Thailand – Where the culinary paradise is crowned! What to eat in Thailand?

Thailand – Where the culinary paradise is crowned! What to eat in Thailand?

But this is something that’slegitimately maybe not a great ideasomebody ate the soup one time yes andthey got a parasite yes oh man guys Ireally hope I make it out of this onealive I’ve eaten a lot of crazy food inmy travels a still-beating Cobra heartrat meat in the Mekong Delta and onetime I even ate some fruit you look likea mother bird feeding her young buttoday I’m putting my life on the line totake food reviewing to a whole new levelwith raw pig’s blood soup and buffaloesI’ll just let her say it Buffalo cheatjust so yeah thank you it’s hard to saywhy this dish was created and is stillprevalent today but in northern Thailandit’s been around for hundreds of yearsis there any risk involved in eating theraw pig’s blood soup yes eating a rawsoup is your own risk and the peoplefrom the north part of Thailand afterthey eating a raw food they lost thehearing yeah and a few weeks ago thenorth part of Thailand.

Thailand – Where the culinary paradise is crowned! What to eat in Thailand?

Further theprovince corn and they found out thatthey found some parasite inside the lakeso someone was eating the soup every dayno it’s just one time it’s gonna happenJesuspork must be cooked to 145 degreesFahrenheit in order to kill anyparasites especially Trichinellaspiralis a parasite that can lead tointense muscular pain heart damagekidney malfunction or even death whyaren’t people eating this up it’sdangerous because in the order is thebelief that if they’re eating raw foodthey make them strong but whateverdoesn’t kill me can only make mestronger at least I hope that’s the caseOh what is going onto eat Rob pig’s blood soup we mustfirst obtain pig’s bloodso we woke up bright and early to headto this countryside market we havearrived at a tiny Market on the edge ofChiang Mai and today is all about theraw pig blood soup but we can’t have anysoup without any blood so we’re gonnasearch for some blood.

But along the waysee what other unique things we can findin this market as well as maybe someyummy snacks we are making our waythrough the market oh here we have somebig beautiful bags of rice noodles ohyou just want to spank it it looks sonice Gill Oh spank very nice oh it lookslike we have some yummy snacks rightdown here these here are rice dumplingsswathi cop right here he’s got hislittle steaming device it’s got somebeautiful rice batter he dices it uplike a pizza puts in a little fillingwraps it up and that is it that looksdelicious you’re gonna eat a pig bloodsoup it’s good to have something in yourstomach beforehand that isn’t blood thatisn’t raw blood he’s gonna putadditional toppings on the sign you arenot coconut cream is that coconut creamoh wow that quickly went from dessert tosomething else let’s give it a try whoathere’s a lot happening there it issweet coconut sauce with peanut insidethat is savory and then roasted garlic Idon’t know where the structures in mmm.

I don’t know if I’m eating it right but hesmiled at me so down here we have ourmeat section and look as with mostmarkets meat people are just more fun Idon’t know what it isI think vegetables bring out the boringthere’s some people but right here wehave a stinky treasure we have somefermented fish we’ve all been insituations where we can’t speak thelanguage but we want to smell somethingcan I smell this yessign language let’s get a nice big whiffwow that was that one’s more intensethat one is bold oh the Fliesimmediately the Flies are like yes getme in there it is potent but it actuallyit doesn’t it doesn’t smell bad andthat’s not gonna be eaten alone that’sjust gonna be paired with some othersoups with other ingredients to just addto the flavor bring some nice fermentedpunch to another dish now we’re headedto thesection and here’s the poultry andsomething fun you might notice here ifyou look down at these chickens is umfirst of all oh wowthese chickens have put themselves in aheadlock I’d be at first also it lookedreally yellow and that’s not naturalthat’s because.

They’ve spread turmericonto the skin supposed to make them lookmore fresh and quite some of the gameyflavor right now she’s playing up achicken like no big dealchopping it right up bones meat and alloh yeah chicken feet to everything sothat’s definitely gonna go in some kindof soup some kind of Steel Open Cup heymy tie sucksI’m working on it all right we are insearch of the pig blood oh no is is theblood gun ha ha ha it’s the blood gunsold out oh no well I guess that’s gonnabe the end of our episode todayum come back next time and maybe we’llbe able to find blood thanks forwatching we thought she had blood butshe doesn’t she doesn’t have bloodactually so you’re wondering why there’sstill six minutes of runtime left don’tworry about it that’s some nice greensokay no just kiddingodd they found some blood there’s someblood here does she have some bloodreally oh she’s gonna lift it up look atthis oh wow that is a tremendous amountof blood it is like a giant scab somepartially coagulated bits on Tom butthis pig is probably from this morningif you’re eating this soup you have tohave fresh pig blood we’re buying theblood right now it is ten by like 30cents for a kilogram of blood that’scheaper than milk it feels a littleunsettling to see the blood like thisand to know I’m gonna be eating thisblood.

