South American dishes you should know!

South American dishes you should know!

So you have like a normal kind ofclassic chicken-fried steak already onthe menu what inspired you to createthis monstrosity right here well in today’s fun food video we’re bringingtogether two unexpected flavor forcescreating the most succulent meaty cutson this side of the Mississippi JacksonMississippi home of Dave’s triple Bwe’re chef Dave himself is dishing outsouthern favorites like chicken-friedsteak but using top-quality JapaneseWagyu originally it was like nobody knewwhat I was talking about every personwho walked in there wanted to know whatthat meantWagyu is a Japanese word simply meaningJapanese beef and Japan’s beef is someof the most coveted around the worldwe’ve black Tajima which is what Kobebeef is today we’re taking on Dave’smenu getting a sneak peek in the freezerand finally taking on the 3 pound bigRhonda has anyone ever finish that Idon’t have anybody really take thechallenge so get ready to beat your Imean tenderize your meat we’re taking onsouthern food of epic proportions Dave’s triple beeped butcher bakerbarbecue maker.

South American dishes you should know!

Dave’s father raises theWagyu cattleDave’s flora butcher shop processes themeats and triple B serves it up at theultimate farm-to-table casual diningrestaurant David okay I’m so excited tosee your place it’s something veryuniquewe’re built for speed if the Triple Ppeople come in for lunch they need toget in and get out so their food onlytakes them about five minutes we combinea lot of the plates right here and putthem in the window so it’s just out thedoor like really fast what do you havehere it’s a pulled pork yeah we get someamazing pigs from a guy in westernMississippi they are like wag your pigshe feeds them milk and bread beautifulwe are in the smoking-room here wherethe magic happens we have these southernpride smokers we smoke everything inhere the main reason we’re here today isfor the chicken-fried steakchicken-fried steak is really famous inTexas it’s a tenderized it’s usuallyaround or something like that some people use fancier cuts like rib eyesand things but since we use Wagyu oursis already tender so you have a normalsized one yeah that’s pretty big itself but wehave a really big one how big is itthree pounds or so has anyone everfinish that we haven’t had anybodyreally take the challenge really yeahbefore I dive into the chicken-friedsteak I feel like I should just getacclimated and maybe try some otherfoods on the menu this is tough guys all this food is sogood and that’s like all we’re doing allday is going to places and eating Idon’t know how.

I’m gonna do it this ispretty kind of classic something youmight find in the south but kind of allover the place except for this brisketis made with Wagyu beef beyond thatwe’ve got collard greens mac and cheesepotato some thick bread all the bread ismade in the house here as well this isactually a staple famous southern foodin the USA I never tried in my life I’mgonna try it out right now for the firsttime oh my I’m telling you in the Souththey know how to make vegetables extrapalatable you have like the actual youknow normal vegetable kind of flavor inthere but mixed with some fat some kindof porkiness you can see there’s baconbits in the collard greens I mean comeon in the South eating barbecue withoutmac and cheese is an actual crimeDave starts by boiling elbow macaronithen the sauce they call it liquid goldit starts with melted butter flour andmilk whisk and bill then we add yellowmustard salt and pepper dry mustard andcayenne finally a combination of creamcheese mozzarella and cheddar cheeseafter combining the macaroni and liquidgold it’s topped with a layer of cheddarcheese and put in the oven.

I justgrabbed this big crusty piece of cheeselayer Oh smooth very soft noodles kindof mild flavor not super intense andinsanely cheesybrisket is phenomenal we took themovernight just because we can’t cookthem like a regular brisket a sistertenders but it’s so good so richdelicious so that was just a warm-upright here Wagyu beef brisket tenderjuicy I’m gonna just cut through it likenothing let’s try it out a little smokysavory but it’s not as crazy sometimespeople get crazy with the salt thebalance is incredible that nice blacklayer those are the carcinogens that’sthe one that gives you cancer but it’sso good it’s like the yummiest kind ofcancer it’s so juicy so smoky it justkind of melts in your mouth this is justthe start we’re gonna see what else theyhave here and we’re gonna work our wayup to that giant chicken-fried steak[Music]did you get it yeah give me cigaretteDave has brought me to his premiumbutcher shop in the small city of florawhere he is selling Wagyu everythingWagyu meatloaf lasagna you name it daveis serving it using his own premiumWagyu beef.

I don’t think I’ve ever donean interview in a room like this this iswhat we affectionately call the carcasscooler this is walk T right herewhen I was in Japan I went to a placethat it was like grade a five so highquality that I could just eat it rawwhat does Japan doing differently withtheir cattle that people are doing hereso we feed them corn which is differentthan Japan they just don’t do thisthey’ve had on their massage room theydo all the stuff to keep them very happywhat is the highest grade of Wagyu youmight see in the u.s. you can certainlysee something that would consider a fivethey do it all the time we’ve got somethat are just amazing I mean it’s justlike how was this cow alive that’s crazyin Japan Wagyu comes from for specialbreeds of cattle here they breed blackTajima also known as the Japanese blackthe same breed as Co baby when westarted nobody knew what it was we hadto explain it and we really enjoyexplaining it by now we’ve got a royalfollowing and then people who alwayswant to try to ID you and don’t pay twodollars an ounce for something now withDave’s cattle bred close to home localscan enjoy top quality beef of all typesat a fraction of the price even.

