Surviving Vietnam! Vietnam’s Aquaman!! SPIKY Sea Urchin and Seafood FEAST!!

Surviving Vietnam! Vietnam’s Aquaman!! SPIKY Sea Urchin and Seafood FEAST!!

I’ve had it many times at japaneserestaurants but you’ve actually nevereven eaten itno, i’m perfectly a virgin to sea urchinstry it outlast time on our best ever centralvietnam bike tour andrew and iended up in the coastal city of natran we’re going to the coast for sure it’s going to be something from the ocean some thing that swimsi toured a mega-sized birdhouse are they going to hit me oh my god and we both ate one of the world’s mostexpensive foods this is what, i’ve beenwaitingraw bird zest soup the flavoris in the storytelling behind the food ilike ittoday we run out of bro so now we’reheadinginto the ocean. I’m so curious how manyfishing farms are there herenot far from the city exists an entirevillage on the water home to thosemaking a livingoff the ocean we brought the net all theway up you can see there’s about ahundred of these fish but this way oflivingand this way of eating it’s nothing likeyou’ve seen beforeandrew and i are on a mission to blendin this guy’s got like gills orsomething.

Surviving Vietnam! Vietnam’s Aquaman!! SPIKY Sea Urchin and Seafood FEAST!!

I don’t know how he stayeddown there for so long earning our keyand go and getting our sea legs so we’reboth doing what we want to do this timeyeah that is teamwork only finally if wedon’t fall apartfirst, i have you on my show and youruined myshow ,i’m bringing the reality to this nobefore all that we’re in the city ofnetrang ready to fuel up before shippingoutlet’s eat well good morning everybodyhere we have a dishspecial to this area it’s jellyfish noodles andrew huhthis popular local delicacy has beenoffered in this restaurant for 38 yearsjellyfish noodles made simply withvermicelli jellyfishfish cake fish balls and fish meat alljoined together with a steaming hotsavory fish bone broth, i didn’t evenknow jellyfish is something you couldeat have you had this beforejoining our meal ciao experienced localtour guide for eat like a local momacross from him miss tan vice president of this region’s tourism board andoveralljellyfish noodle fans this is herfavorite noodlesoups when she was young around 10 yearsoldwow fantasticoh god oh yes so this purple stinkyshrimp paste it’s mandatory andrew.

i can do yours toono no no no too little a little bit ofchilies some fish sauceand i’m going to give that all a nicemix i want to try juststraight up jellyfish i’ve never hadthis in my life let’s do itthat’s a fun texture it’s just taking onsome of the flavor of that really richsavory brothright it’s just got kind of a crunchytexture to it yeah it’s kind of like agummy bearlike a gummy bear but without any flavorokay one more bite a little broth littleboneshe asked is it good it’s really goodit’s fresh super savoryfor jellyfish noodles i thought this would have a lot more jelly fish but it’snot just about the jellyfish it’s likeall the flavors of the coastline mixedtogetherright fish noodles fish sauce shrimppaste like everythingcoming together in one bowl35 years since you’ve been here how haveyou seen.

This city changedjust a couple decades ago this region was nearly completely undeveloped now it’s a destination known locally andinternationally for its natural beautyislands and beaches and of course theirunique regional cuisineyeah train really keeps a very importantrolein the tourism pictures of the who levietnam yeah one of the big reasons wewant to talk to youis because tourism has become such anissue right nowbecause of corona it’s basicallydevastated the tourismindustry if you look at may last year tomay this yearinternational tourism is down like a 98and so for a city likenijang it’s especially devastatingbecause a huge amount of thesebusinesses depended oninternational tourists so the questionis what is an enchanting tourism boarddoing to bring back tourismto thisbeen stolen city me little by littlepiece bypiece until.

I’m completeso first of all the government have theinformation toevery single hotel’s tourist companyhouse toface with the pandemic make sure onehundred percentthat’s nia tran is safe now and then shewould like to share morethe plan to announce the friendly andsafely destinationsso they can welcome the tourists backfirst of all the domesticdomestic and then popular everywhere forinternational tourismfor a while even while this video wasbeing recorded vietnam had kovit 19under controlit seemed like it had been eradicatedfrom vietnam altogethercities like the chang had even begun thelong journey of bouncing backstarting with domestic tourismunfortunately after this recordinganother wave of covet-19 infections hitlikely due to illegal border crossingfrom china we know it’s tough timesright nowwhat is your hope for the futurevietnam has already won once goinghead-to-head with the virusi believe they can do it againthis is going to be one of our finalcards.

I mean this is our finalexperiencethis says today you’re going toexperience the not so touristy side ofthis touristy regionexperiencing the people food and naturalbeauty that put this place on the mapexpect to get wet we’re here just a little bit outside thecity of nichang and this beautifulbeachside village and uh we’re witharen’t my men here dude sirhow are you doing it’s in ciao it’s hotgood very informal landshake this is mrt father to a family of sixliving in a modest home close to apristine beach that’s not yet lost itsluster to developmentor tourism meaning this is an idealplace for fishermen to do what they dobesta lot of the people living on the coast they have some kind of job in thefishing industryand seafood is hugely popular here we can see that in our little breakfastwe’ve got some sticky riceand on top what is that actually i thinkit’s caco like the same thing we made the fish sauce out of in the firstepisode it does smell pretty fishy butuh it’s pretty neutral exactly justlaying drew talking about gakuthey stir-fried with chili put on top ofthe sticky rice well what i’ve learnedthis trip iflippin love sticky rice.

