The most popular dishes in Vietnam!

The most popular dishes in Vietnam!

The meat pouch is produced with the sametechnologythat produce food for astronauts itcompletely seals out the outsideenvironmentand the content inside i like that spacetechnologysince the start of the agriculturalrevolution over 10 000 years agomankind has sought to make more foodmore quicklyand more affordably while using theleast amount of effort possiblei heard they used to have a horse to dothis job but maybe it diednow we have mastered the science of foodproduction you can see it every time youwalk down a supermarket aisleevery product what is this every foodthat we take for granted has a story ohis that it doesn’t look 100 like thepackaging but it’s something to aspiretoin this exclusive series we’re visitingsome of asia’s most fascinating foodfactories heygood job everybody cool witnessing whathappenswhen some of the world’s top engineersput their brains togetherour rdt is making new products almostevery day designing modern miraculousone-of-a-kind machineswith only one purpose to make foodon a massive scaledoes this production line ever stop wework 24 hours per daywow like this ice cream factory where auniquely engineered contraptionpumps out 12 000 frozen treats per hour[Music]or this sausage factory i just want toput my mouth there.

The most popular dishes in Vietnam!

But i will not i willnot do that where they stuff thousandsof delicious wieners each day when yourworkers leave do you check their pocketsfor sausageswe’re a noodle factory where modern-daymanufacturingallows them to produce over one billionpacks of ramen per yeari noticed the shooting here is a bitrestrictive why is thatthe world of food manufacturing isintense they have to make somethingthat’s going to appealto the mainstream they have to make itquick and affordably or else people arenot going to be interested competition is fierce 99oh really and production secrets areguarded behind closed doorsuntil nowthe best ever food review show team isgetting a rare look behind the scenesoh there it is revealing industrysecrets ohthat’s where the texture comes from bringing our cameras to show oh themozzarellawhat no member of the public has seenbefore i’ve heard these are among someof the top rated in the world but howdoes that work from local countryside operations haveyou ever tried to make a giant springroll from one of theseno that’s a good pity leftall the way to some of the biggestbaddest manufacturers in the worldwe’re all bundled up we’re safe what doi do if.

I have to peetoday’s mission one of the mostlegendary items on supermarket shelvesinstant noodles i’m heading to a giantinstant noodle factorya place where they’re producing over 1billion packages of noodles each year wework24 hours per day so how do they do itlet’s find out street food for breakfastour breakfast today goes back threegenerationsthe dish’s base is built upon humbleinstant noodlesbut this foundation created the bedrockfor a 30-yearstreet food iconso we’ve come to a street food spongethe woman landing the stationshe has a reputation for being somepeople say mean yesyeah i don’t think she’s mean she’s verystrict and straightforwardshe doesn’t yell at any customers butyell at her teambecause she wants everything to be veryfast oh the command centeryes the command center right now it’s amoment of calm she’s not said anythingfor at least 10 secondsthe noodles are served dry to preventoversaturation the soup is preparedseparatelycontaining herbs an egg and fourdifferent types of meat the restis up to you you know.

That instantnoodle is very non-nutritious except forthe taste it’s very addictivethis way of eating really adds morenutrition into it let’s try it out very tasty i saw that she didn’t measureall the seasonings she added to butno yeah not at all nice texture notovercooked just full of seasoning fullof flavor so then you try some noodleyou jump over to here and then you trysome beef[Music]makes me so happy[Music]well i know you’re a big fan of freshfood and vegetables especiallybut here these noodles are processed howdoes that make you feeli really enjoy instant noodles you doyes it is like the food frommy childhood and also it tastes verygood yeah it’s very satisfying it’s veryaddictive but what if i told youalmost everything here is processed imean if you look at the meatballshrimp paste these noodles and actuallyany type of noodle is technicallyprocessed so that that word processedhas a very negative associationbut what fascinated me always is howthey can take something like noodles andmass-produce itin one factory make thousands ormillions of packages in a dayyou’re doing a good job listeningvietnam is one of the top five consumersof instant noodlesin the world in a country of over 90million the average person slurps down53 packagesof noodles per year so how does acountry like vietnam truly show theirnoodle devotion even more than countrieslike korealet’s find out here we come to the meccaof all things packaged and processedthis is anasian grocery store and for me asiangrocery stores blow out of the water atthe boring markets.

Where i come fromworms you can just buy worms i don’tthink you could do that in my hometownand i think thatsucks you ever buy the worms yes as ajoke no nowe really eat it look look at theselittle ballsit says uh sausage what’s that meanmince balls ball shape[Music]it looks a bit flat like this fish needsmouth to mouthwhat is this jellyfish it’s usually usedfor salada salad you like this one yeah i like itdoes the jellyfish taste like anythingdon’t say it tastes like jellyfishtastes like chili[Music]what’s happening oh black chicken[Music]oh man and you know the best section byfar in an asian supermarketis right here no noodles there’s so manynoodlesin this country a new instant product islaunched every two daysprices range from about 10 cents toaround a dollar and come frommanufacturers around the country andaround the worldeven with some pretty fancy packagingwhat are some of your favorite noodlesin here that you see are there noodlesfrom your childhood or from your collegedaysthis flavor this one stir-fry tortillathe video we’re doing today it’sactually through the company calledbeefon they make noodlesokay here oh it’s a great what noodlehere do you like yeah this one this oneis from my childhood did you really eatthis when you’re youngeryes oh you did so you’re not making up achildhood memory just to satisfy thepeople at me fong this is my family’sfavoritev phone a legitimate childhood memory sowhen i look at a korean noodleit’s monstrous and then.

