January 17, 2021

Steaks BETTER than WAGYU A5? Is it possible!?| Guga Foods

I feel comfortable saying I have alreadytried almost every single meat there is.

If you are new to my channel welcome .

Onething you gotta know about me is that I love steaks.

I can honestly tell you Ihave tried almost all of them and today I'm gonna be sharing with you my mostmemorable cooks.

And I'm only doing this for one reason because by the end ofthis video you're gonna witness the best of them all.

So let's do it! One of my very first cooks and over twoyears ago was one of my favorites it was when I introduced to you guys the queenof all meats aka picanha.

And if for any reason youhave not heard of this cut I urge you to check out a video in the descriptiondown below later on.

And that cook was amazing.

Then I jumped into trying tomake my steaks taste better I've used mayo on it, compound butter and even asalt block.

There are so many experiments that you would just be an entire videoof mentioning every single one of them.

But in the end they all have taught meone lesson always have an open mind.

All of this gave me confidence to starttrying some expensive cuts and if you know beef nothing gets better than wagyu.

And my very first experience with it was a Wagyu marbling score seven fromAustralia.

Even though I say the country Australia these steaks are a hundredpercent Japanese breed they are not by any mean mix.

They are all full bloodwagyu and those steaks were amazing.

Right after that I was craving forsomething even better and that's where my dry-aging experiment began.

And my veryfirst dry-aged was this one.

By the time that was done I was hooked.

After doingmany different types of dry-aging experiments including butter and severaldifferent others all gave me confidence to start dry-aging the most expensivemeat in the world and the very first one was a picanha wagyu marbling score 5.

That cook I will never forget! Right after I jumped into dry-aging aNew York Strip marbling score seven from Australia and I can still taste thesteak.

That was something else! Then I jumped into the best of the bestJapanese Wagyu A5 which is the highest marbling score there is.

This one steakcan make vegans convert to carnivores and when I tell you it is the best ofthe best I mean it.

And obviously as a progression of this channel I had to dryaged it.

And if I had to describe it in one word it would be wow! There is noother word I can think of that will do its justice and I urge you to give thata try.

And all of these amazing experiments and cooks led me to today.

Iwant you to understand that I've done a lot of cooks I've cooked all theseamazing steaks and many more that I haven't even mentioned but today I amcooking the best of the best, and I couldn't be more excited to share withyou.

So let's do it! This is an Australian Wagyu marblingscore nine even before opening the packaging you can see the marbling.

To behonest with you after having a marbling score 5 I never thought this wouldhappen.

Just opening the package got me super excited.

And once it was open thisis what it looks like.

The first thing I like to do is do somelight trimming.

This meat is so highly marbled that it does not need a lot.

Soslowly work your knife around it and cut out the silver skin and any connectivetissue that does not belong.

But once I was done this is what it looks like.

I want you to take a closer look at this marbling.

To me it looks exactly likeJapanese Wagyu A5 and if you ever watched any videos about me on picanhayou gotta always cut it with the grain.

And the only reason for that is thatyour final cut gets to be cut against the grain giving you the best possiblebite.

I cannot help myself but to cut this one against the grain, I really wantto see what the marbling looks like, so I am going against my own rules.

And once I cut the first slice, this is what it looks like.

I mean come on this is the mostbeautiful piece of meat I've ever seen in my life.

As I was cutting the steaksthis got me thinking with a meat with such high marbling like this, doesmatter what way you cut it? If you cut it against the grain and with the grainit's so well marbled and tender what differences does it make? Honestly Idon't think it will matter and to test my theory I'm gonna cut these with thegrain.

This will let us know once for all if a high marbling meat like this willmake any difference.

To keep the seasoning simple and traditional I onlyseasoned it with salt nothing else.

But now that I have my beautiful steaksready I'm going to be cooking them in direct heat.

I'll basically be putting anice beautiful sear on them and enjoy them as is.

But now that you have seen inwitness all the journey I've experience with wonderful meats it is time for meto say enough talking and let's cook the queen of all meats.

So let's do it! Alright everybody here I have the queenof all queens.

What do you think Angel? Oh my God I actually have not had a picanha in so long! We have not have eaten the Queen on camera in a very longtime.

I've eaten but I haven't made for you because I listen.

You ate? Yeah.

Without me? Yea because my kids will not eat any other cut that's all they like picanha, picanha, picanha.

No picanha they don't.

Wow so Dylan and Thiago, picanha, Angel chicken! Chicken there you go.

Turkey! Turkey exactly.

Sorry about the turkey dude.

