Roast Duck BBQ- Visit the duck farm!

Roast Duck BBQ- Visit the duck farm!

When it comes to meat whether we’retalking salmon sashimi or fresh beefburger patties we can all agreethat freshness is key rice like the bestbeef you can getwrong new generations of daring chefsare pushing the limits of poultryand their diners palettes i’d alwaysheard of dry aged beefcan you age any kind of meat i mean youcan’t within raisins what would beunreasonable because i never would haveguessed duckin this exclusive series we’redemystifying high-end cuisine whoa wowyou knowa big part of fine dining is for yourfood to be literally smokingfollowing expensive fine diningingredients back to their source it’slike harvesting season right now for allthese oysters big and smalltoday we’re going deep into the world ofaged meat got to keep that temperaturenice and low otherwise if it gets toohot it’ll start to age the meat a littlebit too quickly than what we wantis that just rotting basicallydiscovering the secret techniques thatgo into making some of the mostpolarizing proteinon the planet what should we expect whenwe bite into this.

Roast Duck BBQ- Visit the duck farm!

I think you’ve misseda lot of things if you haven’t reallytried it it’s probably my favorite wayof eating itit all starts with the ducks guys todaywe are no longer ducking aroundsorry don’t laugh it’s a serious videotoday we have come southward tovietnam’s mekong delta to learn how theygrow some of the best ducks out therejoining me today dwin hey have you hadduck beforeof course i probably didn’t have ducktill i was in my 30swhat well today we’re not just havingany type of duckwe’re having aged duck have you heard ofthisnot really there’s a whole movement ortrend behindaged meats so they’ve taken duck they’llput it in kind of a refrigeratorand it’ll just hang out there for twoweeks whoa so like a lot of work welli don’t know if it’s a lot of work itseems like you just kind of hang it.

There today we’re going to be exploring thiswhole entire process we’re going tofollow these ducksfrom being born to uhwell the other side of life are you opento tasting a duck that’s been sitting ina refrigerator for three weeksi mean i’ve eat bucks so so you’re kindof open to anythingi’ve gotten word from a duck cookingexpert that these are some of the bestquality ducks you’ll find anywhere rightnow we’re amongstthis giant paddling of ducks they are socutethey’re very cute how many ducks wouldyou say you have in herearound two thousand ducks two thousandthat’s wild mr hunthas been in the duck rearing businessfor seven years now he’s raising aboutfour thousand of these little crackersat any given time what percent is beingsold torestaurants and what percentage beingsold as petsso he said mostly that these are sold forjust meat oh look at you you’resad i feel nothingtypically going from a duckling to aready-to-sell adulttakes about eight to ten weeks how old are they about right nowtwo weeks only okay 14 days that’spretty big.

But this duck breedoriginating in france can become fully grown around six toseven weeks they requireless feed and produce higher qualityprotein so there are many factorsthat would decide if the duck’s going tobe good but he said the dna it wouldtake up to 70 to 80 percentjust like japan’s kobe beef good dna isjust half the battlehow they’re raised matters too ensuringthey go from fluffy tweensto full-blown adults while stayinghealthy this is the ducks in the adultstage how many days old are they hereit’s around 40 days farms are open cleanand relatively quiet what makes a duck agood quality duckthen they’re fed the right stuff yummyindustrial poultry feedhe said like if he touched the breastthen he can feel that it’s pretty thickyep are you checking yourself i’m seeingif i would make a good ducki think so maybe he can help me outlater we’ll do that off cameraafter six to seven weeks the ducks reacha weight of about seven and a halfpounds and they’re readyto ship off how much are you selling theduck for here 100 house in vietnamthough for a whole duckyes the duck we’re going to be tryinglater today.

I think it’s like half theduckis around 25 does that seem like a lotto you eating duck is common in vietnamhe said it’s really higharound just about any corner you couldfind it roasted eaten with noodles orstewed in a savory broth have you everheard of a preparation like aged duckmeatbut aged he said he never heard of itthis is a pretty foreign conceptthe meat preparation method dates backcenturies back in the early 1900s they’dstore the animals as a half carcass inthe big refrigerated rooms that’s howthey get more lifeout of the animal now it makes frequentappearances on gourmet menus especiallyin europe and big town usa you should beable to pick up like a bit of cheesinessand a bit ofhamminess and a certain kind of nicenessas wellmeet george executive chef of stokerwoodfire grill for the last three yearshe’s mastered the art of cooking agedmeats creating one of this city’s mostunique dining experienceswould you consider this fine diningrestaurant am.

I overdressed or properlydressedsmall just refined rather than finediningit seems like each meats happen to beassociated with kind offine dining or higher end restaurantswhen i learned about this i felt like iwon the lottery because i have a lot ofaged meat in my refrigeratorsandwich meat turkey old pastramiyeah it’s been aging a long time so youhave a steak right herewe are so this is a 30 day dry age waterhouse it’sfinished on grain so you get a bit moreof a fat content through itthis gets imported from australia thenit sits in the refrigerator for 30 dayswhen it starts resembling a giant stickof beef jerkyit’s ready to eat what is the most agedbeef you’ve ever heard ofi’ve seen 365 day dried shoreline so itlooks like a fossila year it’s almost a year a year wouldyou eat thatmaybe the demonic dark outer skinis cut away revealing a more familiarsteak colorand texture he seasoned with salt andolive oiland grills on an open fire for fiveminutes take it off for a five minute breatherthen repeat a couple more timesuntil this wise old steak is ready to eat.

