super delicious street food- Why do people fall in love with this dish ??

super delicious street food- Why do people fall in love with this dish ??

On a scale of one to ten how spicy ishis foodmy my bae is what buy, is i buy a planeticket out of here this is a bad ideain, today’s modern meat-filled world somebody parts get overlookedthe intestines legs liver ass is thereany part of the chicken you don’t sellthe nailthis series is an homage to the offcuts body parts that in the west might getthrown in the trash threetwo one last time we discovered tastyhearts. oh oh my godand now it’s all about the bones calvinsunnybones bones whatyou can’t eat a bone i don’t think thatoh okay today we’re on a hero’s missionlook at how much meat that’s on thereoh my god showing that these underratedanimal partshave the power to rise above the boneitself it is an elusive ingredient andit can be used to make foodabsolutely delicious like fog are weeating fun today nodamn.

super delicious street food- Why do people fall in love with this dish ??

But just an example sure four foods four chefs cooking up dishes that are not just tolerable but crave worthy and deliciousinside there’s bone marrow and this is how you’re supposed to do it so how will they do it let’s find out sotoday today we’re eating a lot of differentbone stuff yesa week but there’s also some bones that you can eatwhole i got one a trombodeno i don’t have any i’m leaving my show sir put her there mr laup was afurniture designer before becominga pork bone dealer so this is our firstbone location today we’re doing a lot ofbonerelated content can you see me yeah now he’s opened a restaurant serving only one foodlang sap a thai dish with a vietnamesetwist why just the one food on the menu is it that good yeah yeah i am how much god i love this answer what this is theeasiest dish for him to make he’s not a chef cooking length sap is pretty straightforward which part of the bonesare you using it’s the pork spine the bones are boiled in water for two hoursuntil the beet becomes soft and tenderaside from the boiling what is it that makes this dish really come togetherhuh he is a one word that’s a kind of guy you know what he said chili’s is this gonna be spicy you know.

I lovechilies right not a teddy bearthat’s what we’re getting the sauce is acombination of green chiliesscallions and lime juice cooked in thesame stock the bones came fromon a scale of one to ten how spicy isthis foodmy bae is what my is i buy a planeticket out of here this is a bad ideadon’t put your nose next to it sorrylast time i had a gloveput on you don’t hear that story do youno okaywell that was good no don’t tell me justleave it like thatoh that’s heavy on this side you can seethe whole spinethis is a l4 l5 l6 do you know yourvertebraeactually looks like an airline we’ll seel1 l2l3 no that’s good you’redoing good i can’t stop recording thismeat is peeling away very easily cheerscheersmmm juicyso tender and juicy unbelievable howmuch do you like chilies in the morning.

i think food here is not that spicyit’s not anything compared to thailandit’s a little bit of heat but it’snothing too intense for watchingdip it into the saucethat’s a delightful blend yeah but thelime when he early he had saidhe’d gone to bangkok and had this dishhe was so inspired that he created thisdishfor saigon which is really cool yeah ilove that he he took i love thati love it i think the best pieceof meat is inside the spice you pushthat meat upwardsand sunny that is for you oh it’s justlike in this hiddencrib off cheersoh this pig’s going places there’s meltin your mouth deliciousmelt in your mouth delicioussatisfaction guarantee satisfactionguaranteed good start good stuff but wehave a lot more in store holy cow oh my god oh you speak englishlatercool why am i here for get out see ya this is a bonei did not expect it’s inside this animal.

What kind of cat is thismy dude nam has five years experienceserving this unique specialtyokay that doesn’t help this is a sunbeamsnakeonly found around southeast asia locallyvietnamese folks know it as anonion onion snake it’s a little onionyreally it’s only the baby’s bottomoh look at gundog put your finger inthere he says it’s not unusual to find snake meat invietnam it’s believed to have specialhealth benefits when combined witheastern medicinelike snake wine do you know anythingabout stink wine it’s supposed to begood forstamina and they don’t mean a marathonnam’s recipe loved by the drinking crowddoesn’t waste a single partof the snake about why snakes you couldhave opened up anything out here youcould have had a taco standoh cause he makes really good snaketoday he’s cooking up three differentdishes all from one snake ah the top tentop ten top ten eating cd there’s onlynine places.

I’m one of the top five rappers thatlive in my housefirst snake salad that’s right made withboiled snake meatand onion seasoned with msg salt sugarpork bone powder fish sauce chilies andlime juice he eats a lot of hot potplaces and he goes home and he figuresout their secretreally yeah next snake hot potboiled snake parts get boiled again butthis time with lemongrass and calabashwould you say it’s top100 in vietnam how hungry very humble hesaid yesnow this final dish is what we reallycame forthe bones seasoned with condensed soysaucemsg fish sauce normal soy sauce andchili sauceboom location two snake number one firstsnake of the dayprobably the last snake of the day ihope so here snake hot potthis is literally the butt of the snakethe anus of the snake yeah it saysthere’s tons of body parts in here bigpieces of meat skinthe testicles testicles oh stinks havecrazy testiclesshould we try it out yeah well i meanyeahoh texture of a wetsuitit tastes good it’s just good it mine’sbursting with flavor over here you justgottalike bite into it and peel it backskin salad.

