Street food has always been delicious in India – dishes that you have never seen before!

Street food has always been delicious in India – dishes that you have never seen before!

I tell you something how many times haveyou had a veggie burger in the US it’s afreaking joke good evening and welcome to Crystal chopnight market,where they have dozens ofvarieties of different foods to choosefrom we’re here to show you some of themost interesting flavors of India Indianfood is unlike anything you’ll findaround the globe and their street foodbrings it to a whole nother level ohthat’s so good it’s one of those foodsthat .I’m sad I discovered it so latetoday we’re visiting our mid stars mostpoppin night market we’re watching thefood being made is just as fun as eatingcheck this out she’s raining down fromthe heavens from classic Indian Streetfood tomato sauce seriously unreal thatis so good – food that brings outemotion this is all vegetarian it tastesamazing all the way to the strange sideof street food this is basically braingravy we’re trying it all so jump onyour elliptical and do your cardiobecause tonight we’re eating big inAmritsarokay.

Street food has always been delicious in India – dishes that you have never seen before!

I kind of just want to see what’shappening over here what the f is lookat this look at this huge dish what is it. I’m gonna get that it’s almostexactly like the picture. I’m gonna tryto order one of these right now hellosir eight bed puddinghey little smile there he’s like hey heknows how to say one my Bell puddingorder starts with puffed rice gram flourshavings crisps onion coriander potatotomato chopped masala then a spicy andsweet chutney mix that pile it high and then top it with more gram flourshavings more chutney onion coriandercrisps and prepare your mouth for the ride of a lifetime we got a sweet sauce and a spicy sauce a ton of onion this weighs like a pound in itself that’s amazing Wow you’ve done it thank you let’s go eat you want to eat with me join me oh my god it’s so spicy.

I’m gonna sneeze okayI stopped it Cheersthat is so good that texture there it’sso crispy well okay bye okay byealso come back to what’s comfortable forme being alone what’s making it socrispy half of this thing it’s just huhjust eat and enjoy it all right well nowI feel self-conscious about reviewingthis food that guy told me to pipe downa little bit so what’s making a reallycrispity crunchity is this is all puffedrice guys it’s a puffed rice and a lotof sauce and chutney on shaved you gramflour on top which is punchy to theonion has a nice crunch it’s a texturesensation can you see that. I’mreviewing it. I’m just eating I’m justeating but wow that is so delicious andsuch a fun treat we’ve already tried about pudding andnow we’re gonna get the pav Bhajji hellosir hey pav Bhajji yeah you can see thebeauty as it ensues they’ve got thistomato base that’s been cooked in a tonof D there’s also some mixed vegetableeverything’s just been smashed togetherbeat into a little bit of a pulp andthen he’s gonna put it over here withsome bread on the flattop soaking upeven more butterthis is nut so butter on top then cheeseon top and then they’re putting somerolls here more and then onion and somegreen stuff what a treatI mean visually aromatically againvisually if you look at it twicewe’ve got cheese on top of this tomatobase.

I’m gonna have just the tomato atfirst to get the real essence of what’sgoing on here oh that is perfectthe major flavor coming through I meanthere’s all the spices of India and thenjust a ton of tomato it’s like an Indianmarinara sauce look at this one it’sjust soaked in butter already I’m gonnastop up some of this tomato god I amsuch a good eater mmm it is so richtomato sauce seriously that is so good[Music]a wonderful start to the night so farbut we’re gonna head down the eateryalley here and kind of see what kind ofnew foods we find right out the bed Imean we’ve got kotti rolls we’ve gotfriends pizza and fast food is that isthat Indian look if it’s pizza in Indiait’s Indian food they have so many tochoose from here they’ve got like 20flavors masala dosa is like a prettycommon popular one we can get onionbutter paneer masala that’s so manywords together tomato paneer butter cutham but I think I’m gonna go with onionpaneer butter dosa sir could.

I pleaseorder six okay you might be wondering why. I got 600 cuz it looks really coolI’ll just give five of a voicehe’s gonna cool down the griddle he’sgot a lentil batter he’s gonna makethese little ovals he’s just got alittle cup oh that is a lot of onion itthey do not play around with the amountof onion on there Wow. I like it oh manit’s really making my eyes water this iscrazy in here guys you don’t know aboutthis food review game it’s tough puttingon some tomato and then he’s putting onoil Oh check this out she’s raining downfrom the heavens six veneer butter oniondosas all coming down are you pumpedPumped then you put done somebody sawthe gravy mixing it all together mix mixmix and now he’s gonna separate them allroll them and then cut them there we gothat is how you make an onion paneerbutter dosa does anyone want a dosait’s good do you guys want a dosa it’sgood as fresh all right enjoy we haveour dosas here.

