Super delicious and delicious BBQ party – A special roast chicken!

Super delicious and delicious BBQ party – A special roast chicken!

This is breakfast sausage was that everin a sausage no okayI didn’t know that was legal the USASouth is renowned for its mouth-wateringbarbecue and Alabama is no exceptionoh yeah it’s super juicy but there’s oneplace one restaurant that’s doing thingsa little bit differently white barbecuesauce I’ve never heard of such a thing. I’ve seen Brown I’ve seen Brown that’sit this may be the most controversialvideo of my career exploring Americanbarbecue made with Alabama white saucewhen I think of barbecue I think of lowand slow this was mygreat-great-grandfather’s recipe. oh my godhe said the full chick it might be toomuch but. I don’t think so along the waywe’ll take out an Alabama’s heavyhitting breakfast absolutely stunningwith an unexpected twist cool. I think iteven made you flinch a little bit how is it.

Super delicious and delicious BBQ party – A special roast chicken!

I feel smarter so get ready to battleit out in the comments today we’retaking on Alabama’s biggest barbecuecontroversy well good morning everybodytoday we woke up at 5:00 a.m. so that wecan have brisket for breakfast. I’m here with Jacob oh we can’t okay canwe do one of these Big Bob Gibsonbarbecue was founded in Decatur Alabamain 1925 it’s widely recognized as one ofthe oldest and most prestigious barbecuerestaurants in the world now it’s run byfifth-generation grill master Jacob whatis your approach to brisket, we’re tryingto get as close as you can to Texasbrisket Texas is just basically salt andpepper and just real fatty beef mmm herewe can’t serve as much fat as. I wouldlike to our basic thing is just salt andpepper the brisket is put in the smokerovernight for 12 to 14 hours at 250degrees we call that low and slow the best way to make ultra tenderfall-off-the-bone quality meat oh yeahit’s super juicy and it is just steamingnow the black kind of demonic outershell is that just burnt meat it’s notburnt it is basically smoked with therub and salt and pepper that we useespecially when we use a hickory wood itgives it like I said demonic woodthere’s a little extra flavor on top seeit just keeps it natural moister.

Oh mygod it is so warm soft tender. I’m gonnago for itI’m in my happy place right now that isdelicious the smoke itself has a veryunique taste to itit does this strip of fat is so juicyand it can holds all those flavors andall that it’s great we have basicallyjust stepped foot in Alabama how wouldyou describe this state in one word it is very um it’s it is very unique Iguess you know first came inyou see farmland you see just cows where you go farther south so it’s a lot more City mmm and also not only that but ourbarbeque some no Alabama barbecue forits original Alabama white sauce Big BobGibson is where Alabama white sauce allbegan so this was mygreat-great-grandfather’s recipe back in1925 Wow is basically barbecue whitesauce white barbecue sauce. I’ve neverheard of such a thing.

I’ve seen BrownI’ve seen Brown that’s it thismysterious combination of ingredientspaired with chicken is the soul of BigBob Gibson’s barbecues everything thatgoes in it so it’s not a secret recipeno not really can. I guess what we have here applecider vinegar yes mayonnaise yep Cayennesalt pepper and what is that lemon heywelcome to the part of the show where Ishow off my food dollars mixed togetherapple cider vinegar cayenne pepper saltmayonnaise and lemon. I remember when Iwas a kid I used to get to lick theblender you know my mom made cookies ifI was good maybe. I can do the same todaymix it well and that’s it it seems toosimple a contradiction to what. I’veknown as barbecue my whole life but howdoes it tasteOh Ted like a sharp tang to it almostlike a pickle brine and it’s got somekick to it a very unique kick thatpepper is what gives it that sort ofquick heat bite.

