The giant snail- Seafood that Asians love so much!

The giant snail- Seafood that Asians love so much!

This thing is amonster oh it’s so big and nasty snails, in southeast asia they come inunlimited shape is that even a snailcolors and most impressive sizes oh it’ssobig from slimy crawly creatures that arenearly microscopic that’s itthat’s the food to behemoth oceandwellers some of which are older than metoday we’re in saigon vietnam trying outthree different snail experiencesat three different price tags veryaffordable like 500, sales for 10 bucksthat’s a good deal very expensive idon’t have to pay for the shellright all cooked up like you have neverseen before yoare those eyes time to snail it[Music]the year is 2020. a pandemic hasravished the globe and there’s only onefood show left on the internethi, today we’re scouring the streets ofvietnam finding items that are bothcheap expensive and somewhere in themiddle in a seriesi like to call bang for your buckhave you ever heard of bang for yourbuck yes, i have today joining me on myseafood questsaigon local and snail enthusiast me fammy show or just the phrase in generalthe phrase in general we have a specialserieshere on the best ever food review showtrademark calledbang for your buck also trademark notactually trademark please don’t do itbefore me.

The giant snail- Seafood that Asians love so much!

I’m saving up when you thinkof a snail you probablyenvision this slimy slow protruding eyesand a shell they can retract intoin the face of dangerin reality there are over 60 000different species of snails it’s a lot alot of different snails foundon land in fresh water or even in theseaso yes this is a snail but this is asnail toowhat’s the biggest snail you’ve everseen this shroom considered a shrimp thebiggest sale you’ve ever seen was in thesnail and also it was a shrimp yeah allright let’s get out there and eat somesnailslet’s do it first location for our mostaffordable level of snail we have comehere this is a pretty typical seafoodstreet food stall that you’d findanywhere here in ho chi minh citystalls like these are common in vietnamlocals convene shoulder to shoulder overa tantalizing selection of theseshelled gastropods cold glasses of beerand affordable seafood what more couldyou ask forthe owner of this doll ms cook is a truesnail lovershe’s offering more than 60 kinds ofshelled seafood every nightshe sells over 200 pounds of theselittle guysas i look here.

I’ve never seen some ofthis stuff beforesome of it maybe i’ve seen on discoverychannel and that’s about it they havethe swirly snails and some black onesand some medium-sized ones oh they evenhave horseshoe crabs could you pass me ahorseshoe crabuh g uh g dot onuh this yes dress ohgod i’m so good at vietnamese all rightso check it out this is not a snail butsuper interesting it’s a horseshoe crabthere’s quite a variety that she’s gothere we’re gonna try some snails i’venever seen before and that youabsolutelyhave never seen before after weinterview the ownerit’s doing good you have tons of seafoodhere i see one i want to try right nowthey’re kind of beautifulthey could be earrings maybe so this isactuallymountain snail okay so i definitely wantto try these quick questions there’ssome snails in my garden can i eat thosethey’re only good for medicinal purposesmedicinal personmaybe i’ll get high and trip out andinvent the new teslaman thank you so much let’s do it andmaybe a recipe for the snails in mygardensnail dish one stir-fried coconut snails with saltcoconut snails got.

This name becausethey’re found living around the trunk ofcoconut treeshere she’s coated them with chili saltsugar and the side of vietnamesecorianderfirst location of the day first nails ofthe day looks pretty goodthey look like little black beans idon’t even know how to eat this youpuncture the meat then you pull it out you got it you got it you tell me yougot it wow look at that such a bigvoluptuous bitei don’t know how many of these i can eatlet’s try it out all righthuh that’s interesting i genuinely thinkit takes more calories to eat this thanyou get from the food so if you spendall day eating this you’re gonna lose aton of weightand you’re gonna lose your mind so herethese are the ones that she was tellingus about mountain snails these snailswere collected from southern vietnam’stallest mountain here they’re grilledwith a sticky sweet blend of fish saucesugar and msg loaded with fresh greenpeppercornsso i’m doing my extraction now wowthere’s so much snail in there and sothe little poop sack is at the end doyou eat that usually.

