The specialty dish in the Mekong Delta is extremely attractive guide!

The specialty dish in the Mekong Delta is extremely attractive guide!

What all that was inside and who everseen anything like that have not faceddoesn’t look happy so far in the Mekong Delta, we’ve explored some of the mostunique food in Vietnam. I want to be donewith this so fastI even tried my luck taking on the meatKhan’s infamous coconut religion with makes the results you feel home. I’meating already what is not a coconutthis doesn’t look like a coconut at alltoday our mekong series draws to a closebut not before we take on one of theregion’s rarest dining experiences lookat the skin it’s a Clisson hang alongthe way we’ll reveal some of the Mekong’s, supernatural cooking secretsthere’s a flame yeah but you can’t seeit at all so grab your eating buddy andraise your glass today we’re takingcooking to the extreme in Vietnam.

The specialty dish in the Mekong Delta is extremely attractive guide!

I hope you figured out by now that thisshow is about unique food which caninclude menu, items that are a bitextremeyou know they’ll be put in a hat oh but Vietnam Street, sides aren’t coursingwith delicious offerings like at thisplace okay wow man wow that’s a piece of wing what am, i eating duck noodles thisis popular in the Mekong really popularthis particular dish is a signature ofthe Mekong Delta, the noodles are madefrom rice flour and tapioca starch butunlike any other noodle dishes here in Vietnam the noodles steep and simmer ina hot pot until, they’re ready to servecreating a viscous sticky bra throw insome blood rice cake chopped duck partsgreen onion fried garlic crushed peanutsand breakfast is served they kind ofjust hacked this duck to pieces and thenthey throw in everything one of thosesoups where you got to be a little bitcareful we’ve got a little bit of cakeand.

I see it’s really cool stuff it looks like rice and blood yeah you can see the rice in there and then the noodles let’s talk about these beautiful noodles oh my gosh that looks deliciousI got a try right now mmm it’s sodelicious it’s like that thick tapiocanoodle that you could hardly keep on your chopstick and then the soup it selfis just very viscous it has a niceviscosity to it I think it’s a nice way to compliment a lady well girl you lookviscous fakest yeah I just mean stick you mean like she’s at no it was like how you ever described a woman as thick. I have not ever like she’s got a lot of meat on her bones aha yeah if I said Iknew where you’d say about a guy – okay you you’ll take yeah yeah okay blood fly the rice cake you ready yes mmm. Wow it’s sticky like a sticky spongy but super unique it doesn’t taste very much you know merely listening rice yeah exactly could. I be honest with you I don’t think.

I’m cut out for this coconut diet I mean religion maybe either, I lastedabout half a day you see a home I’m eating already what is not a coconut. I really like to eat different kinds of food and it’s also kind of my job to eat other food you know just follow you hopor follow my stomach but it’s just. I like the kind of feeling of spiritualitypeace certainty that comes with blindlyfollowing a cultish religion but, I think today we could still find that temple there’s a temple for the coconut man himself any kind of unanswered questionsin my heart we can discover there so in my heart I have a punt answer questionin my heart that one to figure it out at the temple right actually I got a nice big piece of duck here what are we doingt oday we’re gonna go to the local home when. I learn how to make rice wine and then we’re gonna eat in Juana Oh have you ever eaten iguana I have not no are you excited how are you feeling. I am excited but Edison huh.I feel aliving duty because we got a cute animal from me yeah but you know what about this dog this dog died today we are once again joining the guys from the YouTube channel damn mint a I’ve been tasked with picking up someitems for dinner by now.

I know this means something unusual awaits me lamb and, I are sitting down with a realexotic animal seller and all the animal shere meant to be eaten what are people not eating here even a Python he’s also late for meat and they can’t get a skin for a wallet is that legal it’s legal. I’m sorry but they’re being farm-raiseda hunting first from nature and then they keep them in the case and raise them but and they actually like but to the baby ones like the new generationshunting and eating wild animals was fairly common in the past during the Vietnam American War and without anyability to farm eating wild game was anecessity do you ever pay any mind to what might be endangered or might not be endangered is that something you guys think about when you’re hunting he and his family are really a way out there for those kind of animals that restricted by the government and they are not gonna shut up.

