Surviving Vietnam |  EXTREME Vietnamese Street Food!!

Surviving Vietnam | EXTREME Vietnamese Street Food!!

If this is a whole trip just cruisearound to different yummy restaurantseat food. I think we’re good i think thisis going to be amazingyeah this can’t be how they do itdanang is a coastal city and the fifthlargest in vietnam with over one millionresidentsit’s also the starting place of ourcentral vietnam journeyit’s like 600 miles from here so it isgoing to be quite a journey it’s nothanoialong the way we’re going to be stoppingin some places it’s not saigon and iknow there’s going to be someunusual foods out therewhat do you put in there central vietnamhas a cultural and culinary identity allits own typically it’s way more spicyfood and you’ll often have whole chiliesin there ready to monsterthis place is full of fun food surprisesand probably some not so fun surprisestoo anything you need me to help withnow let me know.

Surviving Vietnam |  EXTREME Vietnamese Street Food!!

I’m here to help now wewill tell the intestine[Applause]i don’t know because for the first timein this show’s history i amrelinquishing control of where we gowhat we do and what we eat to ourproducermy partner on this mysterious mission isandrew frasermy best friend in vietnam and the guywho talked me into moving here how longhave you been in hoi on three years inhere why did you move herei mean why not together we’re taking onwhatever my twisted producer has throwntogetherand that is me wang that looks prettygoodtime to start meanwang super famouscentral region dish right means noodlesright and then what aboutwang i’ve got no idea somebody who isless mature might think it’s a funnynamethey’ve kind of deconstructed it theyput it all apart and usuallyit would be all put together in a bowlwith what beef yeah beef chicken eggsall kinds of stuff i’ve eaten endlessamounts of mewang and i’ve never hadanything like this yeah.

This is with afrogme wang a flat wide rice noodle herethis restaurant is serving these noodleswith frog meat oh no how many frogs justcame outthe frog is marinated in turmeric gingerpurple onion and five spice powderstir-fried in a giant wok and served ina ceramic pot along with porkchicken mackerel and shrimp beets i’mgonna try this fishit tastes like pickled almost grab someof these noodles[Music]that’s nice that’s good this is one ofthe quintessential vietnamese dishesgenerous portions it’s very meaty i’mgonna take a bite of frog capit’s savory but there’s something sourin there too that’s affected all themeat the sameso you’re getting kind of differenttextures with the same flavor meanwhileyou have these like super soft noodlesthat’s a nice hefty meal okay as youknow we’re going on a triphere’s how it’s gonna work our best evercentral vietnam journey has begunthroughout our trip producer me willprovide us with coordinates and missionsshowing us where to go what to do andwho to meet.

I don’t trust heri don’t know what it is i think one timei made her go on a boat in japan it wasa very bad experiencei think she’s just always trying to getpaid back for that this is making memore nervous yeah you should be sobasicallywhatever she says iswhat we’re doing she’s just handing me acardin my hands now the first hints ofwhat’s to come ohthat is terrible handwriting gentlemencongratulations on the start of yourcentral vietnam adventurebut this is just the start as you knowthis is a bike trip to survive thisjourney you must keep an open mindand if you don’t if you fail anymissions you don’t get to sleep in ahotelwell man i’ve got to admit i kind ofthought this was just going to be likewhat we usually dowhat do you think is going to be thehardest part of this trip two weeksfilmingthrough central vietnam hot hot weatherminority accents vietnamese is hardenoughwell listen i know that we got bikeslet’s rideyou ready let’s do yeah let’s do thatwe’re biker guys nowah.

I didn’t think it was this kind of abike trip[Music]the city of bridges beautiful charmingcycling is a much enjoyed activity hereare we almost at the next location thissucks but not so much for two guyswearing giant crash helmetsbro it’s going to be a long ass waitinga trench i got to talk to producer mesomething’s a little bit off here ithought we’re going to take it likemotorcycleswith big engines the kind that makegirls instantly fall in love with youor guys whichever it’s fine[Music]watch out yeah watch out for the carthere’s a bikepull your shoulders up ride withconfidence these cars are very big andeven these small scooters are biggerthan these bikesproducer me’s coordinates have broughtus here a restaurant with 60 years ofexperience serving another centralvietnamese classicon sale a crispy sizzling pancake madeof rice and turmeric battertopped with shrimp and mung beans servedwith rice paperfresh herbs and the country’s favoritecondiment fish sauce bro.