I’m very curious to see whatthey’re gonna do to it to dress it uphow they’re gonna add some flavors andmost of all curious about how it’s safewell let’s go find out like with blood in hand we head deeper intothe country to a quaint restaurant wherethe owners mother has been making herfamous raw Buffalo larb for over 20years we have arrived at our destinationthe place they’re making the raw pig’sblood soup I was told there’s gonna besome extra surprises today all I knowabout is the blood soup which is enoughof a surprise for me but what else is instore for today a spleen soup explainsir okay and a Buffalo Chip just soup a[Music]Buffalo Chip just soup is that surprisedenough for you is it just inside theintestines man can we ask the ownerreally quick can we ever come over hereso right here we have a whole collagetons of pictures of guests who have beenin this restaurant and I can only assumethat all these people ate the pig’sblood soup and didn’t die the bigachievement even if it’s fresh therecould still be some parasites has shetried it no lunatic a hack Universityshe’s not yet but she can eat .

Oh she’ll eat it with you todayyeah together all right thank youboom let’s do this break me I may beeating raw blood but I won’t be doing italone to prepare the soup they firstclean it and remove any gamey flavors bysqueezing it with a bundle of lemongrass[Applause]they then add deep-fried pork skin friedgarlic shallots opals and pickled garlicjuice hi I’m here with the owner of thisfine establishment thank you so much forinviting us I expressed that I was alittle nervous and she said she’snervous too which didn’t make me feelany betteras with most kind of out there unusualfoodsthere’s always alcohol involved allright take it away oh that’s that looksreal nice everybody even more whiskeygive you one I’ve been told that thesheriff of this area has eaten herethree times having the blood soup andis still he’s still alive yes and he’sstill a he’s still aliveso no problem the worst that happens Iget sick I lose like 20 pounds and Ilook hot you know.

I’m saying the newErwin you saw I’ve shown hopes. I drankit all who it is chunky it is full ofmagnificent chunks and I like that Ilike a soup with texture you want chunksman Campbell’s with chunks okay and then this is it we just eat it and then chew it yeah then what happens okay she knowsexactly how this is done Cheers Wow it’s actually good this is really blowing my mind it’s a littlespicy it’s perfect spice as you eat this you don’t want to be super focused on the fact that oh. I just put a bunch of raw blood in my mouth it’s better to befocused on the flavor and there’s spice there’s a ton of herbs lemongrass comingthrough then tons of crunchy bits inthere too so the taste is actually good we’ll try some more oh really all right we both think it’s yummy this is the most dangerous foodI’ve ever eaten but it tastes pretty good it doesn’t taste bloody at allthere’s no iron e NOS show me and ladiesyou don’t need to really worry aboutmessing up your red lipstick when you eat thisoh yeah vampire of the pigs this is notwhat we’re ending with why do people eatthis special buffaloed thing because people like to eat it is Vito from Dubai will the Buffalo juice soup actuallytastes like no.

I feel like we’vemade it through the blood round and ittasted great but I won’t know the fullrepercussions and told 12 to 24 hoursfrom now what we have for dessert todayis a buffalo juice ooh[Music]this one is the buffalo crap juice soupBuffalo’s just so yeah thank you I don’tunderstand how this works where is thatin a piece of intestine intestine andthen just in the intestine so they leavelike sealed off the intestines yes theyboiled it and then they didn’t want itopen and then it brings all the juicesyes Oh mix with the boy he knows thesesealed off sections of buffalo intestinehave been boiled for some time heatingup the partially digested juices fromwhen the Buffalo was eating grass afterboiling the intestines are slit openallowing the juices to pour out I neverthought I would do this on my show butmy rule on my show is always if otherpeople are eating it I’m gonna eat ittoo within reason with the poop stopcomplete they add some more spices driedchili msg cilantro buffalo innards andbuffalo bile I’m trying to beopen-minded but this is like so far fromanything I’ve ever had I and I can’teven figure it out sometimes.

I seepeople eat certain foods and Iunderstand like oh maybe a long time agothey didn’t have a lot of food they atebugs or something and and this one Ijust its confounding I can’t figure outwhy but maybe it’s gonna taste great allright let’s try it out let’s see whathappenscut Shan Shan I got some more roomeverybody can wear about these hmmI thought the blood was my biggestconcern today and I mean excitement Ithought it was my greatest excitementand now I’m even more excited for thispoop I’m gonna give it a sniff test itdoesn’t smell at all that’s good so it’sgot a ton of lemongrass and a ton ofdigested food grass that the buffalo atehere we’re not going in full force we’renot getting a big spoonful do I needmore vile how much she’s told me to putin I’d pour it all it was a lot of bilewhy are people eating bilethey ditch they like the bitter flavorright a bit okay well it feels like anorthern thing a cool weather thingdon’t do that I can’t no no left hand noleft hand guys cuz the left hand isthat’s for pooping and we would never gonear poop would we okay let’s eat thispoop soupdip dip oh you put like a busload ofbile in there this tastes like pure bileoh you gotta chase it with a ball.

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