The food in China is extremely strange – hard to resist!

The food in China is extremely strange – hard to resist!

Wow this thing is at least almost four meters longSo far my foodie mission into Guangzhou China has been a huge success here some stomach you wanna try some stomach with meI’ve gotten a real behind-the-scenes look at how some local restaurants operate. Where’s the goose?Oh, that’s right literally dripping, and I’ve tried a ton of new and delicious foodI guess we’re searing the outside of the Peng today is my final day in China And. I’ve saved the best for last this looks absolutely stunningI’ll be feasting on some of the most exotic tasty treats this place has to offer so this is a giantsalamander the Chinese giant salamander even some that might try to bite back ohIt’s like it doesn’t want to be held, but first.

The food in China is extremely strange – hard to resist!

I need to figure out. What’s on tonight’s menu. Let’s goAll rightWelcome to the aquarium now, I know that this looks like helloYeah, I know this looks like an aquarium and honestly. It’s bigger than most local zoos aquariumsCertainly bigger than the one I went to when I was a kidBut what’s really great about this aquarium is you get to eat all the animals?Let’s check them out, so there is tons of stuff in hereAnd I don’t know how they sort them all there’s some pictures here, so obviously you knowThat’s that’s what that is here’s a goldfish hey everything’s on the menuEverything now this goldfish is hiding behind this other fish very smoothI’m tempted to eat the goldfish, would you guys still watch my show if I eat the goldfish?We have so many things here. This is crazy. Let’s go around the Sun hereWe have our classic shrimp peas not too lively. I think they’re I think they’re dead and in hereIt’s starting to get a little bit more serious. We got some big old crabs here.

I’m gonna make a separate channelThat’s just called sunny reaches into aquarium. Tanks that he probably shouldn’t be like when I was in phenom penOr like in Vietnam when I tried to grab the shrimpIt’s easy to hurt my hand how oh that’s why that’s why I said to you the claws are boundBut the eyes can see they have not blindfolded any of these crabsHey, buddyIs that I don’t want to break your leg on ohLook at thatThis thing’s like a kilogram at least this guy is big, and he is not a fan big crabBut I don’t think we’re eating crab today. Let’s keep looking dude. I think these are the spiny lobstersI’ve never seen these before Wow look at this thing. It’s got eight legsIt’s like a spider, and then it’s got these two tiny arms that are probably used for feeding itselfBut I’m not afraid of your horns. OhThose were pretty sharp.

They’re probably stressed out enough being in the aquarium. I just want to hold it for a little bitOkay, is that so bad if there was a kitten here?Would you blame me for wanting to hold a kitten they call it spiny for a reason oh?My God look at this thing whoaPossible thumbnail it’s got these freaking horns above its eyeballs. It’s got these giantSpiky and antenna things. I don’t know all the science words for it, but absolutely beautifulBut not quite what I’m looking for we’re looking for stuff. That’s gonna induceStamina usually something that’s kind of exotic oddunusual orphallic-shapedIf you know what I mean, let’s keep going. Let’s see what else we got here. Oh my god, okay?Come here, come here this looks insaneLook at this thingCan you see it, pleaseSo this is a giant salamander the Chinese giant salamanderIt’s going away from me very smart. Let’s find. Let’s go on that side. Oh my gosh look at this thing. It’s hugethisaGiant salamander is just strange enough that that has to be a staminaInducing food, but I’m going to check.

We’re trying to see this is actually something we can eat andIt turns outOkay it turns out it’s some critically endangeredWe shouldn’t eat the critically endangered animals in my opinion it’s one of my life rulesyou know there’s a book called out how to win friends and influence people and the first rule is to be a good listener andThe second rule is to not eat endangered animals because that it’s hard to make friends that way no one likes that hey, buddyGuess who’s not eating you know me. I’m not gonna eat. You. Hopefully this is just for display. I’m not sure wellLet’s see what other weird stuff. We can find that you know isn’t endangeredIFound something very special here, and it’s a softshell turtle now againI’ve already learned that in China if you want to eat something that seems a little unusual you need to look it up on Wikipediafirst okay ChineseSoftshell turtleOkay threatenedVulnerable species high risk of endangerment in the wild should.

I eat a threatened animal god? This is a tough one? NoIt’s not. There’s no way I’m gonna eat a threatened animal or an endangered animal or a critically endangered animal ILike animals that are more like we got enough of these thingsSo go ahead and eat them and anywhere in that range is fine, so softshell turtle you are safe todayI’m sure there has to be plenty of kind of unusual stuff here that I can eat swearI’m not endangering a species okay, and it’s not just about me eating the one thingI don’t want to set a precedent. You know people look up to me on this showI don’t want to say hey everyone lookHow yummy that softshell turtle is and then they go eat it, and then there’s less and lessWe can’t do that. No endangered animals and no softshell turtle. Let’s keep lookingRrrow oh my god What though Look at this thing when you look in this areaOkay, that’s how you know if we’re on the right trac.

