Traditional dishes of the Myanmar people- Extremely attractive dishes!

Traditional dishes of the Myanmar people- Extremely attractive dishes!

Have you ever seen a more richheavy-looking delicious breakfast treatthey’ve actually ride out this outsidelayer made with sticky rice flour andcoconut milk and then just stuffed withmore sticky rice and more goodness let’stry it out our best ever Myanmar foodtour continues heading from thecountry’s largest city Yangon making ourway to the humble coastal town of neckNick Nick I’m gonna find out for surehow to say it situated along the oceanand between rivers this is the idealplace for a booming seafood industryoh dude they’ve got everything here herein Nick we can observe seafoodtraditions that have remained the samefor hundreds of years the aroma pungenttoday we’re going deep from the coastsown unique style of street food yeah toa one-of-a-kind ocean farm with somepretty rare specimens it is a freakylooking fish look it’s so adorable we’regonna find some seafood gonna find somefishes and lots of unique creatures thatyou have never seen before let’s go thiswayhold on.

Traditional dishes of the Myanmar people- Extremely attractive dishes!

I’ve got confirmation it’s Nick Nick most fish markets I’ve been to openat ungodly hours of the morning but hereNick’s wholesale fish market getscrackin as soon as the Sun Goes Downwhat you see here is the result of along harsh day at sea fishermen sellingto vendors and vendors hoping to sellout before the end of the night thisplace is a hive of activity and whereyou find massive gatherings of peopleyou’ll also find some of the country’sbest street food starting with Berniespring rolls a local favorite when itcomes to traditional coastal cuisine soit starts with kind of a pancake that’sbeen made from a rice batter then beansprouts then a little piece of lettuceon each one fried onions dried shrimpEES marinated water chestnut palm syrupand finally chili oiloh dude these look so good all right.

I’mgonna try it let’s take a biteyes as outstanding a flavor explosionand super spicy that’s got some cake manbut tell them everything both sweetsavory and super spicy I really got morestreet food this is a rice cake she’scut into about four pieces and then ontop she stacks fried coconut shavingsand then put sugar on top of that thatlooks YUM can I put that in my mouthpleasemmm the rice is not just basic rice hasgot layers oh that is so good and theyhave one more so these are like littlepounded mochi balls and she’s gonna mixthat up we’ve got some sugar in theresome peanut and some black sesame seedslet’s try it out mmm it’s like theMyanmar version of chex mix super simplejust a few ingredients by outstandingtaste and very addictive nightfall has come and this is reallywhen the market comes to light ourmission today by a fish as a gift thengive it to an ocean farmer tomorrow thisis uh maybe Google will know let me trythis againgo go camera get toe fungus our goose isthat right oh okay it’s great it’s anice fishand now my hand will smell like that foreternity here.

I think this is a skatelook guys I don’t know that much aboutfish and fish science it looks like ablonde fish here though Oh twogood-looking fish anyone want this fishit’s a good fish mingalaba this is aparrot fish do you have a name for himMaryHugh not a what’s this one Martin not amaterI think you’re very confusing at therestaurant when you order I’m gonna tryto have this grilled up tomorrow 1:00okayand now the hard core negotiation I’mgonna stick out my money and then whenyou stop grabbing I’m gonna take thefish how much okay we got some help herefive thousand seven well it’s much lessthan I thought all right buh-bye okayupbeat music b-roll of the city it’s thenext day we’ve come to meeting a marketfor 60 years they’ve been selling fishproduce and some of the best street foodbreakfast you’ll find anywhereI call this one the Burmese Krispy Kremeover here this street food innovator hascooked dozens of rice flour pancakes athome here she stuffs them full of blackbean sticky rice shredded coconut sugarand black sesame seedsguys check this out have you ever seen amore rich heavy-looking deliciousbreakfast treat tried out oh my godyou completely.

I mean this completes meit’s really complete it’s so good[Laughter]finally a local noodley dish unique tothis region made from flat noodles friedwith bean sprouts chickpeas red chilioil blood cake shrimps and a chicken eggit’s an awesome looking breakfast sheput it on a traditional on belief andthen on a traditional newspaper as theydid thousands of years ago here we gonote that’s so delicious I don’t evenknow how do you explain low salty littlesavory little sweet a little spicy justa wonderful trifecta is it delicious I’mgonna finish my breakfast and then we’llsee you at the dry fish place is thatwhat’s nextfresh seafood markets are great but ifyou can’t keep your fish fresh or youdon’t have a refrigerator you might dowith the folks at da way Khan village dopreserving fish on a massive scalein a place the locals refer to as thefish cemetery guys unbelievable checkthis out as far as you can see there arehuge trays of fish being dried thousandsof fish dozens of different speciesanywhere they have a flat surface theyare setting fish so we’re gonna take alook around see how it all works andlet’s go do that nowthe first thing you might notice herethe same thing my tinder dates noticeabout me little it’s pungent and alsolike me it takes some time to get usedto they’ve just kind of fleshed it outthey’ve taken out the insides theyreduced it down to kind of one finishlayer and then they’ve put it over theseposts here fascia once it’s dry it’sgonna last forever that’s the ideaI think it’ll actually also maintainsome of that pungent aroma as well I’llfind out soon.