I can do thisi was expecting scary foods you werejust warning me this is fanta i lovepansel the bikes are a bit of a let downbut the foodpretty chill in saigon yes bon tayo hugeright sides of your headyes but when you come to the centralregion what happens andrew rightwhen it comes to eggy tumericky cakeythings with prawns inside i thinksmaller is bettermore crispy exactly because the crunchstep one take one of these load it intothe rice paperi usually do a couple herbs oh even moreherbs jeepers she is overestimating howmany vegetables i eat in a dayget a nice tight roll on it i’m gonna gowith some delicious peanut sauce herethat’s good that is crunchy oh it’s sospicy too the textures are incredibleyou kind of tear through the rice paperand then the crunch comes after thatright i’m gonna eat one more day toobecause it was goodoh and we didn’t do the nook man what isnook bomb is fish sauce do you know howthey make fish sauce i assume fermentedfishyeah but do they just squeeze it untilsauce comes in it just sits in a barrelfor a long asstime really like kimchi i think sodude that is genuinely excellent there’sa sweetness accurate i mean it’s supersalty then a bit saccharine sweetwell.

I’m not sure why we came here idon’t see any itchthere’s another card it’s quite frequentwhy don’t you just talk to mei hope you guys are enjoying the citybecause now we’re gonna leaveand never come back below are thecoordinates of a villagewhere fish reach their full potentialand where vietnamese make theirown form of sushi oh it’s in a villagethough do you think they have nice uhsushi restaurants in the villageunlikely you know whati don’t think there’ll be any unexpectedtwist returns i think we’re good[Music]if you hate cities somehow you’ll stilllike this placeover a million people but with a smalltown feel one of the most developedlivable cities in the country okay thisis more like itwe’ve got beach on the right buildingson the left no kidding man ilove dining this has got to be one ofthe most livable cities in vietnam thisis zero traffic for vietnam as well what makes a city livable to you this is modern city for vietnam it’s newlydeveloped it’s really picturesque goodfoodyou gotta move up here this is a sickcity it is sick but apparently accordingto my producerwe’re never coming back ah next stopnamo village.

Where are we i don’t know bro i don’tknow eitherat first glance this appears to be afishing village buti don’t see any fish geeperhaps this nice elderly woman can giveus some answers can you ask her the nameof this beach maybeguysthis is the namo beach are you makingthis up no okay this is greatwe are looking for fish i guess yeah there’s some in that boat there’ssomeone over here rightfisherman from here i can see they’vegot some baskets of sardines they’rebringing it inoh man ah this is nam oh village it’sbeen here a long timecenturies at least perfectly situated onthe coastmeaning most the folks living here inone way or another are in the fishbusinessi did not bring my beach outfitokay that’s the last one so that’s uhone two three four five six seven eightcontainers of sardines here uh sinchoni like that it does the traditionalsweat rubhandshake you’ve been out fishing howlong did it take youto get all these fish yesterday untilthentwo people oh we got a guy over hereso all the fish here what are you goingto do with these fishthat’s what they do here in nemo theymake fish sauce.

I get it this is wherethe fishreach their full potential i see turnsout this is one of the rare traditionalfish sauce making villages that existsthroughout the entire country of vietnammr wang’s family was one of the firstproducing fish sauce in this villagea legacy that goes back over 200 yearshow do you juice a fishandrew i don’t think it’s what you thinkoh shoot we got another card comingwhy does she seem so unhappy when shegives me the cards last one for today itsaystwo halves make a hole the more yousplit in halfthe further you will goahthis can’t be how they do it ohf andrew the next time we split up he’sgetting the crappiest drama i don’t knowwhat sonny’s job was like but i can’timagine it was much worse than thisi mean i think it’s clear what she meanswe’re gonna help process all this fishsauce one person has to carry all thisand one person has to go into thefactory which is probably a shade and afan ohi’ll do that then in the shade you’reprobably gonna have to juice these fishso i don’t know if you made the rightchoice there andrewi hope he has to dig holes for deadbodiesthat’s like 50 pounds of fish okaythat’s twothere’s six more down there meanwhileandrew is in the factoryhaving a great time.

