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right now biryani there’s like a mixture of all kinds of spices and then they put in the rice and they put in the meat and boom it’s like Kosciusko man oh yes Dhaka Bangladesh is capital is the most densely populated city in the world with over 47,000 people per square kilometer what’s it like growing up in this city it’s fun like the hustle and bustle when you have to buy train tickets you gotta like push against 30 people and get it it’s the life but once you leave the city once you escape the traffic and congestion you’ll find a side to Bangladesh few out sidershave seen before this is the first time. I’ve seen a YouTube village[Music]today Robson and, I are heading into thecountry side to take part in aon ce-in-a-lifetime collaboration bet weenme and the world’s first Youtube Villageit’s amazing like it’s not only is hecreating content YouTube in specificallyit’s creating jobs for all the peopley ou’re getting a first-time look at how this giant YouTube channel operatesbehind the scenes one thing I’ve never seen anywhere is that the whole village know it’s like don’t get in front of the camera with the ingredients they’re likehey do you got that in focus it’sawe some and we’ll see the man whos tarted it step in front of the camera for the first time.

I’m feeling mad aboutbut I feel good because it is we do onthe menu cooking on a massive scale anentire water buffalo used to prepareenough food to feed over 2,000 peopleraw this is cooking on a level like I’venever seen before how you doing you’relike you’re crying it makes you so happythis is what happens when traditionalBangladesh meets YouTube and shares itsfood with the world[Music]Dokkamorning when the Sun rises the city isback to business hustling another daybut as the neverending cacophony oftraffic rickshaws and everything inbetween rings on we are headed to thecountryside our destination today ishere a small village of 7,000 people inCastilla it’s only 120 miles west ofDhaka but the journey there will takesix hours including a ferry ride thatwill carry our vehicle across the riverbut it’s not all badthis fairy has a dining room chickencurry for breakfast and sitting acrossfrom the man who’s solely responsiblefor me being here sir hi it’s nice tomeet you in personnice to meet you too this is Litton thecreator of around me BD the BD standsfor Bangladesh you have a YouTubechannel that’s been very successful manymillions and millions of views yet youhave never been in front of the camerayes until today.

I’m feeling mad about wesay nervous with a smile is excitementyes what was your inspiration forstarting the channel in the first placeI won’t do this for people Bangladeshifish market your first video yes radiospeech market and what did you film iton I used mobile camera just a phonethat’s how I started but now it’sdifferentcontent creators all over Asia fromwomen Tay and Vietnam to village foodfactory in India that a all fit into the YouTube niche of village food but no onedoes it like around me Bedi this allhappens within Lipton’s birthplace theplace I call a YouTube village wherebecause of the channel success they worktogether showing the world an incrediblyunique food culture what is the videotopic tomorrow it’s a buffalo it will beabout I ended kidney like over 600pounds of water buffalo meat yeah haveyou ever had water buffalo no I actuallyhaven’t had it dude another first foryou am I the local host are you thelocal.

O’s listen our ferry has arrivedwe’re at the port we better get goingyou liking the ferry food honey ohactually not bad super spicy you knowlike crazy oily haha folks it’s early in the morning what isthe plan for today we plan to makebuffalo meat beer any for you guys andthat’s it that’s it so that’s a lot ofbiryani yeah it’s gonna feed over I am NOT thous and people this is the firsttime. I’ve seen a YouTube village yeah say YouTube in it held on will be therealest when is the last time you werephysically in the village. I’m old Pippoa month agoso you’ve created a system andevery body’s involved in some way if likeyou have people here who know how to cook the food how to make it lookpresentable for the camera a director you have photographers you have editorsand then you actually have people herewho know how to make the thumbnail howlong did it take to develop this system oh yeah six months about 2,000 years yeah. Wow they make about full videoevery week and send it to me they sendit online to the internet becausethere’s no internet here how do theysend it to you from my villageevery day so in the ball they send mebasically a ball mean all of the stuffin the bag they put memory card reallyyeah everything happens here and thenthey ship information to you in top carit goes offline then it goes onlinethat’s incredible. I’m super interestedin seeing how your team works how youfilm how you cook and so that’s what’s gonna happen nextso right now they’re taking apart over600 pounds of meat the most.

