Top delicious food in MeKong

Top delicious food in MeKong

Good morning, all of you, we have a special, Today is just about the journey back from namgan. All the way to SaiGon it will be one long journey so we will do a lot the stop we are starting off and market us again because early morning can buy more things.

We’ll hit another market, us will stop at seoul chang buy a little must have lunch. It will be an interesting journey that I think
I will bring you along with me yes you really want to see life and the heart of a market arrives in the morning surprise
I was so sleepy yesterday and now just so alive Exciting oh it’s completely different personality yes we came back so this woman sells bonnet and I keep ordering bun oh but me Think it’s like an oh I can’t, I can’t do it right, that is Like a very small version of

Top delicious food in MeKong

We told her we came back for today. We are traveling so we want to buy one group for road trip and just to have
when we return to saigon yes it is Dried sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves and inside with green beans right.

Great if you are as lonely as me and You are not like a big family yes this works pretty well, it’s like single offer but for me you know more about sharing experiences what is bontet with people really make it look at her she did a little everything like the economy has rights to Here you have these right here really special you have fermented things that do a lot work hard for things that don’t create lots of profit that right passion will have good for the trip.
Okay, this is definitely one of the best morning market Over here in the seafood run house.

I know you’ll buy that I know you will buy I love it from the sea you know and the taste is so good that we can’t fight city ‚Äč‚Äčthat she is easy to guess and she looks like me when she sees it her favorite food or whatever kitchen utensils or anything to buy it’s just like me.
Yes, so we bought a few things here a very local eco-friendly small bag because this is how many things I am
bought So we just drive, we have to make one pit stop lady’s got banyul she got two the kind she has with green beans and then with bananas So we’ll take a few of these to Doing it that way is how you do it You just need to drive on the streets to keep
your eyes are open You never know what you’ll find.

She has a real banana version and me believe what she says is one Green beans are just green beans but these are bananas, really Oh, fragrant you can find the coconut milk slightly fragrant bit Those are my favorites right.
You get that subtle sweetness ooey sticky rice flavored coconut a little bit sticky.
What I love is a little bean here though sometimes you hit a bean what will give it a little more
texture layer I can’t get bananas, I have to go deeper in here wrong, she’s doing she will invite us back First we make a box like this from watercorner but the young lips are yellow and beautiful green.

Well we made it to chang salt but the same the storm has passed oh my god hence a top large population around here we went through about eight thousand climb but we want mom so we should end up stop it exploding watch a little because none of us have ever had it Before we saw it, we were intrigued Stop and try it This small area right here is just this small alley the lady brought up some noodles that I had never seen You can choose whatever you want me to Go ahead and get mine with that duck
Foot we have an extra plate of eggs Not yet look at the broth looks like a nice dark red broth to my eyes had never seen anything like it before You take the green beans you get by mouth the moon is water spinach You will get batui which is one banana flowers we already have Chives you’ve got that sauce .Next to us looks like you get melons purple onions There’s a lot going on here with these noodles.

But our tastes are quite similar I will believe her Do that, try that broth Firstly it’s really very sweet. The road will eventually hit you fish sauce more lime I need keep adding on mine has a completely different taste it’s good records now quit smoking a bit stupid width is really nice, i look dry but it’s not really nice. Soft it looks can be deceiving you cool, Now to get real rich noodles
it is a duck an attempt Lean and fresh meat the protein That’s not a very fat duck if you are understand what I am saying the skin melts in your mouth actually cooked protein down it a little drier So do you get that strict melt in your mouth it doesn’t explode
with juice but you get that strong cut meat flavor.

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