I don’t think youeat ityes okay you’re right yeah all rightlet’s try it outgoes with the sauce really well thesauce is nice it’s just a little bitsweet the sale itself it has more oflike a mineral taste to it and the poopyparti enjoyed it i don’t really like it ithink you were thinking about it toomuch you were in your headabout your poop our final victimstobacco pipe snails also grilled withfish sauce and sugar[Music]demonetized this looks great it looksmeanyoh yeah and it looks like you canactually eat the poop of this one youcan eat the poop of all of themi’m gonna hit it with a little bit offish sauce wow it’s really good ohthat’s really satisfyingit’s so meaty i love it so we’ve hadthree different types of snailsfirst one kind of a waste of time butfun second one tastes of the mountainfinal one super meaty together a greatlittle nighttime snack so which one’syour favorite actually this is umon top of my list and it’s because itlooks like a pipe it reminds you ofmarijuana that’s iti knew you were cool i know i’m coollocation two snail two this place isfamous for its exotic seafood selectionin fact we’ve been here before for someextreme eatsbefore we order i want to reconnect withthe ownerexactly wait what’d he say he said nowyou remember to shake his hand youdidn’t do it last time last time i was eating your deliciousiso pods since that video got postedhas there just been an explosion ofisopod sales heremight he has like a few people askingbut they’refrom abroad so.

They can’t really comeback yet but you’re like in turkey orsomething and you’re like be there in 12months do you have any iso potswe’re not here for isopods today todayit’s all about snails what is the mostexpensive snail you havethat one can i pick it up no okay allright sorry i want to touch all the foodbut it’s still alive so it feels morelike an animal right it’s a petbasicallyit’s basically a pet until we put it ina frying pan oh that isheavy whoa that’s crazy so this thing isabsolutely alive it’s a giant conchpunk it’s a common name for differenttypes of big sea snailsusually with a spire shaped shellusually they’re between 6 to 12 incheslong or wide and they grow up to 5pounds when i was in the bahamas they also haveconch they love conch it’s very popularthere butthey would take out this little longtranslucent piecethat was like the sexual reproductiveorgan of the kung and you eat that aloneraw and it’s supposed to give you uhsuperman powers it gives you everythingit.

Can do everythingdo you guys eat the reproductive organof the conch[Laughter]you’ve never had any customer made thatrequestif you want he can serve it to you yeahif you can find it we should eat it okayall right let’s do it conch is steamedfor 20 minutes the giant sea snailhas just been steamed from here my menyou just pull it out oris it will it dump out oh the same thingthat happens to me if i jump in reallycold waterhappens to this nail if you put it inreally hot water it’s just kind ofnot you know there’s kind of two parts amore densemeaty part and then that loose partwhich one is more tastyhe said the head tastes better it’s gota bit more texture so cooli believe you han mokay let’s eat today’s kong will becooked two waysfirst stir-fried tonk start byscissoring the dense conk meatinto bite-sized medallionsin a hot wok saute chilies garlic andlemongrassthen add water and a blend of secretsaucesonce the conk absorbs the flavors addveggiesso here we have it the biggest nail i’veever bought in my life and they’ve madetwo dishes here.

I think we should trythe dry one first it is so thick anddense almost like uhwhat do you call those really denseoh it’s on the tip of my tongue[Music]scallop it’s kind of like a scallop butit’s not a scallop is it a foodyeah it’s a food it comes in a shellin a shell abalone yeahlet’s try it out oh spicyit’s oily it’s almost just like you justput some salt and chili oil on there andalso the more you chew actuallythe more flavor you taste the flavorexplodesyou got to be careful it doesn’t explodetoo hard and blow your teeth offthat’s happened before yep what in theactual is that i think that’s partof the headoh no oh yo are those eyesthese are the eyeballs okay i’ll eat thehead you eat this bite of eyeballscheersthat bite was a little bit weird alsochewy but kind of gummy overall theseflavors are great thoughit just kind of tastes like chili oilwhich i like our second dish steamed conk with gingerin a wok the chef makes a broth withscallionsginger and spring onions flavored evenmore with fish saucemsg and sugar add the conkand finally garnish with onions leeksand cilantrowow these parts all look a little bitgnarly yeah.

Oh that’s a stomach partokay here we gooh i like that very much the look is alittle intimidating but actually thetaste is goodit’s very different yeah really reallysofti would say these two dishes complementeach other very well solocation two snail two a winner[Music]antennae my man managerat this joint here a pleasure to meetyou this place is unlike anywhere we’vebeen today it’s big it’s beautiful it’sglamorous welcome to wooden wayrestauranta high-end seafood paradise it’s theideal spot to flex on your co-workersswiping the company card for freshexotic and extraordinarily giant seafoodthat is still moving can you tell us alittle bit about this restaurant whocomes here besides you know rich peoplelike usmy name is so during the week you havepeople that are here to drink and thenon the weekends you have more familiesyou’ve got this huge aquarium what isgoing on hereit’s a fish it’s crazyuh this one what is this oh yeah so this is calledup yakbang and english name is mellomellomelomelo is a very large sea snailtypically found in the seas of southeastasiatheir huge shell is often used as a toolby fishermen to bail out water fromtheir boatstherefore it’s also commonly called abaylor shell this thing ismassive usually they try to hide in theshell but the snailit’s so big it’s become arrogant it’sjust like letting it all hang out and it’s super healthy super healthy oh it’s like uh aphrodisiac aphrodisiacyeah for men so not for me cool.

