Traditional dishes in Da Lat- Extremely rare!

Traditional dishes in Da Lat- Extremely rare!

This is an absolute first for menot just in Vietnam but anywhere in theworld. I’ve never seen any kind of foodpreparation like this today on the best-ever food review showwe are having another fun food adventureand today is going to be wild because wehave travelled to the highlands i’m gladto visit one of the announced amazingethnic minorities i’m going toexperience how they liveand even more importantly how they eatthe gajja are an ethnic group about 100thousand people living in the long dongprovince of Vietnam Central Highlandsthey have cooking techniques and dishesthat I haven’t seen anywhere before inAsia we’ll learn about something calledpounding soup and whatever this is letme know in the comments if you can guessand we’ll end it all with a huge feastwe are entering their village right nowthey have 500 houses here so 500families we’re gonna get to the villageI’m gonna park the bike and we’re gonnatake a look around right now.

Traditional dishes in Da Lat- Extremely rare!

I’m drivingto the house of my local foodadventuring guide for the dayher name is Tripp and let’s see if she’shome this is totally not set up at all Idid she doesn’t know I’m coming oh thankyou nice to meet you this is your homeyes we can come in yes all right let’sgo check out guys[Music]this girl is do the bumble bumble riceit’s my sister oh my godthis is is this a chair yes literallythe smallest chair I have found in themmm so we wanted to do with her oh okayyou’re gonna try coconut coconuts ohyeah I am very excited so you just pourthe coconut inside food number one forthe day bamboo rice but it’s not madewith sticky rice first they line thebamboo with pandan leaf to add someflavor and allow easier removal thenrice then some sweet rich coconut milkclose it up and steam it up later it’sgonna look like this today we’re goingto get some buffalo meat yes.

We have thepeace force and all right let’s gosuccessful dismount buffalo meat used tobe much more common on a kaha dinnertable these days as buffalo populationsdecrease it’s a rare treat we’re on ourway to a local hunters house to seewhat’s availableAshu maybe are you Cinderella Cinderella[Music]we’re lucky today because the Hunter hassome buffalo meat that’s gonna be partof our meal today oh this house is socool check it out let’s go oh my godthis place is awesome looking BAM I toldyou they’re eating some Buffalo oh righthere I was not lyingI like whoever’s doing the eyeballs I. wish. I had eyebrows like that right herehe’s got the fire going it looks likehe’s trying out some stuff cooking wellwhat is this asking the buffalo skinwhoa this so this is buffalo skin are wegonna eat this today yes we do the foodfrom here from this is this buffalo skinlooks crazy I mean it just feels likeleather but it’s you can see that it’s afat layer here and it’s just been dryingout over the fireit is like an inch and a half thickthat’s crazywe can eat this awesome.

I know peoplehave made jokes before about a steakmaybe tasting like leather but todaywe’re basically eating actual leatherI’ve had pork skin before which is likehalf an inch thick this buffalo skinit’s like an inch thick it’s dry it’ssuper tough and he’s putting it in thefireletting it roast and it kind of evenlike chars the outside a little bitand then after that he brings it overhere and he just hammers this and he’sgonna keep doing this for like an hourand the whole process is meant to kindof soften it it’s not that it’s as hardas leatherit basically is leather oh okay it’sgetting a little more tender. I’m tryingto hit it harder it’s hot you’re a lotbetter than me yeah you got thattechnique down I’ve never seen any kindof food preparation like this my manlooked he’s so tired he’s just beenpounding it for like an hour and itlooks way different but they’re stillreally freaking hard but look at thatthese tiny little brittle pieces ofbuffalo skin can. I eat it nowyeah wait really I was joking but okayhe’s a few more ingredients oh it’shurting my teeth.

