Super delicious spicy barbecue in Taiwan

Now I’m in Taipei of Taiwan Behind me is the Rao he street night market. One of the popular night market of Taiwan And I’m always eager every time go to night market, Because in night market always have many food. Today is also a rainy day Although it rains but the night market also crowdedT his is one of the most oldest night market of Taiwan. The market is the walking street with about 700m length There are many snake food, drink and beverage to traditional food with hundreds years And today I will enjoy all these foods Enter market, you can see the stall which sell the …Pepper dumpling cake Pepper dumpling cake or hujaobing. One of the most popular baked dumpling cake in Taiwan. They use powder to cover inside the meat mix paste and sesame oil and much pepper Because It has much pepper so people call it ” Pepper dumpling cake”After that they will add onion and then seal it There will be many green onion inside And then they will put into baked oven and bake.

I also eat this food at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall The skin is fairly hard And the inside is hot and fragrance of pepper and green onion This is one of the most popular shop in here And you can see so many people queue hereto buy black pepper dumpling cake (hujaobing)The special thing when you hold the black pepper cake in hand. It is so hot and fragrance of sesame and sesame oil It is so hot so I will wait a moment for cooling Because the inside will be hotter than. So if you eat now, you will lost teeth . My mom always say like that I used to eat many pepper dumpling cakes in Taipei But this shop is one of the most oldest shop And very famous in here and in the weekend there is a long line of people here It takes 15~20 minutes to buy a cake here Because crowded and household business so the service is not so good Just a little I get burned. Dumpling is fairly fragrant pepper smell and taste is fairly sweet The dough is many layer The outer is hard and the side direct contact to baked oven is harder Inside have many green onion The filling is same to the steamed dumpling filling which we eat in Vietnam but the smell of pepper and green onion is stronger Very hot You can see the smoke coming up.

These pepper dumpling cake is not so much pepper like other place And the taste is also easy to eat than. I think one of the reason is that there are many foreigner tourist. So they change the recipe to make the taste is suitable to the international tourist Now I will finish my cake and go to inside of market. There are many delicious food is waiting me today It is too hot for me to talk. This is the corn shop of Taiwan style which you see cover so much spices outside. At first she will weight the corn first for payment. My corn has price 90 TWD (~3 USD)She also sell Trapa natans. This is peeled Trapa natans Boiled peanut. He will stick it in to a skew and put in to the grill box Very convenience. There is chili sauce, soy sauce and BBQ sauce He uses the brush to remove the outer After remove the burned outer, he will spread the sauce A little of soy sauce and then he will grill again After that he take it out and spread the BBQI think in the sauce, he added a kind of powder and when grilled the outside will be harden If you want spicy, he will spread chili sauce. The red corn is mine. The normal corn is hers. This is my corn90 TWD And I will move to over there to eat. Look delicious Oops. Why my corn has a hole? It loses some percentage :((I have just buy a grilled corn from this behind seller90 TWD is about 70,000 VND Corn here is so expensive However. This is one of the most famous corn of Taiwan.

They will cover a layer sauce outside. It looks so attractive and red. I ordered a medium spicy. But this is so red, may be it will be so spicy. My corn has a hole. I smell the chili taste and five spices powder. The outside layer is fairly spicy light salty and has soy sauce smelland has five spices insideI see little biter,because the corn light burnedAfter grilling, he also brushed to remove the burned side and then grilled again But I still see many burned point in here It makes me remember the green onions oil grilled corn in Vietnam. I like the green onions oil grilled corn in Vietnam than. It is unfair to say like that But if you come here, you can try this A very special and strange corn to our Vietnam. It is so suitable to eat grilled corn in rain It is hot and spicy What a cute dogs!- Hi He is rampant so be stuck such a eyebrow. Here is exactly market of foods. There are many foods here. From the beginning of market to here, you can find dozens of food shops with hundreds of food In Ximending night market, there are only cloths, shoe, silk, fashion, … Not so much foods like that. I hear the smell of Stinky Tofu Believe me. m I hear the stinky tofu smell around here. I will find out immediately.