I guess hey bitesure like that white sauce is ready nowthe chickenthe chicken is seasoned with salt andgrilled low and slow for an hour and ahalf this is how we started cookingchicken in the first place or how BigBob did it himself it’s just a brickstyle pit fire over here and the heatjust travels the smoke travels throughthis bin oh. I sit here so right now whatwe’re doing is we’re basically justdipping the seasoned oil and this isbasically protection layer keeps theinternal moisture inside the chicken soby the time they dip it in white sauceyeah they’re not driving about he addspepper and lets it cook for another hourand a half while we’re waiting hi we arein the kitchen and it is pie timesJoanne is it true that you’re the queenof pies yeah so right now they’re makingtheir legendary peanut butter pie so what they’ve done is they have a custardfilling you can see some of these darkerbrown spots.

I think they’ve dammed some peanutbutter in there but of course nobodywill tell me cuz it’s a secret recipehere they have a whipped meringue how doyou know when it’s enough ha hayou put as much whipped cream as couldpossibly fit on there without a whippedcream landslide we’re ready prettyincredible this is the best part thepeanuts going on Tomthat really gives it the personality andthen we’re gonna toss that in the ovengets a little toasty Brown[Music]that is what. I’m looking for here themeringue is about two times the heightof the custard and buried somewhere inthat custard is a peanut butter peanutsauce peanut something. I’m gonna getjust some meringue here first mmm that’sdeliciousit’s like a foam almost it’s not heavyit’s just super light airy a union ofcloud here they’ve got the custard man. I love peanut butter it’s something Idon’t really see it as a dessert item inmany other countries but my gosh we loveto make this into dessert here let’s tryit up Oh creamy peanut buttery goodnessso far today.

I’ve had brisket and hi I’mthe holdup[Music]the chicken is roasted an hour and ahalf on each side we’re ready to pull itout and then it’s gonna go in the whitesocksoh wow that’s got a great color to itit’s turned really cold and brown a lotdifferent than what looked like earlieryeah no kidding so you just put it rightright in that white sauce and that’s itthat’s it now when people eat it theycan put out more white sauce if theywant to they can we do have bottles onthe table for if they do want more butwe like to dip it and just let it soakin the chicken before we actually serveit and it still gives it that in Heist amutationwhat are the minimum requirements forsomething to be called barbecue when Ithink of barbecue I’ll think of low andslow indirect heat no flame juststraight feet but barbecue. I think he’sthought about how you’re technicallydoing it it’s about what you do whensits on the pithanging out with friends hanging outwith family I maybe.

I have a few drinksjust having a good timewe have been up since 5:00 a.m. and itwas absolutely worth it in order tofollow the journey of this white chickennow this is probably one of the mostcontroversial videos we’ve done so farcan you have a barbecue sauce that iswhite does it have to be brown dobarbecue sauces need any particularcolor because to mebarbecue sauce can be any kind of saucethat you put on barbecue right but whatdo you think let me know in the commentsdown below now if you look here we’vegot the white chicken we’ve got bakedbeanswe’ve got creamy macaroni and cheese andthen a pickle separating the two we’rehaving mac and cheese almost everywherewe go here they have a much smallernoodle they have a few different typesof cheese blended together let’s try itout mmm this is one of the best oneswe’ve had so far they pop it in the ovenbut just enough to let the cheese on thetop melt and not so much you don’t wantthe noodles to be completely likefalling apartmmm here baked beans made in-houselittle salty a little sweet a nicepalate cleanserso.

I’m gonna break off this leg righthere is tender and kind of dainty let’stry it out oh my godsmoky and delicious it’s got like theright amount of salt to it and then alittle bit of Tang coming from thatsauce oh look at this this is the realtest like can you make your chickenbreasts look juicy like this that is thereal challengeOh tender juicy I got to say the sauceit gives it great like kind of zest toit bring some life to itlike when you spritz a little bit oflemon on seafood is doing the same kindof thing but for the chicken I’m gonnaadd a little bit more right here yeahmmm that is delicious in summary what Ilike is they’re not doing somethingdrastic that it doesn’t taste likechicken anymore it’s just bringing outthe best of the chicken adding somedifferent flavor dimensions to theflavor profile there’s a depth widthbreadth and girth to the flavor so oneof the most delicious chickens I’ve hadin a long time and you guys should tryit toogirthbreakfast the South does it differentbold and heavy enough to put a bear intoa food coma[Music]alright um here’s my last memory.