I’ve everseen from any animal what’s reallyinteresting is the way they prepare ityou know in the US with beef they wouldhave many different cuts they would havesteak tenderloin roast ribs but heresince all the meat is being contributedto one feast they just cut it into theselittle pieces so everyone can enjoyequally cooking is under way firstteacherís a fragrant potpourri of riceand lentils that makes the perfectbreakfast for the hungryhard-working villagers who are makingtoday’s feat possible they start bymixing oil onion garlic and greenchilies then at a seasoned blend of saltturmeric chilli powder and corianderpowder so right now they’re putting itfat in this pot they never put fatanywhere that fat is gonna make thismore greasy and more juicy but you neverseen in kitchen a with fat no one doesthis the first time man next add lentilsand water then the riceafter that cooks the finishing touch asplash of ghee on top one thing.

I’venever seen anywhere is that they’re allvideo savvy the whole village knows likedon’t get in front of the camera withthe ingredients they’re like hey do yougot that in focusokay they put it in like it’s awesomethe technical force behind this highlysuccessful YouTube channel is a coupleof DSLR cameras and a simple raw editingstyle the real secret here is in thepeople a community that’s been unitedwith the goal of highlightingBangladeshi culture and the food theylove so much this is what viewers fromaround the world tune in to watchoh here we are gentlemen we’re allyoutubers here yeah you’re youtubers inBangladesh and this is just a recentthing happening here yeahalso joining us on today’s foodiemission Adnan Peru a food lover whoshowcases his adventures on his YouTubechannel hi this is denote with amountain tocqueville a with an audienceof over 380,000 adnan is one of thebiggest youtubers in bangladesh thoughwe all started this YouTube journey indifferent way this looks stunning it’samazing it is the sole reason we’re ableto sit together here today here’s thething I’ve burnt my mouthon a hot pizza before I’ve never burnedmy hand on hot food I personally lovehot food on your fingers yes.

I’m tiredand your tongue yep alright I’m gonna gofor it done Oh like by the time I finisheating the food is up to hereI’m gonna try some of this meat there’sa couple hours cooking but it’s alreadytender one thing like the aromaticflavor of the lentils it reallybrightens up the whole flavor absolutelyoh I got this one I’m gonna try this bigpiece of fat first time ever a NikkiChitti oh man go for it okay cool that’spacked with flavor it’s just like soakedup all the spices it’s a wonderfulmasala a little bit of cake a little bitof spice tons of turmeric coming throughthem I love it that’s a great flavorwhat I really want to talk about isYouTube Adnani when did you startYouTube about two years what does thatfeel like that moment that you couldkind of create your own destiny withyour own videos this is what I actuallywant to do in my life.

I have my ownfreedom I can eat anywhere I can goanywhere anytime in our country internetpenetration is extremely high from lastthree years and people started watchingvideos now it would make good contentit’s easy to survive for you how isYouTube changing Bangladesh I cannot alittle bit Bangladesh but I can deliverto my village okay in my opinion I canend a lot of money from YouTube and Ican support all of this community rightin any way if they are seeing if theyhave a diseaseI can support and you did make it happenand I love it YouTube has createdopportunities for success where theydidn’t exist before especially in acountry like Bangladesh where the peopleof Bangladesh take it from here issolely up to them but the sky is thelimit[Music][Applause]we’re on the tight schedule an eagercrowd is growing and there’s no time towaste the main course today BuffaloBrioni cooking on a massive scale 12giant cauldrons set to feed thousandsbreak it down how is Brioni differentfrom any other rice dishoh man biriyani oh man.

I caught somefire in my legs all rightit basically there’s like half coke ricehalf cooked meat there’s like a mixtureof all kinds of spices they mix it upand boom it’s like of PS command all themagic happens at the end yeah onions getfried meat gets washed time to work onthe seasoning first a mixture of pastescumin white pepper peanut black pepperalmond and ginger pastethey add cardamom seeds black peppercorncinnamon this tasty salt also known asmsg chili powder and actual salt are youhearing this this is all for one dishnext in a separate big bowl a mixture ofprunes cinnamon pistachios almonds andgira powder now the real fun begins ineach giant pot they add oil then themeat like a lot of meat more than youcould eat in a year they add onion tonsof seasonings sour curd tomato saucegreen chilli garlic even more oil andfinally a sprinkle of garma masala this bubbling mixture will cook for a couplehours we’ve got all these potseveryone’s working together.

It’s amazingit’s like an orchestra a symphony of musicians coming together cooking the meat making the fire hotter adding thes pices like somehow it’s all comingtogether this is organized chaosorganized chaos yeah I agree with that this is still ours left to cook the seguys are killing it you’re crushing it yes yes absolutely we are in a smallcountryside village far from any majorcitybut still the lines of people just keep coming from neighboring homes fromneighboring villages if word got to me they showed up it’s the first time around me Biddy has attempted to preparea feast of this magnitude to get it done we need all hands on deck half a biryaniis the meat curry the other yet to becom bined piece is the semi cooked rice the rice is seasoned with cardamom seedscinnamon and saffron and doused with oiland fat from the buffalo before the meet comes and they unite to becomeoneonce all the over-40 ingredients aremixed and continues to cook constantlybeing attended to by this troupe ofdiligent cooks are you doing you’re likeyou’re crying it makes you so happy oh my god.

