Specialties of the west of the river in Hau Giang

Today, I’ll take you back to Hau Giang. Do you remember this place? It’s where Mrs. and Mr. Ba live. So today, Mrs. Ba will take me to pick a special kind of fruit, which is bush grape It can be used to make sour soup, simmered fish, and hot pot., This is a wild plant in the west of Vietnam. Other from that, I also pick some vegetable hummingbird, the purple one It’s not too purple, it’s kinda pinky. I will also pick some other kinds of wild green, for hot pot And some nipa palms to make a drink too I’ll stop introducing here .Just comment down below if you want to say something.

It’s been raining from the morning, the ground is so wet. This is where the common water hyacinth, But in this rainy weather, it’s a bit hard It takes a week to fully dry them Because this plant needs to be sun-dried several times before knitting Mr. Ba has come back, Today, Mrs. Ba is gonna be…She’s gonna be the driver and I’m the guest[Mrs. Ba]: Sit still. We’ll pick some bush grape for sour soup and simmered fish And as you can see, there’re lots of nipa palms along the river. If we can find some ripe ones, we’ll pick them and drink them with some sugar and ice[Khoai]: This is a stopper? [Mrs. Ba]: Yes Look, that is the saline water stopper. They’ll stop the water flow from the other river by this stopper. In the western area, you can easily have any greens and fruits right after your home. That is why people call this is a plentiful place It’s in a positive meaning.

Because the people living here is not rich Because this place is not strong in industrial. So they won’t be staved And the river I’m sitting here It was filled with fresh water for the whole time. But recently, saline water’s started to come over If the people water their plants with this water The plants will die Even with common water hyacinth. So with such a hard weather situation like this, the wealthiness of western Vietnam is losing. The bush grape usually grows on mangrove apple plants or nipa palm trees. So we’ll go along the river, and find them in those bushes.

I can also see a bush grape vine here. But maybe this vine is only having flowers. It’s just had some tiny flowers. There’re no fruits yet. Here’re the small flowers and small fruits. But over here, there’re some ripe ones! So beautiful, but eating them raw can make you feel itchy, it should be cooked only Look like grapes. A mechanical wherry is coming here. That’s scary![Khoai]: Every time a mechanical wherry crosses, our wherry shakes like this?[Mrs. Ba]: Yes [Khoai]: Omg You know why this is called a “3-piece wherry”? I told you in the last episode Because it was made from 3 piece of timbers Be careful Wow, lots of them! Can you see the tiny black dots? We can go home after picking these. The fruits grow in a bunch like this Like a bunch of grapes. They’re in a dark purple color. It’s hard to pick by 1 hand Gorgeous If this kind of fruit can be eaten raw Maybe there’ll be not enough for making sour soup.

The flesh is releasing the juice after putting sugar in I’ll try a soft one first, These look good It’s soft and crunchy as well. If this is marinated with sugar It’s gonna be better. After 1 night, the sugar will absorb into the fleshes So it’s gonna be better But this is very good. The nipa palms were recently picked So they’re very fresh. If you visit the west of Vietnam or around Saigon You can see a lot of this fruit You can try it It’s been very popular. There’s not much of the sun How can we dry the common water hyacinth? Introducing to you, this is the vegetable hummingbird tree, with purple flowers.

With water lilies, the deeper the water, the longer the stem. So the deep areas will be used to raise this plant. So the yield can be increased. This kind of vegetable has been mentioned for so many times, water spinach. I love this one the best among the other kinds of water spinach. I don’t love the normal ones But this one, it’s fragrant and crunchy. This can be called “wild water spinach” or “field water spinach” If you notice, the wild water spinach will have this sprout This part is quite slimy We have to remove it. If you have a weak immune system You can easily get a stomachache by eating this Yeah, our stomach is quite sensitive to this[Mrs. Ba]: You picked 1 water lily? [Khoai]: No, 2 of them. These dragon beans haven’t been through puberty yet But Mrs. Ba picked their heads. Yesterday, Mr. Ba caught a shark catfish And he dropped it in this case Now he’s taking it out. For making hot pot and simmered fish[Khoai]: Where’s the other one? [Mrs. Ba]: Here it is[Mrs. Ba]: We’ll put it on top to decorate the dish.

Looks like we’re cooking boba. Just put some first We’ll add more if we want after tasting. It’s hard to fix if we add them too muchThe water is getting more purple. Please be aware that the greener the bush grape, the acrider it tastes And when it ripes, the acrid flavor disappear And it’s sourer and sweeter. So it depends on your favor to pick the ones you like. But I can see that many people love eating the nearly ripe onesAnd when they want their soup to have a purple color, they’ll add some purple onesNow we’ll remove the seeds and the flesh, we’ll take the juice only[Khoai]: I think it’s faster to scoop them by the siever[Mrs. Ba]: Omg, I should think about it sooner[Khoai]: Our fruits are kinda ripe, so we don’t need to press them too much[Khoai]: But the green ones may need a better effort[Khoai]: Omg, so good Please have a try[Mrs. Ba]: I’ve tasted this soup for 5 times. It’s not sour enough, so she decided to add them all We’ll save some of the fish to simmer .Can you see the purple color? So pretty. She’s simmering the fish.

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