Street food must be eaten in Chinatown Kuala Lumpur!

Street food must be eaten in Chinatown Kuala Lumpur!

What the f where, I go wrong in my lifewhy did. I waste my younger 20s it’s sogoodget excited because unless you were bornwithout tastebuds, this is everything you’ve beendreaming of you’re gonna see some foodsso yummy it’ll make you want to burndown your house collect the insurancemoney, and fly to Malaysia immediatelythis has everything insightfulinterviews, with locals ah you like thisone more more the most articulatewell-mannered food host on the Internetwe are in Chinatown we are in the middlewhich we are in Chinatownslow motion yummy food shots today wehave travelled to a magical town full of monumental meals tasty treats and yummyyum Yum’s.

Street food must be eaten in Chinatown Kuala Lumpur!

I’m talking about follow them for Chinatown and today we’re doing itbig welcome to Chinatown right off the bat we got my man right here and he’s making that good cheese roti he’s got moves all day yeah I like it I like it you might be asking me Sonny you’re in China town but this isn’t Chinese food no it’s not this is Indian food and maybe Indianinfluenced by a Malay a little bit so what they’ve done is they’ve taken this Indian bread and they they’ve remixed ita little bit they’ve got differentversions here we’re gonna jump into the cheese version, which is griddling away right now on the on the hot top each, throwing some oil on there it’s giving it a flip so what’s really beautiful about food in Malaysia, is it’s this incredible conversion between Chinese Malay and Indian food and then when you bring it all together and make for avery dynamic culture and Malaysia an deven more important for me it makes for a dynamic cuisine and that’s, what we’regonna see a lot today in Chinatown and I just had to show you this it’s one of the must-have things while you’re in Malaysia while you’re in Kuala Lumpur.

Is the roti a lot of people get it with egg it has a little more body to it it feelsa little more like a meal I like it with the cheese because I like everything with cheese look at this this skill isundeniable undeniable it’s like awet-t-shirt hitting a gym floor let me make up this bread like a wet t-shirt love it that’s how you know it’s good it doesn’t need to cook down long it’s only been about a minute minute and a half and it is bubbling away it’s getting nice and toasty cheesy crusty crunchy and it’s munchies it place it on my hands now here’s a special, thing about street food this is actually are staurant that you’re supposed to sit down in but if you take the food from the restaurant and you bring it to thes treet BAM it’s Street food and that’s, what we’ve done right now it’s stillpiping hot ah it’s burning my thumbs look at that.

oh my god it’s Joey it’s bready it’s cheesy it’s everything you want in a snack you take your littlemasterpiece here you give it a dunk in the curry and you put it in the food bin that’s how it works[Music]I don’t know how it’s so good it’s aboutfive cents worth of dough and then some processed cheese like a processed Kraftsingles and it’s still so amazing somehow he’s giving me some curry this is a Rando curry I don’t know there’s ahuge selection of curries here BAM back to me hi again we got the curry in the bowl we give it a couple dump and then you got a slam dunk it like this[Music]come on over the top look at thes tretchiness factor right there listen. I have been in Kuala Lumpur for exactly five days so, I’m pretty sure I can recommend where to get the best roti you know I’m saying well dip it in the Stephanie curry and then we get a slamdunk right here big winner let’s keep moving on stop number two and look here’s what I want you to do during this video what. I want you to do is fix up your own meal so you can eat along with me it’s gonna be nothing but food pornography and me and you a lot of eye contact and a lot of chewing sounds okay so get your own food so you could eat along with me do you you feel me what flavor is it pork we have grabbed the hanging concoctionshe’s unwrapping it like an anniversarypresent and revealing its contents what is inside we can see that there’sdefinitely rice involved in this who lething it’s like a little rice sandwich ma’am would you liken this to a little rice sandwich she’s gonna get back to me on that everybody knows that.

I spentseven years in food college and never graduated but what, I did learn is how totaste food and guess what its contentsare and that’s what’s gonna happen right now so here ,we have our first bite there’s some pork there’s some rice there are some bean and some unknownmysterious items you don’t want to knowevery thing that’s in your food when you eat it let’s give it a try here we go oh that’s really interesting it’s very rich not a lot of salt it’s almost like a hummus the bean in there very dense look at the stratified layers here this is good survival food I mean it’salready wrapped in a leaf you’re in the jungle you need rations you need to live for 21 days. I mean this is a ball of calories right here if your airplanegoes down you land on an island but you’ve got 21 of these you’re gonna be good for about six months here we go now but at first.

I was missing all the port fights if you’re just getting a bit of rice and bean you’re not getting that big payoff but once you work your way to the middle I mean it’s like a sucker with a tootsie roll in the inside and you get to the inside and you get to that nice fatty piece of pork that is like the prize let’s keep going hello how are you doing today he’smaking a peanut pancake whoa so you have a huge one what is this huge one and that’s coconut Oh how long have you beenmaking these pancakes yes thirty-eightyears oh my god yeah how is that possible you don’t you look very young no I fixed a Betty oh wow as hard as young but his face is old he says an inspiration a man who has been creating the perfect peanut pancake for years and in fact for decades yeah awesome can I ask you is this your first time buying it the first time because that I bought for ‘testhmm.

I found it good then I bought some more I like your style you gotta test it out don’t go crazy yeah and if it’s good then you buy a lot yes okay cool thankyou I’m gonna get some no thank you Wowtestimonial right there and look we didn’t pay that guy that was a realauthentic customer who was recommending this room what is your name again my name my name is Dan spawn Oh James. I ‘veheard of you this step is very importan the’s putting the peanuts on now you just said you’re James Bond double o8 doubleoh yeah that makes sense the final bit of prep on the peanutpancake that looks beautiful as smellsgreat oh we’re going in with a fresh one right here then we’re putting on juststraight-up sugar and that’s all he is slicing and dicing so we fold a pancakeover we trap all the peanuts inside and then he cuts it into about ten pieces don’t want be it yeah so right here we have the delicious coconut pancake fresh off the griddle let’s give it a trymmm that is legitimate.

I love it a bitmild coconut flavor nothing too strong or intense or too sweet really the mainthing is the texture it’s a bit morechewy on the brown side and then doughyon the opposite side but you know it’sall cooked perfectly it’s just cool to see somebody who’s been doing this day in and day out for yearsobviously this spot is popular and alsopopping oh my god just popping come from the word popular this place is pop popping meaning that it’s popular anyways right here we have the peanut pancake the sugar he pour it on there is bubbling up he’s gonna throw on some peanuts he folds it over and then you get the masterpiece you see before you right now just like a piece of pizza we’re gonna take a big bitehere we go the peanut pancake inChinatownwell don’t mess up my food shot hmm. I like that’s even better than the coconutI knew it would be this is so good thateven if you have a peanut allergy I’dgive it a try anyways you know it’sworth it I would risk my my life forthis pancake it’s that good the outsideedges are super crunchy it’s greatbecause since he folds it on itself it’skind of steaming itself after beingcooked okay so the outside gets chewythe inside gets although doughy andalmost mushy but in a good way so simplebut so delicious now that’s a goodpancake we’re gonna get some spicy punme how do you like it oh yeah let’s domedium spicy I’m a medium kind of guywe’re gonna see the man in action sothis is the flat honey noodle he’s gonnathrow it in the hot water he’s puttingin.

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