The ULTIMATE Thai Seafood Experience in Bangkok, Thailand!

The ULTIMATE Thai Seafood Experience in Bangkok, Thailand!

Bangkok knows sea food and they do itdifferent than any where else in the world in markets at street food stallsno matter where you go you’re never far from a mouth full of young that’s nice there’s so much to choosefrom and sea food here is known for itsfreshness and size bigger than thatbigger. I’m talking shrimp the size ofyour freaking head today is all aboutuncovering the most over-the-top tastyseafood in Bangkok that is one of thebest fish. I’ve ever had no doubt we’lltry Chinatown’s most unique Street food eats this is kind of like Thai sushi and, I’ll even learn the joys of somethingcalled head butter that is very rich soslap on a lobster bib cuz today we’re taking on giant seafood in Bangkok good morning from Bangkok Thailand today.

The ULTIMATE Thai Seafood Experience in Bangkok, Thailand!

I am so pumped because we are here with a local food blogger Besh Hey there sheis she’s so tiny compact H has her own food show on YouTube and Facebook and somehow amidst all her adoring fans shefound my email and even agreed to comeon my show. I love using and then I started tortilla for day on the socialnetwork and it becomes like popular ohjust like it by accident yeah yeah myOccident yeah that’s what happened to me toototally just accidentally over three years who knew this particular market iscalled called a market the condo market is located in the heart of man cult you can fly the fresh ingredient here for cooking which food are you looking forward to most today today we all ready for a speed would maybe a face we’re gonna take a look around the market hmmsee what we can find you ready yes let’s do it Bangkok is about one hour away from theo cean the ocean is full of food here in Bangkok’s largest wet market they take that food and organize it into littlebins with labels and price tags they also have pig face this is the whole face like a math you know Halloween is that’s how we’re gonna go out maybe you guys got to seriously watch out there’s little pockets of like seafood water so it’s like a landmine BAM shrimp ‘yes legitimate seafood and what is this one if you had to make up a name for it what would you call it I would call it like pointy gray fish yeah there’s a king mackerel.

SWOT to come it’s a nice looking mackerel right here strolling through the market Meals on Wheels what is this one right here is the rice we do pops up this morning breakfast comes to us this mobile food vendor hits the market alleys and aislesdishing out her hot savory porridge how long does it usually take to sell all of it to what he our there’s something he must be pretty good well you’re gonna have two new customers right now because we would like to order two please steaming hot and ready to eat she scoopsus up to big bowls topping it with pepper fried garlic ginger and some herbs this is a gigantic breakfasthonestly someone could order this and then like an hour later that could betaking bites and it’ll still be hot yesthere’s so much going on in here I want to get a little bit of the pork a littlebit of blood and I like these bloodcubes they’re very like manageable therewe go it’s very good for me it’s superheartwarming savoriness..

I love the bloodcake pork is just tender and fatty andreally the ginger is what ties it alltogether for a food that’s delivered toyou it’s so delicious have you seen a fish hands before theweek one Oh what’s a huge fish headthese are wide no oh this one is aliveokay only some of them are alive whatkind of crab is this the sea crab thesetypes of crabs are used in so manydishes all right and this guy he’s in alittle bit of a twine Jail we don’t wanthim pinching anybody or any other crabsare you buying some fish today yes what do you like about this fish myChinese you know. I’m a fish we usuallyeat before we get it oh it looks tasty how are you gonna prepare it comes updid you buy enough for me to the markethere seems nearly endless but right now. I’m looking for something I can reallysink my teeth intoare we basically in the middle ofChinatown yeah trying to tell you weread Cobra and busy all day all night ifyou love for you have to come to thenighttime and also the daytimeChinatown is packed with action tons ofstreet food tourists people trying toget to work but can’t because of tourists and then there’s us on our wayto one of the oldest and most legendarystreet food stalls on this strip dishingout pickled seafood it’ll make sense ina minute this is kind of the preparationarea she’s working on shelling themantis shrimp this is basically a mantisshrimp graveyard.

I can’t eat this no nohow long has she been here 50 years Wowhow has this neighborhood changed in thelast 50 yearsshe said like Matthew 15 years ago thatis no pole shop around here this isn’tlike a good building now it’s in a lotbut they’re still here kind of owningthis street corner we’re gonna try someof this food which one do you absolutelyrecommend we recommend or see a copgreat. I can’t wait to try itHolden cop thank you this place has somuch seafood to choose from all of itsitting in a pickle II sauce bath someget pickled for just a few minutes andsome get pickled for up to a week but ifyou want to get your hands on this stuffyou’re gonna have to wait legitimately20 people in front of us this is awesomeand guys it’s a very high-status FoodShow but we don’t get special treatmenthere I’m gonna be nice but we don’tthere’s blue crab shrimp mantis shrimpclams this other kind of crab this iskind of like Thai sushi and their mostfamous the vibrant orange pickled crabeggs you know how long this one waspickled this one doesn’t take a longtime it’s like 1 hours really quickprocess being in some sauce and thenit’s ready to eatyes hi oh my god. I waited for this momentnow.