I thought we were coming here for aniguana but it seems we’ve just upgraded to a water monitor so he’s in this giant cage it’s gonna try to catch one of them he’s grabbing one by the tail they are just hissing at him oh wow hey hold it oh the monitor lizardweighs in at over 12 pounds afterdispatching it’s placed in scorching hot water to loosen and remove the outsidelayer of skin wash it again with clean water then open it up to reveal what’ sinside this. I think it is but I’ve never seen anything like this all that was inside but there are these individuallike globules that is gnarly have you ever seen anything like that have not base doesn’t look happy oh my god a lot of fat how half its body weight is fat is this what I look like on the inside if you zoom in on it and you break it apart it behaves like fat behaves it’s full of oil and now it’s oily you didn’t have to you can’t just smell everything instranger offers you to smell are we gonna eat the fat inedible but we canal so use it in a medicine to treat your learn steam it as good as you know no yep we get from the pey ten and use the Python fat before and that worked yeah alright the meat itself will be cookedtwo waysstir-fried and grill first break down the monitor piece by pieceadd in curry oil five-spice powderturmeric sugar msg fish sauce chiliesshallots lemongrass and galangal mix it up and leave it to marinate[Music]for the grill they’re using coconuthusks burning them down to red hot cinders than tossing on the tail ribs and head while that cooks up we’redropping by a neighbor’s house to grab acrucial item for this meal hopefullyit’s not another reptile how long have you been 26 years so you’re pretty good at it is this illegal yeah it’s just not well so the government doesn’t care if people are just making tons and tons of booze on their own property no problemno respect it at all if you want you can do it that’s great now that’s the kind of freedom I can get behind.

I like that rice wine it starts with a batch of cooked sticky rice left to rest in these containers for about three daysa long with some yeast it smells a littlesouralthough fermented but. I think a lot of that is the yeast almost I was kind of abeer smell enjoy on day three she adds water and lets it ferment for three more days tomorrow they’re gonna cook this one after you cook this you give this to the pigs or something it’ll come in use the paint animals today hey do the pace get drunk and get on the alcohol apartyeah so is it a problem they don’t get to have a good time after being cook awhile then there’s a steam the steam will come up and follow the pie gettingthrough the big hanging up cold water and it gonna turn into liquid and dripping to the hello how strong is it what percentage of alcohol it about 60%Wow it’s not gonna burn my throatdefinitely yesthe results can be a bit intense.

I’ dadvise not drinking it while lighting acigarette. Oh we have our boots right here now as faras, I understand there’s two differentboozes one is 25 which is like 25%$25,000 surprise we have a bowl of alcohol we got a Creole the Swede, over the alcohol okay yeah there’s a claim yeah there’s aninvisible flame but you can ‘t see it at all that must mean there’s no impuritiesI think if you don’t believe me you can hear the crackling of this squid do you think you’d cook like a whole fivecourse meal like this while were that’s cooking when the pour some of this booze for us try not to get too toasted this is more of just a tastetestI just squid is finished. I suspect that the best part is right here crunchylittle legs that’s really good it’s sosmoky one and then of course chewy but then it fills your mouth with a smokytaste where you’re like I need a drink this booze what percentage is this 45receives that’s pretty good Cola and you drink these it dries till I test it only I get it I mean you’re working around itall day. I mean when, I worked at Applebee’s did I want to eat Applebee’s Appleby anyways wow it’s so warm you can view it going through your is warming my soul and then you have the booze and it makes you want more the food so you always need something to goback and forth from oh I think I just got a midday buzz it might be because.

