Rare meat in Cuba- Super rare crocodile meat!

Rare meat in Cuba- Super rare crocodile meat!

It would be great for the show if he gotto be around the crocodiles maybe evencatching ones Parisi and there’s noelement of danger right well[Music]today we’re leaving the country’scapital Havana and heading east to thecity of the city of Vienna casinos Playalarga colleton it’s not about hard tosay here we’re taking on a fool they’reeven in Cuba you cannot try this dishanywhere is no even allowed but there’sone small problembefore we can take a bite we have tocatch our dinner and hope it doesn’ttake a bite out of us Oh find it firstmy plan is to see if we can kind of workaround their usual rules andrestrictions and have or Ohketchup crocodile y-you mean crinkled Itouch them like be closeso.

Rare meat in Cuba- Super rare crocodile meat!

I’m gonna help me out of this boat inCuba business owners and locals wake upearly to pick up fresh ingredients fromsmall local markets like this today weaccompany crocodile cooking specialistAlexis we are with the crocodile cookerhimself what is your full-time role isthat all you do is cook crocodiles noit’s more like a seafood cook butcrocodile is one of these especially athis restaurant he’ll be whipping up aone-of-a-kind crocodile spread how doyou say crocodile cuoco very go drill axis a Cocodrilo seafood no moneynothing he say that he has three flavorsbefore cooking he can taste like chickenor pork but after cooking it tastes morelike three so he’s tasted it wrong noit’s not a coming down he’s like nobodydoes that but I do it right now we’reoff to a crocodile farm where he’s gonnaactually catch a crocodile hold on a secme or weak.

I need to like tell thecamera guys what to do I’m heredefinitely knew before what you don’t doitwell we weren’t trying to jump no Idon’t want a balloon man jump Oh bungeejump yeah four years ago or when I madea concept for a show called the year offear I encouraged auro to bungee jumpwhich he wasn’t happy aboutunfortunately I wasn’t allowed to bungeejump because I surpassed the weightlimit thanks PAnow I’m encouraging auro to catch agiant reptile which he’s also not happyabout did you tell him that you’relooking for all right now it’s justcutting right through or as hopes anddreams rushing in a spirit you hate tosee it folksyou hate to see it can you translatethat it’s like no way you think eyesthat only people who has more here cando it he’s very dangerous but he can trywhat’s the worst that can happenthank you thing we’ll be back you’ll seeall of me and you might only see part oforal I can see alexis has shaken oralsconfidence so before we go face-to-facewith the crocodiles oral and I are gonnacarve up at a back-alley factory wherethey’re kicking out one of Cuba’s mostunique foods.

I brought you to a placewhere they produce cassava Khatamiyeah cassava is the most authenticthat we confirmed today cassava is Cubanflatbread a staple dish in this regioninherited straight from the indigenousArawak people it played a significantrole throughout Cuban history because itrequired only one single ingredientcassava flourafter they’ve created the powder we comeover here and then my man just kind ofcooks it a bit all right let’s try itout that’s fascinating it reminds me ofeating like some kind of circle that youmix with milk and sugar obviously notreally any flavor because this is justan ingredient for something more I thinkyou are not extracting your palatebecause I can feel flavours they think Iknow they’re buying less deep into itvery airy very light and it seems likeperfect for soaking up some sauce andsome other flavors actually this is meto be in company all the flavors yeah weare like tamale Padma you know Timon andPumbaa yeah.

I’ve heard well like that Ijust repeat what you say and I say theylike these was my idea that’s a gooddocumentary but very sad not really yeahit was a documentary yeah I’m gettingeducated right in just a moment my dudeor on a stick will face his biggest fearbut before that we’re stopping here LSKapow where we’ll finally be able to trythe cassava in the way it’s meant to beeaten[Music]I wish those guys at the factory couldsee us now because we look pretty sillyeating this raw but now we have thefinal dish accompanied by a soft drinkour sponsor to Cola are you sick of oneCola this is too Cola and you shootingoh this is government yeahare we allowed to drink when visitingCuba American tourists are prohibitedfrom spending money at any Cubangovernment owned businesses from hotelsto restaurants as far as governmentowned fizzy drinks I think that’s stilla defensible gray area oh did.