I wasin the kitchen we were making sausagegravy and biscuits and then Steve saidgo to the dining room and I’m gonna whipyou up some eggs cannot see what he’sdoing but he is up to somethingfreakin cows blood and cooking shark andIndia how am I gonna make sausage gravyand biscuit look like that so as abackup I do have some pork brain so thelast time I had him I was five years oldand my grandfather cooked it somewhat Iremember it was really good and my momkind of went ballistic got rid of it andeverything’s well hi there hi what amoment when I woke up this morning Idefinitely did not think I would beeating pig brainsit opened in 1933 originally it wascalled farmers cafe the mid-70s and itwas Jerry’s restaurant and then it wasso begin became City Cafe and I boughtit in 1997 this is Steve city cafe ownerand also our chef for today his menu hasa long list of southern breakfast dinerclassics and I’m here for the biscuitsand sausage gravythey put sausages into the gravy yeahreally that sounds amazingback in the day this energy packedbreakfast fueled farmers for a long dayof manual labor now well it’s stillenergy packed and ready to fuel me for along day of swiping on tinder first thebiscuit whisked together unsalted buttershortening self raising flour salt andbutter milk what’s the difference between milk and buttermilk buttermilk is what’sleft over when you make butter which.

I do not really like to drink flatten thedough cut out doughy circles put alittle butter on top and bake untilthey’ve turned a beautiful golden-brownit is sausage gravy time this is the guts that have just been taken out ofthe sausage you say how that worksno it comes in a one-pound pack but wasthat ever in a sausage no okayI didn’t know that was legal okay inAlabama all rightthe sausage gets sauteed and butter andsprinkle flour into the pan to make arouxadd milk and stir until it becomes thickand gravyI thought I came here today to do a FoodShow and in fact it’s more of a healingyou know Steve when he was a childplease tried those brains and scrambledeggs his mom freaked out and threw theframe in the trash and then now it’sbeen many many years and he’s gonna trythem again today.

I’m a little bit scaredso we got a little bit of everythinghere we have the sausage gravy we havethe freshly made biscuits and then uphere we have brain eggs we should startwith this work our way from scariest totastiest right I know you have madescrambled eggs probably thousands oftimes in your lifetime right so allyou’ve done is just add a little bit ofbrain it’s gonna give it a little bit oftexture trying it for the first time what do you have I’ll feel smarteryou’ve done itscrambled eggs already kind of feel likebrains there’s no distinct brain flavorthere’s the same kind of gooey texturethat you’ll find with any kind ofscrambled egg if this video is a big hitwhen you consider putting that on themenupeople pay for it up or whatever on themenu uh-huh okay greatI haven’t had sausage gravy and biscuitsbefore but it does appear that the firstthing you do is split it in half so youget more gravy on these are nice andflaky Airy warm and then you just dumpthe gravy on right oh my gosh look at that that is nuts steaming up soakinginto these flaky soft biscuits.

I’m gonnaget a nice piece here here we go oh mylord this could be any meal of the daythat is delicious it just has that kindof comforting savoriness there does itdefinitely have comfort food andmouthfeel but it’s not too heavyI mean hi you know my show no oh we gota live feed going to channel 12 this isone of those foods that I looked at itand I was like what’s the big dealtasting it now absolutely stunning theflakiness of the biscuit mixed with thatkind of fold of extreme savoriness ofthat rectus sausage it doesn’t getbetter than thatSteve it’s our first time coming Alabamaand. I’ve loved it the hospitality thefood the people will just sit downrandomly on your tables they’re talkingit’s all just been a great treasurethank you thank you so much for comingAlabama white sauce a topic socontroversial YouTube has alreadydemonetised this video so why even talkabout it in the first place because thebest ever food review show is about morethan money it’s about revealing the mostunique culinary quirks of culturesaround the world that tastes pretty goodwhether it be eating that meat inIndonesia.

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