Wagyuroast beef most every other kind of cowdoesn’t have any marbling in the way butwag you do they marbled all the way backguys look at dad Oh soft smoky it kindof melts in your mouth a little bit wemake our gravy using Wagyu beef stock that we make we see isn’t it prettyheavily they don’t cook it too muchbecause you don’t want to lose thatmarbling or that and we make a kind of a classic NewOrleans po-boy this po-boy is stackedwith mayonnaise pickle tomato and cheesetoasted for a bit then topped with roastbeef and savory gravyalso some lettuce but whatever. I meanit’s just lettuce. I don’t care about thelettuce that much I’m going for it oh mylord I feel like the beef Lord on hidereached down from the clouds and put some beef in my mouth I’ve never had apo-boy before coming to the South and I’m really loving it especially the tangof the pickle and the mayonnaise onthere was such a great combination with a little bit more like intenselyflavored beef the roast beef is good enough on its own but when you dress it up with all those other ingredients that is a fine sandwich sir thank you siryeah we like it and that is a topcompliment coming from mechicken fried steak.

I’m hearing the wordchicken I’m hearing the word steak I’m very confused you take steak and you fryit as if it were chicken and you getchicken-fried steak why couldn’t I read that on Google somewhere you’ve really made that simplewhat inspired you to create thismonstrosity right here well we thoughtit would be fun we wanted somethingsignature and I promised a friend ofmine I’d name something after and that’sRhonda that’s Rhondanow that we have our giant sized Wagyumeat slab also known as big Rhonda weput Rhonda into some flour this is quitethe challenge to keep this all in onepiece this is what kind of flowers isall-purpose flour with salt and pepperin it buddywork with me oh that’s a good flip we’regonna go from here into the egg wash Idon’t even know if that egg washcontainer is big enough.

I know we don’thave anything better okay so it iscompletely soaking this whole beautywith all this egg in this giant egg washit’s kind of like a giant egg spa rightnow for this steak that’s what I’venever heard that but that’s a gooddescription next Rhonda hits theseasoned flour soaking up Cayennepaprika onion powder and garlic powderprep is done now the frying somehow youneed to get this in there what is yourstrategy with the size of this beef it’schallenging to find a suitable cookingvessel in Uzbekistan they have a cousinin India they have the tower but inDave’s kitchen he’s got a tilt skilletyou can crank that lever and it willtilt forward and you can pour things outof it okay here we gothe big moment putting it into the tiltskillet the fryerboom it’s not vegetable oil it’sactually frying in wok huge caliber wetake the kidney fat which is a reallysoft white pure fat and it’s a reallywonderful cooking fat it giveseverything kind of a beef flavor eventhe French fries are fried in beef fatoh yeah it’s so good oh man.

I didn’tknow that was legal even my kids eat itin there vegetarian your kids huh mywife’s a vegetarian and I have threevegetarian kids she’s fine with youhaving a restaurant that literally isresponsible for killing hundreds of cowsyep chicken-fried steak is out two poundsfor fried fried and Wagyu tallow putthose right in the middleoh yeah that’s like a manageable amountof french friesnow the most important part transport ofthe chicken-fried steak here onto thefrench fries success we’ve done itfinally the gravy usually you’d see awhite pepper great but dave has takensome Cajun inspiration in creating hisown smoldering and dewy gravy and then there is your green salad this is like you know someone with a lantern in thenight it helps them it’s gonna help thispass-throughhey guys um I didn’t want to eat this alone so I literally just went into thedining room and grabbed Wesley.

I have you seen one this big ever never are yougoing to school still are you done I’mdonedid you drop out no honey I graduatedwith a marketing degree oh that’s a goodideaI just dropped out I know well now I dothis here we got two pounds of frenchfries let’s try it off good that’s anice crime and there’s a whole river ofthis sauce on top so you’re gonna tip itin there is that crazy it’s not. Oh ma’am that gravy is ridiculous that’sreal nice Oh ma’amwell I mean I don’t know where to startfor you what is the best part I like themiddle part but the average you gottastart up there to get in there but no wecan just start here no dude we don’teven listen to rules you like the middlepart we’re gonna just get you the middlepart don’t they teach you that inmarketing school everyone goes the leftwe go right David or probably and kill you right now is $80 they cannot meet like this there you like the middle Igot you a piece from the middle awesome.


I’m gonna try a piece from the edgethough Oh take a look at that nice andcrunchyall these little crunchy little dudesright here on the edge and then oh mygod it’s tender lookin juicy Wagyu beefI’m gonna get a little bit of extrasauce on there[Music]all men that’s really goodit’s so tender this thing was huge inthe kitchen and I thought there’s no waysoon gonna be tender still it’s too bigbut he’s done it and then this saucebrings it all together just nice andsavory thick that and doing cake it’sgot a little spiciness to it I’ve lovedityeah dig in man you can have anotherpiece from the middle if you want Ididn’t even ask you how was your piece. I’m almost really good it was reallygood it was just a regular sauce but itwas good let me start that over againhow was your piece your mom was very good all right one thing I really like is the confidence in this place becauseit’s a butter knife they are like it isgonna be so tender and so delicious thatyou don’t even get a steak knife there.

I go my chili and the biscuits probablyoughta just go ahead and make yourlittle sandwich but I’m so glad you’rehere put a little bit of beef a littlebit of this fried part like anopen-faced sandwich oh the part I findmost funny here is uh there’s a salad Iknow that’s almost as cruel right it’slike mocking you for being so onElvis every country can offer its ownunique flavors ingredients and cookingtechniquesthe more we combine the best each placehas to offer the more our taste budswill sing for joy as they join handsaround the globefrom researching and shooting to editingand mastering our 10-person best everfood review show team works hard to rollout the highest quality travel foodentertainment twice a week if you likewhat we do here please considersupporting our patreon patreon allowsfans of the show to contribute a monthlysum and receive a load of extras likeearly video releases private Q&A andbeyondto learn more about our patreon checkout the link in the description box downbelow and if you can’t give or don’teven feel like it that’s ok toowe’re just happy you’re here guys thankyou so much for watching I will see younext time.

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