The dishes are cooked from the ground in India – unforgettable dishes!

The dishes are cooked from the ground in India – unforgettable dishes!

This is a moment of truth is it good Ireally hope so I need an ending to thisvideo my first foodie mission into Indiabrought me to two of its most massivecities Delhi and Mumbai this city ishome to some of the most gigantic Indianfood I have ever seennow I’m back with a special focus onnorthwestern India starting our journeyin the semi-arid deserts of Rajasthanevery home has but this kind of food nottoo many people know about I’m here forfood I’m talking old style desertcooking in the ground now they’re gonnacover on top Wow Ajith and who they areleading the way they’re the drivingforce behind overlander India with themission of demystifying Raja stands manygems including certain complex foods yeswe’ll be literally dozens of miles fromcivilization and things are gonna getspicy wow that is so much spice butdon’t worry.

The dishes are cooked from the ground in India – unforgettable dishes!

I’m leaving some room fordessert the ceremony’s known as theemulsifoam which literally translatedinto english means opium ceremony sograb your geek cuz we’re doing desertcooking Rajasthani style before anyfeasting can begin Ajit has invited meto be part of a welcoming ceremony withsome locals welcome to the village sirthat’s a welcome tikka for you Oha welcome tikka what is the significanceof this wherever you are being welcomedinto somebody’s home you’re welcome likethis Wow sometimes you would garlandsomebody but that’s if it was a biggeroccasion like if you were coming toattend a wedding or something yeahthis isn’t that way communication allright thank you very much we’re inside amud with the village head who’s about tooffer his version of a welcome drinkthis gentleman is mr. padam party andnice to meet you thank you so much forhaving us we are here actually towitness a very old ceremony the ceremonyis known as the emulsify which literallytranslated into inmeans opium ceremony in the West youwould open a bottle of champagne overhere and you share a little bit of opiumthis type of ceremony traditionally usesreal opium but since opium is nowillegal in India we’ll just use molassesand pretend it’s opium alright hellogentlemen what do we have hereit’s for the opium ceremony what isbeing poured in there basically one partopium in three parts molasses then mixedwith water and then it’s going to befiltered so now he’s going to offer itto the gods since I’m not wearing aturban with my left hand I would covermy head with my hand with my right handat the ring finger.

I would offer some tothe gods as well and then I wouldconsume it directly from his hand iwatch how you doing here okay ringfinger sum to the cards yes should I doit in the same way yes absolutely I sohe pours it onto his hand covering myhead with my left hand and then slowyeah slow yes the flavor is like alittle bit of aspirin that’s beendiluted in water it’s a bit bitter itfeels like one puff of a cigarette arewe done here then yeah we’re pretty muchdone how do I say thank you err to saythank you Emil von onion bud thank youvery much now that I’m all buzzed up onmolasses we’re driving to the middle ofthe desert to the Overlander campgroundtoday we’re sampling some oldtraditional Rajasthani recipes recipesthat came about through absolutenecessity but delivered completely onflavorajit we have had our molasses yes butwhat else is on the menu for today sowhat we are going to do today is cooklamb in a very different way we aregoing to cook.

what’s known as a cut inthe lamb the cooking is going to be doneunder ground gonna be at least can yeswhoa these are just like the trees thisis cattle grazing land so you can seecattle you’ll see a camel’s back to thecut during war that the soldiers willuse this method of cooking undergroundthey left no trace of it what’s rightyou’ll be making another lamb which isknown as jungling lambit’s made with five ingredients in theWest it’s like five that seems normal inIndia that’s like there’s nothing thatis romancing five ingredient in thisrecipe is that if you got strandedsomewhere anywhere you were you wouldhave these five ingredients availableall right well here we are I guess yourteam is gonna get to digging um yeswelcome to the Overland oh gee oh thisis gonna take a while I’m told this isthe most important kitchen utensil we’reusing today but uh I think.

I need someguidance today amenare you doing this is yours so listenwe’re making a hole it’s two foot by twofoot and then two feet deep yeah we’regonna fill the bottom with coal and putthe leg of lamb and cover the hole withmud again and we’ll wait for that to usoh it takes two hours all right this iskind of a slow cooker huhfrom here the hole will be dugoff-camera right once the hole is dugBuddha walks me through how to perfectlyspiced our lamb right here we have theleg of lamb we’re ready to prepare walkme through this these are the spicesthat everybody knows cinnamon cardamomblack pepper cloves coriander turmericonion powder and key this is roastedonion yes it looks like ground coffeeall these spices combined create theguam masala which is right here Wowfragrant aromatic came very fresh take apinch yeah taste it it’s an explosion inyour mouth isn’t it yeah a little hot soif you taste the marinade it’s very verysharp but the end result is very – afterscoring the lamb this baby is going toget an avalanche of seasoning and itstarts simply with some garlic and thebasic marinade what are you making inthis one I’m gonna make another face offspices which is gonna be mixed in heatand we put it on top so we start with achilies coriander powdera bit of turmeric salt oh I’m gonna mixit yeah that looks potent okay try itout.

