The challenge of living on the Sea- The delicacies of the island!

The challenge of living on the Sea- The delicacies of the island!

We spotted a jellyfish tweaking acertain if you can eat a jellyfish gosubut you know one yes we can eat thechallenge yeah is the Uni country whatif we had jellyfish too for a meal thatwould be amazing[Music]good morning everybodyit is 5:30 a.m. right now we are in atthe Nam but where are we morespecifically in between so we are incall well what’s in the beacons in thecenter of it now that’s and that’spretty big you might remember tweet from our episode enjoy and what do you giveme for a score out of 10. I I’ll take itand now we’re here and seeing what kindof beautiful and sea creatures we cancome acrosslet’s get started how is the catch todaynot too much oh no it was just a so-sofishing day are they coming here everyday yeah what was the main thing they’recatching while these guys are super busyright now.

The challenge of living on the Sea- The delicacies of the island!

They’re going back and forththey’re offloading their cache hi ofmackerel it smells it smells great itsmells fresh we pointed to this ballright here oh yeah what massage themwash their hair. I don’t know what thatmeans to unload the boats they use theselike big tricycle wagonsthere’s people biking all over withthese plastic baskets full of fish inthese little tricycles and then drivethem back over to the the buying areayeah the buy area very cool very cooland informationalwelcome to the selling area obviouslythis area is crazy a hive of activityit’s early in the morning but still tonsof people here restaurants and othermarkets are buying right now so let’ssee what kind of fish would get fine okay we got tons of squid over herehey you got some good looking fish herelet’s Boosh yeah buddyif there’s one thing.

I know alreadyabout Fisher people men and womenit says they know how to have a goodtime this is all the creature I’ve neverseen in Vietnam Wow what is it does itlook like any fish. I’ve ever seen itlooks like some kind of eelyeah it’s that way I don’t know if we’reeating eel today but at some point it’sgonna happen. Oh people are verycomfortable here a little toocomfortable you know what I’m sayingtrying to goose me it’s trying to gooseme thank you thank you for trying totouch them up thank youoh we found the rain section mountain ofthe stingrays here we got little babyones we got adolescent one we have anoctogenarian over here you mightremember us eating stingray hotpot inboom tau stingray is interesting becauseyou would think it would tastes maybe abitseafood E or. I don’t know it has like asour we are taste to it when you justlook at it but they taste great it’sjust like a firm white fish.

I love it times and tons of fish here holy crap we found a shark look at this there is as hot there’s a lot of controversy aroundshark but remember the controversy is inaround eating shark itself it’s aroundpeople finding the shark throwing the body back into the ocean so the Shark skind of just drown the meat is completely being wasted right here they brought the whole shark back let’s askif they’re gonna eat the whole thinglet’s find outso eat the whole thing yeah okay great. Wow big surprise did not expect to see afreaking shark hair oh hey listen if youare in the way they got no problemletting you know they got work to do get your ass out the way my badI bet today we are in luck because we have a local family and this love lylocal woman who is gonna be helping usshop for some food and cooking too what are we looking for today in the marketso we were looking for their mark piecevena frozen fish heads the treasure of the sea.

Oh what about that one you guys still want that one five-second rule by Fiat okay we’re good we’re with ourlocal guide right now on our way to gets ome delicious fish oh so we got ourcute little pretty fish right here theygot tons of squid over here that anglingbegins she looks friendly enough but she’s really getting to the bottom ofthis quality situation who are thesesquids friends with where did they go tocollege are they qualified to be in mymouth lungful okay it’s delicious let’sget it and now that we’ve got our foodwe’re heading out of the market we’regonna cook up some fresh seafood on theboat for breakfast[Music]you could have breakfast anywherebut today we are having breakfast on afishing boatwe’re getting the whole kind of Fishermade the experience todaydo they have a kitchen on the boat welcome to our boat today we’re gonna beeating on this boat but first we’regonna do a little bit of a boat toursorry about my voice.

I’m not sickI just lost my voice I love these littleboats of Vietnam they’re like I don’tknow they look like big soda caps thisis a shrimping boat and right here wehave our shrimping net to be a boatmanyou must be spry been burned have goodbalance oh and the food preparation isunderway so this is kind of our kitchenarea right here we’ve got some nice potsand pans do we have a little like burnerno I don’t is it and oh it’s down inhere this bottom area here is our engineroom but it’s also like a partialkitchen let’s go take a look oh my godthis is not a cool place to be if you’reclaustrophobic Queen yeah do we cut thefish with this no and then there’s a fortoo naive they got some spoons here tooall right get me out of here jellyfishsleeping an estimate you can eat ajellyfish I’m gonna go see what I’m gonna walk yep we can a beach oh yeah ishe gonna catch it what if we hadn’t Lused to for a meal that would be amazing.

Oh way out there it looks like a bigplastic bag from Target that’s actuallya jellyfish and they’re gonna see ifthey can snag it but they kind of got acast over it and then reel it in where’dit go are you going under so when wetouch you to tele feast I’m there towork oh no no it’s going awayno no jellyfish today[Music]despite the lack of jellyfish our menulooks amazing and cooking is underwayour squid is filleted and rinsed in theocean and the bird fish and then shefillets the bird fish pulling out itssole our fisherman’s hot pot starts offwith sauteed onion tomato and pineapplesome seasoning and our bird fish thesquid will be sauteed with tomato andpineapple scoring the squid makes itcurl up as it starts cooking creating anamazing texture disappointed with thejellyfish escape the captain jumps inthe water to forage for some additionalingredients tweet did he just go catch acrab yeah look at this thing it’s 18snails stuff together where do you find this is this a barnacle can we eat this yep we can cook it I need to stop askingthat question.

I think the answer is always yes he also caught these musselsand the good thing is that just aboutanything can be thrown into a hot potour hosts have cooked up some food sodelicious that even if you’re seasickyou’ll want to eat anyways and just eatright through the nausea all right mehow you doing me yeah are you doingpretty good I keep looking at landpeople are gonna okay so we have all ofour beautiful food here and honestly itdoes look absolutely stunning especiallyfor being cooked on the back of afreaking boat are you doing tweet youhungry very hungry the shots today andthe food shots might be a little shakydo you know why all right it’s cuz we’reon a boat I don’t some of you might beconfused it’s like wait people caughtfish they brought it to a market and youbrought it from the market back to theocean yeah.

I guess that’s what webrought the fish back to the oceananyways let’s try some squid it looksbeautiful it’s got a pineapple and it’sgot tomato cheeseall right sweet salty lovely pineappleflavor and a great squiddy chewy textureI love itguys how good is my voice right now Icould just do voiceover first they puttomato on the squid and then pineappleand that makes one delicious squid mealalright let me know in the commentsbelow if you want me to have a loose myvoice more often onto our last dish heretake Cara the buffalo with the tonguefish Oh does it look like a buffalotongue yep we got confirmation overthere we got a thumbs up alright look atthe land look at the land don’t getseasick it’s become a little bit crustoff’ I’d let’s get a taste of that Nommm delicate and then with some nicecrispy morsels in there – can.

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