Oh my favorite wordgelatinous it’s very lean animal becausethere’s nofat between the skin and the meat rightthat’s a good point have you ever seen afat snakeand you were disappointed on googleimages right now can we pull upfat snake no that’s a snake that justate something recently can we look uplikeobese snake seethat’s funny in the end this is whatwe’ve come here forthe bones the bones he kind of peeledaway all the meat that he couldand there’s a bit of protein leftbetween the ribs and as theyfry it it becomes crispy brown doesn’tseem like your typical meat cheers chipscan you hear that delicious deepsavorinesskind of thick you have to really make aconcerted effort to eat all of it andnot let it kill youugh i think it’s creative i respect it iappreciate it this snake if it hadthumbs would definitely give it a thumbupit doesn’t have thumbs though yeah butjust like theoretic hypothermicthis street side restaurant we’re aboutto enter is one of the bestin southeast asia but this fact mightnot be so obviousupon first glance.

That put hertherehere if you pay close attention subtlesigns of successwill reveal themselves is business goodor is business goodas always the best indicator of qualityis the hordes of folks lining up to sitdownand grab a bite here you’re making hutiocalvin what is wudu hostil is a dishknown in the south region of vietnamrice noodles a bone broth and it’susually made out of porkmiss fungus is so popular she’s now ableto employ her entire familybut people aren’t just here for thenoodles they’re really afteris this fun this is oneorder this flavor packed skeletal souphelps them sellover 900 pounds of pork bones each dayyou’re gonna eat the tendernessand then you dip it in and then you takea shot of itthat sounds fantastic fresh herbs andfried garlic are a mustbut the broth the broth is what reallymakes this place stand out among manymany others one of the secrets she saidis thatthe sweetness comes from the bones thiscomes from sugar or msgit’s natural flipping a ma’am i justrealized you could have probably takenthe mask off in the beginning of thescene but that’s okay the chin diaper.

I know it looks nice ohcalvin sunny this place runs out ofbones quick yeahthey’re sold out already holy crap 400kilosa day it should be open for an hour thusfar i can’t believe that that’s amazingis it still there okay oh wait don’t letany one steal that we have one on this side for close-upsso it’s not a huge amount of meatno it’s just a few millimeters that’sright next to the bone that would beimpossible for the butcher to cutcheers oh man the meat next to the bone is always the most flavorful this is the lifearm oh look at that i’ve never been sojealous in my life that bite look samazing okay i hope i have something even close to that on here i feel like i just locked lips with god it’s god male or female a little bit of bothno exaggeration it’s one of the mostdelicious things i’ve ever eaten justtendoncooked down perfectly you know tendon is not a piece of the animal that a lot ofpeople eatno which is foolish it’s so good this is something that’s hard to get your hands on your answer right now yeah it wasn’t easy.

I had producers atwork we had to coordinate with the ownerso that’s just the outside of the boatlooking into the boneyou can see the marrowcome up come to papa yeah come on ohoh there’s no way that on camera thisdoesn’t look disgusting a slimypile of warm bone marrow[Music]oh it’s like buttery and smooth it’slike a cloudoh my flower that’s good i think wefound ourtop for the night it’s gonna be reallyhard to beat this we have one locationleft buti mean this was an experience fromheaven you can pay hundreds of dollarsgo to five-star restaurants and youstill are likely to not get somethingthis amazing it is breathtaking istopped doing the show for a second holdonwe should have washed our hands huhyes i’m a huge fan of your work thankyou so muchis this something that happens in indianamaste or thank youwe always greeted each other[Music]i feel like i just finished a yoga classindian food delicious but admittedlynotorious for its extensive use of oiloften making it incredibly heavy i loveindian food but any time.

I eat it i needa wheelchairand i need someone to cart me around fortwo days what we are doing here is 80less oil even if you see the oil it willbe more from the meat itselfright her culinary approach has paid offresulting in a popular chain of indianrestaurants let’s get down to the realreason we’re herebecause of the bones you’re serving thedishestranslates to red mutton it’s a currymade with yogurt and spiceshowever it’s not always made with boneswe need a very special part of thegoat’sleg that is a type of a land curry fromrajasthanhow many different spices are in thiscurry 17. forindia that’s a bit lightand after that chef cook it with spicesor hurry paste and thenlet it simmer for as long as it softensthewhen i was a baby i remember we hadbrother sisters so when dad used to cookthis kind of lamb curry so we used tofight among each other who gets the bonemarrowwhat’d you fight over well i fought overcupcakes maybe not bonesoh i caught over a pillow like a pillowfight not just a pillowjust walked i didn’t like to sleep on itoh it’s tragic we’re a poor familystop depressing people.

Okay beneath this lid something amazing deliciouscheck it out whoa that looks nicethat does look nice i’m gonna dishmyselfokay will you dish me uh yeah after meoh i’ve had lol moss oh i remember nowin my spicy episode okay in india andit’s red and then it’s smoky is smokepart of the thing kai do they put smokein it at the endi don’t remember i think we should tastethe curry first i’ve got some naan herethat’s garlic naan on your side that’strue you get a nice bite just of thegravyoh yeah the flavors are dancing on mypalatethe meat is incredibly tender you couldcut this with a one-year-old’s fingeri’m not sure why you’d try thatsomething that’s not very sharp[Music]that is a delicious morsel of meat it’sbeen braised so longit’s so soft it’s so tender with the fatrendering down itbecomes kind of sticky that’s a greatthing you’re right sunnyit is sticky she’s saying that insidethere’s bone marrow and this is howyou’re supposed to do it if the mirroris going to come uppopping out oh yes i see like the uhumbilical cordmine looks like a little tadpolegelatinous gillette.

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