Thailand- Super hot street food! in Chiang Mai!

Thailand- Super hot street food! in Chiang Mai!

Today we are in Chiang Mai! hunting down the most delicious Street food we can find. I am hungry and I hope you are too actually it doesn’t matter at all if you’re hungry, he’s probably worse if you’re hungry cuz this video is gonna be so yummy. I mean just you’re gonna be looking at the food and your mouth it’s gonna be watering it’s gonna suck. I mean be great right now we’re in a local market here in Chiang Mai, and it’s cool because you can get your meat or your produce but if you don’t want to cook, they’ll cook for you and right here all over the place you see tons of food laying out and people cooking food to my man here he’s got something to frying let’s see what it is it’s got 2 cup rice. I really like the the introduction in Thailand everyone usually does one of these it’s very respectful it’s such a nice tone for the following conversation or interaction that’s gonna take place here you can see just like dozens of trays full of food it’s cooked it’s ready to order but people aren’t eating here they’re grabbing food and then they’re heading home Oh Roy alright oh yeah alright that’s how you say delicious. I know like five words we’re having fun what is this prawn sausage Oh Ron sausages it brings it over here.

Thailand- Super hot street food! in Chiang Mai!

I only know the number of one so. I can only order one I don’t know if he’s gonna give me one order or just one piece, oh he’s going one order there we go, Oh success we’re doing it okay that’s probably good. I’m eating like 80 more foods today how much 16 all right looks like two dollars huh doughnut don’t like dude who um Donald Trump. I’ve mixed emotions on that statement he said I look like Donald Trump thank you. I didn’t have any intention of ordering this but I just saw it and the guy was really convincing when he said it was yummy so here it is we’ve got some prawn it’s kind of like a sausage but it’s from it comes from a paste. I’m gonna try it without any sauce.

That is so yummy they have this type of thing all over Asia where it’s some kind of pace that congeal together and then they create this kind of fried thing out of it I’m gonna put some sauce on here this is some sweet sweet sweet palm sugar oh yeah I poked a hole in it I don’t know if that’s the best way let’s give that one a try oh so hot I did it amazing flavor salty shrimpy very
greasy and oily I mean it just came right out of the fryer let’s keep moving gang let’s keep doing the thing let’s keep doing the show all right all right yeah all right he doesn’t really care he knows he knows he’s been doing this day in and day out for years he’s like hey I know what my food is our ROI and my food is all Roy and right here and we got something else that’s looking very delicious I sweat teacup I love it it’s like heartwarming every time she’s cooking some of these they’re like little coconut cups they’re made with rice batter coconut and some sugar they’re sweet they’re topped with some spring onion right here you can see the edges have crusted over she pours in the batter.

She cooks these little guys up there they’re simple but it’s a nice old snack and I’m gonna try ordering some now mmm oh no problem so she puts a little banana leaf on the bottom she scoops on some of these little tasty treats go boom crop mmm okay I’m working on it she doesn’t know what I said I tried to say thank you create this kind of structural integrity she puts in the rice batter first and that crisper Faiz and after that she puts in the coconut it creates like a crispy shell that holds the coconut in they have three different toppings one with pumpkin corn and what we have right here this spring onion let’s try it out now oh it’s creamy it’s salty it’s more salty than you would think it looks like a desert but it’s kind of sweet and savory at the same time mmm all these are dangerous you could probably eat a hundred of these crunchy on the outside and then kind of soupy a little warm coconut cream on the inside so yummy oh she has a giant pan full of whipped sugary fluff egg white fluff and she’s putting it on these little pancakes presumably made with some kind of oh sorry there’s gonna be some Commerce here the base I think is probably from some kind of rice better thank you open come on she’s such a sweetheart Oh hmm oh okay sure I’ll just take one listen I don’t know how to say give me one order.

I just know how to say give me one and she literally gave me one here it is Oh the outside already is that crispy like exactly like a fortune cookie that kind of sweet Chris penis the other one is made with shaved egg yolk let’s try it out so we crunching it’s like a
marshmallow a fortune cracker with a little bit of an egg shred that you cope come come let’s keep going honestly this market has freaking everything we could do a whole video just on this market and right now we’re on a bit of a desert kick and that brings us to right here swati crop nice here this mango and sticky rice and you would think that would be it but no they’re gonna top it with the coconut cream coconut cream it’s like the best deserty flavors of Southeast Asia all in one cream it is the essence of Southeast Asian sweetness in my humble opinion okay so I’m trying to order the mango with the sticky rice unveiling the coconut cream and she’s gonna dump it on top right on top of the rice oh do not tell me you’re putting another thing on there some kind of scene you know I think it’s mung beans.

I mean coconut cream it’s so unbelievably rich delicious, and sweet and we can go just dig right into it scoop up some of that sticky rice some of the mango put it all together here we go oh my god listen this is amazing this is one of the top five dessert. I’ve had one bite of this in my life and already. I can say one of the top five desserts in Southeast Asia holy crap mmm the rice just soaks up the coconut cream and it just becomes super sweet but they also put a little bit of salt in them there’s a little salt will bring out even more sweetness want me to holy Sh if this lady knew how much. I was swearing over with my enjoyment of her food. I don’t know she’d be proud or sad all right cut oh you got to eat this alone.

We have four locations remaining and, I’m already getting like pretty stuffed unzila dangerous. I’m worried about it we have one more place in this market. I want to show you and that is this lady right here making these amazing Thai sausages swathi copy okay we did it she’s gonna slice it up this woman is legendary, each day she’s selling more than a thousand around a thousand five hundred of these sausages go boom copy thank you. I am my Chiang Mai pork sausage and some sticky rice it’s important to pair it because this is actually like a complete meal, we’re gonna shovel it right in mm-hmm little bit sticky rice mm-hmm how long are you hungry you want some no not okay she’s she’s full this sausage is intense and, I just mean the flavors are so many spices seasonings and herbs happening here all right so it’s so fresh it’s obviously a pretty fatty sausage but with so many herbs and especially lemongrass coming through it feels like more fresh light aromatic and awesome combination.

Here they have some pork larb we’ve had a few different types of law already this one is cooked, and it’s pork and there’s pork blood in there too. I know you guys worry about if, I’m having enough blood in my diet it’s still in there it’s definitely in there here we have a Burmese curry, and what’s special about this is actually Burma occupied Chiang Mai for 200 years and now only
they’re Korea pies Chiang Mai the remnants of Burma now known as Myanmar. I’m gonna go in I’m gonna attempt to order all known John wrap it oh it’s working she’s doing it, I’m guessing you’re supposed to eat this with rice thank you Oakland cop her rice container, she’s here at the lid securely attached we don’t want these getting separated or someone walking off with a lid they do it with their hands you make it into a ball you pick up the alarm and then you put your thumb on the meat and you kind
of throw it all in like this. I got some in my eye from how Oh doesn’t matter the flavor is amazing.

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