I’ve triedaged beef before to me it was real funkyis that how it’s supposed to be it canbe um soafter 30 days it starts to develop a lotmore stronger flavors you’ll get a lotmore like blue cheese and nutty notes toit even more pungent more powerfulnormally yesyou ready yeah i’m really excited i’mgonna be honesti’m scared but let’s just try it i’mgonna get kind of a mediumpiece here oh it smells fantastica little smoky i think we should eat itat some point readysorry[Music]that’s delicious thank you very muchthat’s real goodit’s smoky it’s heavy the fat isdelicious how was it for youjust delicious i’m telling you what i’vehad in the past it wasfunky yeah and this is nothing butpleasant no funk at all righti should just try one more piece to besure[Music]that’s good i love it the only maindifference i can tell is that thetexture feels differentright it feels almost a bit more densekind of a unique texture that’s fun tobite through how does the aging affectthe textureum so as it gets older it’ll start tofirm up because it losesits water it will also start to get abit more tenderso it gets tender and firm it almostalmost hammy good things come to thosewho waitenzymes and changes in water compositiontransforming the meat’s textureand mouth feel like my hairline the meatis experiencinga controlled decomposition george yeahright now we’re in uh your giantrefrigerator but.

I’ve been in biggerones where you can kind of walk aroundbut no it’s nice it’s cozy quaint theconditions for this methodare simple but must be precise the spaceshould be well ventilated moisture isthen pulled from the meat over timei’m looking around i’m seeing uh thiswhat’s this probably should be seeingthat one thereoh okay i didn’t see that is that agiant tootsie rollis that butter we cut it in red beef fatjust to limit that moisture loss a bitmore natural enzymes within the meatcome aliveand start breaking down the molecularbonds this alters the flavorand texture we’re here mainly for theduck already today we went to a duckfarm the farmer was talking a lot aboutthe breastshe seemed to be a big fan he saidthey’re very fullyes they are how long are you gonna agea duckso for special events we’ll take it tothree weeks minimum is out of 15 daysthe duck is roasted for two hoursconstantly basting in a mixture ofbuttervinegar and garlic every 20 minutesnext george grills it in the ovenspraying on sherry vinegar to helpcrispify the duck’s skin.

What is the experience going to be as ibite down into a three-week agedduck it’s going to be gamey a bit ofcheesy bit funkya funky duck this is exciting okay slopoff the duck breastand thigh and grill slice it intobite-size piecesand plate it’s garnished withcaramelized apple chunks and a touch ofvinegar saucehey it’s us yeshave you seen a better looking dog thanthis it looks fantastic it isand so this one has been aged for twoweeks and it’s covered what is this acaramelized applei like that that’s kind of a weird startto a duck meal let’s jump into itthe meat itself looks fairly pinkish andthe skin is nice and darksmells great there’s some queens vinegaron there i don’t know what that meansbut that’s what’s on there let’s go forit. i’m searching for the gaminess so i’msearching for that cheesewhat the duck it’s really yummy there’s nothing like funky here thoughit’s not gamey like at allit’s different than normal duck thoughright i mean.

I’m sure you’ve had roastedduck orduck made in the chinese way a thousandtimes because i look chineseokay you know what i knew you would takeit the wrong way because the chinesepeople know how to make freakingjuicy tender it’s not as dense as theo ther beef that we have in the kitchen it’snothing good holy duckingoh once i said now today we’regoing to be trying two differentducks duck that is aged two weeks andduck that’s aged three weeksusually people don’t get the three weekone because it’s too intenseso i wanted to get the intense varietyso we can compare it against thislike making blue cheese the process ofdry aging meat promotes the growth ofcertain fungal speciessounds tasty right can you age any kindof meat it really just depends onhow far you go with it duck definitelycan chicken i wouldn’t what are youworried about with chickensalmonella mainly oh over time itreaches maturity but the longer you goright here we haveour three week aged duck the moreintense the flavors will become.

I want you tofork that and just hold on oh smell thatsmell that yes this is what you’ve been waiting forall day this is like stinky tofu but youkind of like it don’t youyeah oh it’s badit’s so bad it’s good it looks a littledifferent likediscoloration yeah let’s try it’s an offensive aroma it’s boldit’s daring the smell is a bit moreintense than the actual experience ofeating it ohdamn you kind of take in more of thatdecomposition of the tissuebut then when you eat it it’s not asintense as a smellwhen you mix that with the sweetness andthe sourness of the sauce it kind ofworks togetherit’s pretty strong for me too much foryou because when we eat the two weeksit’s not that clearyou can still taste like normal ducks soi think maybe one more week like no bigdeal but it’s big deal yeah so this is like your absolutelyyeah what an experiencedry aged meat don’t try making it inyour fridge like meleave it to the pros.

This is profoundstart with the young stuff and if thattickles your tongue work your way up tothe more aggressive flavorsi like the two-week aged duck but irespectthe three-week gauge tuck wow it’s notfor everyone i think it’s good but ifit’s like aged a little more like oneday more then i’ll be likeif one day your palette grows weary ofpedestrian proteinsthere’s always something more extremeaheadfrom researching and shooting to editingand masteringour 10 person best ever food review showteamworks hard to roll out the highestquality travel food entertainmenttwice a week if you like what we do hereplease consider supporting our patreonpatreon allows fans of the show tocontribute a monthly sum and receive aload ofextras like early video releases privateq and a’s and beyond to learn more aboutour patreon check out the link in thedescription box down below and if youcan’t give ordon’t even feel like it that’s okay toowe’re just happy you’re here huge thankyou to twin for joining me today in thisfunfood adventure quick awkward handshakeyaymy favorite that is it for this one wewill see you next timepeacei’m just gonna walk out.

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