I’m dying because we are gonna befeeding 4,000 people okay and there areseven pot full of water buffalo biryaniyeah what else is wrong you tell me andI can’t even open my eyesbut you opened up your heart and that’sall that matters to me man this is unlike anything. I’ve seen beforemore than 3000 people arrived in theirtraditional colorful clothes excitementis in the air this is something specialit’s like 300 meters of peopleside-by-side everybody waiting patientlyfor their food people are so excitedabout everything that’s happening Inever expected this most people reallyand only part of you guys againoh oh thank you thank you wow theclaustrophobia closing in on us thecircles getting smaller and smaller haveyou ever eaten Buffalo yes. I’ve nevertried Buffalo before this is insane likewhat a moment for everybody here. I’venever seen the full process frombeginning to endso right here ler Yanni on my plate menthe fragrant cinnamon the cumin itsmells amazing.

I’m gonna try some ricefirst yeah oh it’s so hotthat’s so deliciousthe aromatic flavor of all the herbsused the cinnamon the cardamom they allpopping out and that chunk of meat ohman this is next-level man the spicesit’s making my tongue tingle buffalomeat cooked in the biryani let’s try itout it’s already impressive for yourteam to cook a meal for thousands ofpeople but to also make it taste thisgood that’s damn impressive this wastheir first time processing a wholeBuffalo and it tastes like that that’scrazy dude do you know I just talkedwith some of the locals here and theyjust gave me some insight this is notsomething that they feed people everyday 600 to 700 people every day andduring last eat they fed around athousand people right that is surrealwhoa seeing the love from your communityand the support you’ve given everybodyis really touching I want to know foryou what is next for around me Bedi myplan is to grow more then support morefor my people.

I want to make my villageand to the JumpShipthere will be that my village they willsee all of their cooking and to investmore for my people so their life will begood if, I contribute to improve theirlifestyle that will be my pleasure yeahyeah that is what I want it’s a greatgoal it’s very noble and honestly. I cansay coming out here to the countryside apart of Bangladesh that few tourists seeit’s gorgeouslike the way people live how they dressthe colorfulnesstheir homes like the nature it’sstunning I absolutely love it out here 20 years ago the fate of a place likethis was predetermined limiteddevelopment and few to no opportunitiesto thrive today with technology withmore people getting online than everbefore anything really is possible whatadvice would you give a new youtuber inBangladesh I always prefer the newcomerto make good content not viable companythat is very important in our country avery beautiful everything is like moviepeople always ask me rather in whichtype of video.

I can make I always tell them what you can do in your around what is happening what is this special upload that has great advice use your resourcesuse what you have available to you yeah. I think it’s also important to dosomething you care about because in thebeginning very few people are gonna watch yeah so there’s your advice yeah in Bangladesh more people are gettingonline than ever before millions of dollars of advertising budget spent on YouTube around the world can now go in tothe pockets of those who command themost attention those who have the beststories to tell Ruff’s on yeah when. I first came to this country you were buta boy just a wee little food reviewerlost looking for the right directionunsure of himself and not quite sure where to go next and then. I came into your life over the last six days. I ‘veseen you develop your self-awareness you’re eating stamina descriptionsconfidence my men I can say officiallynot yet put that awaymy men.

I can say officially you are agenuine entertainer your enthusiasm foryour country and for the cuisine here isinfectious and I want to finish byawarding you this oh my god is thisevent data it’s a bed you got to put outit still smells a little bit but yeahput it on your head it would honor me ifeven for a moment you worethe bandanathis guy if he can resist the manyopportunities that success brings andfocus his energy at being the best atone thing then my friends better getused to the name because Ross on thechoco buy is not going any everybody yesyes I am shaking right now when I firstcame I didn’t knew what I was going intobut these six days taught me more than what, I learned in the past 22 years ofmy life mr. Sunnyside till next timeuntil next time and, I’m looking forwardto seeing you grow and seeing yourfuture and be sure to check out oursecond channel more best-ever for reviewshow for raw clips and deleted scenesthat didn’t make it into the show guys that’s a wrap on Bangladesh hugethank you first time I do Rob’s on yomeymaneh got you and I love you forbeing that amazing mentor mutual feelingand my man Lipton the hospitality herefrom you and your team outstanding guysthat is it for this one I will see younext time peace.

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