I’m actually gonna betasting it alright let’s check out somemore fish so here they have almost kindof a fish flour they’ve created I’m notsure what kind of fish this is this isthe fresh version over here this hasprobably been on here a day you can seethe dryness has really set in all righthere these ladies are aren’t getting itdonehello meat lava I think they put a bunchof turmeric on here it’s kind of dyedthem yellow and then right now they’reputting them out in the Sun to dry outmore fish more other fish more fish Ohwhy’d you stop roll the tire yeah we have just wandered now into theproduction area when you’re in one inchof fish fluid don’t wear shoes withholes in them that was a terrible ideahi ladies mingalaba everyone thinks it’shilarious I’m in here I think it’s kindof hilarious too right here she grabsthat skate she peels off the wing peelsoff the front and other wing the nextstep is they cut it in such a way tocreate the most surface area so itactually dries it doesn’t just rot thistimeless craft has been around fordecades providing employment forgenerations of local families afterthey’ve cut the wings off after theybanned it out they let it dry for acouple of days finally once you toast iton it becomes this this is actually apopular local drinking food.

I’mgonna just try it out and breaks offlike a cracker it really dries yourmouth out but it’s really not overlyfishy like when you walk around hereyou’re like oh my god this is fishythere’s no really fishing Factory andsmoking very nice[Music]so now we know where the fish are soldwe know where the fish are processed butwe have no idea where these fish comefrom sure they come from the oceanthat’s obvious but some fish a selectfew hail from Mick’s remote ocean farmsthe ocean farm we’re heading to now is aone-hour boat ride from Mick’s mainlandcoast life on the ocean is tough farfrom any of life’s conveniences far fromcommunity separated from family it’s nowonder that floating fish farms likethese are becoming less and less commonin Southeast Asia making it an honourfor me to witness it firsthand oh I seefish out here this is a whole floatingman-made structure with a bunch of theselittle cutout squares inside they eachhave a net and then some fish.

oh they’regonna try to feed it Ohour guide and captain of this floatingmass mr. young 9 win is this your housethis is his house he lives out here onthe water what’s the best part abouthaving a water farm he said what kind ofdumb question is that he’s lived herefor 10 years now it’s him his wifecouple friends 1.9 dogs and the fish canhe make them come up there we go they’recoming to life now watch it he’s gonnagrab one yeah you’re like Aquaman over[Music]here he’s mainly raising grouper carpand red snapper but just like my junkdrawer at home he has a miscellaneousbin for hard to categorize fish there’sa shark right here different tropicalfish oh there’s even a crab right thereguys look oh this is so weirdit is a freaky looking fish look it’s soadorable they believe that on the islandlong ago it was a fruit that fell fromthe tree and then became a fish that’sbacked up by science this is the mostunique fish but what about his mostexpensive one $100 for a grouper that’smore than I expected how long does ittake to raise the grouper until you cansell it for years my gosh that is aquite a time investment so you’ve beenwith these fish for four years do youname them make sense they all look thesame anyway.

I have a more serious question if it’smaybe a Friday night you haven’t had afew drinks like how many times have youbeen drunk and kind of just fell intoone of these he says he’s fallen manytimes drunken and not drunken you fallin you get out this is life on the waterman this is water world world mr. Wynnhas invited us to stay for dinner it’snow the perfect time to present mydazzling parrotfish gift brought you afish is that okay yeah I didn’t noticethis when I got it but look at this partand then this beak it looks like a birdanyways enough of that please do the dosome stuff to the fish oh no he said thefish is rotten the worst gift giver canI buy a fish from you maybe that’s abetter gift okay[Music]joining us at the table mr. Wynn’s wifeand our local producer goo goo we’redoing it are you even hungry he is veryvery honking okay great let’s let’s eatCan I grab this with my own yeah awesomeI’m doing a ride he says take a look atthat I’m gonna try this fish out thislooks real good guy mmm-hmm you’re agood cook mm-hmm he’s like can I ask youthis is actually from here do you evereat these they wouldn’t kill it forthemselves we eat if the fish are dead.

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