The dishes you will never forget- Super delicious and delicious!

The dishes you will never forget- Super delicious and delicious!

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The dishes you will never forget- Super delicious and delicious!

With the help of an experiencedprofessional nowonto the show this is a very delicatefood itemthe foie gras of the seed do you want totake a stepin today’s modern meat-filled world somebody parts get overlookedoh that pig didn’t brush his tongue thisseries is an homage to the offcutsbody parts that in the west might getthrown in the trash why is there liquidin here what do you think that islast time we discovered succulent skinit’s like gummy bears butpork flavor oh that’s the best kind ofgummy bear and nowit’s all about the liver in the 80speter crocker made a huge campaign aboutliver and onion i’m not that old sorryhow are you22. all right i’m 21. today we’re on ahero’s missionshowing that these underrated animalparts have the power to rise above theliver it’s probably one of the mostnutritious organs there is in any bodyand deliciousfour foods four chefs cooking up dishesthat are not just tolerable but craveworthyand delicious so how will they do itlet’s find out you ready.

I’m ready let’s do it let’s go let’s doit let’s do ittoday we’re starting out in vung acoastal city in vietnamfamous for its fresh cod seafood cheffirst of all nice to meet youuh is it okay if i move these yes do youjust tell them to say yesat this restaurant they specialize inone very distinguished sea creature it’sa flat fish it looks like alien right imeanhave you ever had stingray i’ve neverhad stingray in my life i don’t have anyidea what it’ll taste like well after weleave today you’ll still have no ideabecause today we’re going to be tryingliver oh yeah the liver the liverliver greatwhat is it that people like about thisdish in particular yeahdid you know that is the number onedestinationfor stingray the reason why people flockto his restaurant because theytake such good care of the productstingray livers can weighup to ten percent of their total bodyweightthis stingray comes in at 15 pounds thatmeans we’re looking at a pound and ahalf of liverthat is a lot it almost looks like afoie grasit’s big it’s flat it has some seafoodessence to it for surethe liver is cleaned and sliced intomore manageable piecesit’s seasoned.

With msg sugar and pepperadd fresh green peppers and julienneginger on topall that gets steamed for 10 minuteswhen i was in japani had the monkfish liver whoathat was awesome that’s phenomenal thisit looks similar in some ways so we’llsee how it islet’s eat bhaktacalvin i am happy because we’re tryingsomething really cool especially for ourfirst locationthat is potent get in there with yourspoonis that cooked all the way through idon’t know do you want to lose weightokay let’s eat it[Music]that is delicious i love these flavorsthis is like waking up in the morningand just finding a stingraycutting out the liver and biting into itwhy aren’t you showing my enthusiasmlisten i respect the chef i respect thisanimalsure that is one of the most disgustingthings i’ve ever been on in my lifeit’s like all the worst flavors combinedfishy bileit’s like acid i love these flavorsstingray liver is also used in europeancuisine do you think by putting it on acracker it’ll taste better i do notfor some it’s the most prized part ofthe stingray soi guess some people like it can dieoh there it is again.

I don’t like itwell i love it at leastnot yet let’s try it in the hot pot hotpot hot pot i think by boiling it allthe flavors are going to dissipateright so you might be able to mask it alittle biti hope noso much more softer much more delicate idefinitely think that the flavors havewashed out into the pot andcan i say something of course this onenot for mei found my limit i’ve eaten a lot ofwacky sandy things yeahand this is one step too far i can’thandle it i can’t handle the consistencythe kind of pasty gooeyness of it andit’s like really earthy andwhich i love we finally found somethingthat grosses you out this isreally out there man but can i tell youwhat i do like what’s that the stingraymeat this is dessert for me cheerscheersthat’s deliciouswe’re heading back to the bustling cityof saigon fora livery lunch neil put her there niceto meet youhere at union jacks they’re serving upan old old traditional treat from theunited kingdomlet’s call it a welsh meatball first ofall what creaturedoes this liver come from traditionallyit’s made from poresyou may be shocked.

