluffy stack of goodnessis topped with maple syrup, popcorn, whipped cream, and a perfectly placed strawberry.

– It looks better in real life.

– Yeah.

Popcorn is like my favorite thing ever, and breakfast is like my favorite thing ever, so this is kinda like.



– I feel the same.

– The best of both worlds.

You know what, this is justa practice round, and then the other rounds, I'll do better.

(laughs) – Maybe the second bite.

(buzzer rings) It's amazing, isn't it?It's amazing, of course it's amazing! – It's pretty damn good.

– I'm not gonna do it.

– Okay!- I'm not gonna do it.

– My brain was saying they'rejust gonna bring out some Eggos.

But I forgot you guys actually have a chef do this, so it's not Eggos.

– Chef Brian! – That's a legit, some waffles.

– Chef Brian made this! I wanna eat it!- I'm gonna have the strawberry.

(buzzer rings)- You lost! – You say that like I care.

– (laughs) Oh my God.

Let me get a little caramel corn.

(buzzer rings) – Yeah, that's some good waffles.

– Wow! – I am fully okaygoing on a losing streak.

– Oh is it going, it's going!- Ah, I'm watching it! Ugh! There she is!- (laughs) Perfectly placed.

– Oh, you have to smell it.

– Well, okay.

– You have to go in.

– Oh, but do you see it's like.



– I know.

– Two, it's like candy popcorn.

– It looks really good.

– Okay.

– Alright, let's do it! (buzzer rings)- Woo! (laughs) – Oh my God, popcorn really helps it.

– Uh huh, ooh!- Ooh! (both laugh) – Twinsies, okay.

– Ooh! – Oh, I love waffles.

They're also perfectly like golden.

– Yeah.

– They're not too burnt, they're also not too not toasted.

– (laughs) I'm good.

– I mean oh yeah, no, get this away from me.

(both laugh) I'm competitive, we came to win, baby!- What a competitor! – Popcorn is meant to be salty.

I don't like sweet popcorn.

It's gross.

– Sweet popcorn is delicious.

You can make anything salty sweet and it'll still be good.

I'm actually not gonna eat this though.

I'm trying to win.

– I'm definitely good.

– Ooh! – (Kofi) There's cream cheesein this pizza bagel.

– Cream cheese in a pizza bagel?- (Kofi) Whole other level of flavor! And with pizza on a bagel, you can eat pizza any time! – He's not wrong!(Kendelle laughs) – (FBE) The next, we've gotsome delicious pizza bagels from the Crystal Gems'temporary restaurant.

Stuffed with cream cheese and topped with fresh mozzarella and herb, these are not your average bagel bites.

– This is amazing, do you smell that tomato sauce? – Oh my God, yeah.

– And like fresh basil? So I'm gonna taste some of this.

– Oh, if you.



(buzzer rings)That counts! – I don't care.

– Okay! (laughs) – Do you smell how good that is?- Just so you know, oh no! (buzzer rings) Mmm, oh damn.

– Mm-hmm.

Oh my God, this is so good.

– It is really good.

– You can have it any time.

(laughs) (buzzer rings) – Oh, it's good! – I'm probably gonna startlike toasting bagels and just using marinara insteadof cream cheese.

– Mm-hmm, or both! – That, she just took the words out of my mouth.

– I think I'm okaypassing on this one though.

– You're only saying that 'cause it looks savory instead of sweet.

– Bagels are my favorite foodin the entire world.

– Bagels are great.

– If I was on death row, my last meal would be a bagel and a diet coke.

– That's aggressive.

– Mm-hmm.

– That is an aggressive choice.

– Yep, yeah.

– No, turning me off.

– I'm okay here, I'm okay.

– Yes! – See this looks professional.

It looks very exquisite, you know? – I love cheese so much, that cheese just looks like, it's calling me, but, I'm gonna resist.

– I'm gonna resist too, I mean, props to the chef, it looks really good though.

– I just wanna try it, to just like, what is itgonna taste like? – The sauce smells really good.

– The sauce does smell good.

But you have to win.

We are, I'm in support now! (laughs) I can resist.

– I can resist with this one.

– (Greg) When you're diningout with me, it's the finest steak and brie.

– Oh!- (both) Steak and brie? – (Greg) It's the finest steak and brie.

– Yeah! – (Greg) Table, it ain't no whoa!- What? (laughs) – (FBE) You must be eating with Mr.

Greg, because we've got the fineststeak and brie for you to try.

– Oh! – (FBE) This Empire City dinneris fit for a bazillionaire.

– I'm having a slice of steak.

