Street food in Hanoi- What do you eat in Vietnam?

Street food in Hanoi- What do you eat in Vietnam?

In the carnivores world of animal eaterythere are prized body parts fromall of god’s creatures that is to diefor then there arethe offcuts why is there liquid in herethe oftenoverlooked animal parts and pieces he’sputting the cow back together that don’tget their fair share of the spotlightoh but today we’re changing all thattoday we’re on a food inspired missionexploring the wild world of tongue meatoh that pig didn’t brush his tongue thisdaring uncommon muscle-filled appendagecan be prepared and served up a nearlyinfinite number of ways that’s fantastic so how will these fourchefs approach cooking this not sopopular proteinare you usually making tongue or are youdoing this just specially forus i’m so sorry i feel a little sickwow this has never happened before let’sfind out one two three out today we have ventured all theway up to hanoi for another 24 hourvideojoining me on today’s culinary adventurehanoi and localgwin the whole idea behind this seriesis to find a part of the animal that’snot so common everyone knows aboutbrisket a chicken legi’m not impressed but show me what youcan do with the tongue and i might giveyou a high five the tongue this underappreciated appendage is considereda delicacy in many parts of asiaalthough the look of it isit’s not great it’s extreme even forlocal peoplethe tongue if prepared properly has alot to offer in texture and flavordo you consider yourself an adventurouseater not really.

Street food in Hanoi- What do you eat in Vietnam?

I just eat likeintestines stomachsoh so intestines and stomachs that’snormal yeah what about the fact thatwe’re tastingtongues with our tongues today’s tongue tour begins hereyou just smoked half a cigarette in twoseconds if youtube demonetizes thiswe’ll just put a black box over yourfacemr luang opened his restaurant aiming tofocus on one single animal proteinduck meat here they serve up to 42 duckdisheswe’re here for two and they both containone keyingredient why do people order this foodfor many people in vietnam they believethat when you eat duck tonguesomehow you will get lucky oh our heftypile of duck tongues will be preparedtwo waysso before going to the casino would youeat some duck tongue thenfirst the crispy duck tongue this batchof mouth muscles is coated in egg yolkthen the seasoning msg chicken powderoyster sauce and corn starch for thecrispthese hit a hot wok deep fried alongwith some lemongrassso this is like the base of the tongueand these are the bones in the back andthen that’s the actual tongue partthat’s the part that licks you you knowlike every time you go say hi to a duckand it jumps on your lap and it’s likeand it licks you dog not duck yeah imeant dog okay sorryi think you kind of put it in your mouthlike you were kissing a duck and thenyou ripped the meat off it’s heavy greasy like a great snackdefinitely a snack food not much of ameal foodyeah here we got the sauce.

I’m gonnagive it a hit of sauce there you goclose it upthe sauce adding a bit of salt but it’sgood alone nice and crispy that tastesreally good round twosweet and sour duck tongue look how redthat is this starts with a flavor bombsugarspice and everything ah wait wrong showi meansugar msg diced pineapple scallionchilies and vinegar nextthe tongue meat people who eat this areusually pretty buzzed up and they can’tfeel their feelings anymore so they needsomething spicy to kind ofbring them back to life toss in somehomemade chili sauce and make thesetongues fly that is one heck of a tongue right therelook at this sucker it looks like aflying vehicle from star treka nice kind of sweet sour gooey sauce ontop for me it has someweird aftertaste you like this one moreyeah i like this one more i just want ita little bit chewy but then it gives mekind ofcrispy out it’s much more intimateyou’re really getting to know the duckthis is like the duck’s linkedin pagethis is like the duck’s only fansi think this is a great start to our dayshould we leave yeah can you pay forthis stuffthe duck tongue that was a morning snacknow it’s time for the most importantmealof the day pork talk.

I mean breakfastboom food 2 location 2 ma’am how youdoing this place is a hipdrinking spot serving drinking food thatis a wholepink top oh that pig didn’t brush histongue and it’s nevertoo early for drinking food can i trytouching it first time ever ohwow cold yeah uh it’suh it’s dead is it more men or womenordering thiswhatever is weird it’s just dudes what’swrong with us can you explain i needhelp and my therapist can’t figure itoutokay so um maybe becausemen since they drink a lot they wantsomething to go well with the drinkand also because of the healthreason like vitamin c protein proteinand also helps youin exercise like in so that’s why they eat all kinds ofdifferent organs and stuffcan we turn off the cameras for a secondturn off the cameras does that really workdishes with lots of protein can help menimprove their ability towell this interview is getting off the rails quick time to get things back ontrack first the tongue is sliced and diced.