I gave away five of themthere’s one remaining right here we’vegot some sambar sauce a tomato chutneyand then my old favorite the coconutchutney right here how do you eat thisguys there’s no wrong way to eat foodthat’s what. I’ve learned about doingvideos in India oh look at that nice diplet’s go for it oh that tastes deliciousit really cooked down he’s got a nicelittle kind of crispy crunchiness crunchkrispity krunch Adina’s on the outsideand then in the inside of a sock okaypillowy and then hoping that chutney itjust cools everything down it is like asmall swimming pool on the fourth ofJuly mmm coconut chutney oh my god I can’t get enough of mow ma mow ma mow mows vamos what ismoment do you have so many he has allthe most guys fried tandoori uh otherones we’ve got three different kinds onthere he has something called chop wehave two kinds spicy and cream it’s madewith soy bean so we’re gonna try some ofthose own.

I am told vegetarian toactually eat soya bean chopped becausehe kind of resembles some meat texturesome meatiness but one might ask why would they need that if they’ve neverhad me they don’t really need a meatreplacement today he’s chopping it up and they mix that with a bit of creamsome butter some chaat masala that issuper creamy so we’ve got our spicyslice it up looking real nice I have afeeling it’s gonna get the same saucetreatment a bit of butter to start withchaat masala cream and then we’re gonnamix that baby up you put on sometandoori masala after plating it andthat is perfectionthank you si here we have the soya bean chop it iscovered in cream and in butter let’s gofor itOh everything about that is good it’ssuch a nice chewy hearty texture almostchickeny oh that’s so good. I feel almostas satisfying as if I was eating actualmeat that is so deliciousit’s a little sweet tangy creamy thechardon is from being grilled passingthat beautiful flavor onto the fooditself no. I don’t even want to play withthe chutney it’s so good we have thespicy. Oh yep being chopped it should bethe same texture but a spicy versionlet’s try it out you don’t worry aboutus we’re just making a video that is so good.

I can’t explain it the butter inthe cream. I have a huge affect on itit’s salty is chewy and just a littlespicy it’s not overly spicy at all wowthis is my first time trying this ever. I’ve never had this this is one of thosefoods that. I’m sad I discovered it solate it’s so good the last one I want todrive we also just have a paneer tikkabecause. I just love cheese .I love it ona skewer. I love it anywhere it’s gonnachop it up a little bit butter chaatmasala and then cream also this is dairyon dairy crime right here’lord chaat masala on top give a coupletoothpicks and we’re ready to partypaneer tikka right here he’s done somany different fun things to itbasically look it’s cheese you can’t go wrong you’ve got something on your lensit was a bug we’ve got mint chutney here. I’m gonna try it out Oh Oh Audrey mememinting tons of spice explosion in yourmouth chaat masala is like the Lowery’sof India has a very distinct flavor and it goes on a ton of different snacks and that cheese it just spices it up in just the perfect way hi hi don’t Hey people are so friendly here except that one guywho told me to just shut up and eat but that’s you know what.

I get it guy’s hamburgers you would think what this place couldn’t have hamburgers itdoes so right now. I’ve ordered theIndian burger he’s got the patty fryingaway in here sliced up some onionstomato is coming up next and then aslice of paneer cheese Wowsick bike that’s like 12 CCS got ballsmini laddu hoof it’s got a little oddnews way now that bread is getting niceand toasted up we’ve got barbecue saucered sauce my bed it’s red sauce and thenchili curtain then onion slice of tomatoa slice of veneer the cheese on top ofthere another tomato oh my gosh have youever seen such a beautiful burger inyour life without meat chana masala thensome more red sauce it never endsmore curd whoa-ho-ho he’s gonnaconstruct this in such a way that. I canstill eat it right here kind ofsqueezing it like a Chipotle burgerthank you sir Wowlook at this we’re gonna unravel thebeast over the bread is so oily and kindof crispy on the outside Wow take a lookI mean it’s like putting your head.

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