– Do it! – I'm doing it, I've earned it!- You've earned it.

– This is way too big, [bleep] it.

(buzzer rings)- He said whole bite.

– Mmm!- That's cooked nicely too.

– And to make it, in true Steven Universe.

– That's true, if you're gonna go for it, you gotta go for it.

– I was gonna get food after this, I guess I'm good.

– You're good now.

– I'm looking at the cheese.

– Okay.

– 'Cause I think you're forgettingthat cheese exists.

– I never forget that cheese exists.

– You say that.

(buzzer rings)- (laughs) Ooh, what? That's good! – (laughs) So she says.

– Mmm.

(buzzer rings)That's good steak.

– Now I just need some wine.

– I want some cheese too.

– Have some cheese.

– That tastes like Thanksgiving, Chef Brian, mwah! – They did a butterfly!He's just so cute, okay.

– I need you to smell thesemashed potatoes.

– I want us to enjoy the prize together.

– Yeah, right, that's right.

– We're gonna win together.

(Kendelle laughs)Take these away from us! – Why do you do this?You guys are so mean! – Steak and brie.

– That's like picture perfect.

Like chh-chh.

– I think I'm gonna pass, I should be good.

– I'm gonna resist.

I gotta get this dub.

I gotta get it right now, easy.

Got it.

– I think this one's easier.

– This is, I agree.

It's easier than the other ones.

Also it's one of those thingswhere it's like this is something youwant to take your time with, and like.



– Right.

– If you guys didn't havesomething else I have to eat next, maybe I'd take my time.

– Also a nice glass of wine.

– Wine, yep, exactly.

Yeah, I can stay strong on this one.

– I think I can stay strong.

– Oh, it's the bits! – Yes, the bits, the bits, the bits!- Oh my God! – The bits, the bits!- No! (laughs) – Oh, and the Cookie Cat.

You know Cookie Cat? – I do know Cookie Cat.

– Oh my God! – Oh no way, really?- Wait, is it both? – (FBE) It's both.

– What?- Wait, mmm! – The bits, and a Cookie Cat!You can't go wrong! – (FBE) So for our fourth dish, we're serving up two of Steven's absolute favorite foods.

Fry bits and a discontinuedCookie Cat ice cream sandwich.

– Wow, that is so much fatterthan I thought it was gonna be.

I was expecting like an ice cream sandwich level.

This is brownie, ice cream, brownie.

– Mmm, these are good.

(buzzer rings) – (FBE) I'll have a little fried bits.

– Yeah.

(laughs) Ice cream and cake and cake.

– (both) Ice cream and cake and ice cream and cake! Ice cream and cake andice cream and cake! – You eat it, and I'm gonna seehow you react to it.

– Well that's what we do here.

React! (both laugh)Right? Classic!(buzzer rings) I mean it's fries, how could you not love it? – I know.

– I'm gonna do it.

– (whispers) Oh shoot.

– I mean.



– Yeah?- I love this [bleep].

Have some.

(Mikaela laughs)Do it, don't leave me out alone! – I really wanna stay strong for this, you know? – It's like cake and ice cream.

– I know, those are two of my favorite things! I think I'm gonna stay strongfor this one.

– Yum.

– Mm-hmm, I'm eating a tot.

(buzzer rings) Mmm.

(laughs)- I did hear the crunch.

– Mm-hmm, it's crunchy!- Yeah.

Ooh, she fancy.

– Mmm, aw.

(laughs) As your best friend.



– Yeah.

– I think you should eat this.

(laughs) It's incredible ice cream.

– I'll hold off.

– You can skip the fries, but that's worth it.

– I'll hold off.

– Welp, that's worth it.

– It's begging me.

I have my fork in hand.

I'm wanting the bits.

I'm trying to thinkis the punishment worth it? – I'm trying to think, like what is.



– Would the punishment be worth it? That's what I'm wondering, okay?No.

– I'm gonna just look from afar.


– Same here.

– That feels so bad to say.

Yep, I was about to say.

Chef's kiss.

– I can't do it, I can't lose.

– Love you! – I'm gonna pass, I don't want to, but I'm gonna! – I'm so determined to win.

I have not won one yet.

– You're gonna.



– Today's the day! – You're gonna win! I have won before, and let me tell you, the prize food was so good, you have to win.

– (FBE) Before we get to the winning dish, we want to remind everyoneto subscribe to the new Try Not To Channel.

– Yes!- Ooh! – (FBE) And yes, we know it's confusing that you're watchinga Try Not To Eat here on the REACT Channel, when we've got a whole channel for this, but don't worry, everything will eventually be moving over there to be bigger and better, but for now, you can catch Try Not To Eat here on the REACT Channel.

