Super RARE Kenyan Village Feast!!!

Super RARE Kenyan Village Feast!!!

let me know when you’re ready foranother one it’s ready. I’m excitedyes all right let’s do it today we’re in Kenya leaving Mombasa andheading into the countryside for avillage food feast like no other Wendyand. I are joining mama Casa and theguerrilla people a bunch of Kenyancommunity who occupy the Kenyan coast toair that people are known for being veryfriendly and hospitable this is a place where locals like Bama cogsa raiseturkeys but never eat them until today now you’re gonna have all thesedelicious turkeys walking around it’sgonna be so tempting to cook them fromthe Protein the best part is you have noidea what any part is to the booze oh Ialready feel my headache tomorrow sopack your machetes hug a turkey and prepare yourself for Kenyan food like you have never seen before before.

Super RARE Kenyan Village Feast!!!

We dive deep into village life here we’re gonna get a quick taste forlocal life at the local market hereeating local is not a challenge asvendors bring their produce fish andsnacks from nearby villages and alreadysomething tasty has caught my eye Ithink school just got out if there’sabout 15 kids around us but then theyalso curious and equally freaked out ifI make eye contact they back awayKenyan potato chips for an affordableprice this lady is filling bellies withthe area’s finest snack sensationsit’s called piazza karai so it’s adeep-fried potatoes they put it in abatter that’s made with wheat flour andthey’ve added some food coloring to itare these Kenyan Doritos.

I guess you could say that all right. I’m gonna this is tamarindsauce it’s very common in the coastuh-huh is that like tangy flavour to all this and then we can have this littlesauce yes so here we go we’ve got oh by the way what is in the news today one really smart guy new wonders can come out of the blue so a lot of good news today you can check it out while you eat your favorite streets next. Oh show y’all me mmm you get the part with the tamarind yeah it’s a little sour. I love that sweet sour and salty and the chip is like an old fried potato it’s just kind of a little cold little mushy the garlic in there so your money mmm. I love these my goodness how many times am . I going to say then are you hungry you want some yeah see you let there ord show do you want a name okay. I know people will comment all those kids they want some you don’t feed the manythingno they really just curious that’s they just want to see what we’re doing that’s it that’s it.

I’m finally gonna get a look at localvillage light here for the Guru Yama people each family lives in a pod of home with house is made from play and topped with palm leaves the kids are playing the women start dinner prep and Sam introduces me to the staple crop in this area what is it. I’ll have to dig itup to find out today is a special day because today we’re going on a hunt for one of the most elusive creatures in the jungle the cassava root right yeah cassava is the miracle plant growing in the toughest of conditions in poor soil with little rainit’s the most important energy source for people here look at this and you wouldn’t grow to matoes in this is such asuper sandy silty it doesn’t need too much war time because it’s droughtresistant the last three months we’ve been having no rain and is doing wow that’s a big cassava right there huh yeah.

I’m told the long ones are just as goodas the short ones right yeah that’sright it should be stated that cassavashould not be eaten raw due to traceamounts of cyanide that must be boiledand rinsed out the chemical compoundinside can cause vertigo vomiting andcollapse oh it’s very firm. I found this out after taking a bite now it tastes like a giant almond cool like crunchychewy texture not chewy like um robustluckily. I’m alive to munch cassavaanother day no vertigo or sudden deathhere but it is advised that next timeyou enter a village in Kenya ask for thecooked cassava we collect enough cassava for dinner since we are here Sam brings me to a local liquor store which isactually just a palm tree you can get drunk yeah very young leg you get drunkyeah yeah I’ve done that before it’s one of my favorite things it’s actually the palm sap sound we used to cook play Muhammad demand Ozzy some people like drink as well okay yeah well.

I like that one more typically the sap is collected from the cut flowers of the palm tree a container is fastened to the flower stump to collect the SAP they even notched out the tree to make climbing it’s super easy um I think. I’m stuck Oh can we do a trust fall typesituation. I’m gonna fall back and I need six of you to interlock arms and catch me some people are better built to fight the forces of gravity but I am NOT. I feel like those steps could have been alittle bit bigger but that’s fine so this is the SAP and it has just a little bit of a sour smell to it some people call this coconut wine but there’s noactual like coconut flavor or juice it’s very different from that it’s just kind of a sweet and sour smell inside[Music]the cassava finds its way back to thevillage where it’s peeled and cut in tosmall pieces by the women they are thebackbone of this community and if theyare the backbone then right now the menare the boozed-up liver the white liquidthat initially collects is non-alcoholicbefore it ferments oh it’s quite sweet yeah.

I bet kids’ll love this yeah mostof the freshmen we gave to the littlebabies so then they grow strong but after a few days it begins to pack analcoholic punch fully testing a man’sfortitude for unrefined spirits oh yeah that is a force to be reckoned with yeah. I already feel my headache tomorrow yeah by the way. I drink it in my stomach islike a turbulent storm of acid but it is very nice but it’s very nice in thisvillage what is the normal diet here most of the de Maynes friend then they cook it like become some garlic thenboot right we have got the cow chicken the turkeys which those thing they’re from the time that you were a kidgrowing up here until now what haschanged in this village most of thepeople of my age did not go to school now the children are going to school that’s big achievement ah.