It seems to over there Stinky tofu Exactly stinky tofu that I hear smell a previous while Outside there are many soup foods and there are table and chair for sitting. I see this man is selling rib soup and he scoop for me. There is big soup pot over there. This is like rib bones so many ribs bone and tendon. Hi everyone. I am Khoai again. I have just enter the rib soup shop. This soup is from nearby vendor He said that:” This is the most delicious soup in Taipei of mine” He is the best, very confident and I ordered a bowl of soup, very fragrant 75 TWD (~ 2.5 USD)I am eating right now Sitting here but still hear the smell of stinky to fuI have just pass, from here about 20-30m far but I still hear the smell Recently I eat stinky tofu every day for 3-4 days, so I am obsessed with that smell. Other people, the more they eat, the familiar they are. But to me is obsessed I don’t know why Now i will drink the soup.

he soup color is little opaque and light brown It seems to have some herbs in here The smell is so fragrant Fragrance of Chinese medicine, jujube, licorice Very special There are so much ribs bone There is a long ribs with little meat stick here backbone Most is ribs Call bone, but still have many meat here. This food is suitable for the one who like to eat bones Firstly, I will try the soup The soup is very special. When drink you will feel the sweetness in the throat like drinking stevia tea He maybe added some licorice, steviat o make the taste of soup is sweeter. I have feeling like drink tea, not soup A tea with pork fragrant Very special and then I will treat this rib You see, long ribs bone with little meat When I was child, my mom usually buy pork bone to put into the pressure cooker to baked for me and my brother to eatIt is my childhood food.

This part is cartilage . Very crunchy. The cartilage is fairly fatty because the ribs have some pork fat. Some meat around her eIt will have some meat and fat and tendon around rib And this part of bone is…baked long time So we can chew it and the medulla inside is very delicious. When I was child, I always chewed this part. The medulla is very sweet If you come here Don’t forget try eat Maybe the taste is not suitable for Vietnamese but very special Feeling like we drink a kind of tea tea soup with stevia Now I continue finish my rib bone soup bowl and then continue going around this market Today, it rains So there are not so many customers as normal I see, there are Takoyaki ball Tornado octopus and grilled octopus .I’m buying squid and she is cutting it for me. She will sprinkle pepper and chili powder It’s done It is very fragrant, squid smell, and sprinkled chili and pepper smellI will try. This is the most attractive foods in which I visited The squid is fairly crunchy but a little saltfragrance of soy sauce.

Here people usually use soy sauce to marinate dish. The squid is very crunchy. I don’t know why but most of food from squid in Taiwan is very crunchy .I don’t know if they have and special tip or soak in a kind of liquid which make the squid is really crunchy Light spicy. I ordered medium spicy but it is not spicy to me For this food if they add some pickled or cucumber or some thing sour and sweet to balance the taste and It will be more delicious. By the way, the squid is crunchy and delicious Exaction/ Now I will finish my squid and then continue go around here Despite of rain, you see behind me so many people hold umbrella to come night market. Players are not afraid of the rain to play. If in Vietnam such rain like that, people stay at home and sleep don’t go to night market to eat like that. Abalone and snail. So pity, I see you put the frozen snail on. So I decide not to eat because I know it is frozen. So pity. This lady is making the huge green onion cake as big as pizza Normally I see they make smaller size. This is big size green onion cake and she will cut into small size piece to sell for customer Called green onion because inside has many green onion. Here is fried pork, fried chicken, fried shrimp, beef, fruit.

I will buy a fruit juice cup, I’m thirsty. There is bitter melon juice. People here usually drink bitter melon juice and the bitter melon here is strange, big and white. She is crush the bitter melon juice. She will add little sugar. This is a 60 TWD bitter melon juice cup I have just bought from the behind vendor. She is so cuteal though I don’t understand anything she said I will try, I am very thirsty This bitter melon has the smell of bitter melon only. The bitter taste is light Drinking it is interesting, The taste is little strange but good for health/ The brown liquid which she added into is honey, not sugar. I thought that is brown sugar, but that is honey They honey with bitter melon juice Very special Now I understand why the Taiwanese like to drink that juice like that Now I will go around If I’m thirsty again, I will come back here to buy anymore There is also smash’d beef A big smash’d beef pot. There is also beef muscle, tendon and eggs After that I will come back to buy for her Buy for encouraging, I don’t know my stomach can contain all Here the seller is very nice They all give glad smile. They don’t afraid to be taken video.

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