Alright let's go for it.

Let's give it a try.

Let's go.


Cheers everybody! Very few things in life makes me smilelike this.

This is one of those that you gotta enjoy the moment.

Oh geez! Yo I'm not sharing with nobody.

These on the table right now is only for us As guys saw it I cook the whole thing and thefamily is already having theirs and I don't know if you'll be able to hearthem screaming, I can hear it.

Man that okay listen to me.

Listen to me very carefully, when I first started the channel I said that the bestcut of meat is picanha and I still stand by that by a million percent.

Thereis nothing better than picanha.

Ribeye, New York Strip, tenderloin I don't care whatit is picanha is the best cut and this is the.



Stop, stop! Yes.

This is the most fatty picanah I've ever had in my life.

This is the highest picanha I've ever cooked, score marbling nine, almostequal to Japanese wagyu A5.

I was gonna say tastes.



Better! You can say it! Look I'm gonna be honest too alright this is better than Japanese wagyu A5if you think that I'm kidding then try it and yoube with me.

I agree 100% with you it's better than A5.

I wanted to say but I waslike should you say it.

Listen this is three times better than Japanese wagyu A5 I can't even say wagyu A5.

Bro this is.



Forget about Japanesewagyu A5 everybody.

If I ever gave you a recommendation to try somethingit's gonna be this one because this is amazing.

What do you think Angel? Look at Angel look at how happy that boy is.

That one is dreamingright now heaven, he's taking a nap in heaven and whatever it is that you do inheaven.

That's what you do right now! That isamazing all the way the best steak I've ever eaten.

You ask me Guga what aboutdry aged forget about dry age give me a Japanese one.

I know what are you gonnasay.

What if.



Oh my God! I'm sorry bro Ah you want me to dry age this, I knew what he was gonna say.

Emilio! Can we get one more please? We have two get you though so that we can compare it to see if it's worth it.

Look I'm sorry bro.

Emilio please bro dude we need to compare them.

We are the dry age people we need to establish ifit's better or not but I can tell you right now Japanese Wagyu a5 dry agedversus picanha, you pick.

No chance, no chance.

This is better this is the beststeak we've ever eaten in our lives.

I can eat this every single day of mylife.

And it's not even like, so fatty that it's like too fatty it's , its.




It does not get old at all I'm gonna eat it all.

Now, ok, alright hold on we gotta try the second one to see if there's any difference hecan look at this boy's face.

it's too good to give you guys a fair explanation it's something you have to experience and the wonderful thing about it is thatis just like butter it melts in your mouth with a nice and wonderful taste.

Okay now there's a difference between them this one might be actually a littlebit better.

Are you ready to try?I'm never not ready for somebody like that.

I want us I want your honest opinion allright.

You tell me go for an Angel' let's see which one is better A or B go.


Cheers everybody! I'm going to, hold on I know what you're gonna say.

I am sorry for what I did.

I am sorry for what I did all right.

Angel which one is better? How dare you.

You think it's funny? Yes I think is funny youmaking me over here look like a dumb.



I didn't think it was gonna make any difference.

You got me here looking like a dumb.



I didn't think it was gonna make a difference, It makes a difference.

I'm over here praising this like like Jesus came down and touch tohimself and then and then you have this? It's better.

Which one's better Angel?That was very wrong with you.

It's more tender it's slightly more tender and thefibers of the actual meat as you are biting on it they just completelydisintegrate.

Here the fibers are in the long way and here they're shorter way.

How dare you? That is way better do your picanha right.

You know what I did right?Can you tell what it did.

You did it with that one but not this one that's what you did wrong.

I cut this one against against the grain.

And then with the grain.


But youshould have cut them all with the grain.

Yes I didn't think it was gonna make anydifference because of the high marbling that this steak has.

We shouldn't call itsteak the Queen has, yes.

So that it's so well marbled that I said it doesn't evenmatter but I wanted to show them what it looks like the marbling.

Now for us todry-aged this put it in the comments below if you want to see it we're gonnamake it happen we're gonna sell Angel's car and we're gonna sell your shirtsand all that your shoes and we'll get another one with dry-aged it that waywe'll taste it yeah.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

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Remember if you are interested inanything I use everything's always in the description down below.

Thank you somuch for watching we'll see you guys on the next one cuz I gotta go get his key.

No, that's right because I'm missing some shoes and I thought I leftthem here.

Where do you think I got this from? Ah he is a shoe collectoreverybody would you rather stake or shoes.

I don't know.

Guys we gotta go take careeverybody bye bye.


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