Soup- A very rare dish of Asian people!

Soup- A very rare dish of Asian people!

In many parts of asia the line between food and medicineisn’t always clear after. This we’re going to be bursting with health these remedies often include unusualwhat is going on herer are wow look at this exotic ingredientsthat’s the same stuff they put insidekim kardashian’sthat come with a hefty price tag 250todaywe’re taking on traditional eastern food like you have never seen before oh mygod immersing ourselves in a whole new world of well-being they can put those little clamps on yournipples do you want them nipples and paint top dollar all in the name ofa long healthy life, my god i’ve neverseen a bowl that could be so good for my lungs and so bad for my walleteastern medicine has its detractors and its loyal followersinstead of arguing its effectiveness i want to take a closer look at some ofthe specific rare applications of this 2000 year old medical tradition oh he’spushing into my love handle we’ll try four different treatmentsmost of them edible wow the skull justcaves in some of them deliciousand the final one more expensive thananything, i’ve seen beforeextremely expensive but first blackchickenthis chicken soup for the soul takes ona slight twist when you find it here in vietnam those are chickens what you seehere has been prepared by miss nguyena black chicken expert right now we’rein the kitchen it smells amazing in hereto.

Soup- A very rare dish of Asian people!

Me i would call it it smells likechinese medicineall the aromatics lingering in the humidair of this kitchenare the result of thousands of years oftraditionwhen you’re treated here the medicine isthe food and the foodis the medicine herbs dried berriesfungi and some prettyparticular poultry this is like athousand chickensthis special breed of fluffy chicken iscalled a silky yesi know it looks like if a crow kept adown pillowbut underneath all that fluff is just achicken a chicken will leave to hold thekey to healing is there anydifference in taste between a blackchicken and a normal chickenso this is actually a little bitdifferent with the normal chickenthe texture is really tender tendertendermy trauma bond partner today friend ofthe show childhoodyou got that he joined andrew and me inthe tray to explain bird nest soupthis is like a 100 us dollar vermicellirightma’am thank you so much try it out theblack chicken soup first cleanthe black chicken.

Before slowly cookingit in a traditional medicinal broth forthree hourswhen it’s ready move the chicken to aclay pot and add mushrooms ginseng andgoji berriesthat gets steamed for an additional 15minutesvery nice and mysterious presentationlooks like a treasurethere it is mine should we try out justa brock yes let’s go for that do itthat’s pretty good it’s like we’reeating the vietnamese version of chickennoodle soupdo you eat any of the bones we eacheverythingall right a little bit of salt pepperlime[Music]it comes right up like you eat this oneand you eat with the duck eggyour baby is gonna have beautiful hairmy momdid not do that obviously and look atthisthis is the best part of the blackchicken okay i’m putting the head in here ohyeahwow the skull just caves in the brainthe bone the skin it’s all their ownthere the flavor is good but since it’sbeen stewed so longit all has that same savory medicinalquality to it i think it’s a winner.

We’re working our way up to thiscountry’s most expensive healingconcoctions but first we’re trying outan ancient eastern treatment thatdoesn’t involvefood sonny why you do this to me howeverit does involveelectricity umhello my eastern medicine practitionerof 43 yearsdr matt dickball my familiarity withmedicineit’s been mostly western medicinewestern hospitals western drugs lots ofwestern drugs a lot of western drugs butnot so mucheastern medicine what’s the bigdifference between eastern and westernmedicinethe most different is the speed like ifyou have some fever you drink thewesternbuild then it’s gonna be coolerimmediately butthe eastern medicine has helped you inthe longterm roughly speaking eastern medicinetries to balance a patient’s life forceor cheat this is often done throughdietary and herbal therapies but someconditions require more advancedmeasureslike cupping what’s the feeling ofgetting about 10 hickeys at onceor even acupunctureto evaluate one’s cheat practitionersmight start byobserving he’s feeling you are reallystrong checking the patient’s tongueyour tongue is clean but a little bitbigmeasuring blood pressure i had twocoffees this morning and a red bulli put red bull in the coffee checkingyour pulseand finally asking questions you eatthings every daymultiple times a lot of questions.

How’syour backsometimes i have lower back painyes now you can go on acupunctureto help you to get out of your back paini don’t know why i said that um yeahokay all right uhdoes anything hurt on youacupuncture is one of the most widelyknown eastern practices around the worldthese are new needles right long thinneedles are inserted into pressurepoints ormeridians throughout the body of thepatient in order to restorebalance and biting yeah it feels like aninputhere they’re leveling up that process byintroducing modern machineryi can feel that there’s electricitypulsing in my backa small electric shock is applied to theneedles to warm and relaxthe muscles the electricity keepsbeating thenthey burn a stick of mugwort a medicinalherb whose smoke is supposed to relievepain and amplify the acupuncture effectsso they use fire and electricityfinally the needles are removed and thepatient’s hard chiseled body isdisinfected with alcoholcan you just make sure they got all theneedles out and she said the last one isthe souvenir now you should feel like anewborn baby oh yesit feels like totally fresh[Music]after this super relaxing experience iwant to try out something a bit morepleasant sociao has brought me here vao’s dim sumserving up a dishso tempting even the world’s mostdisciplined humans cannot resist sir a pleasure to be in your restauranttoday we’ve come here for a very uniquedish.