I just up my life I just drank ityou’re on your ownholy crap dude what if I get arrested inthe US for drinking a government ownedsoda although it I gotta say quite tastyyeah because it’s hot caramel let’s trythis out the outside is super chewy soon you need to be really tender with itthe sausage is delicioussuper interesting texture if you gavethis to me and you asked me what it wasmade from I never would have guessedcassava so very cool time to catch a crocodile and the placeto do that in Cuba is here crea darrowde cocodrilos a crocodile breedingfacility that’s been protecting humancrocodiles for more than 59 years sirfirst of all thank you for joining ustodaymeet at DIA he’s been studyingcrocodiles here for 17 years todayhe’s giving us a VIP tour which endswith the very hands-on experienceconsidering this is a place forconservation why is it ok for us to eatcrocodile meat well well well it’s agood questionwe have 4,000 animals here we can use100 per year from sale the meat and theleather.

I mean we use all the money forconservation of course this is superexpensive to have like 4,000 crocodilesand they’re not eating corn they’reeating like a meat yeahbut before we catch the crocodile wemust understand the crocodile so at theend is showing us more so this is thereproduction area yes it’s for evolutionbut also for study so you’re watchingthem reproduce these are the world’sstrongest terrestrial crocodiles thatmeans they feel equally at home on landas they do in the waterdespite their modest size they can behighly dangerous to humans have you everbeen bit yeah what what should I doyou bop it on the nose huh yeah is thereweaknessoh it’s Billy Bob get him on the nose istheir weakness you can feel them withyou he didn’t Park in Venice don’t giveyou a box you don’t get my back put yourback on mine ok oh right now.

I think we’re finefinally with valuable backgroundknowledge in mind we’re ready to goface-to-face with the Crocs or a listenyou have to approach these the worth andreasonable reason to build courage I mayhave a history of pushing auro intosituations he’s not totally comfortablewith only no I don’t want other womenbut that’s because auro is my brotherand that’s what brothers do they pusheach other he gets bit we can definitelyput this inoh whoa hey dude you don’t have to doany more acting I’m not acting to beafraid I feel your nipple as Oro’syounger bigger brother I feel it’s myduty to lead by example but I think I’mgonna get this one right here you knowI’m just gonna pretend like I don’t evenwant to catch any crocodiles huh I gotone I’m gonna reel it in come on buddycan we involve oro oro oro said he wantsya over herehold the back i.

I do that yes you’regonna do thatokay you got to trust me man okay holdthe tail don’t worry okay you got thisman commit when you do it 100% ah yeahyou got it I got itoh well you did it I did it I’m proud ofyou man that was pretty epic dude I didit over the croc is dispatched and theprocessing begins the skin can be soldto further help fund efforts at thisCenter the meat is headed to therestaurant where alexis is waiting forusdo you know how we got this crocodile myman Oro caught this by hand embodies allright I woulda did it I’d catteryhe’s got you there it is small all righthave you been able to speak English thiswhole time hahaAlexis communicates beautifully throughhis words but even more beautifullythrough his food around these partshe’s known as a master crocodile chefand today he’ll be preparing us threeunique crocodile dishes first PuntaPunta crocodile tail steak tips withveggies now right away before he puts iton it smells fishybut as he cooks it it’s changing thesmell it becomes one more porky morechicken eat more grown G let’s try itout mmmI like that oh my god it does taste realportion a little bit of everything butyou know what it looks like aisle andmeat has class the meat of the 1% whilethe grill is still hot Alexis throws onthe butterfly tail meat for a dish Icall pork chops on the crocodile.

I’mgonna try this right here if you justgave this to me I would say this is abig pork chop yeah parently it looks alittle bit like pork with a big fishtexture I’m gonna try it out right nowthis one is closer to chicken but noexactly he’s like it’s a whole newtexture it’s a texture that’s kind ofbetween chicken and fish is a cheeseinto tissue next enchilada starting withtheir in-house tomato chili sauce thenthe crocks neck and diming season withblack pepper and simmered until cookedthrough finished with the greens andveggies from the market this morningBon Appetit my friend if you didn’t knowthat this is crocodile we’ll just saythat this is really for me yeah I wouldsay that pork chop that might be somekind of fish and that might be chickenit’s all over the place actually afterchewing it and give me a little bit ofpotato flavor so it can be it the potatoof the sea or the potato of the swampright[Music]how long have you had this restaurantseven seven years he crushed it yeahwell I’m really impressed siryou killed it thank you my friendactually or I’ll have to kill it but youdid well with the cookingnext time on our best ever Cuba foodjourney we’re heading to the east coastall the way to the city of Barra co-opwhere we’ll take part in a Cuban fiestalike you have never seen beforehey guys before you go I wanted to readsome of your commentsTWA says great content stupid.

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