The dishes for students are extremely attractive!

The dishes for students are extremely attractive!

Cow-dung what’s going on now well yougonna stack this up and we light it updo you have like rubber gloves you’relike okay today we’re back with theOverlander India team budae and a Jeepthey’ve already schooled me onRajasthani desert cooking so he’scutting off some of this meat I’m seeinglittle bits of it yeahoh my last time I fell into a meat comabut it looks like that won’t behappening today so no means no there’sno meat today we’re making a local dishcalled dal baati and a lot of it Nolendifferent people’s went to battles theywould actually bury these dough balls insand and leave them all day and themethod of cooking is like nothing I’veseen before how done is used in thisarea as a cooking medium they take it toa different level completely and if thatwasn’t enough we’re on a race againstthe clock first of all thank you all forhaving me todayall right all right I’ll be attemptingto cook up 50 meals for these eagerschool kids by lunch time God do webehind them food well.

The dishes for students are extremely attractive!

I hope some ifit’s less than me go hungry so grab somecow chips start a fire and gather aroundthe computer screen we’re doing desertcooking Rajasthani style again[Music]ajit and I are on our way to a smallvillage school we plan to meet thechildren and teach them all about thecomplex world of food reviewing I amwith Ajit of Overlander India and we arewhere are we beginning of the thardesert in western Rajasthan in India andas we go further west towards the borderof Pakistan the desert becomes more andmore arid here you will find a lot ofagriculture and we’ll get a chance tosee people who haven’t really changedtheir traditional form of cuisine inthis area there are some communitiesknown as the fish noise arguably theworld’s first environmentalist they livein Hamlet’s in the middle of their ownagricultural fields they will not evencut a tree for firewood power-down isused in this area as a cooking mediumthey take it to a different levelcompletely what’s going on here this isan oasis of sheep and goats and thenthere’s a shepherd over here and helooks like a real shepherd yes you know what.

I mean there’s a lot of posers huhhello sir mister me you know how manysheeps and goats do you have hey getthat outfit he’s got a hundred hundredwhat are you doing right now I’m gladI’m not going to do anybody bow hittingthem a drink of water I think it is nothey don’t need we use them for milk andmilk is there any trick to making themin trust you hey there I could be ashepherd guys look at this shepherdingI’m doing it does he ever pet thembecause they’re really bad at being petwas this one misbehaving oh he’s takinga leak hey buddy always so freaked outthough hi the amazing thing is they’renot actually eating any of these sheepor goats they’re just here for the milkand I think for their wool they stillseems pretty stressed out anyway sothey’re not used to this all right takecarea real live Shepherd that’s so coolajit and i arrived at the school despitethe modest scenery and it having beenmany years since my own schooling.

I can’t help but feel a bit nervous rightnow we are outside of a school and arethere many foreigners coming here thisschool no nobody’s come here okayI have a bad history with young kidswhen they see me they just kind of cryreally yeah they’re gonna be littlecurious they might target you should getused to I can handle that all rightlet’s hide it okay oh boy I feel likeit’s my first day of school is it okayif I teach them one vocabulary word yesabsolutelyI wanted to teach you one very importantEnglish word whenever you’re trying outsome food in Hindi we said buddy ah inEnglish we say yummywell yeah talk yummy yeah we’re gonna gocook lunch we’ll see you soonthese are our dinner guests this is ourkitchen and this is the food thecountdown has begun as we prepare lunchfor all these kids but there’s already apotential problem hopefully who day hasthe answer I’m here with the other halfof Overlander my buddy today I’m pumpedfor this huge meal we’re about to cookis this gonna be enough for all thosekids and me you’ve invited the wholeschool we have to prepare a meal for atleast 70 people yeah was.

I beingoverzealous I thought do we buy enoughfood well I hope so if it’s less than wego hungry we’re making dal baati asimple meal that would feed a whole armyone smell doll which is five lentilstogether and body is rolled up dough andthen that is going to be cooked in yeahI want to ask what is this secretingredient over here though that is thedried up cow dung which is collectedfrom the fields and we can use that forburning yes takes maybe four or five ofthese cakes to cook you hold meyou know the five different lentilsgreen lentils which is called the moongram lentils which is the chana dalgreen lentil without the husk redlentils and pigeon pea the dal startswith a specific portion combination ofthese five lentils another one lentilone and a half 0.5 yesthis kind of just dip dab and taste youcan figure it out as you go next thelentils hit a boiling pot of water along with turmeric and salt while that boilswe move on to something a little moredoughy so right here we have this hugeplatter of wheat flour and this is gonnabe or the Monte.