What is the name of the dishthe names of the food today is thebuddha jumps over the wall[Music]buddha jumps over the wall is an easternmedicinal dish originatingin china its name suggests that it’s sotempting even monks cannot resist theircarnal cravings to have a taste of thismeat-based dish thisis really really good for your brain icould use that all ofthe bones all of the muscle in your bodytoo so everything everything we can sayif you plan on eating the buddha soupit’s important to know it does containshark fish this ingredient has been thecenter of controversy for years becauseof the way finns are harvested andbecause its growing popularity in chinais putting more and more pressure onshark populations around the world whyinclude the shark bitfor locals here it’s a delicacy a symbolof statusand in the mind of some a possible curefor cancer if you don’t put the sharpieinto the food doesn’t mean nothing thisis one of the most importantingredients for this food it should benoted most of the sharks used forfinningare not in danger but if interest inthis dish continues it simply won’t besustainableright here it doesn’t exactly look likeyour typical medicine cabinet easternmedicine has many natural ingredientswhat is going on here that are meant tobenefit your health oh that’s just avegetable.

I have seen those before thisidea is scoffed at by many in the westhere they have dehydrated sea cucumberswhere some think pills are manufacturedusing magical pill dust a perfectcube of fermented pork but in reality inthe last 25 years70 percent of new drugs in the usa camefrom natural sourceslike plants or animals probably mostunique most controversialis the shark fin it’s my first timeactually really seeing and handling itit’s quite fibrousit smells a bit fishy so from here we’regonna see the chef put all this togetherand try it out let’s do itbuddha jumps over the wall it starts byboiling chicken feeta whole chicken and pork bones that getsmoved to a large potand simmered with dried tangerine skinsfor two daystwo days later chop up all the otheringredientsthen assemble in a smaller cup cabbagemushrooms deer tendonrehydrated sea cucumber chicken meatabalonemore mushrooms goji berries ofrehydrated shark finpork cubes and a fishes swimming bladderadd the brothand finally top with pepper tree flowerwinebuddha jumps over the wall with anactual buddhai can see that wow that smell isinteresting the smell does make themonks jump over the wall.

I don’t know ifi jump over a wall for thisi jump over like a rockthis broth is terrific just super savorynothing too powerful all the flavorsjust blend together very well look atthis island ponyabalone yes oh let’s try that outit’s really soft and very fresh yeahthis i believe is the fish air bladderyeah let’s try some air bladderkind of just breaks apart yeah with someof those big pieces taken out we’rereally getting down to these like softbitssomething in there is probably shark fini don’t know what is actually the sharkfinit all just has this super savory muskytaste to it so whether you’re getting apiece of sea cucumber or a shark finit all has a bit of the same flavor thatbeing said is it super healthy no idon’t knowactually the asian people have the verylong historyeating the soup the king always drinksome of the very healthy soup this isthe way the king drinkin the soup[Applause][Music]yeah that’s the way[Music]now to try the world’s most expensivefungus this itemis three times more expensive than goldby weight we’ve come here to learn morenice to meet you.

I’m excited thiseastern medicine clinic belongs to mrnguyenand his family how long have you hadthis shop hereit’s been for two generations alreadyfrom his parents to his siblingseveryone in the nguyen family hasstudied and mastered this ancientpracticetheir mission is to spread awarenessabout this alternative field of medicinewe’re going to try a kind of ducksoup in a moment one of the ingredientsin this duck soup it’s a type ofcaterpillar funguscaterpillar fungus this is the world’smost expensive parasite found only on the tibetan plateauaround 3 thousand to five thousandmeters high a tropical fungusinfects the larvae of ghost mothsinvading the host body and eating itfrom theinside out finally sprouting from thecaterpillar headthe caterpillar just like nutrition orthe fungus grow up fortunately it’s notonly safe for humans there’s a wholeindustrybuilt on those who believe it canimprove a huge number of health factorsincluding unsurprisingly male libidochase what if we get too healthythese days folks buy it as a nice giftgive it as a thoughtful bribe or justhold on to it as a status symbol theresultthis has grown into an 11 billion dollarindustry.

I think we should try the foodyes let’s do itthese caterpillars are going to join ourmain dish but first a drink[Music]a home brew liquor called long lastingyouth and lifethis bougie booze includes over 35medicinal ingredientsthe perfect ratio of eachwill be soaked together in rice wine for90i’m days it’s suitable for people of allages as it supportsblood circulation immune system functionsleep andas always sexual performancei gotta say i’ve been to a lot ofdoctors well i don’t know any that wouldprescribe boozei understand the idea of kind ofextracting all the health benefits fromall the ingredients you put in here butwhy is alcohol more effective thanwater not like rice wine is like anantibioticis jack daniels an antibiotic as long asyou call it alcohol you can do it tothat i say cheerscheers dad daniel’s is medicine i didn’tknow it really ismmm feel good oh it will make me growhairsomewhere you should continue this onefor10 days back to back but not more thanone cup per daythat’s a problem when i take myantibiotics in the form of jack danielsi usually take it in the form of a wholebottle that’s too much.

Okay can we jump intothe main course herefor our main dish steam duck withcaterpillar fungus not something you getto try every dayit starts with poached duck jujube whitefungus rehydrated longanlotus seeds goji berries tangerine skinsginseng and the caterpillar fungusoh and duck broth simmer that for 45minutes and serve the smell it’s really goodit’s like warmsunday morning in the summer yeswhat is this this is like longinggood for your blood and what’s this hasthis goji berry it’s good for itlungs what’s this that’s the duck ahit’s good for your tummyoh the duck is really soft it’s likemelt in my mouth[Music]but this this is what i care about mostthe caterpillar fungus it’s like becomesaturatedtry it out[Music]it’s really crunchy it is like arehydrated french fry it’s a bit gushybut it doesn’t have any very strongflavor it’s kind of taking on all theflavors of the herbs in here like uh itwarms your soulthe amount of worms you put in today howexpensive is itnumber two so we put inside around likefour grams and it costs around250 us dollars wait really how do yousay really in vietnameseyes my god i’ve never seen a bowl thatcould be so good for my lungs and so badfor my walletthere’s a place and time to castjudgment on culinary practices that arecruelor simply unsustainable.

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