I look at thevietnamese noodle and it’s very cuteand petite i think because the portionof vietnamese mealis very small and another one is theymake it small so it’s affordable foreveryone let’s compare the price oh wowso this is 3 600 dome16 17 cents for the korean one it’s adollar so it seems like this is biggerbut in realityif you pay the same amount of moneyyou’re getting this many noodles versusthis many noodles why is your dad likethis one so much this is one of thefirstflavor noodles what flavor do they havebefore that just sadnessoh the two shrimp this is the first evervietnamese instant noodle it came outjust seven years after the invention ofinstant noodles in japan in 1958in fact meat tom or shrimp noodles isnow a word used to refer to any type ofinstant noodleand we’re about to learn where theseiconic curly shaped noodles got theirwaysoh we are here with ling deputy directorhere at vphone sir nice pleasure too also you’reknown as the boss of noodlesis that right.

This is just one of thephones warehouses responsible fordistribution to the north side ofvietnamoh and 100 other countries around theworldhow many packages of noodles do youthink you make in a yearin the billions what you see here is theresult of over 50 years of history andnon-stopinnovation in the field of instantnoodle production here they’ve takenvietnam’s favorite street food flavorslike boom bahueyand bifa and cleverly transformed theminto affordable instant versionsbut let’s not forget that one specialproduct that started it alltwo shrimps instant noodleshere we are here we are we’re allbundled up we’re safe what do i do if ihave to peeso this is a factory where you’re makingnoodles but what noodles in particularare you making mihai tom noodles it’s aclassic vietnamese tastethe base for these noodles is wheatflour that’s mixed with water to createthe doughthe dough starts rough and coarse butbegins to smoothas it passes through several compounddough sheeters kneading the dough untilit has a consistent textureand the perfect thickness for this typeof noodlethen it passes through a roll slittera cylinder specially designed to cut theexact shape and thickness of the noodlethis rolling blade slits the dough intothe noodle signature curly shape now.

This long continuous stream ofnoodles heads to the steamer where thedough gets cooked throughit’s still far from the shape wewitnessed this morning at breakfastbut there’s a lot left to donext these noodles get a hit of flavoras they pass throughthe seasoning waterfall now this long unruly strand of noodlesis finally cut intoexact portionsand those portions are placed in moldsnot only are the noodles steeped but nowthey’ll also be friedthe color changes from this to thisgiving the noodles their distinct colorafter frying the noodles are cooledbringing down the temperatureprepping them for the packaging room doyou think you make a kilometer worth ofnoodles in a day oh much more more thana kilometer all right well we canextrapolate that laternow the noodles are topped with sauteand seasoning packetsthen wrapped in their final packagingthe same exact style packaging that wasused 50 years ago.

I’m not the kind to abide to mystereotype you’d be surprised if youtook a look inside i simply won’t buythese intimidated eyeswe just toured a whole noodle factoryand it turns out right hereis the final resting place of noodlesother than our stomachsi should also say it is the basic noodlenothing glamorous here i think i foundone piece of one scallion it’s a nicescallion i think we should uh we don’twant it to get over saturated that’s aproblemyeah it was soaked in a lot of water andlike not tasty anymore[Music]it’s like nostalgia the noodlesthemselves taste kind of weedy it’s abit savorya bit msge but not a strong flavor ishould state that these are3 000 super affordable and then i thinkit’s kind of up to you to add more likethe lady we went to this morninglike putting a cherry on a sunday orputting a bandana on an already goodlooking guy with no eyebrowsso this is how they started but thiscompany has expanded greatly since theybeganeven pioneering and innovating modernfood technologylike these more premium instantvermicelli noodlesprepared like any other instant noodleexcept it also comes with a meat packand the cost five times the price of ourtwo shrimp friends but stillunder a buck this one is uh based off ofthe popular boonso.

I’m noticing a theme here they’vetried to take a lot of the flavors ofpopular street food noodlesand then condense it into a package likethis and even herethis noodle is completely different thanthe last one this is more of like a ricerice and then they have real pieces ofmeat apparentlyit’s quite chewy it still keeps thetexture of the beef pretty good textureit’s almost like a rehydrated beef jerkyi’m gonna make some bun some broth somemeat all of it all togetherthe texture of the noodle is chewierthan the fresh noodles right they have anoodle here that you have to kind ofrehydrate so it’s not like a freshvermicelli but it’s pretty close but theflavor the flavor overall i think isquite good you know what’sinteresting though probably for twicethe price you could probably get a realbowl of bunbohoi on the street yeahexactlyso that’s like quite a challenge thatthey’re up against like aside from bumbahue they have huduand the next one we’re gonna tryvietnam is a country obsessed withinnovating new and creative ways to usericerice noodles thick rice sheets ricepaper even rice strawsthe phone has been part of thisinnovation developing rice basedinstant products.

They’re healthier superversatile and especially delicious whenpaired with a meat packthe meat pouch is produced with the sametechnology that produce food forastronautsi like that space technology what yousee here is the iconicvietnamese fall mass-produced at anunimaginable scaleand we are part of the fortunate few whohave been granted access to see theprocessin person well us and all of youwatchingfirst the rice is cleaned and soaked inwater until it becomes softthis bucket elevator also helps removeunqualified grains[Music]the survivors all fall into a grindingmachine that we’re not allowed to showyou but between you and methe grinding machine is used forgrindingturning the rice into a silky water riceliquid that looks likemilk that rice liquid is pumped into atrough where a roller picks up a thinlayer and spreads it evenly over a whitematte conveyor belt where it disappearsinto a steamerwe can’t show you the steamer butbetween you and me the steamersteams the rice sheets i notice theshooting here is a bit restrictive whyis that we are the first company in vietnam to produce thisand we came up with the technology i’mreally sorry that we couldn’t show youmore.

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