I don’t know what to saywhat did she say you’re a handsome guyhey thank youwe’re gonna order right now how manycramps are we getting let’s get twothat one’s huge and then from here we’regetting a fistful of these mantis shrimpballoons that look good some error inthe foreground you want to try this yesso freaked out she’s like do you wantthis yes answer for everything is yesguys seafood just a moment ago to theside here they help prepare it in a waythat would make it easier for us to eatand then they put a ton of vegetablesand stuff on top so we can’t see theseafood I want to jump into this I don’tthink I’ve ever had a mantis shrimpmaybe you look at it it looks a littleconfusing like the top part that I’mholding on to here is really hard weneed to remove this part before youremove that and then remove that andthen you eat these little gills theselittle pins yeah it can be eatable butyou had to be a to read what youwanted to show me okayoh you dragged it off with your teethkind of how was ithmm very light flavor that Manta stripis soft almost a little gooey I neverwould have figured out how to eat thatwithout you here right here we have somecrabs with eggs what is your techniquefor this this bucket okay so here’s abig gooey part of the inside we got eggswe’ve got internal organs we got it all[Music]whoa that’s a bit hard to handle.

I thinkit takes a little bit of getting used toa very salty very Sifu Dean it tastes like the ocean like a spicy ocean we’ve come to this restaurant just a littlebit out of Bangkok we’re kind of in thesuburbs and you tell me what is the name of this restaurant oh now we are askin gSimon to say where is there all beyondawe some looking seafood this place has aflair for social media share ability we had to come here after seeing this photo and even got to meet the seafood arm model herself right here we have giantfresh water prawns honestly we were at the market this morning the biggestproducts on the market was maybe this big yeah still it’s pretty big but this one looks the biggest to me. Oh possible thumbnail no you know what no moresurprise face thumbnails. I’m done with it.

I’m not good at it instead we just do it from smile this is the manager of there staurant they’re having us today where do you even find something this big it’scomplicatedto add a throw there’s a boat pull up in front of the restaurant don’t you see how much this weighs yes okay before we reveal the weight is it wearing anyjewelry so this is all pure prawn yeah let’s take a look it is coming in at one two three four five six seven hundredgrams what is that in pounds real quick it is one and a half pounds that is crazy hugeprawn preparation is straightforwardremove the spiky shell parts and splitit down the middle revealing a hugeyello wish glob there’s some kind of like cool it’s cleaning out toxins from the ocean sounds yummy this super fattysection is generally called head butterand around here it’s a prized part of the dish it’s a little lighter too this one had a lot of salads it was very clean here after washing the prawn it’s ready to hit the grill long does this take to cook ball five to ten minutes okay bye after 10 minutes these heavenlyprawns are ready for the dinner table this head butter has kind of melted in toa pool of creamy goodness this isawesome the moment actually has finallycome so we got some other food on the side can you tell me what this one is he’s either stir-fried pork with a gamecurry so we have a green curry yes andwe have a red curry yes is there like apurple curry.

I’m not sure about borrowcurry haha guys do you see that it’sgolden hour right now do you see thesunlight kissing the fish how to preparestir-fried freshwater catfish after yourwalk is oiled up add in red curry pasteand chicken stock then put in thecatfish after cooking 5 to 7 minutes throw in coconut milk fish sauce andsugar plate garnish and eat you’re gonna get just that nice fleshy meaty part mixthat with a little bit of rice let’s go for it mm-hmmno bones. I got a head of bone yeah that one of the best fish I’ve ever had the flavors are so powerful but well-balanced just tons of coconut milkflavor coming through the fish its elfvery soft and tender just kind off alling apart that is so nice we have these beautiful sunkissed freshwaterriver prawns and first is the arm how do we do this show me the way cut it into 8piecesoh god this hurts these are insanelyspiky like these shrimp have such a longarms but they must have been thinking like.

I don’t want anything to eat myarms whoa that is a massive amount ofprawn arm meat we would do being aseafood sauce give it a nice little dipready yeah it’s fresh that meat it’sunbelievable that would usually be awhole shrimp just that arm piece whoothat sauce is so hot now for someonelike me but for some of the peoplewatching let’s just jump into thesepicture where do you start with thewhole bodyyou start with the butter yesmassive amount of head butter on hereshow me how okay for me.

I love to takeand pour it on the rice mix it togetherand you’re know recommend me to havesome fish sauce here can i yeah mm-hmmsee there’s good yeah I’m gonna try thisup that’s nice that is very rich and haskind of a livery taste to it having itwith the rice is the perfect companionlook at that huge chunk this has realweight to it this is probably a couplehundred grams right here yeah let’s gofor it mmm so delicious these are alljust the natural flavors it’s especiallya bit smoky from the way they cooked ita little salt could bring out theflavour a bit more oh so worth it you know it’s not really like softer tenderit’s a more firm meat just being able tolike wrap your mouth around it and chewinto this big piece of meat it’s verysatisfying thank you so much.

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