The exotic dishes of the wackiest tribe in the world! Visit the tribal life and cuisine!

The exotic dishes of the wackiest tribe in the world! Visit the tribal life and cuisine!

West Papua is home to over 300 differenttribes including one of the mostisolated tribes in the world, how oftenare they being visited this is not blackterrific spot they live in the jungleand then moving normalize for flights atwo-hour drive and miles of trekkingthrough the rainforest has brought mehere famous for their homes high in thetrees the coral why people live and eatdifferent from any place. I’ve seen onearth this is the way how will yousurvive in the jungle Oh today. I’ll bemaking contact how do. I say hellofollowing in their footsteps they justsaw something in the woods here andliving the life of the coral.

The exotic dishes of the wackiest tribe in the world! Visit the tribal life and cuisine!

I peopleI’ve been doing this now for over threeyears dozens of countries hundreds ofvideos and this is undoubtedly the mostdifficult and arduous journey. I’veundertaken the long shaky flightssharing hotel rooms with a gang ofroaches and this seemingly unendingtrudge into the rain forest it’s all inthe pursuit of documenting the world’smost unique food and something tells me. I’m not gonna be disappointedtrying to look old it’ll work thisregion has experienced days ofrelentless rainfall more than usual itlooks beautiful but one wrong step onetwisted ankle and it could take days toreach proper facilities we are on ourway to the car why people and it is nojoke right here there used to be a logbut it has fallen down that’s way tooearly to get my feet wet man it’s nevergonna be dry here there is a currentthough guys so like you gotta lean intoit a little bit Oh done huh kids what doyou think huh no big deal all right theywere here like half an hour ago ideallyyou’ve got feet with some callousbuildup so you can just feel your waythrough the water instead I just gotthese on so.

I’m trying to not get waterin my shoe these guys that’s like noissue at all it’s hilarious the core ohI thought they were alone in the worlduntil 40 years ago when first contactwas madenow many coral-y have been drawn to amodern lifestyle trading in treehousesfor homes and villages outside therainforest but some some still livetoday as they did hundreds of years agoat this point my biggest question islike what do you enjoy eating what isyour favorite food out here is it justabout staying alive or is there somefood that’s like the treasured foodtoday there are only 3,000 Korowai inPapua what you are about to witness hasnever before been documented on videoWow quickly go through what they gotoday we will the Big Chief come to pickus up ah how do I say hello Padre gottenit go today go today how far is thevillage from here almost 30 minutes areyou hunting before I used to kill theenemy but now I just come here to pickyou up not for killing you veryself-defenseyeah well I want to say thank you somuch for allowing us into your villageand lastly.

I brought some cigarettes incase you smoke you smoke Marlboros[Music]this is a traditional coral-y treehouseone side is dedicated to the women andthe other side to the match amazingly atany given time there are two firesburning inside the house cooking is doneexclusively in the home or under thetreehouse right now it’s still rainingsuper muddy but we’re still gonna gohunt how often are you successfulsometimes they get it and sometimes theylose when you don’t get anything what doyou eat they mostly eat inside it’s astaple food for white people besidesbeing their staple food so I’ll go woodis also used to construct the floorwalls and roofs of each home.

Wow where’she get the metal from the missionarygave them four tools at home and thenthey use it for hunting is this usuallythe way you’re hunting with a bow andarrow yeah the coral-y chief will let usjoin their hunt but only if we can keepup the dinner menu is dependent uponwhat crosses their path during the huntjungle rats giant insects or even treekangaroos are all possibilitiesa bow and arrow for the kill and the dogto sound off or praise near even withthe hunting dogs they have to wait forthe dog to alert them and then they canactually hunt it with toughen arrows sowe trekked for about 30 minutes now backinto the jungle away from their homelike even deeper from where we startedand we might have to go even deeper intothe super lush thick jungle to actuallycatch something your average citydweller would starve to death after afew days here but for the Korra winefood is everywhere this is the top ofthe palm tree when I had coconut ones inVietnam.

I found you could eat the samething like the coconut worms to eat thevery inside of the tree it’s veryfibrous and watery and it looks likethat so it’s gonna happen here kind ofpeeling the palm into that was hisportion this is the really thick fibrousportion right here and then here I don’tknow it kind of flowers up into thislooks like a mop I’m just gonna try itout oh it’s like a mushroom I mean thetexture mmm not a strong flavor justkind of watery and like a nice mushroomII kind of texture well oh cool after acouple miles of rough terrain it lookslike mammals will not be gracing ourdinner plates tonight but that doesn’tmean we won’t be eating well right hereguysit’s a Tsavo tree so they’ve harvestedpart of it in the past and now they’relooking for Sahgal grubs oh oh oh my godhe looks pumped oh god I don’t like bugswatch this is the worm what.