I’m very dehydrated them I think you’re doing things right I like you that you don’t get high off your own supply that’s smart touch business that’s boozeecono mics here in the Mekong Delta this was a great experience for me thank you so much I’m going at night yeah oh good they do that to Vietnamese people too. I said all that stuff and he’s like yeah he said thanks so. I don’t know if you guys know. I went to the neighbor’s house and, I got some booze it’s strong loose you can light it on fire and cook squid with it if you sode sire but we’re gonna drink some now, I do want to ask this what are the rules in Vietnam bar around drinking soevery one. I supposed to drink it up right don’t believe anything just drink all the booze I love it oh it’s like nailpolish remover oh it’s intense and that makes me crave for this dinosaur we have right here this monitor was hacked intoabout a hundred pieces here oh I hand I’ll have a hand this is pretty gnarly man just jumping right into it oh oh oh. I hardly feels okay your couch evermmm so what you eat don’t you get it outthat’s pretty good so spicy freshlemongrass.

I mean there’s like curryflavor very multi-dimensional look at the skin into Clisson egg it’s so coarse and tough you know without the skinstill very chewy mean but a little biteasier if you take a by a foot I’m gonna take a short 19 years old you can drink legally in the USA we have to wait tillwe’re 21 years old to drink right now he’s kind of stripping out the meat from the tail look at this it’s a white meat it almost looks like she canrest huh whoa that is very much, like chicken a little bit chewy uh-hmm and it’s not like chicken in the way that everyone describes a new meatthat’s like oh it’s like chicken if you just snuck some of this monitor lizard in the fridge in a cool hwhip containerafter Thanksgiving nobody would know thedifference a little bit of a dip oh my god it’s a fermented tofu sauce that isdeliciousit’s like Prudie spicy and sweetstunning so delicious so that welcome onwatch Wow very good did you have to translate when, I sittin gon a while and you had to say it again but better yo .I don’t know alone what’s it all aboutafter these three days do you think youcame any closer to finding out what lifeis aboutor somehow are you saying really yeahbecause you know like to you understand it or live in take a lifetime you know.

I like that it takes a lifetime tounderst and life by the time you get it it’s over what have you learned. I understand more about the people in Maycomb for me I see people here are like tough in what way did you talk like but they don’t even know they’re tough like it’s hot so humid when it comes to foodit’s like whatever they find around them they’re willing to chow down on it they don’t need like air conditioning all the time they’re just topic and adapted to the situation’s around them that is one of the reason why even though. I have been here for so many times I still love it till I the first out that’s to be honest yeah. I learned that the coconutis an amazing thing it gives life it gives energy of all kinds right the coconut is very powerful it’s not sim plysomething that you eat you leave on with that but it’s actually stand for youk now the people in the land and it seemslike that was enough fuel to buildeverything we see here all this is from that guy it’s kind of just like anamusement park now for tourists rightbut still he built all this with only four thousand followers and. I have overseventy five thousand followers guys onInstagramthat’s incredible I’m just saying I knowthat I couldn’t live and revolve my life around one food if I focused my life around all the food around the worldmention the impact that could happen yeah.

I think so you found the power in this one thing but maybe there’s a different kind of power in the different food in the ways of people around the world sustainthemselves in different ways does this make any ense that’s all that’s pretty cool bro thank youwhat a serious. I’m exhausted but before we go home there’s one more thing we have to do are you ready yes this is the moment right I think we should do it now I’m gonna take one can I take this one because this one the one. I pickedyesterday yeah it’s just turtle truth yeah I told you and then this one is um Bob this is Bob little turtle you havebeen brave you’ve been through a lot today you went to that scary market but now we return you back to theenvironment while similar environment from which you came good luck he’s waiting for us. I think this is a moment for us well turtle turtle Cho tattooit’s like Pikachu but with a journalT witter question I’m so happy to release you back to mother nature be happy and you want to ever got caught up in oh[Music]well my men thank you again for joiningme on this challenging but rewarding and um like.

I learned a lot type of miss ionin informational educational educationaltype mission nailing it alone is actually a guide for one trip and one trip is who you should have guide you next time you come here to Vietnam one trip is the highest rated tour companyin Vietnam doing tours from north to south in all major cities including hanoi ‘no chang Danang high M and Saigon you can experience food tours adventuretours and more to learn more about one trip check out the links in the description down below I’m gonna see you next time a piece great let’s uh let’s go.

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