The world’s most expensive and attractive BBQ- What to eat in Korea!

The world’s most expensive and attractive BBQ- What to eat in Korea!

Here it is finally the moment of truth the most luxurious barbecue that you are gonna find in Korea or maybe even in the world said gold yeah it is gold real gold Seoul South Korea home of the world’s most expensive Korean barbecuebut how do they get to that price and is it worth it we’re gonna flavor does thegold add it is more luxurious todaywe’ll get a behind-the-scenes look athow master chefs take apart premium honwu galbi right, here he’s gonna show ussome of the different cuts that will be on the platter for today plus we’ll tour some of the most unique Korean barbecuejoints in Seoul we put the pork belly on top so it’s bubbling including pulsing. Sam Gipp song a restaurant serving 8different flavors of pork belly this one is ginseng flavored get ready. I’m here with hey Joni hi what do you like about Korean barbecue it’s just something that represents us the best it’s all the flavors of Korea on one table it’s time to eat right now we’ve come to our first location.

The world’s most expensive and attractive BBQ- What to eat in Korea!

Where they are serving some give saw pork belly with 8 differentflavorslet’s go inside and check it out pulsing some Gibbs all means 8 colors of porkbelly here every bite is a new tastesensation we have all these plants and you’ve seen this many plants before in your life we’re gonna eat some of those for about $30 they’re serving up 600grams of pork belly unlimited sides anda bubbling kimchi stew so this is our most basic skill for Korean people and out of kimchi tofu a lot of vegetablesit’s really exciting and also it’s good for hangovers already it’s really spicy it’s really spicyincredible a sour flavor to it and weuse extra affirmative Tim cheese on TTjuice because it creates the sour flavor time to meet our meat eight flavorsincluding ginseng wine pine leavesgarlic herb curry miso paste and the finale coated in red chili paste this is like one of my favorite setups for Korean barbecue because we’re gonna put this fatty pork belly on top here and the fat is just gonna flow downhill it’s gonna help fry the kimchi make it fatty and sour and delicious we’re startingout with ginseng wine garlic and pineleaves this pine one is super unique we just try it plain like this yeah batty and chewya hint of pine flavor you can actuallysmell the pine tree it’s better like ginthis one is ginseng flavored hmm.

I got to be honest but ginseng is not for me I think it’s so cool day you get a ginseng from smell from the portgym same it’s a root vegetable it justtastes like very earthy it’s very earthyyou can eat the meat directly or throw it in a wrap I got my leaf here. I’m gonna put on my new favorite which isthe garlic we’ve got some of this kimchithat’s been hanging out soaking up all this fat put some onion in there give it a dip let’s go for it mmm it’s so simple yet so delicious alittle bit of sourness from the kim chiit’s fatty it’s just everything blendedinto one pipe wait is this like a littleb room they just use this already like aZamboni machine to get all the grease off I love it last up herb curry misopaste and hot I’m a little scared about this one for the flavor in English it just says hot final to go to tongs the hot flavor let’s go for it mmmspicy smooth a little sweet.

I’m runningout of words to describe meat guys it just has the right amount of everything which one is the best definitely quick you talk after hanging around all thoseintense flavors there’s only one way toend a meal like this i’m sami da we are at the second location do you know anything about this place reallydifferent style of barbecue and that it put on Koreans having upside to anotherlevel before we dine on luxuriousgold-plated cow steaks we’re checkingout the newest barbecue trend in Seoul the table top rotisserie they’ve got some charcoal that they drop into thecenter of this giant hollow toaster and then they give you your own skewers anydate you bring here will be terrified atfirst upon witnessing the Buffalo Billinspired decor but after getting a whiff of the food it’s over we put the porkbelly on top so it’s bubbling and thenlosing and dripping this oil onto the potatoes and the potatoes are starting to crisp.

Oh fine from that pig fat they’ve got everything honest cure evenchurros but we’ve settled for a potatoskewer and two Korean garlic baconskewers for about $15 I think it’s readyall right we’re pulling it off gonnathrow it on the flattop potatoes have been in there about five or six minutes how cool is that it’s big its crispyreally hot it actually has some baconflavor in there mmm it’s super garlickysalty bacon eamesI feel like if I stayed up late at nightsomebody on the infomercial would betrying to sell me one of these at somepoint for dessert bananas and pineapplebecause. I just can’t resist seeing what this is all about our fruit has been inhere for about five minutes the smellingtoasty already the cinnamon from on top of there especially there’s some steamcoming off there and it’s like cinnamonbanana toast crunch let’s go for it mmmit’s really good it’s different than anykind of roasted banana I’ve ever had it’s sweet soft and one you know they nailed it I love this.

Oh Korean barbecuetaken to the next level or at least adifferent level would you recommend it to a friend yes definitely would yourecommend it to an enemy Nolast up the clickbait moment ofredemption you’ve been waiting for we have arrived now at our final locationright behind us now live here they areserving the most premium beef that ispossible and so everything is it’s allit’s all to eat kimchi sorry did the coweat any kimchi maybe so yeah that’s howKorean this cow what is mostly what Jungwah wah a place of magic where 40 dreamscome true where the beef scented windgently wisps your hair back or maybe not we’re looking for the menu we’re trying to decide what to order and then they offered us this beastly platter here it’s so big they couldn’t even make aplate they had a chop a piece of treeoff and look at this there’s fivedifferent cuts of Hangul beef this wholeset it’s 650 whoa thousand Korean Won which uh what’s that coming to any idea what this six hundred and three dollars the most expensive meal.