I thought itwould be way bigger in Vietnam they’reeating the coconut worms it becomes acoconut weevil they don’t think theadult form in Vietnam but here they’relike oh man why not they don’t eat italive maybe because it’s a pain in theass I think he’s just gonna squeeze thehead can you oh you just kind of rolledthe head until it’s just asleepOh oh my god the colony workers arrivedthey’ve already harvested like half thistree after it’s been sitting in the rainkind of rotting they come back and theylook for beetles and worms and whateverelse could be in there but it has thatsour yeasty fermented saw potion all toit and the worms this is a special fantwist growing in the wild winters in the photo, I when they hunting they take thisalso but will they eat this yes with alltheir raw ingredients in hand we headback to the tree house to startpreparing dinner believe it or not wereactually up in a tree house right nowand right here they’re making thissplendid meal this is today’s main dishusing ingredients caught from and foundin the surrounding rainforest it startswith a layer of dry saga tree starchthat is sprinkling of pika a type ofedible clay material it tastes like clayoh yeah sure dry fancyson the practiceof eating earth or soil like substancesis nearly universal around the world intribal and traditional rural societiesclay minerals have beneficial microbialeffects protecting the stomach againsttoxins parasites and pathogens and then they’re putting on the fern then theyput on all the saga worms from the treeand then all this kind of burn righthere yes and then more on top so this iskind of like a giant cake or something Diane beats awesome okay you’re gonnaput all these super hot rocks on herenow they’re gonna bundle all theseleaves it’s like its own self-containedoven and all of this is just stuff theycaught and collected from right aroundhere yeah so cool.

Oh they’re gonna putit on the fireoh wow 45 35 minutes on the fire andthen we’re gonna bust that open and eatit was that you looks like what the drylo oh no it’s the saga worms that didn’tmake it into the main dish are putdirectly onto the fire and treated as anappetizer of sortssmoky countries like grilled chicken Ithink us it’s like singed it’s a littlelike charcoal flavor it sounds likethey’re murdering a pig now they’re notturn it off coming up next you thoughtthat was itbut what about the Beatles from todaythey’re right here the Beatles we caughtearlier from the same saw go tree weredispatched for easier transport sorryyour dad we’re gonna eat you for dinnerall of them are dumped onto the hotcinders to cook through the fire I meanit’s on there it’s like a little bittercan I give you one yeah that’s prettygoodno ball in the final okay.

I was helpingyou yeah I got it I’m all ready to I’mfine boom[Applause]so this is finished cooking we’re allgonna join together and I don’t knowwhich way we’re bringing it okay rightthey kind of cook everything this waywhether they’ve got some pork or sometree kangarooWow look at that that vibrant red orangecolor is from the saga it looks kind oflike a pizzaexcept for this pizza has worms in it ohit’s super hot but he’s ripping it apartwith his hands she says no use this besmart and he says yes I agree that is agood idea oh and then this is how theyprepare this is like one serving righthere thank youafter a portion of saga pizza is handedto each housemate they retreat intotheir own personal space to eat insideall big salgo reveal that fern that wesaw in the jungle earlier it’s kind ofcooked down it’s kind of a mush and thenthat is mixed with all the Sahgal andthen there’s just little chunks of warmthroughout I don’t know everyone justkind of rips it up and eats pieces.

I’mgonna try itthis is shaky oh this is so good this isso weird it’s become this really gummychewy texture and then the greens thefurnace have broke down they’re soft nowearthy and grassy it tastes like thejungle well what you would expect I meanlook at that there’s a giant Samba wormwreck and in my next bite but then youreally gotta chew the heck out of itthough that is out there men I must saythis is one of the most special momentsof my life being so far away a place wehad to trek hours to through the rain tofinally being in this treehouse theirhome where they have a fire insidethey’re cooking food that we caughttoday it’s so refreshing it’s so cool tosee something this new this differentit’s beautiful I love itand it’s a really. I don’t know it tasteslike the jungle got a little bit ofeverything in there losadolo worm lo greens and that’s pop walk ina pizzaevery once in a while it’s good to get areminder of just how soft I am the realworld for me consists of camerascomputers and YouTube the real worldhere consists of the real world usingancient knowledge passed down fromgeneration to generation not throughbooks or blogs but through dailypractice through my eyes theserainforests are daunting andoverwhelming where.

I see an endless listof potential hazards the core oh I seefood they see medicine they see toolsthey see home and a decade from now whenthe apocalypse has wiped out most theearth when humanity is reduced tostrangers battling over the last can ofbeans at a Walmart the Korowai will bedoing just finefrom researching and shooting to editingand mastering our 10-person best everfood review show team works hard to rollout the highest quality travel foodentertainment twice a week if you likewhat we do here please considersupporting our patreon patreon allowsfans of the show to contribute a monthlysum and receive a load of extras likeearly video releases private q and A’sand beyond to learn more about ourpatreon check out the link in thedescription box down below and if youcan’t give or don’t even feel like itthat’s ok toowe’re just happy you’re here guysthank you so much for watching that hasbeen pop wall I will see you next timeI’m peace hey we got proof yeah beforeyou go let me tell you about our newmerchandise it’s a shirt that says ballsbut it’s so much more than that it’s anode to the wonderful ball shaped foodfound all across our ball shaped globeballs balls balls ballsget your ball shirt or sweatshirt todayby clicking the link below and be sureto check out our second channel morebest-ever food review show for raw clipsand deleted scenes that didn’t make itinto.

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