Roast whole in Uzbekistan – A barbecue that everyone craves!

Roast whole in Uzbekistan – A barbecue that everyone craves!

High atop the mountains just a couplehours from Uzbekistan capital lies asecret that will not be contained fourlong whose biggest sunlampthis is like a vangu lamb some call itthe Wagyu oshi high quality perfectlyroasted mutton that only a lucky fewwill experience in their lifetimeand here we are in front of us a wholesheep cut into about eight pieces nomadssettled in these mountains long agobringing their own unique culturehousing and cuisine it’s a horse organsand horse fat today we’re getting ataste of the nomads like big horseintestine first time from the deliciousto the adventurous we found you thenicest sheep head we could findand finally as a rite of passage.

Roast whole in Uzbekistan – A barbecue that everyone craves!

I willgo toe-to-toe with the real-ass raceagainst the donkey so just like anold-fashioned foot race right yeah sosaddle up because today we’re eatingnomad style in Uzbekistan[Music]right now we are in the mountains ofUzbekistan just the 50 kilometers fromthe Tashkent capital and this is ourfirst stop this is very unique place toget some snacks okay I see a lot ofballs this is by the way a very ballfriendly show well good they’re made ofcheese so we talked about differentgradation of the yogurt yeah this is thelast final frontier of the yogurt becomefully dehydrated and becomes a cheesetry the cheese ball mmm they say it’sreally good with the beer very crumblingbit sour and sharp though this oneyellow means more like paddy unisonstick Alyssa’s pices covered with thechili this one is also cooled with abasil there’s purple.

I said purplebecause of the our basilique is purplelet’s go for it mmm nice it’s verystrong strong salty that’s why like thisis ideal drinking food perhaps there’ssome unique beverage I could drink ha haha ha ha yeah boywe’re gonna we’re gonna come back forthe motivated by that oh and it lookslike it’s just a new kind of coca-colaexactly coca-cola whites what is itactually this is a horse milk Ohfermented horse milk so they milk thehorse can we pull the picture on GoogleImages that’s someone milking a horseright there that looks like let’s trythis outso this is gonna be drinking from thisone he’s a doctor and he’s saying this ahorse man since it’s a natural productit cleans out the liver and it’s goodfor lunch it’s pre proved by doctor oneout of one doctors approve all rightJason cheers man.

Wow oh that’s reallyhard to explain it reminds me of likethat unrefined Korean mapa li mochou Luyeah but then there’s some bubbly kindof sour he milky fermenting is to itit’s not bad people throughout the worldwill do anything to cop a buzz guys we have made it to the top of themountaintop there’s a bit more mountwhere a reason we’re high up in themountain yeah there’s a little moredon’t show that guy it’s quite cold uphere yeah right now it’s super warmbecause we have the flame and somethingthat warms my heart even more a wholesheepI was chef like Medicare he’s a Jesusand Christ off this cheaphe’s been doing it for many yearsthis style of rotisserie.

I haven’t seenbefore it it’s not continuous they justlike turn it a little bit stop it turnit a little bit stop it again we’recoming to the point that those bigpeople wants to have them eat fully donewienie cook in these parts they liketheir meat well done the mutton willroast for six hours total with four moreto go biggest on lambthis is like a value lamb this thing wehave a marbled meat lamb like a layer offat meat fat meat heat reaches the nextlevel of the fat it just drains out andmoisturize the whole thing oh I can’twait to try it out thank you so much forthe invitation[Music]with four hours of roasting remainingbut Cruz and I head out to find somelunchwhere I’m from almost nobody eats horseswhy do you think here like maybe a horseis more popular than beef no my goodshe’s saying that it’s healthy it keepsyou warm and at the same time you don’tget sick this meal will satisfy all yourhorse cravings at once we’ve already gota bubbling horse broth that’ll be usedto boil our noodles in keziah beshbarmakuzbek version is simple dogsso in general she’s saying it’s veryeasy to prepare the dog all you need iscouple of eggs salt and our own floorshe takes the longest rolling pin.