I’ve ever had onmy show so far before dinner is servedwe’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at how their legendary hanbok beef ribsare prepared we are in the kitchen we’re going into the area where they’recutting the meat they’ve selected the most prime on will beefwe’ve got a lot of chunks of cow hair ifyou’ve heard of Wagyu beef hanbok isbasically the Korean version of that high quality beef that’s kind of acultural icon coming from native Koreanbred cattle and these chefs only use thehighest rated cuts can you call this acut of beef it’s like it is a wholebeaver galbi or Korean beef ribs are one of the tastiest things you could put inyour mouth and we’re gonna see how theygo from this they’re just preparing theribsthey’ve sliced off a lot of the fat and then they’re gonna start separating theribs now if you’re wondering.

What makesany cut of beef expensive it’s all aboutthe marbling marbling means just how the fat is interspersed with the protein and so just get a close-up of this beautifulrib right here intermeshed fat andprotein so when that cooks it’s gonna besuper tender cooking in its own fattyjuices he handed me this one it must belike cream of the crop right here it is just like a spiderweb of fat movingthrough the protein five minutes laterwe have a mountain of ribs right hereand that is ready for the next step of the processafter they run it through the bandsawthey’re gonna peel off one more layer offat to expose the meat on the rib toelongate the cuts making it suitable forgrilling they slice next to the bone getrid of this thing then continuecarefully slicing and bending the meatcarving it into this final form clean up the bones and score the meat creatingmore surface area to soak up moremarinate. Wow that is a thing of beauty finally ourfeast awaits us the table is already set with little side dishes yochi sweetpotato salad kimchi and other plants and then all at once it happens theywouldn’t go on than meat guys this wascompletely unexpected they have anedible gold not bad this is this is awesome.

I can’t wait to try it out toensure the perfect barbecue experiencethe staff even come by to grill the meatfor us the thin flank what kind offlavor does the gold ad for theluxurious attention this is gonna be themost luxurious tasting barbecue ever wehave a lot of stuff on this table andit’s cute and I appreciate it I’m mainlyfocused on this meat oh dear look atthis now guys that green stuff it’s noncucumber that’s a zucchini that’s okaythis whole room has its own fan systemit just goes away oh ohshe says she on the first bite should bewith the salt it’s my first bite a laDon woo beef ever in my lifeare you ready I’m ready let’s do it[Music]Wow the fat the juiciness of it it’sridiculous really tasting and literallythe juices are dripping off we did tryputting some of this high quality meatin a prison of vegetables but it justdidn’t feel right the best way to enjoythe best meat yeah you just have to likepay respect to the meat directly and notcover it up with anything next up thinskirt before they took apart the ribsthey sliced off this prized cuts knownfor its flavorit starts out looking like this butafter a few minutes of whittling awaythe fat and gristle it starts takingform how long do you think it would takeyou to do that yeah it’s like the wholeday.

I mean honestly for me this is art thisis my kind of arts and some dude inCalifornia is still gonna be like uhactually Korean barbecue in Californiais better than no it’s notyou got a decayed mobile Susa yes Wowwatch yourself it’s already fallingapart just because of the type of meatit is the goal just reminds you howluxurious and experience you’re havingvery nice oh wow look at this we haveour salt we’re gonna put in the meatjust get a little bit on there here wegohmmm it’s even more tender than the lastone and some of the most juicy beef I’veever had finally the moment I’ve beenwaiting for hon would all be do you knowanything about what has been marinatedin soy sauce and also some pear for thesweetness and salt and sugar and theyjust roll it out like the red carpet sowe’re taking off the bone but we’restill gonna grill it now what do you dowith the bone Grill it until all theblood goes out all disappeared it’s thebest part of the meat okay.

I’m gonna puta little soy sauce on there let’s try itout hmmm it’s sweet and salty its tenderjust extremely juicy like the flavor isso good it like teleports you to anotherplace you know what I mean I just like II’m not in the same world I was beforeit so once you chew on it you’re likeyeah you’re like we’re him I know rightOh take a look at this I’ve never hadthis special of a piece always I’mroasting my arm at the same time it isthe meat closest to the rib right thereit’s supposed to be one of the bestbites of the whole meal right mm-hmm thecorn on the cob last rib meat bite hmmit’s like become caramelized its smokysweet and caramelized on there it’s likeI hear music in my earsmmm we’re not gonna delve into everysingle meat but be assured that no foodwas wasted on this day well almost nofood thank you so much for eating allthis awesome food with me today thankyou and I want to thank Walker Hill forthis I mean once in a lifetimeexperience coming here trying this primehon whoo beef getting to see how theymake it in the kitchen and I’m glad Igot to share it with you guys thank youso much for watching this video was madepossible by one trip Vietnam one trip isthe highest rated tour company inVietnam doing tours from north to southright now in Hanoi to Nang Hoi An andSaigon you can experience food toursadventure tours and morefor more information on one.

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