I’m here with annwayne they probably have a fountainmachine in there and so this is the very beginning of the fish sauce makingprocessthe process is simple but cannot becompleted without one crucial ingredient oh my god that one’s heavy the fish there’s got to be a better way of doing this um maybe ah hello okay oh it’s way easier all right okay now we’re gonna put five bowls of fish into this mixing bow lah okay more high high more more more man they’r every precise you just have to take alittle micro steps oh yeah i mean who needs to pay for a gymmembership right now saltthank you benji hi so just two bowls of salt in with those fish oh very big balls there you go okay so we’re mixing the fish in with salt here it’s really prettycoarse salt actually man that is stillnot light that’s at least a hundred pounds oh my god hers are way heavier than mine allright i’m coming for you grannyit’s pretty surreal feeling here we gogrannyokay and now we’re going to carry itover to the fermenting vessel[Music]man this is tiring work i don’t knowwhat sunny’s job was like damn.

I heard they used to have a horse to do this job but maybe it diedeach pot contains four to six hundredpounds of fish which will eventually become a metric fload of sauce we’re gonna continue thisand fill this giant vessel and just letthe fish ferment here in the salt it sits there for an entire year oh we’re in a hill nowyes starting as this semi-solid fishmush oh no then with the help of bacteria itbreaks down into a purely liquid state here we have the nukman that’s beenfermenting for about one year we need to go through one more processwhen the time comes it’s filtered to keep the fish essence but remove thefishsouls jeepers look at this that was brutalgood thing i drank at gatoradethis video is brought to you by gatoradenot really[Music]hey and rew it’s the sunny side turns outwe’re not just doing a restaurant tourit wasway more intense how was that for youit’s fineit’s pretty easy what about you how wasit here that wasbrutal stuff i can’t even smellfish anymore my whole body is covered init yeah it’s pretty gross i’m telling youoh man i thought the whole time thatwhat i did was really hard and what you did was pretty easy oh man that lookssimplelet’s talk about this the fish saucethat is stinky yeah i can’t even smellit anymore yeah.

I’m actually really looking forwardto trying what this is i can’t imaginethat it’s not just because you’ve seenit come from that sort of chocolatecolored liquidliterally go through a cheesecloth in itand it comes out clear it’s prettyremarkableyeah it looks like a whiskey yeah that’sright should we try it out oh wow it’s intensely salty it is sosaltyis this finished is this the final formdo people add waterto it or cut it huh nothing man that’sit it has this like next levelsavory like people in japan always callit umami right this iswrong man there’s no sweetness therethat i’m used toour reward for helping with the fishsauce raw herringsalad that’s right raw fish a type ofvietnamese sashimi you could say there’smany ways to cook food the most commonway just heatcrack but you could also use citrus whydo you put the limeon the fishso he said like the lime is able to cookand it makes it good well i think weshould start eating.

I see so many thingsherethe fish are prepared two ways first thedry versionlime juice a mixture of strong spiceslike ginger lemongrassgarlic and chilies mixed well until thefish absorbsall the seasonings squeeze the liquidout then coat the fish bits withstir-fried rice powder. i’m assuming it’s going to be similar to what we had already bonsai we’ve gotgreens cucumber right here the ricepaper and what like many vietnamese dishes they start the same way a lot of herbs righ the loads it up with fish toooh for me i can do it i can do itnice then you just douse it with sauce i believethat’s so good that’s amazing man i think the thing i’m most surprised aboutis how just soft and delicate the fis his the aromatics are pulling you indifferent directions rightfresh blend of herbs this sauce isfantastic i hardly even remember that, i’m actually eatingraw fish okay um long no next the wet versionit’s like a soup is that all chili see dsright that’s a ton of chili in there oh no sugar water fish sauce a mixture of strong spices andpeanut butter put some of these raw fishon top of the herbs put a little bit of the sauce in there too right throw in somefish add more spicesand dignot fishy at all the fish is so soft.

I’m feeling the heat a little bit that’strue otherwisesavory not over salty though especiallyconsidering it has so much milkin it as well yeah right tam tamwondid you grow up making fish sauce or how did you learn to make fish sauce[Music]life on the water is hard but these folks make it seemeasy chiseled hardened but alwayswearinga smile fish sauce it’s like the sauce of viet nam a very sauceliking country right and now we know theoriginsfantastic this is our first taste of central vietnamese food and hospitality come on rodney so farso good surely in our next episodeproducer me will have nothing evilplanned for us there’s one more dish we’re waiting for oh.

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