I’m gonna go hang out with some other dudeswhoalso ate aphrodisiacs and high fivesyeah high five each otherwe are in the kitchen the snail has beenpressure cooked for the last 10 minutesand we’re gonnareveal it right now so he’s got thetongs he’s gonna hit the ice water rightawayboom hit some ice water so now the notso easy part of taking it outhe’s got a scissors here kind of tryingto pry it out ohhe’s making some headway this part isnot easyhe’s got the focus of a madman he’sgoing to get it out you can do it youcould do itgo in all right it’s hour 12 of surgeryright now there’s somethingin there still clinging onto the shelfoh he’s got a hand on it it’s almost out[Music]there it is oh it’s missing a little bitthere’s some little part still left inthereoh i think that’s the poopy partthat part is huge remember early in thevideo when we ate the little poopy partnow it’shuge you can throw it away dudewe’d probably be fine without thatcongratulations.

Okay no high fives ifyou zoom in close this would actually beits eyes orintending it uses something around hereto see where it’s going obviously itwasn’t that good because it ended upherei’m going to put the whole thing on thescale and see how muchactual just straight up cooked snailmeat do we have herei don’t actually know because i’m notfacing the scale how much it is1.1 kgs of meat that is insanewell i got trust in these guys here thekitchen crew they’re going to make itinto some delicious food and i’m goingto make sure they don’t put this partinside let’s eatstop that armella mellow will beprepared two ways first stir frya hot wok is doused in oil garlic andchilies margarinesalt sugar and msg then a very generousportion of snailonce every piece of the snail is coatedit’s time to eatso let’s talk about thisover a kg of meat does it make youuncomfortable i gotta admiti’m a little intimidated you should be iwas inthe kitchen and it was disturbing howmuch fecal matteris contained within the snail it’s likea toilet pole which dish has the poopthis one let’s build up to the poop dishokay this is a climaxyeah the climax here we’ve got a moundof pure snail meat the meat itself looksthe same kind of justan opaque white but there’s like thisleopard print on the outside it lookslike a confusedmiddle-aged white woman that’s trying too hard all right.

I’m gonna just kindof reinvigorate it in the butter herelet’s go for it oh wow delicious flavor very rich with the butter the wayit breaks apart it’s like beyond chewyi think that’s all there is to this oneover here a snail saladdish two the chef chops all the odd bitsinto biteable chunksthis includes the organs and also thesemi-digested contents of its poop sacthat would be a horrible thing to haveto wasteadd all that to a shredded mixture ofbanana flowers vietnamese coriander and[Music]onionsokay take a look at that that’s a wholehorn yeah horn isthe right word for it cheers cheersmmm that one was pretty pleasant i meanno strong flavor uh what else is in herepapayapeanuts and just a dumb amount of meat ithink we do a little salad a little bitof snailoh way different everything here is sotender also the way that they prepareditis the right balance yeah it does bouncethis is more bold spicy in your face andthis is a bit more light overall.

I like it the only parts that freak me out are the ones that look like a body part when i feel like i’m looking into a snailfacelooking back at me like you could haveprevented this and i’m like with theviews and he’s like i get it the views theviewstoday we had three different snails at three different amounts of money for you which one was the best value for thea mount of moneyif i had to pick one i would say the most expensive one why is that the best value it’s the whole experience fromseeing it in the tang to cooking it and to having it on atable like that it’s totallytotally worth it oh we can’t say that for me the expensive snail is totally the right choice for the amount of money yeah for me the one that i thought was the best valuetodayis our first location just like classicvietnamese street food so many different options superdelicious super affordable to me for sure the best valuesmall snails you know the ones that don’t weigh over a pound they’re prettyawesomethey have nuanced texture and a bouncyspringiness that’s fun to bite throughit’s like beyond chewy giant snails more or less have the same super dense meaty consistency in eachbite the texture is kind of addictivethough butthey are a spectacle.

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