So are you actually eating this surface material or does that getlike pulled off these porky tongue cubesare blanched so she’s already cleaned it so we’re not peeling anythingyeah then tossed in a wok along withminced garlic and sauteed chiliesbefore something officially goes on themenu does the chef have to get it pastyour taste budsyes she tasted it it’s seasoned with ahomemade stir-fry sauce made of garlicsugar and ground pepper next add deepfried garlic chilies and diced onionsall that is placed in a searing hot panwith a hit of sesame seeds to garnishbone app the teeth here it is what adeliveryit’s like a sizzling fajitas of pinktongue mainlyjust on you right now yeah i’m good ohtom it’s just been cubedand then cooked upit’s actually very good i don’t knowwhat it is about tongues but it’s alljust kind of a solid dense proteinit’s a bit salty a bit sweet and then onthe back end there’s a little gamingkick at the endso it’s a perfect interruptioneveryone’s pretty burnt it’s the perfectinterruption to your drinking have alittle bit of booze have a little bit offood that’s a little gaming.

I shoulddrink a little more push and onand on well i’m looking forward to thosehealth benefits that lady talked abouti don’t know if any men if they are everfeel insecure about theirperformance do you uh oh look at thatthere is garlic in herewhole garlic that’s good what now anywayit’s interesting because in some placesit’s like this prized cut of meat and insome places they don’t know what to dowith it but in vietnam food go no wastethey even will eat the soul have you hadthem yeahoh it’s delicious on the uneco meter pigtongue might get a four out of tenbut next we’re leveling up entering theworld of the weirdsir put her there thank you a pleasureto be here todaytrying out a tasty tongue from an animalfew americans have sunk their teeth intwo balls now we’re herefor what type of animal okaythat’s fantastic mr team is part of thehmong people local to northern vietnamthis is where these horse dishesoriginatein the past long people were renownedfor their nomadic ways they were alwayson the move so raising traditional farmanimals wasimpossible only horses could survive theunevenunforgiving terrain while helping tocarry most of the tribe’s belongings so back in the day.

How often would it bethat they would actually eat the horseso when the horse they can’t move andthey can carry stuffso it goes into the pot oh today’s menuhorsehearts yes the tongue but also longkidneyliver heart and esophagus plus plenty ofblood cake tooi’ve heard that in some regions innorthwest vietnam they actually puthorse dung into the pool so let me askhim if it’s true or notdefinitely ask about that first heblanches everything together withshallotsginger and lemongrass to get rid of anyhorsey smellnow it gets cubed up cut down tobite-sized pieces he said that because most of peopleliving in hanoi they’re not used to thesmellso that he leave it out but when youtravel to the high mountain areas theymay put someinto the pot in order to create atraditional smellyeah they’re using the small intestineright not actualpoop he walk fries the organs withginger and lemongrass then adds msgsalt and a secret herbal powder from hishome village after that simmers thefinal product is served with pumpkinblossoms and mustard leaves how does itsmell to yousuper organic.

I can smell it down theblock i want to try this blood firstdude that’s a huge piece of blood therewe go that’s more my sizetastes like mr roger i only knew bojackhorsemanoh that’s got to be liver huh you gotsomething there what do you got seemslike stomachbut really tender though is it liver butnot over liveryit’s very reasonable on the side here aseparate bowl of just tonguei’m gonna put this really spicy sauce onhereit’s super chewy i cannot chew it it’sreally hard i mean the more you chew itit somehow kind of grows in meactually pretty good what’s that whitepart is that the chewy part yeah so youtry to get a piece without that oh theyall have it the tongue itself very densethere’s a reason they put all thistogether because as you’re eatingall the organs they all have a differenttexture a little bit different fat alittle bit different protein content andso each bite is kind of a new anddifferent experiencewhen i was little my whole village webought a white horse i seepeople they grabbed the hammer and theykind ofit was really brutal you know it justbrings back wow that was uhunintended are you okay okay well aslong as the foodis great and then i’m fine yeah that’sall that mattershorse trauma[Music]bringing up gwyn’s childhood trauma wasmy bad so to fix it i’m taking her herefor the best talk the tongue that makesyou forget about all those other tonguesin your pastright.

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