Traditional street food in Korea! At Gwangjang Market in Seoul!

Traditional street food in Korea! At Gwangjang Market in Seoul!

Oh I was really awkward and friendly well hi there we are in Seoul South Korea, we’ve come here right now to Guanzhong market Guangzhou market, was the first permanent market in Korea over 100 years later it is still bustling as ever with hungry tourists and locals alike eighty percent population is Chinese yeah really this place is famous for its huge variety of traditional Korean street foods food you can grab on the go who are about to try out an entire tiny little crab or have a quick sit down to eat and enjoy wow that’s like a whole meal right there look at these from Korean comfort food the whole freaking fish right here to food with the face on it that’s a whole head of a pig how do you order that this place has it all onion is a old King Ghidorah Oh No
Wang Chong Cheech. I’m Marcel turn-ins money who seek mobile air turn on Tom / Chappell cough it up.

I see some food right here let’s go. I know so you go boil, okay it spicy something my Korean two little rusty first stop of the day and warming it up with two best friends oh dang and kimbap oh dang is fish cake boiling in a savory hot bra perfect for cold days so two little spicy if you don’t want to eat the oh dang at least get the juice it just warms you up in the wintertime my up kimbap is a specialty of Guanzhong market usually filled with carrots spinach and yellow pickled radish okay the sauce is spicy for your nose Maya actually means drunk because this stuff is addicting we’re gonna sit down and try a little bit of all of this.

I’m gonna start with my minion kimbap, here take a look at that it’s like a bunch of little tiny kimbap to go my up itself means narcotic basically, why they’ve called it that it’s because it’s got some horseradish in there that’s gonna like singe your nose then like tore in the back your skull let’s try it out mm-hmm. oh that’s a skull burner if you let that burn you get from the wasabi
when you eat sushi you will love this and actually Korea is a place when you come here and get kimbap you never have sauce with it even if you ask for soy sauce and put with it they’re like really that’s not what we do but here this lady is doing her own thing she’s got this intense horseradish.

I’m gonna put way too much, on there Paul lady you’re trying to kill me here we go here we go oh you’re hurt so good. oh I feel it in my sinuses in the back of my brain that’ll wake you up and then you got to cool it down with some of your oh dang juice over here savoring salty perfect this is can be called oh dang in Korea they call it almost it’s in a similar, sauce to the other oh dang but it’s like a spicy sauce let’s try that out.

Oh and then this wife’s gets you, at the end this is a great start to the day let’s keep it moving our food search continues here in
Guangdong market there’s a ton of food to be found and basically the whole market is enclosed with this real top here so doesn’t matter if it’s winter or if it’s raining you can get in here for some tasty treat oh. I spotted our next food right here welcome to the world of fried everything there’s tons of stuff to choose from here my neighbor’s for the sign here they’ve got some fish and that looks very yummy this is the Korean comfort food station especially the hardy bin date. I want to try some of the heart here. I want some kimchi done and I’m gonna get the bin de dum dum I’ll bend a de fin de duck starts with washed soaked and husk among beets Sabine right into this grinder it comes down it becomes this kind of batter that are ground with water and seasoned with salt to make a batter from there they can add vegetables or meat and fry that Sakura.

Oh God look at it it’s so big and greasy and oily the cow heart and the savory kimchi pancake is battered and fried like most other items here simple straightforward and delicious holy crap what good timing guys we came here we dropped by and just as they toss in a bunch of new on oh sorry a bunch of new not to you guys calm down you’re probably stressed down this right here is like a whole fried meal we’re gonna start with this. I’m gonna work my way up to the heart this looks super tasty this is like Korean comfort food on a cold day look at that it’s steamy crispy it’s full of bheem and it looks a little soft on the inside too. I’m gonna try it with no sauce first the taste of this is excellent it’s a game it’s super crunchy and then it’s got a bunch of that like
salty umami flavor there’s probably something msg maybe hye-jin too much it’s uh Wow. I’m gonna try it with a little bit of sauce here little sauce a little onion mm-hmm love it next we’ve got some kimchi done here this super common yummy Street food here in Korea and we’re just gonna take it down. I like this mm-hmm.

I see this place right up here this is something that used to freak me out that. I never got to try in Korea for years I lived in Seoul passing this beauty in the streets much like asking the popular girl to prom. I always intended to try but never had the courage to until now look at the freaking nose of a pig and then she’s got these big sausages. I’m pretty sure these are like a blood sausage yeah you got Sunday Sunday yes sunday is a type of blood sausage and a pretty common street food in Seoul stuffed with rice blood minced meat and maybe even some veggies if we’re lucky look how much they gave me. I can’t believe like years and years ago. I was afraid every time. I saw that big nose looking at me it would really freak me out.

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