The best street food in Korea! best MYEONGDONG street food!

The best street food in Korea! best MYEONGDONG street food!

Let’s try it out Wow! Nice to meet you, my dear I, I want to Welcome to this Food phone number. Children do not street food markets here in Seoul Korea and today we are Our food in this place has a lot Many international crowds arrived. The cool thing about that is the provider. Seafarers who take more risks try selling Different foods they may not sell in a Korean traditional market if you are looking for something more traditional.

I have 100,000 Korean Won, I will Spend all of that today and see what we can Make a lot of this money go Right here I have discovered one of my favorites. Who I used to live here is Gooey ginger right here they dumped the same way I did will cook it over the frying pan but here they have combined it with cheese and they are baking it on their flat surface will add some milk sauce some needs and it looks very simple just cheese and then pour in. There the rice cakes and then they put some sweet condensed milk on it please Try the raw ramen. No whip what you are doing the only thing about it is condensed milk It seems a bit weird, doesn’t it is actually a bit of cream sweet on top I like it a lot mmm very delicious matcha says oh well, I mean no longer know who is from where food number two honey cream sandwiches it shaped like a fish is important because as far as I know we will put this one huh no no, how much is One, one bite 5,000 so about five Shove.

Oh and then he’s eating ice cream right in the fish’s mouth showing, the way the fish will want it to look I don’t know why he did it but okay they put some green. The tea here is the most important thing a part right here they’re about to put in this hive looks great a little more honey oh it looks so delicious. Wow what a nice mess, I hope this is. You guys sink in the back or something
I mean, I’m a little bit interesting honey a little vanilla ice. Ice cream right here let’s try it is legally good hive it like a bit of crunchy wax to it and then it dissolves in you mouth with sweet vanilla in.

Oh, great, what made it. Especially this giant fish tank a Conical pitch with a number you have to made with open fish. Right there one of the most authentic. The Korean food they used to be served on the market for hundreds of years, it’s the very bulgogi kon an pizza authentic to Korea how much it is. Oh Tron that’s about five bucks you see like some special Pizza oven like this, toppings now are in the microwave in here received all of them are beautiful and baked in our pizza has been taken out of the oven he put the tomatoes inside and then BAM top layers are also implemented and so on with cheese, with corn bulgogi even adds ketchup. Many older toppings this is my type cone he will melt the top yes that’s it badass did you see the flames come out? Of course we need a little oregano and other spices.

Next food on our list get on tongue to box and it is egg bread, they bake the egg into the bread guys it’s such a treat oh wow and that’s, where they’re cooking them inside here and like a pro he’s just shuffling it like a game of wheel of fortune let’s try it out one egg bread please oh look at that BAM it is breading it’s like a hard bread and then here there’s like this, eggy part that’s become hard let’s try it out protein mmm make a yummy a look at that the bread is moist the egg is, well it’s just an egg there’s some like vanilla extract Laver are coming through very nicely.

They’re good oh my god food numbers satis I don’t even know, what we’re at now I’m getting a little full but also more excited because each step you take in this market you find something new right here we have the cheese butter baked scallops that’s four words that I’d like to see together so we’ve got a fresh one right here. Monologues although ten bucks for one step one butter and then she’s gonna drill it up the scallops are getting nice and cooked oh yes look at this moon she’s heating up the bottom of the shell and it is roasting right there bubbling up. I love that all right draining off some of the excess butter they’re gonna pile on the cheese look at this thing what a great job I wish I could just melt cheese all day excited I’m pumped.

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