It’s not endangered and it’s not trying to bite me or scratch meYeah, we’re gonna eat this for sure so this is called a gooey duckThey look freaking insane, and I’ve never seen anything like thisI want to make a quick note about how I choose the foods that I eat, okayI’ve kind of a rule system rule one is it has to be something people actually eat in that country- it must not be an endangered animal and three it must not be a cucumber and right nowI’m about to make a slight exception to that rule OhGodI’ve sea cucumberYeah, oh my god this feels so it has to be you know that this is gonna be a goodStamp stamina food because if you look at the shape, it’s gonna be a good nightYou know what no I mean, you’ve got gooey duckWe’ve got the sea cucumber we need one more thing we need a trifectaAll right the restaurant owner has alerted me that there’s actually a surprise out back. It’s something else. That’s longI don’t know what it is though anytime they tell you oh hey you got to go out back you should be veryExcited or very afraid.

I’m a little bit of both. Okay. We’re behind the restaurant in this little room here. You know ohThis is the snake room this honestly this restaurant has freaking everything and okay, hiThat isThe biggest the biggest instinct I’ve ever seen oh my godbroget control, Oh It’s like it doesn’t want to be held ohOkay, oh my godWhat is happening, this is a big-ass snake guys todayWe’re getting really serious about stamina now probably if I have stamina issues. I should have just talked to my doctorWeird what I’ve done the said Oh bro come on just chill bro. I’ll hold you looseI don’t want to why’d you why’d you do that, but instead what we’re gonna. Do is we’re gonna get some. Gooey duck. Okay?We’re gonna get some sea cucumber for vegetables and umWe’re gonna eat a snake are we eating this snake this snakeOkay, let’s put this guy away. Yeah, good badOkay, and the last thing is I’m just gonna release my hand like that.

I was not expecting that it’s gonna weigh it upLet’s check it out three point four kilogramsSo that’s like seven eight pounds this thing is massive. I need to bring this Oh, Oh GodWhat I got myself into what is going on. We’ve got our food selected, and now we’re we’re going to the kitchen hi thereDo you think I should you can you help me name this you know you don’t likeNot offend. No they don’t like the snake. Let’s go bring the snake to the chef aMaster chef your ingredient is green snake wow this thing is at leastAlmost 4 meters long wellI’ve never seen a gooey duck, and I’ve never seen one prepared so we’re gonna see how he does it noIt’s kind of fascinating itFeels and looks like kind of like a giant scallop almost like I’ll get a giant giant scallop so in firstHe just rips the shell off. It’s so interesting because it’s in the shellBut still like 50% of his body is exposed a Hey WowThis it’s a weirdest-looking creature, I’ve ever seen yeah, all of its little organs are in there.

That’s good veryNotion eight very briny, so he’s stripping out the internal organs keeping that hereAnd he’s blanching the main muscle in this hot water interesting. It’s almost like a tomatoYou blanch it and the skin comes right off? Oh?Okay, and this is like the force And I don’t want that we got the skin up and now we need to clean it offAnd then he splits it up the centerAnd it kind of flattens out the entire body the organs are gonna be stir-friedAnd then the body here is gonna. Be served like sashimi-style, which is just straight-up raw. This is a legit productionWe have an ice Swan here wired Kui tuk has come a long way, and now it’s time to do the finalSashimi preparation is going kind of diagonally really thin as he slices it, and then he’s putting it on our trayThey’re really amazing. I want to try some of this sushiMaybe I like enough wasabiSo I feel like the back of my skull that’s gonna melt off beautifully cut thinly sliced pieces of gooey duck.

I’m gonna grab this one right here. I’m gonna try without any sauceI just want to see like the real taste the real essence of it, so here. We go, gooey duckSuper fresh it does not get any fresher than thisThat’s really good. I expected it to be more likeOctopus like a little chewyIt has a little bit of a briny flavor to it very fresh and really it’s almost a crunchy texture to itIt’s so interesting. I’m going to dump a little bit in the soy sauce nowAnd that is the perfect amount of wasabi that’s in there that is I’m strong wasabi, broIt just has a really interesting kind of crunchiness to it that you wouldn’t expect from a meatMaybe try it with a little less wasabi than meAfter the gooey duckI washed in Oz the skilled chef dispatched and prepared three vastly different entreesAfter the snake was cleaned and skinned the chef’s blanched it in a mix of hot spices giving it an orange color from thereIt’s topped with salt pepper and fried crunchy minced garlic and deep fried until it turns a beautiful golden brownThis is by far the most bougieChai, not just Chinese experience. Just experience probably.

I’ve had in my lifeI’ve got my champagne our snake and what you see before me hereWe have our sea cucumber since the sea cucumber is essentially flavorlessIt’s dressed up in a bed of thick gravy made from chicken and fish stock with some barley sliced vegetables and kidney beansI don’t like cucumber, but this is the sea version and so maybe it’s better OhGod it’s I mean it’s about what you would think it would be like it’s a it’s all jigglyI’m gonna slice it in half it slices like buttah very smoothThere we goSlimy and so what we’re gonna. Do is just have it, OOPLoo, okay for a sea cucumber. They dressed it upJust about as beautifully as you can I don’t think you can do much more to a sea cucumber than they’ve done right hereBut I want the full sea cucumber experience KempWe’re gonna chop that up like that this one should be called gooey duck. This one is gooey this one is jigglyIt’s gelatinous. It’s oh my gosh sea cucumber for the first time in my lifeHere we goMm-hmm-hmm that wasThat was an experience. It’s good. It’s good.

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