Sausage production line in Vietnam – How to make delicious sausages!

Sausage production line in Vietnam – How to make delicious sausages!

We’ve been to some factories alreadywe’ve seen how they make rice paperhow they make noodles but i have tothink in a factory where there’smeat you have to take differentprecautions what’s the differencebetween a factory that’s making noodlesand a factory that’s using meatlast year i went to a humblefamily-owned butcher shop in louisianaoh my godhow could you guys a place famous forits in-house meat selectionimpressive as this place was it takes avillage to make all this it’s stillconsidered a smalloperation especially when compared towhat we’re going to seetoday[Music]our factory series continues as we takea closer look at the storiesbehind the foods we see on marketshelves each dayevery food has a story and every sausagehas a tailtoday’s mission get an exclusive lookfew have seen before i just want to putmy mouth there but i will not i will notdo thatinside one of asia’s busiest sausagefactoriesit’s smoking on a scale like you havenever seen before learning how tomaintainquality high safety standards whilepumping out millions of meat pounds peryear whoathat’s more meat than.

Sausage production line in Vietnam – How to make delicious sausages!

I could eat in adecade so invite the boys over and ordera meat levelsthis is gonna be sausage overloadright now we are in food shop but thisfood shop is not any food shop they’resellingsausages every kind of sausage you canimagine and about three or four that youcould not imagine hello ma’amhi how are you can you ask her how manysausages do you havei didn’t come back back for more factoryfood funfriend of the show so they have fivemain types of sausage herefive five oh i thought it’d be a lotmore than fivethis shop opened just a year ago is theonly one of its kindand their sausages filled up over 500customers per daytoday we’re undergoing an epic sausagejourney these are words i never thoughti would say we’re gonna have a longhard day it’s gonna be like a sausageparty have you ever been to a sausagepartythat’s a trick question because if youarrived at the sausage party it would nolonger be a sausage party have you everbeen to a sausageyou know.

What let’s continue we’re kindof getting a taste of the sausage theyhave fivemain kinds of dogs but you can put themin a bun they have them in corn dogsthis is tough okay i want one of theseand one of these and one of theseone of these and one of these and one oftheseand one of these in one of these in oneof these and one of these andoh and a cheese dog now can you tell meis that a lethal amount of sausageit’s okay yeah okay sausage meat upall the sausages are sliced on the sidesto maximizethe surface area creating morecrispinessthis is the sausage scene of my sausagedreams feel free to just list them out[Music]this is the trio sausage traditionalgerman oneit tastes traditional german is theresome guy named hans at their factory whomade thislittle sweet very salty[Music]juicyare we really going to try every hot doghere here they’ve taken corn dog technologyto new heights it’s sotechnologically advanced it doesn’t evenhave a hot dog inside it’s just full ofcheesethey call it hot dogs why they try topenetrate the market with the name thatvietnamese is familiar i don’t know if you could say penetrate the market in asausage episode i’m doing my best tokeep this one clean and you’re talkingabout penetrating the market all rightlet’s penetrate this cheese dogmmm.

What i like most about that isthere’s cheese inside i think there’sbutter insidethe batter which makes it better so fromhere we’re actually going to a sausagefactory and we’re going to go meethans himself all the sausages we justate were produced in this factorythis is the high tech high qualityheadquarters belonging to duck vietcompany one of the major sausage playersin the sausage game here in vietnamright now we are with duanfactory manager sir thank you very muchfor having us todaywhat an honor to come to your empire ofsausagesthis sausage empire produces 88different productsincluding various types of cold cutsprocessed foodsand of course sausages do you have agerman guy named hanswho helped develop the german sausagerecipethe name of the company is lucy whichmeans germany and vietnam and it wasfounded bya vietnamese guy and a german guy namedcavalli and all the technology therecipecame from that god okay fantastic let’sgo check out some sausages[Music]okay good i just want to make sure wegot the right guy every time.

I lookaroundi lose you we’ve entered the factoryit’s much colder than i expected butthat makes senseright now we’re in the mixing room herethe cold working environment keeps thebacteria in checkit also helps preserve the meat textureswhile they’re being mixedthis machine i’m standing next to whatdo you call thisyeah this is a mixing machine oh that’sit yeah that’s iti thought it would have a more epic namei would call it like uh hercules orking kong but that’s okay[Music]this behemoth of a mixing machine hasone sole purpose blending togethertons of meat and transforming it intodelicious meatglue have you ever had a person fall intherei love the look of you don’t want totranslate it it’s a fair question ithink a lot of people are wondering haveyou ever had a person fall in and getground into sausageno one has ever been hurt from thismachine i’m glad we asked that now weknowevery hour more than 2.5 tons of meatand fatgo through this machine with the meat glue now perfectly gloopyit’s ready for the next stepthe next step in this sausage makingjourney is the stuffing giving our formless meat group a homethis is where sausages get their formshape and sizesome sausages get stuffed by anautomated stuffer.

Where do i buy a machine like thatthey imported this machine from overseasah so i have to golike online like maybeexactlythis machine can pop out an average ofover 1300 meat pounds per hourit’s like a laser beam of sausages it’skind of beautiful you can’t tell but i’msmiling with joy under this maskthe only drawback is the sausages mustuse the more robustless breakable collagen casingseffective but not nearly as tasty asintestinal casings how much does amachine like that costtwo hundred and fifty thousand dollarswowthat’s almost as much as my college ifeel i’m in a move for a switcher[Music]intestines contain fat so when thesesausages cook up later they’ll beencased in a fatty wrapper that pusheseven more flavorinto the meat after these sausages are stuffed expertmeat handlersskillfully string the meat sticks on asteel rod and hang them from a carthey man what the what’s that left outwith the who shethis cart doubles as a vehicle and acooking rackwhen it’s full they hitch a ride to thesteaming room in the steaming room the sausages aresealed in a steaming chamber with alltheir friendshere they get steamed for around 20minutesthis cooks the sausages all the waythrough and kills any remaining bacteriaafter that they get smoked for anadditional 15 minutesthis adds another layer of rich smokyflavor.