I’m gonna just put thatlittle piece in there from here thebuffalo skin gets tossed into acast-iron pot along with some vegetableswhile that’s cooking these culinarymasters throw some fresh buffalo meat onthe grill and get started on the nextdish you’re gonna see exactly why theycall it pounding soup so we’re making avegetable soup in here but this isbasically like a really tall pot soshe’s putting in some chilies we’reputting in some pork and then thesevegetables yes they’re stuffing it downwith a cane oh no they got they stop itin I like itso instead of a spatula you got a goodoldgained in there she usually doesn’t havesomeone that’s excited about cookingsoup in a can but look we’re here we’repumpedwe’re seeing new ways of cooking soup ina tall can I’m very excited are youexcited are you hungry the soup includes seasoning porktomatoes and local greens from themountainside time to try it out we havethis awesome soup which turned out to bemore like a puree the vegetableseverything has been kind of mushedtogether we’re gonna try it out rightnowoh that is tremendously spicy but thattastes great and it’s not just the MSGit’s savoring it’s salty and it justreminds me of like an old-fashionedcountry stewlike a split pea soup.

I love it more food on the way next they prepare theirvillages famous fermented minnow jamthree words that I did not expect tohear together it starts with minnowsshrimp paste onion and garlic add somesalt and seasonings and mix then theytoast some rice smash the heck out of itmix that with the whole bunch shovel itall into a wooden time capsule and letit hang out for about one week when it’sdone fermenting it looks like this butwe’re gonna save that one for dinnertime right nowthe buffalo skin has been boiling in aveggie stew with a savory broth and it’sfinally become soft enough to eat thisis quite amazing cuz this is the buffaloskin which started out as hard asleather from a shoe and they beat theheck out of it they put it in the fireand pound it with a hammer and then theykind of rehydrated it in this broth Itried it when it was still hard couldn’tget through it let’s try it now[Music]one yeah you did it yeah.

I don’t knowhow it happened it’s kind of chewy it’sgluttonous it’s fatty a bit chewy butyou can get your teeth through it hmm Inever would have guessedbut that glutinous fatty chewy skinbrings it all together that’s so awesomeright now our buffalo skewers areroasting on the fire so as soon asthat’s done we’re gonna set the tableand we’re gonna eat all this awesomefood together first of all I want to saythank you to everyone for all your hardworkpassion and love that went into makingthis food so thank you here we have thefermented fish so we’re gonna take alevy and then you’re putting some ofthis fishiness oh very salty and a bitfishy and we’re gonna roll it up in thisleaf like this okay Cheers hmm that’sgood foam super salty oh that’s reallysalty powerful powerful flavor fishyalthough peanutty at first and then that power of that fermented fish reallycatches up to you and just Pam who eatsome rice to open it you know that’snice.

But we’re gonna chase it with alittle bit of this rice all of themnothingoh this rice is unbelievable and we’reputting some crushed nut with it mmm moving on we already got to try theawesome tall pot soup we’ve already hadsome of this amazing buffalo skin soupas well but the main thing I want tofocus on here I’ve never had a buffalosteaklike this anywhere this is just been putover the fire there’s no specialseasoning but we put it in this sauceit’s a bunch of salt it’s lemongrasswe’re gonna try that out now mmm Buffalotastes great the flavors are amazing theBuffalo itself almost tastes a littlesweet the sauce is salty it’s got abunch of lemongrass freshness comingfrom him is this a giant jar of ricewine this is rice wine yep do you justsuck it out of the straw that’s it[Music]it’s really good it’s creamy the only ismr. Ryan is my own when we have thefestivalOh everyone uses the same one you andyou want to invite this girl here.

I’m inviting you to have a drink Cheers okaygive me warning you did a good job we’regonna put that there shall we do thisone more time I usually give the cameraguy a little drinklet me just dumb there you go there yougo yeah but you got it but keep it allin focus still okay you can drink aslong as you keep it in focus okay goodhey hey that’s. I know you’re jokingaround but it’s not funny um. I’m alittle drunkI’d really like all this food. I justwant to say it one more time thank youso much for taking the time to hang out with meshow me your culture show me thisamazing food cook and an experienced usbeing with me so thank you so much yes we are gonna come to cook for you was made possible by Viet Nam’shighest-rated tour company one tripwhether its food tours adventure tours or village tours one trip is the best way to experience the real Vietnam tolearn more about one trip check out the links in the description down below thatis it for today. I’ll see you next timepeace fine we’ll do the conclusionsomewhere else. I don’t know I’m drunkcut just cut it. I can take the rollercoaster.

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