There’s notenough of it in the world and in vietnamaggregate oh it’s really pleasant you didn’t kill the bones at all yeah bones are pretty soft it’s another type of thing where the fish are like half food have seasoning to bring the rice to life so the rice is more excitingi like it a lot it’s really good food well we don’t actually know what we’re doing today yeah this is his daughter shet hank you yeah come on what’s going on here i much prefer her to megentle men this is the final day of your journey congratulations on making it this far but you’re not finished yet where you’re going today your bites will be of no useprobably the water today you each mustcatch your own food and contribute to a familyfeast.

I knew it you decide who catches what and we’ll see you at the finish line hium first of all thank you for being heresecond can you help teach us how to catch stuff today he doesn’t seem that interested actually so he’s saying he’s gonna go down to the water you can even gointo some of the small caves and catch the lobster ohlobster would be great if you wanna stay on the boat we’re gonna get some sweet but fiftypercentandrew i feel like we’ve been going head-to-head a lot this trip in your face sunny side listen if you want to go on the boat you go on the boat no no, i want to go in the water well you really want to go in the water it feels like the more adventurous thing to do wait so we’re both doing what we want to do this time yeah that’s great perfect teamwork final here a village like no other dozens of part-time homes on the ocean they’ve got kitchens they’ve gotbathrooms but their purpose is as a type of ocean farmaquaculture like agriculture but onwaterfishermen store fish or lobsters here before selling or they fatten them up feeding them sometimes up to a year before the fish go to market so he said this is fish with around five six months old he catchesthe babies and then rears them or does he buy the baby you have to buy nursery fish to put it in here it’s around two dollars per fish of course we won’t be eating any seafood from mr t’s farm.

Today that would be too easy instead andrew and i are heading out into the openocean and attempting to catch a meal for ourselves i am here with mr t but with a little help we are the go team we got thefisherman’s son and we’ve got youof course do you have any fishingexperience um actually my dad is thefishermanall right but i never fished before ohokay at this point i’ll take whateverhelp i can get have you caught squidbefore by yourselfso can you just make me look good pleaseto the best of my knowledge we are hereto catchtwo things lobsters and sea urchins andtiminbapthat was fast right herehe’s got a tool it’s designed to looklike a little shrimpy with a ton ofspikes okay so it’s oohbe careful, i cut myself in theory itsounds like an easy plan just knock itin, i’m gonna feel a lot more confident oncei have some of these bad boys insidethis neti can’t go back empty-handed not thistime not againout here okay we’re gonna get in besidesunwind water and the boat that feels goodyou’ve got nothing you’re gonna fish and, i’m going to watch you and learnokay so please uhshow me show me your ways you want toplug something to eat from the oceanyou better develop your own methodsquick or you’re going to go hungrytherefore out of necessity a tool likethisis born in a new skill acquiredthis guy’s got like gills or something.

I don’t know how he stayed down there forso long this isn’t something they teachin booksbut knowledge handed down fromgeneration to generation he gave it anice tossand then he starts to reel it in hegives it a tug and then he waits againoh look mr t just made that look realeasy i’m a little bit worried about thislook how sparky these things arei did not expect them to be moving thismuch so far we’ve been fishing for about49 seconds we’ve not caught anythingyou have to be very patient oh the bestway to learnmti is to get hands on okay soi’ve got the rod. i’ve got the spool gooh you knowwhat go all right good give it some linelet it sinkright now andro is in the water he has abetter chance he’s lookingthe fish in the eyesgive it a tuck we want the shrimp to actlike a shrimpthese squid are going to be like whoawhat an elegant realistic shrimp.

I’mgoing to eat that noweven with skill and plenty of patienceluck is a major factor that’s my first net full of sea urchinsthe trickiest thing about it i think isuh trying to swim with the net in yourhand but i’ve got to admit it’s prettyfun there’s plenty of this down theresometimes good fortune smiles upon youand sometimes oh what is this oh that’sjust you know that’s a lure that’s thelureokay she flips you the bird sofeedback how was that like this leveljesus is my first time take it easy kidall right let me try again betterusually how long does it take sometimesit gets thesquid around two to three minutessometimeshalf an hour someday there’s nothing ohno okay let me just bring it in we needto get creativeright now andrew is catching maybe seaurchinsoh good god maybe a chicken or a ducklook we got food this is a catch andcook that worked out how did this happenthis is surreal he’s getting a lot ofstuff down therei know sonny and, i have really been kind of going at each other buti did great, i hope he did great too thisis going to be one hell of a final meal do you have any squid on the boatalready kid yeah you do wait you know english yeah what the what’s going on okay i thinkthat we pretend to catch itand then we delete this conversation somy buddy andrew won’t see itoh is that squid dead already yes arethere anywhat is my shell.

I think we just do it idon’t think andrewtug on it a little bit oh i think i gotsomething on here really what is thiswhat’s going on i can see it really ohit looks like a real squidoh my god oh it’s really heavy oh man dude i gotta admit, i’m kind ofimpressed with sonny likei didn’t think he’d catch he’sdoing really wellwhat an amazing creature just a majesticdid he throw a dead squid into the oceanand pull it back outmanandrew we just got back from getting ourcontribution to this family feastwhat’d you get we’ve got heaps of seaurchins man we even got a lobsterit went great that’s really nice yeah and how did you go sunny sidegreat as well we uh got a bunch of squidwe got threeno you didn’t man what did you reviewthe footage, i saw it you saw the footagei thought the squid was dead broyou took a dead squid and you threw itin the ocean man ohi was busting my ass what do you want meto do i was with the 14 year old kidhow about not fake it how about notreveal that ifainted on my show i almost died forthis show it’s not even my showhow do i even know you really got thosesea urchins maybe he just put him therefor youno that was hard work i was super proudof my effortsand here you are i don’t know catchingfrozen foodum sorry about that uhi guess.

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