This is the smoke room right next to thesteam roomhere they’ve got smoke on a massivescale inside of here they’ve got theseoak chips all the way from germany sothey use the oak chips to create thesmoke and then they have this advancedpiping systemthey’ll move the smoke from here acrossto the other roominto the steamer it’s smoking on a scalelike you have never seen before[Music]after the steaming and smoking thesausages are moved to the final stepone last checkso right now we’re in the packaging roomand here one of the mostamazing machines i’ve ever seenit takes all these sausages that arelinked by a casingand then cuts in between each sausageand it must do like a mile of sausage aminute look at this thing just spewingout sausagesi love it i just want to put my mouththere but i will not i will not do thati would not be sanitary so we have finally made it to the end ofthe sausage making processbefore the sausages are released intothe wild they come here obviously at thevery endyou have to do your quality assurancemaking sure just the best wieners aregetting out there to be in the public’shands and mouths.

Do you ever have hotdogrejects the checking will be done bythe workers here when they put thesausage inside the bag they need tocheckeach product here is judged under strictcriteria like colorshape and size if all the sausages meetall the requirements if they’re allperfectly uniformonly then can they be packed and sealedin their final homeafter packing they’ll go through a metaldetectorensuring there are no unwanted itemsleft behind like that one time larrylost his wedding ring in the meat groupjoking just joking my last question butit’s very serious okay don’t laugh whenyour workersleave do you check their pockets forsausagesthey don’t bring it home but theyusually like hiding somewhere in thebattery and eat themselveswell it’s almost irresistible thatsteaming room smells delicious soi get it all right thank you so much for your time a riveting experience so coolafter winning the golden ticket to thissausage factory dreaml and i’m ready to get out into the real worldand witness how everyday folksare using these products in their ownstreet food creationsso jup brought us here in chow jake so right now we’re at your mobile food cart you weren’t.

Here a moment ago andnow you aremiss phone has been a mobile vendor for nine years she starts every day early inthe morning and drives around thestreets of hanoiuntil she sells out here you haveclassic hanoian food we’ve got stickyriceinside it’s stuffed with mung beans porkfat pork bellypork belly i meant and on this side lookviathat’s how you say sausage invietnamese so ma’am what is it that youloveso much about duke via sausagesthe quality of the sausage from the wigis very good and also her customersreally like this type of sausage well ican’t wait to try it out thank you somuchright here we have our sticky rice allcut up into little piecesand that classic book viet sausagesliced up try it out yeah let’s try itdo you think it’s true they neveraccidentally turned a human into a bunchof sausagei think that’s truei don’t know you’re questioning it rightyeah i don’t know he seemed confident inthe factory butyou never know so the perfect pairingshe’s fried up the sticky rice it’sbecome crunchified on the outside andyou can see the inside layer oh that’s anice piece of pork bellythe outside is crunchy from the stickyrice but inside it’s just kind of asmooth somewhat savory but pretty mildmashed potato feeling and then you gottapair that with thevery salty um hothot dog is it a sausage or a hot dog noi don’t know.

i’ve been in asia too longmy wiener meter is all off either waylet’s go back to ho chi minh city andseesausage culture therefrom hanoi we’re heading south to saigonfor one last treathere miss lei has been attracting crowdswith her creative take on sausagessince she was 15 years oldshe calls it bread and hot pan with fulltoppingsthe name might need work but the fooddoes notit starts with a sunny side outfit ohsorryi mean a sunny side up egg she whipsanother egg with chili sauce[Music]next onions canned mackerel scissoredsausage and myfavorite for insanely crispy sausagetoss on some processed laughing cowcheese and a lethal dose of soy saucetime to eat we’ve teleported all the wayto saigon where they have anotherwonderfuluse of sausages[Music]here we’ve got some bun meat she’stoasted this cut it up i’m gonna putcheese on this one a little bit of eggyolk oh that’s niceand then some sausage bing bong this is exactly my kind of eat what doyou like about it everything is verybalanced i don’t like baconbut i like this kind of fried sausagehow do you not like bacon did you have apig as a pet when you grow up nomy pet was a fish okay unrelated tobaconyeah got it to me it’s all just like aheavy breakfast food.

I wouldn’t want tohave this every daybut i love the egg some meat a ton ofsauce and a wedge of cheeseanyway early on when we went to foodshop i feel like i was a littledismissive are we really gonna try everyhot dog here i didn’tpay the sausage enough respect and thenafter seeingall the work that goes into it theattention to detail i really came toappreciate these simple things that arein front of me right noweach unique factory food brings with itits own unique challengesit’s crazy a sausage factory has to becautious about where it procures meatcan you just ask if anyone’s ever fallenin they must follow strict hygieneprotocol to avoid cross-contaminationthis is as high-tech as you getand everything must be chilled even thewarehouse which is like a giantrefrigerator why is it so cold in hereafter getting a peek behind the curtainhuge and truly seeing how the sausage ismade i gotta sayi’m impressed it’s easy to take modernday conveniences for granted i guessthat could be good it’s awesome but ipromisenow and moving forward every time i seea humble sausage chilling in a marketi’m gonna give it a little head knockbecause i know all the work it tookto get you herewelcome to the best ever merch storewhere you can check out our brand newdesignsbest ever bandanas in black white andred the please send nudes hoodiepillow.

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