I haveever seen and begins the flatteningprocess the whole idea is to make it asthin as possibleoh is this maybe your boyfriend Wow soafter all that rolling it’s huge ifshe’s saying that she’s gonna cut itright now all right so she just slicesalong the one so simple horse organs andhorse fat oh here and who have a horsesausage made from lean meat of coursewhich is Casa de and we have justordinary meat of course all of them theywere cooked in this process it’s like ahorse stock time to bring all thesehorse parts together first boil the flatnoodles in the horse stock the finishednoodles are spread out on a platter andnow she’s putting on a special type ofseasoning onion dried tomato and extrafat so this is your straight horse meatright here this is just straightHorseman’s you can see by the color toodark and this is the complete dish ma’amthis was like a work of art she’s sayinghelp your self please thank you so muchit’s not a cada.

We’re in a yurt and wehave our horse yeah but we’re gonna dolike a hardcore style which means no tothis and no to that as a name of thedish is called beshbarmak literallymeaning Fivefinger which indicates thatyou have to eat it barehanded pop ohit’s pretty hotyeah oh that is it life usually you foodyouyour hands they’re not so what okay solook sausage we got the flat noodles onthere is a what sopping delicious messlet’s try it out mmm Wow nice it’s likewho’s Beck Mountain lasagna yeah but allthe layers are on the bottom part scorelasagna mmmit’s very much like some flat pasta typeof texture a little bit chewy a littlebit al dente and it’s so good that sauceis so good really savory things I’mplaying a really good game here everypart of the horses in here everythingbut the main lips a huge freakingintestine you want to grab one herethere’s a nice okay not a big fan thoughbig horse intestine first time yeah it’sexotic and it just get a kick you knowit just mmm.

I didn’t know the horsecould still kick you after it was deadnear-lethal Wow super gamey everythingelse here legitimately delicious andbeyond the flavor I just I love thetexture of the meat and the noodle nextI think we’ll be having a sheep head youknow I was really wondering where thispart of the Sheep went turns out thecrews had been saving the best for lastbasically we have a sheep had legs andhis stomach all cleaned up by the waythe hair was removed years we don’t eatwe ask our grandma nicely them help uswe found youthe nicest sheep head we could find shesaid looks decent looks nice what couldI do to impress you all these odds andends get boiled with a bit of salt for acouple hours just enough time for onelast activity we’re taking a short breakfrom the food but we’re gonna get backto the food in a second right now kindof a personal test there’s a donkey hereevery country has a rite of passage andsome blog posts that I ran throughGoogle Translate told me that it is indonkey racing that a boy becomes a manin this region so there are two optionsrace with the donkey a race on thedonkey has he been on this animal yeahwell then.

I should be fine right oh it’sokay buddy it’s okay and then now I needto race on the donkeyready go oh he doesn’tit’s okay hey listen first of all you’redoing a great job already this didn’twork out so great yeah you said there’sanother way we’re getting either race onthe donkey or race against the dollaragainst the dong okay I have to goagainst the donkey he’s not moving withme on top so just like an old-fashionedfoot race right yeah like hundred meterstill the next tree the whole village hasgathered to see a foreigner take on thisgreat challenge beast versus man fourlegs versus two everything slows down Iam focusedI will win[Applause][Music]this year there was a quite a race ThankYou Manas the celebration it’s an old standingtradition to winner goes local Japanback to the timesHans used to wear them the kings so Iwant to as a celebration give you a chipan it’s a victory wow that’s nice that’ssuper warm this is a real tradition herein the mountains of those if.

