The most attractive and delicious BBQ in Vietnam! Food is loved by many people!

The most attractive and delicious BBQ in Vietnam! Food is loved by many people!

I don’t know how I parlayed this into mymouth hole. I’m just gonna put it here in front of me there we go that looksprettytoday we are in Ho Chi Minh City, it is going down a lot a second, today it’s allabout the roasted meats barbecue meat +fire it’s a recipe that goes back to the caveman era but these days every country has their own unique take on barbecueuse regional ingredients and techniques to elevate animal protein to its highestlevels of yo, today we’re in Saigon Vietnam taking on one of the most diverse dynamic barbecue cultures of Southeast Asia if you die and go toheaven this is in the waiting room my heaven will be cleaner then small is this a drinking food it seems like wes hould be drinking right now – huge ifyou will walk down the street you don’t see a head but you just saw this animalwhat would you think it is a big fish maybe a dolphin there is no cut of meat no creature these vendors can’t handle and today we’re trying it allany idea how long that’s gonna take we can do some meditationtoting on me the adventure today Joe a26 year old young Vietnamese local whohas a great passion for discovering food and cultivating her knowledge andexperience in the hospitality industrytoday my big mouth and jukes big brainwill be taking on Vietnamese barbecuedeverything we’re doing it let’s see if.

I can identify these four meat specimenshere one that looks like an intestine and then I have no idea what that is thecheek right here oh it’s like the cheekokayfirst immediate Iser grilled proteinserved with herbs and sauces and whatfollows is a bite-sized masterpiece yeah the pork cheek has got a great texture yeah. I wish my face tastes this goodthat’d be dangerous right here look sthick and media what is that stuff inthe intestine okay nice and crunchy lowanimal lean but this sauce is verypowerful all that together and gives itkind of a powerful punch to any meat you’re eating very nice every countryhas a little bit different barbecueculture USA it’s all outgoing big bigsteaks or big briskets and slow cookinglike in the South I’m in my happy placeright now in Korea it’s about being atthe table having the barbecue right infront of you the juices fire bombwhat is a barbecue culture of Viet nam by God we started increasinguntil late at night toge ther with fearhmm that’s the best part the concept ofbarbeque culture has been picking up inthe recent 15 years when people arewealthier it is also the development of cattle breeding so Pico has moreimpudence for barbecue and then addingalso the concept from Korean barbecue onKorean drama so core just want to sitaround and it’s a crew thing really fastforward a few decades and you’ve gotvendors like this selling over 200pounds of meat per day what is the purpose of dying everything that deeporange e red color you really want to eat something that red 13 cuts allgrilled up right here chicken octopussausage pig face organ meats like chicken gizzard pick a little sweet a little spicy it almost tastes like aglaze of ketchup and chili sauce or puton there in one special treatJoop insists I try oh that’s right when you say breast.

I think you mean like anutter there’s actually more here right. I like it Wow hmm has a differenttexture than everything we’ve had so farit’s got a chew and a crunch at the sametime and there’s something beautifulabout amount of fat on the outside and maybe they put a little bit of sugar in the marinade because it’s caramelized and become really sweetall my F jeepers that’s delicioushere we have another fun barbecuelocation there’s a big plastic containerfull of body parts doesn’t someone who’sadvertising when you say it that way sowe’re about to eat a food that needs to be weighedwe already cut it and marinate it what what is this in Vietnam Street foodvendors are masters of making use of what they have available nowhere will you find cooks that can do more with less here for six years mr. Winn hasbeen delivering a not so common proteinpacked playful or secret weapon fishstomachs fantastic now have you everjust had fish stomach yeah I had before my mom put it in the sweet and sour spit for me but and I gave up eating stomachyeah it’s one of those foods that you might you give it up sorry mom but what’s because of the way you cooked it.

I didn’t like it wow this just became aweird confessional that’s not youractual mom it’s just a camera but that’s good this could be therapeutic today -yeah mom your Thanksgiving turkey wasdry sometimes okay – I ate so much hamsorry I was just kidding mom is just forthe joke already marinated with chilisaute set on the flattop with hot cashewnut oil then okra joins the partyit’s just okra don’t get too excitedfinally she serves it up with herbs andher own dipping sauce now I want myfirst fish stomach just plain Jane it’salready full of fun seasonings it lookslike a person stomach but just smallerright let’s try it outit’s antastic it tastes like a landanimal. I mean if anything there’s likemore beefy or porky and especially withall the seasonings she’s put on here notlike anything from the sea fresh wateryep what really stands out to me is thetexture it kind of crunches in yourmouth I’m gonna try it in this as wellas.

I canfermented tofu sauce it’s thick it’swhite kind of creamy it’s sour andalmost cheesy. I don’t think it’s meltedthoughts goes well with this on it doyou think that goes with one of theother menu items maybe okra widow copyeah always coming over we should do anoverview right now we’re on the street that’skind of famous for seafood for grillingdrinking having some snails what is thename of this street it’s but you can’tit’s located in district 4 oh my god andit is also known as the district number yes Paul so if you’re a getting memberyou want to have a fun meet up withother gang members trade game tips it’sprobably the place to do itright yeah welcome to Chile barbecue andhot pot open for seven years thisrestaurant is famous for their selectionof over 25 unique and far-out Easterrecipes right here we’ve got 25different oyster recipes all in theirown little oyster cooking dish let’sjust take like a quick look around we’renot gonna name every single differentrecipe here like finding somethingthat’s what joy hey did you read thatbook about minimalism my girlfriend readthat book and then she broke up with meshe liked touching my arm it was like nojoy peace yeah did you feel joy well shedidn’t either back to the food cheeseand quail eggs there’s one over herethat has peanuts and peanut butter whatthe nuts yeahthis looks like a Korea inspired oneit’s like one the pokey like one ricecake hello can you put the boom okay.

