The Fest Food in Vietnam! Travel

The Fest Food in Vietnam! Travel

Now one the first the most obvious things you want to try when you’re in Vietnam is bunny which is basically a sandwich with a whole bunch of different meats and veggies in it you’re probably familiar with this and have had it at some point before but these are gonna just all over the place no matter where you go in Vietnam now there may different kinds have been me and there’s all different kinds of greens you could have in it but this is a pretty standard one here with meats and cucumber cilantro flipping and a lot of pepper too crunchy. That is Banh Mi !

The Fest Food in Vietnam! Travel

Crab Noodle Soup:

It’s a must stop being for breakfast now at this random solder we came to here at intended in 10 markets and there’s all kinds of stuff in here there’s little bits of tofu there is some tomato there’s also a little bits of crab noodles are really really good here too overall it’s just like a really nice warm and hearty school soup we’re on a hot date it’s really really good and it’s just so rich and full that seafood flavor.

Grilled Banana:

Well the foods we’re gonna try here right now is called chewy new nib but this is it’s basically a really popular snack that is made up of some grilled banana with some coconut milk on it some sesame and surprisingly it’s not too sweet it’s grilled banana but somehow when you grill it the flavor comes out where it’s a tiny bit savory so it’s not overwhelmingly sweet and it’s just really delicious!

Is bun so it’s a Vietnamese crepe looks like egg but it’s actually basically a pancake with turmeric on it so it gets that egg looking golden ish color we have this giant Krissi pancake with some bean sprouts and shrimp and then what you do is you take that you fold it basically chop it up so you can serve it onto the lettuce and the wasabi leave put it all together wrap it up and when
you eat it you dip it into the fish sauce and it’s very flavorful very fragrant and super crunchy is really satisfying to eat and bunts ala is honestly pretty commonly found all over the place so it shouldn’t be hard for.

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