I couldsend people racing the donkey no huhit’s not it’s edition I just wanted youto raise the donkeywhat do you did a great job can’t keepthis till now you can’t keep it coollet’s go eat yeah four hours have goneby and this dude is cooked – heck yeahit kind of shrink down yeah it’s like20% weight loss which I could really usethat right now so that’s not gonnahappen because we’re about to eat thisso it’s called karika I believe it’s atender Leon take the whole thing – Brockoh niceso the chef is going to join us as wellcheers Cheers get all super tender it’sactually much juicier than I expectedvery tender a little burst of juicinessthere’s still some crunch on the skin onthe outside I like that crunchy partit’s so good but at the same time is sosoft is it blowing won’t good I mean Iwould have proved my own cookingpressure yeah you wouldn’t say no yeahshe’s offering us a little differentparts so the sheep skin right hereyeah something’s so unique about thetaste of mutton that’s kind of like asavory muskiness to it and I don’t knowany other way to explain it than thatand it’s a food that people don’t haveenough in the West or where.

I’m fromlet’s try this skin big crispy bite niceit’s all crunchy there’s nothing betterthan meat right off the spit so goodthis is the last part okay we want toenjoyso it was big hug you you can show ithere is the beautiful layering of fat isthat even that might be tending to theyeven layered the tendon how do they doit cheers Cheersoh my god I don’t know that the videocan continue on I’ve already climaxed Imean the videos already climaxed everything has built up to all my footscrampinghow do people sit like this and here weare in front of us a whole sheep cutinto about 8 pieces we tried a bunch ofdifferent cuts from here already I don’tknow that’s a spinal column I think hecut it only it’s a neck that’s the neckmeets it like meat bro yeah I got do theamount of fat in here and so the waythis was roasted it’s really unique thebigger areas that needed more heat hewould kind of give them an extra sliceyeah more heat could get in there andthe same thing with the neck the neckkind of make cobain neck meat from asheep mmm mmm it’s like a lamb jerkythat one’s a little more tough but it isit’s a more savory but this here.

I meantake a look at this being homeit’s remarkable there’s not much more tosay it’s some of the best meat I’ve everhad from here I’m sorry to say we needto have them take this away for a momentto feature our last food I think youguys know what it is alreadyis there a bell in here somewhere isthere like some restaurants you can likeding yeah but no we want that back laterthank youokaythis is what remains this seems like theperfect dessert to me it’s extreme evenfor local people for someone they loveit someone they can’t stand of it it’s adelicacy it’s really nice for us to trywhat do you think we should start onthis well my favorite part is it tunseasy open the mouth yeah and you yank itokay here we go and then area okay yepit was easier than I thoughtyeah that’s pretty easy we split Iremove this part tastebuds andeverything so we’re just removing himall right some people not hungry anymorehuhsorry inside it is like super soft andalmost like a pate that’s become like apace to almost kissoh sure this mm-hmmblonde long yeah Thomas have bones youguys know that is super salty it reallytastes like a pate even like a pork no Iguess guys in there against there and Ithink it very tough yeah even like apork pate this one also.

I really likeits stomach stomach but sheep stomachall right let’s go for it let’s go forit obviously like really similar flavorand the texture too it’s just becomesuper soft the way it was cooked it’sreally goodwell guys that’s about it we’re gonnawrap up the show down and walk throughliterally every meat there’s possible toeat on this plate I get it interrupts meat some pointalright Bob the feed what about the feetokay so under the stomach and throughthe woodsoh yeah this was the hoof right here andI’m trying to find a good piece of meathere it’s all just like kind of grislyits agility no gelatin maybe this is theactual Achilles heel of this sheep yeahlet’s go for it mmm it’s true large goodto know everything’s good man prettymuch everything on here is the sameflavor a little bit variants andtextures here and there but overall Icould eat this for sure what I likeabout this culture they utilizeeverything it food doesn’t go wasteeverything is just utilize 400% can Igive you a gross greasy handshake let’sdo this at koozai want to say thank youmcruiz is actually a representative forthe Tourism Board of Uzbekistan they sawmy videos and wanted to invite me hereto try this amazing food so you guyscould see it so maybe next time you plannow your excursions you could considerthis place we’ve had a blast so far thefood has been everywhere fromadventurous to just stunningly amazingand mouth blowing.

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