But pork liveractually has little fatplus compared to a pork chop it’s muchmore nutritious asorgan meats usually are the meatball isone of the original sort of fast foodsdesigned basically a working classfor a healthy nutritional meal the welshmeatball is made with a base of mincedpork bellyand liver cubes a blend of liver andonionthen more onion these days people areless likely to eat these parts do youthink they’re missing outoh definitely i grew up eating liveronions and baconstuffed lamb’s house stuffed lamb thatsounds greati want to taste your childhood season itwith thymenutmeg parsley sage salt pepper garlicand gingermix in breadcrumbs too shake by hand tomake perfectly round meatballs that areready to hit the ovenso you’ve already made a bunch ofmeatballs here i mean this isi can’t um there’s so many here did youcount them yeti haven’t counted them yet uh we need toknow how many there are for the showthank god he’s here we need help manthere’s all these meatballs but we don’tknow how to count them can you help usone two three fourgood job thank youwait a second it’s 11 meatballs but hecounted 55huh it sounded beautiful.

But that wasnot accuratenot at all all rightthe welsh meatball is bathed in oniongravy then baked for five minutesfinally it’s served with mashed potatoesgreen peas and even more gravy on toptalbot coming off that stingray highdoes your tongue still workyes all right so i think first we shouldtry some of this sumptuous gravyclassic you ready to cut into themeatball yeah so it’s pretty tender ididn’t know what to expect when you openit up you can see there’s littledifferent layers of sections of groundup fat not a huge amount of liver herewe go i’m in loveall the flavors here are just up homethe pork really stands out there’s alittle bit of mineralinefrom the liver in there it really doesremind me of a meatloaf yeahtexture it’s very loafy we didn’t cheersmmmyou love this don’t you.

I kind of feellike i’m cheating does this really countfor this showit does contain liver the way he’scooked it up he’s hidden it really wellyeah you can’t even tell and then thegravy on top is just like the greatsocial lubricant between the food itemsthe social lubricanti’m just going to do one trifecta herepeas potato and then some of that livermeatballthis is the winner i’m ready to ventureout and try something a little bit moreinsanethan this meatball all right well let’sdo it let’s goopen for only two years this place isserving a one-of-a-kind specialtythat hails from vietnam’s centralhighlandsmeet the owner mr young am i the firstyoutuber to come hereit’s been a lot yeah what type of foodyou serve herethey specialize in one dish called asteamed rice sheet dish with a varietyof add-onsincluding plenty of these chicken liversoh it’s delightful you’ve had thisbefore i have do you think it’ll bebetter than stingray.

I think you’ll loveit just as much just love stingraythe livers are simply boiled withlemongrass ginger and salt this is somuchliver how many livers would you say arein herehe’s estimating 60 pieces in here sonobody counted the exact numbernobody counted yet this is just anestimationit’s just this show we pride ourselveson numbers on accuracy on properinformationwe have to know exactly how many liversare in here i have an idea i have a friend who canhelp with this let me call really quickhey we need your help you got my body ina cold sweatoh yes thank god you’re here look atthis man there’s so many chicken liversbut we don’t know how many can you helpus countone two three fouryou said around 6yeah yeah yeah all right so60. oh city one million ne million five106 1.7108[Applause]he got a million 860 i mean uh get ittogetherplease i’m gonna go with this guy he’sgot over a million followers sothe liver together with gizzards andchicken meat is drenched with a dilutedfish sauceadd on top of the steamed rice sheetsthen finish it up with fried shallotsand twovery impressive soft boiled unlaidchicken eggs.