The bread so we’rekneading the dough we’re adding water inthis bread is in just two ingredientssalt and wheat and then just a lot ofthe manpower kind of punching it this is good this is kind of therapy too are youthinking about your bully from middleschoolafter the dough has formed it’s time toballed it up first of all yeah hit ithuh your enemy the olden days whenpeople went to battle they wouldactually bury these dough balls in sandno tinfoil no tinfoilthey’d just dust it off and then eat ityou’ll do the same thing this is likethe most extreme bread I’ve ever had areyou going to make at least 200 of theseI don’t know how to there we go well allthese kids to get one as many as theywant WowI absolutely got schooled I mean zoom inon this look how perfect that is andthen you have mine it cracks yeah a lotof cracks. I hope they’ll like it I’lltry not to touch too many of these Falls[Music]next is the bread baking and in all-timefirst on the best ever food review showwith no oven available we’re using thenext best heat source burned cow dungand no I am not joking aroundcow dung what’s going on now well you’regonna stack this up and we light it upyou have like rubber gloves you’re likeokay oh it has no smell it doesn’t smellit just feels like dirt but as long asit doesn’t taste like I’m not gonna betasting this one and the final hit toart it’s Dec the cherry on top is thisreally that flammable I can just throwit on it on this pile of it and light itit’s not cheating yeah.

I’ll put thispieces yeah just like that first try Iknow it takes about 30 minutes for thecow dung to burn down into these hotfiery embers perfect for cooking ourround and not so round bocce balls ohreally you just tossed it in like bocceball okay I’ll do one too oh god this isso nutsonce the dough balls are in contact withthe embers they’re gently rolled arounduntil they develop an even crust on theoutside after the body has developed acrust they’re removed from the embersbut the inside is still raw once theembers die down a bit the bottie arereintroduced and even covered in hotcinders allowing them to cook all theway throughI think after it cools down a little bitthey’re gonna throw it all back on therecover it up and then it’ll cook all theway through now they’re almost ready toeatto remove the ash all the bread ballsare loaded into a burlap sack it is nowtime to dust it off this is how they’regetting all the ash on the ash andwhatever that is left.

I mean this istremendous so the bread is piping hotlike fresh out the oven I’m gonna breakit open oh it’s so hot oh wow just fromthat initial singeing they develop thiscrust on the outside and then the restis cooked evenly inside here I’m gonnatake a big bitemmm even just so long that’s really niceyou did it I mean we all did it you knowbut mostly mostly you guysI’m told the children are just finishingup their lesson and will be heading hereany minute but we still need to finishthis meal prep according to you day wemust temper the doll which basicallymeans to add zest and spice turning theflavor dial up to 11 a side pan with hotghee and cumin seeds also gets chiliesonions green chillies ginger chillipowder turmeric and tomato the bread islike biscuits and the doll is like gravythey love each other they need eachotherthe children finally arrive and they arehungry luckily we’ve finished preparingall the food just in time now the onlyquestion remains will they think it’syummynow that the meal is fully preparedthere’s oh I don’t know like 50 kidshere and it’s my pleasure right now toserve everybody so here we go buddybaatein.

I think I made that one kind ofa crack there I did my bestthe body is served and the kids knowexactly what to dothey begin shredding it into smallerpieces perfect for soaking up a heapingscoop of dal how are you doingyummy yummy they learned it yummy yeahhow is it is it good yummy all rightenjoy the children are fed and satisfiedcooking for them was its own reward andfinally sampling the meal itself is thecherry on top of this desert experiencewhat an exciting day you must be veryhungry no I’m starving but it was adelight to serve all these other kidsnow you can eat the food that you cookedon so from here we’re gonna take forthis insanely flavorful doll and put iton the body and that’s just gonna soakup those delicious spiced juices theyready yeah here we go so deliciousstrong lentil flavor coming through andthe tempering later on with all thespices oh wow what is this it’s pico degallo the same thing like from Mexicoyou don’t make make a mix of everythingoh yeshmm my gosh there’s something aboutbeing like in the desert out here thekids todaysomething.

I said well there were kidshere at one point even beat it I thinkthey found out about the cow dung yeahthat’s what happened there so the breaditself is just very dense almost likechewy little doughy inside the spicesare incredible and there’s somethingabout just being out here that makes iteven more enjoyable like when you have abarbecue on the beach does about you inthe fields the desert version of thatyeah exactlyhmm I want to say thank you tooverlander India for this experiencetoday and for you guys this video wasmade possible by one trip Vietnam onetrip is the highest-rated tour companyin Vietnam doing tours from north tosouth in all major cities includinghanoi ‘no chang Danang poem and saigonyou can experience food tours adventuretours and more to learn more about onetrip check out the links in thedescription down below I will see younext time a piece piece nailed.

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