I think so too from locals in Nairobi to the Masai andfinally here it’s clear there’s no one way of life for people in Kenya in thisparticular village there seems to be more progress each day kids go to nearbyschools and there seems to be plenty of food even enough to feed me what do you call this again this is aKino Kino oh this is ma Mikasa the head chef for dinner today coordinating all the cooking activities and ensuring thateverything is on the right track right now she’s showing me how to makebanana bread or canola so we’ve got like28 bananas in here that’s nice so now we’re putting in the maze pour it in a bin and add back in more okay enough enough all right there we go it’s getting a much thicker now sowe do after this you put them in abanana juice we wrap both of them inthis react with the water we put them onfire then after 15 minutes it’s ready.

I’m excitedyes what we have here is a knife chair you kind of stabilize it with your bodyweight and then you can scrape out all of this coconut meat that is reallycool the grated coconut is latersqueezed thus providing coconut milk which is brought to a boil with thecassava so. I notice you have salt yes so what do you sell to have money to buy the salt the coconut tree is helping asolution gives us the coconut out of these branches we get also brooms that yourself what do you need to buy that you can’t get here maize fish thingslike paraffin to see when I usually putparaffin and a piece of God then alittle candle yeah now it is hard totitle a video village food feast ifwe’re only eating cassava but then.

I spotted these guys here villagers raiseturkeys for nearby high-end restaurantsin fact mama qotsa has never even tastedturkey until todaymaybe is hitting a turkey too we’regoing to the neighbor’s house and we’regonna negotiate for a turkey hold onwhat kind of tactics so they’re going toquite the highest price yeah you’re likeyou a slash it done by half that’s yourstarting pointah and then maybe you meet somewhere inthe middle yeah I’m gonna try that andwhen they quote a price I’ll bedisgusted really are you being seriousright nowafter a couple phone calls we meet aturkey seller down the road and thehighly sophisticated and tactical gameof Turkey negotiation begins this isyour turkey um okay this is a littlewrinkled what kind of price were youthinking that’s annoyed 4,000 loads Idon’t know what do you think of like2,000.

I just want to say we’re you know we’re filming this right if you don’t go down at all my audience is gonna think. I’m so stupid how much are you going to chop off the top hundred 100 yeah that’s what younegotiate okay sir you got a deal I still feel like we could have knocked this down Lombok at Seoul. I brought you a turkey. I negotiated hard I think I did a pretty good job how many did 3,000 and 900 this was very cheap are you serious yes how much is this usually 5000 sit still about 50 $60for a turkey is this a good size it’s that big one but a lot of meat forevery body here right now they arecutting the Tuck into pieces do you keep the feet no we don’t you it’s veryenough. I eat the feet but we don’t need to. I was trying to sound cool and it backfired dang it cooking the turkeywell it’s gotta be similar to cookingchicken right chop it into little pieces and stew it with a bit of water and salt while we wait for the main course theappetizer banana bread do you have a fun name that you would call it got a nice bite let’s try it out oh that isdelicious that’s very sweet it’s aperfect marriage of maize flour andbanana yeah this is my first time having this because away from the coast people don’t really make this all, I love it so much it’s one of my favorite things.

I’veeaten on this trip is so simple so yummy. I can’t wait to show you guys the came raguys not you guys you guys are at home how will you eat this you can’t eat it come here and then you can eat it[Music]everyone’s come from around the villagemaybe they smelled the turkey from afar. I know she’s kind of serving upeverybody we’ve got a bit here we brokeaway for the moment I just want to try areally quick on camera before all the light is gone let’s try out this cassava that. I dug up by hand I mean I saw itbeing dug up by hand he works hard for it okay let’s go mmm Ilove that starchy texture yeah yeah like it tastes a lot effort to dig through it with your teeth mmm because I was one of the most underrated starches ever they’re coconut in it I just make thebest bread so it’s got some likefattiness from the coconut in there yeah giving it a little bit of like oilinessyeah.

I know we’ve got a turkey and the best part is you have no idea what anypart is because they just hack it intopieces and boil it sorry guys that food shots are not so yummy today a littledark anyways it’s like a bit tough and chewy already. I can feel with my fingers that’s surprising really amazing tastesexactly like a chicken it tastes like Turkey to me it is a low drive when my piece is quite good oh my god I love iteveryone’s just pumped have you having some turkey including me mmm so good[Music]this is one of the best meals I’ve had in recent memory but the best part stillis sharing with everyone here and learning about the local way of lifeit’s really good right yes yeah wellit’s all cause of you great cook five out of five on Yelp yeah here in thevillage people really depend on eacho ther there’s a real sense of communitysharing the burdens of daily life in aneffort to reach a brighter tomorrowtogether this video concludes our five video Kenya series be sure to watch the full playlist and let me know in thecomments which country we should visit next time in Africa thank you so much for watching I also want to give a hugethanks to Wendy for joining me throughthis insanely adventurous experiencehere in Kenya Wendy thank you so much thank you and you can follow along onher Instagram shown on the page we’reestimating that it’s here here also for you guys if you’re thinking aboutheading to Vietnam anytime soon.

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