– (laughs) Okay.

– Alright.

– (FBE) Alright guys, so you got through all four foods today, which means it's timefor the winning dish.

Are you ready to see what it is? – Absolutely.

– I'm so excited.

– (Steven) What's Ubie?- (Lars) It's Ube.

– Shut up!- Yes! – Yeah!- (Lars) Sweet potato.

– Ube!- Oh my God! Oh my gosh, this is so good!Oh my gosh, I've had this before.

– Yams!It's like Taro, right? – (FBE) Yeah sort of.

– I remember this episode.

– Look at that work.

– Oh! Somebody made one of these? Aw, now I'm sad.

– Wow.

– Oh my God! – Oh wait, it's an ube likesweet roll? (screams) – Oh my God, it's so worth it! – I'm so excited!Oh my gosh, yes! – (FBE) So we're gonna show this to you guys, even though we're not gonna let you eat it.

– Great, that's my favorite part.

– (FBE) Let's bring it out and look at it.

– Well, let's see howthe presentation is.

– It's gonna be great.

– It always looks better in cartoons.

– (FBE) A delicious.



– Wow, that presentation's a lot better than I anticipated.

– (Jordan) Oh my God.

– (Ethan) That actually looks dope as [bleep].

– (FBE) So, just as Lars made, we have an incredible ube roll with buttercream icing.

– Oh my God! (Sydney screams)- (FBE) It's sweet, nutty and amazing.

– That's giant, oh my God.

– Holy guacamole.

– Mmm.

– I can't even speak.

I'm like, oh my God, feel good.

I'm proud of myself.

– Oh God, I'm already making a mess.

– Look how huge this is.

– Yep, this is so worth it.

– This is so good.

– For any of you that lost, I'm so sorry.

Sucks to suck, man.

– (FBE) Are you ready to seewhat the punishment food is? – Bring me the crickets.

– I guess so.

– (Steve) Sadie!This is gonna be so funny.

– What is that?- Hot.

– (laughs) Look at his face.

– What is, do you know what it is?- Yeah.

– (Steven) She said.



– Oh my gosh.

– (Steven) She said it's hot.

– Oh my God.

I'm so happy I don't have to eat this.

– The hot donut, oh man.

(laughs) – Oh my God.

(laughs)- Uh oh.

– (FBE) Couldn't have Steven Universe food without donuts.

– Okay.

– (FBE) So in honor of the fire salts donut they make for Lars, we've covered this donutin hot sauce, minced habanero, and spicy pepper salt.

You'll have to take one little bitefor every food you tried today.

– It's a sexy donut though, look at how good that looks.

Oh you're just eating?Okay.

– Mm-hmm, you just go in.

– Are we doing it? Are we just doing it?- Ooh, ooh! Ooh!- (laughs) I'm not excited about this volcano thing.

– I almost wish it was like, if the donut was itself, just glaze and had the sauce.

Ooh, it's getting to me though.

(laughs) Then I would dip it, a little bit better.

Oh my God, my eyes are watering even more! Ooh, it's gonna give ya.

– Mm-hmm, burning my gums.

– I am weeping now.

– Man, I tasted that heat immediately.

Helps to open up your sinuses.

(Jordan laughs) Doesn't that look appetizing?- Very.

I'm like very, ugh! (laughs) – That is not a good smell.

– Mm-mm.

– No sir, wish I hadn't done that.

– That's not good.

– No.

It's like 10% better than I expected, but that's still 100% lowerthan where it should be.

– Mm-hmm.

– Aw, it's so savoryin the worst way.

– It's like savory, then there's salt, and it's kinda hot, and it's kinda sweet.

(laughs) – Ugh!That's gross.

– It's every like taste bud patchin your mouth, you're tasting it all.

(Austin coughs) – Ugh!- Mmm.

– Nope, no thank you!(laughs) I don't want that! – Ugh! (coughs) Wait, no, I don't thinkI'm gonna eat that.

That smells awful.

– That smells so bad! – Should I?- No, you shouldn't.

– Aw never mind, that smells really bad.

– Yeah, just.



– I was about to.

Then I got a, it smells spicy.

– I still enjoy spicy things.

It may not look it, but I'm having a good time.

(FBE laughs)(Danny laughs) – (laughs) It's all good.

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– Bye!- Deuces! (gags)(Jordan laughs) Ugh, that hit the backof my throat, that was hot.

– Hey guys, React Producer Mary here.

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