I mean what the hecki’ve never seen that ever it’s likesomething you would expect to see on afine dining menu it’s rare it’s cookedwithskill and proper technique yes it looksactually gorgeous let’s have it cheersbut it’s so silky it’s smooth creamyyummy delicious on the sidefish sauce fish sauce get everythingnice andwet mix these bad boys up a little bitof chicken liver let’s go[Music]well what a mix of flavors the herbs thefish sauce and that liveris very strong it’s like a bad tastethat’s why pepsi’s made up reallyyes i’m going gizzard i’m going chickenthis whole dish it’s so fresh everythingis being used from nose to tail but thechicken and the liver really stand outfor me as far as usingliver in a clever way what really bringsit together for me are these eggs on topextremely delicious and skillfully madeit’s wild that you could get somethinglike this for two dollarsthree locations three different liversand three dramatically differentexperiencesnow we’ve got one left let’s go let’s golet’s golet’s go[Music]our livery adventure has led us to thisman chef sakal of the corto restaurantchef let me tell you in this video we’rejust eatinganimal livers it started a little bitrough this is uh the wild wildeast.

I loved it but now we’re here as acambodian frenchmanzikal embodies both eastern and westerngastronomy in his culinarybut i’m learning from the techniquefrench museum he knows taco techniqueis different what’s really interestingto me about liver is it has such a rangeit can be just boiled up mashed or itcan besomething that costs hundreds of dollarsper pound like what we’re trying todaythat’s what i said foie grasis the liver of a goose or duck that’sbeen fattened through a force-feedingprocessif you ever see a normal liver from aduck it’s about 10of that size really dude this is likethe size of your liver they force-feedthem and that’s why it’s controversialand everybody has to draw their own linesomewhere and for me my lineetches right around that and that staysin my dietwonderful so call’s recipe for the foiegras is a work of artfirst a pigeon is filleted it’s seasonedwith salt and peppera layer of filling is made with dicedgreen applesspinach raisin sauteed mushroom pastetruffle oiltruffle paste and pine seed before wecontinue there is something reallyimportant we have to do we need to knowhow many foie gras do you have on hereonly one what do you mean how many uh ijust feel like we should confirm withsomebody you.

Got my body in a cup sonny there’sone here so we don’t need help we gotthiswe got this we got this one foregroundthe foie gras is cut into thick slicesand pan sear is it hard to mess this upyeah it’s difficult to cookif you less outside like that long termyou’re overcookedit’s not good now the assembly startwith a base of pastry doughadd the filling pigeon and the foie grasnext a drumstick then more filling thenroll it upapply an egg wash and last send it tobake for about eight minutes[Music]this wraps up our whole series this isthedish the grand finale is upon us andit’s startingnow take a look downwow wow that’s beautiful look at minelook at mine they look quite similar sowe have foie gras here you put it in thepastry on top of it what is that that’sa pigeon breastabove the breast duck cell i believeguys actual culinary schoolapplebee’s waiter for three years that’sright oh the puff picture is solight and so this is so rich i don’tthink the rich people actually smelltheir food that waylet’s go big let’s go big cheers[Music]isn’t it a symphony it’s so remarkableyeah that’s the best of everythingtogetherthe creaminess of the liver is fillingmy mouth with a smoothtidal wave of flavor that tells meeverything’s gonna.

Be okay don’t worryabout the futureyou have some really good wordsthis speaks wonders of how talented thechef really is you know you gottaenvision it what pairs well with thefoie grasit could be anything and he chose pigeonbreast french cuisineis superior it’s hard to portray frenchcuisine in videos sometimes becauseit’s less flashy and more technical andit’s just soneat where people would rather see justhuge cauldrons of boiling broth on thestreet because it’s so visceral andenergy packedwhere the kitchen maybe it lacks someenergy but i think i’d like to try a lotmore should we do a series on onlyfrench cuisine should me and you go tofrancetoday we ate at four differentrestaurants calvin i want to know whichfoodwas your favorite i know you didn’t likethe stingray but everything with livertoday was deliciousi really can’t pick my favorite one whatabout you for me i must go with locationforduck wall brock okay everybody was ohgoshit was so good well study i gotta saythis is the last episode we’re bringingon together and i can’t give you ahandshake i need a man hugbye bye taxi best ever food review showis a small team of independent creatorsand everything.

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