I’ll have this echelon one whichone you on ultra keys with calling[Music]any idea how long that’s gonna taketime last forever when you’re sober Ohwhat’s the point so right now these are just sizzlingaway so I’m gonna give this a flip wegot the Szechuan sauce and the blackbeans and the good thing is like it’sEaster so we can’t really under cook it. I don’t know how. I parlay this into mymouth hole don’t touch itresist the urge to touch it oh it’sspicy throat burning warm deliciousperfectly cooked very rich and rich andfresh yeah like me no joy. I think weshould try at least three more. I’m gonnaget this one this is a Koreaninspiration I will take the walletstrawberries oh that’s wild as it’scooking right now I can smell astrawberry jam wafting off of there it’sso unusual. I bet it’s gonna be goodsomehowI love it a little hot yo get you looklike you’re dying or in pleasure what’shappening that was bad yeah.

I’m gonnatry it your jam juice I like it it’s just sweet and syrupy and spicy so thisis done it was creamy buttery margarinethese oh my god each one you look likeyou’re gonna die wasabi are you cryingday or night barbecue is a favorite foryoung people like me some of them areweird some of them are delicious and thebest of all some of them are reallysurprising. I love it in Vietnambasically anything put on the grill canbe called barbecue for the old folks outthere they’re looking for something alittle differentless hit more traditional and moretime-tested you can see for yourself today we were in search of the biggestbaddest most epic barbecue we could findit’s right here yeah it’s very hot ifyou will walk down the street and you don’t see a head but you just saw thisanimal what would you think it is Imaybe think it is a goat’s a goat likeon steroids here an entire cap you may know it as veal is roasted over an openflame in some places they marinate itwith lemon grass and spread cashewcoloring on the skin to create aneye-catching look at this restaurantchef who with his 30 years of experiencebelieves the best roasted veal should beprepared with no season now we’re notreally even close to the center of town we’re way on the edge of Ho Chi Minh City, right now but for this neighborhoodit must be somewhat of a big spectacleto see this big calf body here sir why why cat meat why veal this is thespecialty of the people in the center ofVietnam oh and not a proper this yearwas it a big hit from the beginningeveryone was very scared of the dish butonce they taste the first taste and theyreally want to have the next move andthe next minute.

okay so it’s just aboutgetting people past the shock of beinglike what the heck is that what animalis that what’s going on the veal roastsover charcoal for two hours it gets hit with salt water and cooking oil to inish it off from here they simplycover it up with a couple of plasticbags to soften the skin and preserve the meat anytime there’s an order the cheflops off a chunk and dices it upstraight from the cow it’s starting to look more like food though if you look at that plate this is the fat belly the skin is still on there it looks leatheryso you try it out well he try one with us maybe Hollywood Oh. I had gout before – because. I drank too much such a mix. I mean there’s like all the layers of the body the skin is pretty tough and chewy on the outsidethen it’s like fat and then it’s proteinthe protein is nice and soft the fat is juicing it’s very unique it’s offeringyou a different kind of cutting forehandeating only so he just kind of softenother– piece here kind of above the hip to the right of the spine they said this is the softest part of the views Cheer sit’s very juicy.

I think it’s a littleplain as it needs some sauce orsomething to go with it but as a proteinitself very delicious can you tell himthat I would happily eat his meat untilI get gout again this roasted veal isserved with all kinds of fresh herbsroasted sesame rice crackers greenbananas star fruit chili garlic and ofcourse fermented shrimp paste if I’mbeing super honest I’ve only had veal acouple of times when I tried it yes itwas soft and a bit juicy but I reallylacked any type of flavor but when youlook at the table here there’s a ton ofpowerful flavors that are about to bemixed in together now this alone is veryintimidating it smells a little Biddyit’s got a pungent aroma with somesweetness in there toomention we’re in an industrial area yeahthey’re building a lot of stuff I guessit with this rice crackers and then someearth then we put in some green bananaI’ll take the meat that you justpowdered up oh this looks really healthymakes it like a salad let’s go for superfresh very yummy fresh herbs and just aton of powerful flavor it’s all mixedtogether you know everyone thinks ofveal as like this is very tender likehigh-end meat as.

I eat it here it justtastes like boiled chicken before usevery rustic way to cook it make up a dish to drink oh really yeah so it’s all about like get it donesome people are so eager that they pickup a slice of veal and dip it in the sauce straight away but the veal is just one ingredient meant to be balanced with a variety of powerful natural flavors and then it looks pretty good it looks like spider-man’s webs so many strongflavors they are fighting. I can see why this should be a good drinking food because it’s like I want to wash down on those powerful flavors and then even as you’re getting drunk you’re losing your senses so you need something even more powerful at that time you promised preparationor you have found the flow if it’s meat if it came from an animal.

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