I mean a buttload of ghee in hereyou’re just a kitchen termoh it’s mild isn’t it it’s not sharp atall pretty intense to me it’s intensebut it’s not hot hot all right we’ve gotbanana lead tinfoil leaves and thenperhaps the most interesting part ofthis to me I’m actually surrounding thewhole life with all these rotivisibility’s rotis also act as a bufferit will not let your meat get burntnow you’re gonna put on that lovelysauce oh that’s wonderfulwow that is so much spice there’s asmuch seasoning as serves meat on here isit impossible to over season this youcan over season it it’s always good tooverdo it then under do it once it’ssoaked in masala the lamb is encasedwith even more rotis banana leaves andtinfoil leaves this bundle is slidinside a damper lap sack protecting thelamb from burning finally our lambcooking apparatus requires a handle foreasier retrieval you’ll see what I meansoon so what’s happening here just alittle bit the hole is now.

I’m moussedokay so we’ve got the hot embers comingin and then in with the meat wrapped inthis soaked gunnysack he’s got kind of awire handle on here the embers areheating up that wet sac and now they’regonna cover it on top right Wowthe lamb bundle is topped off with evenmore embers and finally sand to lock inthe heat with no thermometerthe only issue remaining is having noidea if it’s actually finished cookingwhile we wait ajit introduces today’ssecond main course what’s our secondcourse today it’s called jungly meatjungly means wild ah very easy to cookfive key ingredients ghee which isclarified butter red chillies whole andin powdered form coriander seeds garliccrushed as well as all and salt and ofcourse then we have lambwe’re gonna start off by putting gheeonce he has heated up a little bit we’rejust going to put everything else in ittogetherOh beautiful instantly frying up we gotthe whole chilies in there chili powderand what are you putting in now is acoriander seeds bunch of salt put in thegarlic some of the five ingredients and now we’re gonna be leaving you till hereto cook and that’s it yeah I love itabout 45 minutes later our jungle Mossis ready served on a fresh warm chapatior Indian flatbread spritz it with somelime and prepared to have your breathtake it away all right so.

I’m gonnascoop up a nice piece of meat super hotand just soak up some of those amazingspices Cheers sure oh nice to die for sosimple but so delicious just richincredible heat it feels really completefor just being a handful of ingredientsexactly this is gonna be joining ourmeal with the cod lamb we’re gonna waitjust a little bit for thattake it up I’ll take that about twohours has now passed the lamb cut isfinished or just maybe finished who dayseems to think the lamb is at leastprobably finished how long has it beencooking now about two us how do you knowif it’s done I don’t know we’re justtrying to dig it up and see how it lookshuh yeah all right so we’re removing allthese hot embers you’re gonna use thepick to get around this loop of a handlehere and wow what happened is everythingokay okay good all right perfectwell no wonder we need the wire on thereit would suck to get out otherwise wecan see the bottom here it’s not evenburnt all the way through the gunnysackbut hopefully it’s cooked all the waythroughwho day removes the wire burlap sack andleaves leaving us now with just themoment of truthdo.

I have an ending for this video thewinds are roaring the gods are praisingus for our great effort this is themoment of truthis it good I really hope so I need anending to this video alright so he’scutting off some of this meat I’m seeinglittle bits of it yeahoh my thank you who’s the god of foodRamsey I’m gonna have some with you Ilove the old leg yeah pick it out Cheersyes mmmit’s all right oh it’s stunning that isso delicious it’s nice it’s very tenderjust a ton of spices working togetherbut it is nothing shopping it you’reright you know not overpowering at homeso you can see here the roti is justcaked in spices the outside we’re stillkind of drying and almost like it has alittle crispy edge to it the insides alittle soggy soaking up all the spices Iwant you to enjoy it with me I mean Idid dig the hole but you did everythingelseand also I didn’t dig the hole yesCheers mmmto pub mm-hmm Wow smart hold onlook at him Kai over to the side he’slike are you done we’re doing a thoroughfood review over here okay I think whenwas your one more – it was that last onein focus no no no yeah.

I don’t think Iwas ready what is that I’m in love[Music]feeling a little full I mean bad for theothers we set out an entire spread tolegendary Rajasthani dishes perhaps someof the most delicious food I’ve triednot only in India but anywhere whatshould people know about Rajasthani foodunderstanding food is so diverse everyhome has their own recipe but this kindof food not too many people know abouthow would you read this simple food issome of the best food I’ve ever had butto me it’s not simple at all it’s takinga handful of ingredients and reallyelevating the food the most absorbentallspice amazing it’s not on any flameand yet it is just melting in the mouthand the meat is just falling off thebone um mouth pleasure at least have thehappiness in my life comes from mouthpleasure toothank you so much for this experience Imean desert cooking yeah this is how youdo it.

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